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Third grade teacher Jill Riggs waves the school flag through the roof of her vehicle as the SES Pirate Parade proceeds through the Oyster Bay neighborhood on Monday, March 30. Amanda Chamberlain is driving the vehicle and Heather Sigafose is in the passenger seat. Both Chamberlain and Sigafo…

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A couple of tom turkeys show off their plumage in a field near Stella recently, perhaps in the hopes of impressing a nearby female … and with Thanksgiving still eight months away. (Pete Rulon photo)

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School Nutrition Assistant Shalonda Young takes an order for a school lunch at Swansboro High School on Thursday, March 19. Onslow County Schools is offering free lunches, Monday-Friday, at several schools in the county while the COVID-19 closure is in effect. (Pete Rulon photo)

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Swansboro businesses are finding ways to serve the public in the face of extreme restrictions forced by the coronavirus pandemic.

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The shelves at the Swansboro Food Lion were cleaned out of toilet paper on Saturday, March 14, apparently in response to the spread of COVID-19. Based on news accounts from around the country, toilet paper was in great demand. For more on the coronavirus situation, including closings and pos…