SHS offering lunch

School Nutrition Assistant Shalonda Young takes an order for a school lunch at Swansboro High School on Thursday, March 19. Onslow County Schools is offering free lunches, Monday-Friday, at several schools in the county while the COVID-19 closure is in effect. (Pete Rulon photo)

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David Collins

Wow ! Here we go again ! Here is someone in a huge jacked up $50 k plus double cab pickup , single occupant, ordering free lunch at the high school . Any one besides me see the irony in this display of greed ? I could feed lunch to a few children for what it cost to drive this vehicle to the school . Man , this outrageous bs needs to stop . Or , am I missing something here .

Mister Grinch

Perhaps my dear Whos, we can all agree…..

That in Whoville, at least, nothing is “free”…..

While the man in the photo, did not have to pay…..

Driving up in that truck, was quite a display….

A four door, four wheel, brand new vehicle….

but cannot afford lunch, is a bit unbelievable.

What ails our small Town, our State, and this land….

We are a generous people, willing to lend a hand….

But it seems for each one that is truly in need….

There is another its seems motivated only by greed.

The answer my dear Whos, is well beyond me….

But trust me when I say, nothing is FREE.


David Collins

Thanks Mr. Grinch . Today’s lunch scramble even included an Audi Quattro SUV in the mix . Can only assume that a RR Silver Shadow will be in attendance tomorrow. Only gets better and better .

David Collins

Oh , one more thing . The amount of gasoline consumed in today’s lunch crunch could have paid for most of all school lunches provided on Thursday . Stay tuned .


David, A number of volunteers in our community, organized by Swansboro United Methodist Church, are picking up lunch and breakfast at the high school and delivering to students. This driver could fall into that category.

Mister Grinch

Comrade Collins, Dear sir, it doth seem to me…..

You complain a bit much, over what is deemed free.

True, in years past, one had to find work…..

And a raise or a bonus, was the only sure perk.

And if we did fall, on hard times in those times….

We relied on the Church or a charity sometimes.

But lucky for us, the liberal pinko commies have one….

And the Churches and Charities have all been undone.

And now in their place we now have the Government…

To provide for our needs, and to promote our betterment.

So comrade, I ask, why do you complain…..

About our new system, that you hold in disdain?

Do as I have done, and fall into line….

It wonderful here, living large on cloud nine.

David Collins

9:45 AM and they were already lining up at the trough . Gonna get theirs no matter what it costs them to do it .

David Collins

If that were the case Jimmy , To be sure the delivery driver would have a preset number of plates , a preset staging area and would not be placing an order. That is unless this was a staged photo . If so , bad vehicle choice . Great that they have volunteers . Is breakfast served at 9:45 AM ? That is when they were lining up today . Not just at the SHS but at the elementary school as well . Just like the folks that show up an hour and 30min early to pick up their kids from school . You can hear the helicopter blades a-thumping from the main road . Bottom line , if these folks can afford to burn all this wasted fuel they can afford to feed their spawn . These government programs always take on a life of their own , ever expanding , never ending and IMO that is by design . Enough said and probably too much . May the force be with you , grasshopper .

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