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The News-Times publishes obituaries in print Wednesday and Sunday, and online at Deadlines are noon Tuesday for the Wednesday edition and noon Friday for the Sunday edition. There is a free format that includes brief biographical information. The $25 format includes a picture or extended family. The $45 format includes heavy biographical information. Bills will be sent following the print date.With few exceptions, it is our policy to only accept obituaries from the organization that handled the arrangements, be it a funeral home, cremation society or research center. Otherwise, a death certificate will be required. Also, there must be a county connection. Obituaries can also be emailed to or faxed to 252-726-1795. For questions, call The News-Times office at 252-726-7081. Standard formatting is as follows:

(Weekday, Month Day, Year)
Typically, this is answered with either “formerly of (county town)” or “their (relative’s name) resides in (county town)”
Service information

A service is at (time weekday, month day) at (location), in (city) with (who) officiating. Interment will follow at (location), in (city).

(time weekday, month day)
(location) in (city)
(location), in (city)
Biographical information

(Deceased) was born on (date) to father, (name) and mother, (name) in (city), (state if outside of N.C.). Additional complimentary biographical information can include: marriage, education, designations, employment, place of residence, hobbies, charitable and religious affiliations and achievements.Any additional attributes, humor or stories are offered at $45 per obituary.


To run an obituary with grandchildren names or children spouses listed, the cost is $25.

spouse, name of city; children (group sons together and daughters together) of city; grandchildren; great-grandchildren; parents; grandparents; siblings (in order of date of birth); others such as nephews nieces, cousins and more; friends and pets (if appropriate)
spouse; children (in order of date of birth); siblings (in order of date of birth); others, such as nephews/nieces, cousins and more.

The family will accept visitors at (time weekday, month day) at (name of location) in (city)

(time weekday, month day)
(name of location) in (city)

Flowers are welcome, or in lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to (Organization, street address, city, state zip).

Online condolences may be left for the family at

(funeral home website)

Arrangements are by

Funeral home name

Additional endings (optional)

Additional endings that include special thank you notes, a quotation or poems are included in the $45 obituary charge.

Contact information

If the obituaries editor is unable to reach you, your submission will not be included in any edition or online; please leave a number or email where you can be reached with questions.

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