Ashley Arthur, a Raleigh resident and former software company employee, was laid off in January — before the coronavirus pandemic buried the N.C. Division of Employment Security in new claims from laid-off workers. 

Charlotte residents Tim and Dee Worley, both former professional athletes who now work in nonprofits and as independent contractors, were hit by the economic effects of COVID-19 in April — after hundreds of thousands of unemployed North Carolinians swarmed DES and crashed its website.

They are just a sample of the applicants who are waiting. On pending applications. On payments.

On answers. 

Those answers could be a long-time coming, show unemployment insurance data from an interactive website at the U.S. Department of Labor. 

North Carolina’s unemployment division is the worst in the nation at getting timely payments to its applicants, and has been for several years, data from USDOL’s Employment and Training Administration show. For the first quarter of 2020, North Carolina paid 67.2% of first payments in a timely manner. The national average for the same period was 86.5%.

DES was struggling long before the coronavirus drove its system to the brink. Under pre-pandemic state unemployment rules, people were required to wait one week after losing their job before applying for benefits. States with a one-week waiting period must process unemployment claims and distribute payments within 14 days, ETA policy says. States with no such waiting period must pay an applicant within 21 days.

Gov. Roy Cooper, in one of the many executive orders issued over the past several weeks, waived North Carolina’s waiting period to provide swifter assistance to residents suffering the economic ravages of COVID-19.

That means Arthur’s application, which her former employer immediately verified after she filed her March 13 claim, should already be processed.

Instead, it’s been pending for more than three weeks, stuck somewhere in the DES system. The Worleys, who in the past five days fought through dozens of website crashes and dropped phone calls with DES, finally managed to complete Tim’s application April 7. 

Neither applicant wants to depend on unemployment payments. And neither one is sitting on their hands. 

“I just want to work,” Arthur told Carolina Journal. Arthur, the mother of a 5-month-old baby boy, is actively seeking a job. But people aren’t exactly hiring in the middle of a pandemic with economic fallout, she said. Her husband is still working. They are fortunate to have emergency savings. 

“It’s not like we’re starving. But our savings is quickly dwindling,” she said. 

The Worleys are stuck in a similar situation. The state’s lack of answers — and overabundance of “resources” — is maddening, Dee told CJ

Dee, a former Team USA and NCAA gymnast, is now a publicist with a knack for finding information. She’s scoured the internet for guidance. It’s everywhere, she said, but little of it is helpful. The state’s unemployment office, the governor, state lawmakers, and members of Congress all push out announcements and FAQs about what to do. It all leads to a crashing DES website, Dee said. 

Dee’s husband, Tim, was a No. 1 draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1989. Tim Worley, a running back who played for the Steelers and Chicago Bears until 1994, now works at Power Cross Ministries, a religious nonprofit offering athletic and tutoring services in Statesville and Salisbury. His work hours were scaled back in late March. He was officially benched April 6, when the organization shut down all operations until at least the end of April. 

He’s phoned DES multiple times a day. Like many people, he’s getting dropped calls. No help. No direction. Just disconnections.  

“If we could even get put “on hold” five hours, that would be a win,” Dee told CJ

Arthur, who has called DES about 10 times everyday for the past three weeks, finally was put “on hold” April 6. She waited six hours and 45 minutes to talk with a DES representative. He was very nice, she told CJ, but couldn’t solve her problem over the phone. Arthur’s pending application was kicked to a different department. 

Check back in a few days, DES told Arthur. Your claim should be approved soon. 

“But I can’t even access the website to see my status,” she told CJ, voice riddled with frustration. “It keeps crashing.” 

While Arthur and the Worleys wait, DES says it’s working hard to update the system. The division was bombarded with 474,466 claims between March 16 and April 7. On April 7 alone, DES took in 29,370 applications. 

The N.C. Department of Commerce, which manages DES, is still trying to verify the numbers CJ gleaned from the federal government, Assistant Secretary Lockhart Taylor told CJ. He pointed out the federal government didn’t have complete first quarter information for most states, including North Carolina. Instead, the federal labor department made an estimate. It added this footnote to the report: “State did not submit all reports for the period and performance has been estimated based on the partial data submitted.”

Before the last quarter report, Taylor said, DES was improving, making more timely payments. CJ confirmed that claim. But DES still ranked last for the calendar year 2019 with a score of 58.1%, significantly under the national average of 85.5%.

Was Cooper aware of North Carolina’s poor ranking? CJ asked Taylor.

“The governor’s office is aware of our concerted effort on addressing timeliness and quality issues because I have shared our work and what we were doing to address them,” he said.

DES knows it must work on timeliness, Taylor said, pointing to a report he gave Jan. 28 to the Joint Oversight Committee on Unemployment Insurance. Taylor said he discussed the issue directly with the committee’s chair, Rep. Julia Howard, R-Davie.

On-time unemployment payments were a problem for DES before the Cooper administration.

Under former Gov. Pat McCrory, North Carolina doled out 67.5% of first unemployment payments in a timely manner. The national average during those years was 81.9%. The numbers were better under former Gov. Beverly Perdue. The state sent out 83.5% of first payments on time, beating the national average of 82.5%.

DES should be judged on quality, not just timeliness, Taylor told CJ. “There was always the belief that if you had good quality scores, your timeliness would go down. And timeliness would make quality scores go down. We did not accept that philosophy.” The division made strides in meeting quality standards during the last three quarters of 2019, he said.

As for DES and its handling of an onslaught of claims under the pandemic, the department is doing the best it can, Taylor told a House committee April 7.

“In 2009 we took 158,000 claims in the month of February,” Taylor said. “And to think that in three weeks we’ve taken 450,000 claims is really an accomplishment in so many ways.”

DES is publicly releasing daily counts of initial claims for unemployment benefits. CJ also asked Taylor when DES would share payment data that it is already reporting to ETA.  “Did not have the opportunity to research this. Don’t know why we couldn’t start providing this but want to check with others about this.”

The unemployment office wants to help people who are frustrated, Taylor said. 

Last week alone, DES took in about 122,000 claims, Taylor told committee members. This week, the department sent out 110,000 payments equal to $28.6 million.

DES is adding staff to its new call center, Taylor said. Originally, it was manned by 50 staffers. But 50 people was “a grain of sand in the Sahara,” he said. For example, the division took 270,000 calls March 30 alone. DES will add 250 new people to its call center by the end of the week. 

DES also has its work cut out implementing federal unemployment assistance provided under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, Taylor said. Signed into law by President Trump on March 27, the $2.2 trillion CARES Act includes three provisions to boost unemployment for Americans left jobless in the pandemic. North Carolina only just received official guidance on how to launch the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program — a policy change allowing independent contractors and self-employed people to apply for unemployment benefits during COVID-19, Taylor said. 

Tim Worley, who is paid as an independent contractor by Power Cross Ministries, already filed for unemployment. He’s still confused about how or when he’ll receive benefits. 

So, it seems, is the state. Federal guidance is tough to decipher and implement, Taylor said.

Independent contractors like the Worleys will have to file a separate application, Taylor told the committee Tuesday. DES is still uncertain what that application will look like, how it will be programmed, or when it will be available, he added. 

The office will have more updates later in the week, he said. 

The Worleys, and others like them, will just have to wait.

“The flaws in the online system, and the 1956-level phone bot, could mean financial ruin for a lot of people. It won’t mean that for us, but it could for a lot of people,” Dee said. “It’s unconscionable how ill-prepared the state of North Carolina is in response to this crisis.

“I expect more from a state that includes a city loaded with banks as its industry and a professional football team. North Carolina is functioning as if ‘Mayberry’ is the state capital.” 

As for Arthur — whose unemployment has nothing to do with COVID-19 — well, she’s feeling a little forgotten about.

“Don’t we matter?” Arthur said, speaking to DES, the governor, and the General Assembly. “You keep telling us all these things. But when? Where? When is help on the way?”

DES knows lawmakers are getting bombarded with phone calls and emails from exasperated constituents, Taylor said. He, too, is getting between 300 and 400 emails a day, the official told lawmakers.

Technical fixes to the DES website are under way. It’s taken down every night between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. for system changes, upgrades, and improvements. That’s for “the foreseeable future,” a notice on the website reads when the website is accessed overnight. CJ is still working to get answers about when those fixes will be complete, when the website will be updated with new information for independent contractors and self-employed people, and how DES is prioritizing application approvals.

“If we could flip a switch tomorrow and make it go, I promise you we would do it, because it would save us a lot of effort, as well. But that’s just not realistic right now,” Taylor said to the House committee.

But why didn’t the state make these fixes before? Arthur and the Worleys asked. Isn’t that what emergency preparation is for?

The state can scramble to fix an already broken system, but the damage to public trust may be irreparable as those affected seek simple answers to questions that seem to get more complicated daily.

If Arthur and others like her can’t get those answers from current state leaders, they may turn to the voting booth.

“I just don’t want to be patronized. This isn’t the time to blow smoke,” she concluded. “The cracks in government are showing. People are going to see where they are.”

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I applied for unemployment March 15 and my claim is still pending. I have called, faxed, emailed and finally mailed the office in Raleigh. No one ever answers or responds. I even emailed Governor Cooper 2 weeks ago and still no response. This is very frustrating and upsetting.


I applied in April 1st. Over half(150) if my co workers have gotten paid some twice. Mine still says pending resolution. What resolution? My employer's name and address popped up without me doing nothing but put my social in. So what is the problem. I called Senator Tillus and they said to call them if it has not been resolved by Friday


Tabby any news yet. I think I will call Mr. Tillis


I applied for PUA almost a month ago and my claim is not only messed up but it is still pending. Like a lot of other people I need help until I can get back on my feet. When I call I get hung up on or get told something different everytime I call including being told that I was approved already and according to that agent should have had my benefits by now! I even had one agent tell me to get a job and it wasn't in a nice way, that was after the interogation and being made to feel like I was a bad person and didn't deserve PUA because I didn't make a lot of money in 2019. He wasn't even aware of my situation or the fact that I had 4 deaths in 2019 in which 3 I had to go to Ohio for and 2 that were sudden and unexpected!! Either way I have wrote e-mails and called and chatted online tried reaching out to anyone that I could and still to this day have heard nothing. I understand being busy but still they can't find a few minutes to help me, I just want help and to know if i am gonna have to move next month. Where I will go who knows but I still need to be prepared if anyone at all knows who can help me please reach out thank you.

Sara Okelley

I filed on March 15th. I have yet to be approved. The first week I filed Unemployment had my wages listed as $0 sent me a letter saying I did not have benefits to qualify. Now I have worked every scheduled working day of my life with the exception of 3 months last year when I had a stroke. I definitely have benefits available. After several phone calls and 6 and 1/2 hour hold time I spoke with a woman that told me the Unemployment office System did not recognize the apostrophe in my name and it would be fixed in 72 hours. So I was patient, I checked the computer 5 days later and still not fixed. Another 3 days of constant phone calls and finally got a hold of another lady. She said she had no idea why it wasn’t taken care of and she would give my case to her supervisor to fix and to give it another 72 hours. Here I am a mother of 4 teenagers at home with them and no way to pay for basic life necessities! Thank the Good Creator I have Amazing parents and fiancé that have helped me to buy groceries and pay my bills or it would be worse than it is. I am so frustrated and overwhelmed by this!


This sounds familiar. I am 87 and was laid off since 3/10/2020. I tried to file but accidentally put the wrong email address. I have been trying since then but to no avail. I am quickly running out of money and patient. I am so tired and about to give up.


Sara, I applied on 3/8 have you heard anything yet. I have not. This is crazy


I see all these stories bashing the NC unemployment yet I filed on the 27 and got paid yesterday, a coworker did the same another friend filed on the 23rd and was paid last week. The system seems to be working fine without much of a hassle other than a lousy website..


I guess you are a Democrat.


I filed march 17...determination march 31 of NOT disqualified. Nothing delaying payment. But i havent received anything yet. I wish i cud speak to someone i need help badly.


Also just to be clear, first time ever filing for all 3 people so we weren't in the system already..


My wife and myself work for the same employer, applied for unemployment on same date March 28. My wife has already received two payments one for last week and one for this week. My application is still pending hasn’t been touched. I know I have benefits available because I have worked for the same employer for 23 yrs.


I have been waiting since the 17th. Was determined NOT disqualified on 31st. But still no payment. Nothing delaying payments and i am certifying every week.


All too familiar. Been waiting three weeks.


Well good for you michaelstory! Since you're getting money there's not a problem?? Think again. I applied Mar 21 and have yet to hear anything from DES . It will be 4 weeks this Saturday. Can't get through on the phone, messages go unanswered. Working fine my great aunt Fanny.


I filed for unemployment on March 15. My status is still pending. I also have worked for the same company for over a 1yr. This is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. What r people going to do about food and bills. I'm happy for the guy that has received his funds. But that case is not the norm.


I, also, applied for unemployment benefits in N.C. on March 19, 2020, due to being laid off over the Coronavirus Pandemic and I'm still waiting for answers/payments. On my home screen on DES.gov, it continues to say, "Issues delaying payment pending resolution," since March 20th. I have E-mailed Gov. Roy Cooper, as well as, all email addresses I could find on their website concerning my claim, I've spent hours calling the toll free number provided only to receive messages stating no live operator was available at that time to speak with me, everything you can imagine and I've gotten NOWHERE! I have zero monies coming in and I'm extremely frustrated!! Gov. Roy Cooper made it sound like filing for Unemployment would be an easy process and it's been exactly the polar opposite!!! I'm SO upset with North Carolina Unemployment!!!!

Michael McKnight

I have a unique problem. I'm locked out of my account. I filed for unemployment more than a decade ago. I've lost all login information, I can't even file for unemployment benefits. Online it says to call for assistance, when I can I am disconnected. I literally have 2.50, with bills staring me in the face. So many are talking about stimulus money, 1200 won't go very far. My rent for April is 1200, leaves nothing for other expenses. What's the point of having extra benefits if people are unable to access it? I don't know what's going to kill me first the virus, malnourishment/starvation, or the sheer stress and anxiety of wondering when the eviction notice is coming. I've never trusted politicians, democrat or republican. I get that there are some good and bad in each group, but it's getting harder and harder to tell who's who. I just pray this is the beginning of the rapture, I don't think I'll survive much longer.


Im soo frustrated and overwhelmed. Ive called to get hung up on or no answer. I have been emailing and callinv for 5 weeks now. I made a claim on March 17th. I was notified on March 31st that i wa. NOT disqualified from benefits. So basically i was approved..right??. I have yet to receive any money. I make my weekly certifications. I have no money literally 56 cents in pennies. My family and i [2 kids and my 70yr old mom] have been living off of the schools daily meals and the weekly bags of grocery for from the school. All i can do is cry and pray. If someone has any contact information for resources for food i would greatly appreciate it. The only thing is i have to walk everywhere i go. My car ran out of gas about 2 weeks ago at the end if my street in front my neighbors house. I havent been able to move it yet. Idk what to do. I just hope i can speak with someone tom. Im going to call and call and call until i do. I truely need help.


I applied 3/22/20. My application was just approved yesterday 4/16/20. No funds and no food stamps. North Carolina is definitely slower at distributing help than they should be.


I applied for unemployment benefits on 3/19 and got my wage determination and said I was not disqualified on 3/31 also. Mine still is pending resolution and my fellow coworkers have already gotten there benefits and most of them applied after me because they were calling me asking me questions about the application process about a week after I had already filed. It's really frustrating and just not fair.


I applied 03/29/20, same story..."Issues delaying payment" "pending resolution". after a 3 &1/2 hour hold time I was able to talk to someone. I asked about resolving the issues. She said "there is none, they all say that till approved". "You SHOULD receive payment in about a month just keep doing your weekly certifications". I say hog wash, I'm no dummy ! So I looked up the Code of Federal Regulations governing timeliness of unemployment benefits. Interesting read. I intend on sending it to Roy Cooper as if he didn't already know. This issue was already a train wreck before the corona virus

Title 20 → Chapter V → Part 640

Title 20: Employees' Benefits




I applied on 3/23. I received a determination the following week stating I was NOT disqualified, yet on my claim homepage I am showing issue pending resolution with separation pay. I cannot even get an answer when I call. It’s always “overwhelmed with calls and not available to provide live support”. Last week I emailed my employer who furloughed me. The HR person checked into then emailed my they “ took care of it” and to wait 24 hrs for the system to update! My daughter’s boyfriend Applied on the 17th and got benefits on 23rd and has gotten his $600 weekly pay already! Nice to know since he is single and has no one depending on him for anything, and has very few bills. I’m happy for him but.....

Plus the DES website won’t accept my bank information so I have to wait 7-10 days after getting my claim fixed to even get money!! UGH!!! I’m so darn discouraged with NC! Always some crazyness in this state!


I filed 3/8/20 and rec'vd a letter stating not disqualified on 3/23/20 and still nothing. I have a error message stating error delaying payment. grrr


Still waiting ...if the employers filed you will get it sooner than individual filling....good luck😊 also the state uses dial up

David Collins

At least N C is number 1 at something , even if it is #1 at being last . Elections have some of the darnd-est consequences . Don’t they ?


Can’t even imagine what would have happened if we had a liberal in office, they’d probably still be trying to fight to get more “green” stuff into a bill that has NOTHING to do with getting people the help they need, imagine if the liberals hadn’t messed that up the first time....PEOPLE WOULD’VE ALREADY BEEN PAID!!


Update... I got approved & I got my money for the past weeks I certified for. Amazing what the code of federal regulations can do. 20 CFR part 640 "Standard For Benefit Payment Promptness".


I was laid off last year in May of 2019. I filed for unemployment. I received unemployment until Aug of 2019. Started working the end of Aug of 2019. I have been working everyday since. When the Covid 19 hit March 17 2020 was my last at work. I recieved my last pay check on April 3. Due to have a open claim from 2019 I can't not file for unemployment benefits. Does anyone know how is the state going to fix this??? It will be one month I without for me soon. bill's are piling up and we live in a rich country and the taxpayers are suffering this makes no sense. 2020 elections year changes will be made in NC. Where are our congressmen and senators???


Hi Jenn73,

You should be able to go and reactivate that particular claim, I had the same issue two weeks ago, upon checking my determination, it shows that I am eligible for benefits and it will go off of that open claim along with adding the $600 on top of it.


I have a question to anyone out there, now I have NEVER collected unemployment in my life either pre or post military service so I am unsure what the thought process is with this. I was under the impression that due to President Trump’s executive order it allowed even those of us who were not working before the virus to collect the maximum amount of unemployment. Am I misunderstanding something?

David Collins

Will , do you mean that anyone that has not worked before 19 arrived is entitled to the maximum unemployment benefits ? Getting paid just for being alive ? Getting paid even if receiving retirement benefits and SS as well ? Don’t believe that is the way it is intended to work . Buttttttt , with all the revelations coming out on a daily basis showing how inept our governing bodies really are , I would not be surprised at anything anymore . Surely the Dems would love to see just that happen . Say No to Joe in 2020 .


I applied for unemployment March 23 the DES Website keep freezing or shut down, after a few tries and couple days later i finally finished it. Now they keep saying they still miss Information??? I did everything i was ask for, it ain't my fault, this Issue was on there side, since than i call, send Emails and still file every week and until today, the status is ineligible and pending. No Payment at all. No Money anymore to survive...


[thumbdown]Have been waiting for 3 weeks for my claim to process! It says pending resolution and questionable identity! I have faxed, emailed and uploaded my ss card, license, and birth certificate! I can understand system is overloaded but what are we to do when you cant get any unemployment money, your stimulus hasnt came yet and social servies denies food stamps because they say you will recieve unemployment! When? Then you have the Governor on t.v. today saying everyone will be taken care of! We have stimulis and unemployment insurance to help people! When? Please tell me when?


From my last I have already a Des account for our company shut down,and for this year we got shut down again due to covid-19.So meaning to say the reason of my unemployment is due to covid-19.But by mistakes when I reopen my account I was not able to put the covid-19 which I know b4 I file our Governor already waived the waiting week to get paid just to instant help people.After the day I file that I know I make a mistake I keep calling waiting on the line for many hrs but always drop by the machine tellling for inconvenience due to the volume of people who call.So I’m very fraustrated that the Des can’t even put and option how we can fix any issue we encounter by not contacting them,I’m really feeling so mad about this until after the 14th day I received my payment but only for 1 week when I check my account it says the 1st week will be the waiting week,so meaning to say I was not counted to file for Covid-19 bcoz the still put me on the 1 week waiting period that’s really unfair to me bcoz most of my co-workers filling after me the get paid 3 weeks from the time the file meaning no waiting week.so until this time I’m feeling very hopeless and stressed that you don’t even have a chance to talk to someone to help you,I hope the can fix this problems I know I’m not maybe the only who encounter like this problems hoping the Des people will check about this the know we are hard uP financially I’ve been out of work for almost a month try to survive...


I had been working with Express Employment Professional Temp Agency since July 2018. Last year I was laid off from them on July 7, 2019, I filed unemployment, they then decided to send me somewhere else on July 16, 2019 which was fine cause the job paid way more than what I would have gotten in Unemployment. I got converted over from being a Temp to Full-time employee on February 23, 2020. Well, I never received a payment off that claim, so when I filed a new claim back on April 8, 2020, they reopened my old claim from July 2019. I was fine with that cause my job was only closed for 2 weeks. I know my benefits should be more than what they going off but anything is better than nothing right now. I decided to check the status on Tuesday, April 22, 2020, and it shows a payment was made (with the $600 added to it), but it is not in my bank account or on the debit card that I had with them from when I first opened that claim. I have contacted them 2 times holding the line for over 2 hours each time just to be told that they can not see that information on their end and that they will put my name down to receive a call back to have the issue resolved. I don't know what they have going on, this means I have not been paid for two weeks and now have to figure out what to do especially since our hours have been cut drastically. Due to the Covid-19, we are only work 16-20 hours a week, when I am a full-time employee.


A coworker and I had to wait 5 weeks before receiving any money. Then, I received 3 deposits in one day. The same day she only received one. The very next day she received another one, along with $1200. Currently, I'm receiving the $600 booster but not the weekly benefit amount. Still, my maximum benefit amount is going down as if I'm receiving it. They need to get it together bc I'm not paying taxes on money that I didn't receive. [thumbdown][thumbdown]


Hey I filed for Pandemic Unemployment on April 24th and did all my weekly certifications and it says I have been issued two payments one April 24th and one April 27th both direct deposit but there's been nothing in my bank account. Is anyone else having this issue? I have made sure several times my direct deposit info is correct.


7weeks and counting. Can't even talk to no one. Just get hung up on. If I go to ask about it.


I filed at the beginning of April - I was furloughed so on the unemployment application I choose reduced hours instead of laid-off. I felt this was the most accurate answer since I technically am still employed and receiving my health-care. I attached all the necessary documents (including my furlough letter from my employer explaining the information) and filled out the provided questionnaire. Ever since filing my application my claim has been placed in "Issues Delaying Payment" - "Pending Resolution." I received notification of the "Weekly Benefit Amount" but no real resolution of what I will be receiving (which should be the full amount as I work Full-Time and now I currently unemployed. I filed my Weekly Certifications as requested and still I've heard nothing. For the past week I have calling the Unemployment Line 5-20 times a day and I continue to get the message that all of their lines are full and to "call back." I've even tried calling exactly at 7:59-8:00am only to get the same message. Explain to me how the que lines can already be FULL at 8AM for 5 days in a row? I've talked to several co-workers that have already received multiple checks but they choose "laid-off" instead of "reduced-hours." Guess when trying to be honest I wound up hurting myself and my kids in the long-run. I know that this is an unusual time and that NC Unemployment is overwhelmed but they need to understand that their are families that their negligence is harming. I count myself as lucky that I have some savings but not enough for this to go on for months.


Hey guys just wanted to update everyone I finally got through the phone line today and the lady told me one of my payments is going to be on my card that's coming soon and the next one was sent as a check because I switched my payment info and she said it was in between switching from the debit card to direct deposit


hi, does anyone know how long claim reads "pending resolution" - even if employer has been verified? Anyone...


Not sure.. been waiting several weeks myself. On hold to the DES for several hours "total of all times". Phone holds are up to 50 min in my case. They say that the system is just so overwhelmed and to be patient. Going on 6 weeks. and yes, my employer did verify. Keeping fingers crossed non stop. Good luck to everyone in these times. Mike


update...filed 04/17/20. pending resolution ever since. finally got thru to des only to be told to continue to file weekly claim and wait for approval..then deposits.


update on the update..filed 04/17/20 pending resolution til may13. called DES- was able to speak to someone 2x in almost a month. claim approved today-does not show deposit dates. this PANDEMIC sure is a process...


I applied on April 12th, did my weekly certification, and did receive my two weeks payment this morning.


NIghtmare of a system...who is over seeing this read this ...

march 22 applied..nothing changed 1 week called in oh you did not make enough,,,yes I have your employer has not has not reported upload your new hire or pay stub did rgar by third week no changes called in do you have any new hire papers to show or check stubs yes up loaded...i dont see those...i see the,...okay can you up load again...okay i up load duplicates of both....4 weeks get an email...do you have any pay stubs or new hire papers you (3 days to respond to this email ) sent email here it is again my new hire papers and letter stating suspension of job until further ....no response call back 4th business 4\bus. day ...well at least you not denied i put you on a list for a call back but we are just waiting to get your case assigned ...just been told that 4 dif times i be on a list to get call back because issues to be resolved ! in between these times i waited on line 5 times for hours, never got anyone, either line hung up or never even got person to picjk up , if i could get through....okay now today going in to the 8 th week...2 calls back...each time i press ..1 yes to cont line hangs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NC pride its self on not letting no more than 10 percent of applicants approve for U E but that not legal they have to deny lilegally ( this was before corona!!!) applicable claims...as well today for me its been 8 weeks while some people have applied with status of independent contract. or gig jobs and have been paid with in 15vdays ...today I spoke to someone who transferred me as it is being escalated and guess what yes they never came tothe line....they took THEY TOOK FED MONEY and signed the agreement but true to their fashion, they do not wan to get people approved...this is illegal I would think they have 100 millions before this in reserve under unemployment! There no excuse for the disregard they have for tax payers...someone should be held accountable pandemic or not we live in a modern society not a third world country!!!!


I am in the same situation like many others. I applied March 26th and have not received a payment. My status stated open but I have no idea what this means. I've called and written the Gov but no response. It's frustrating because the call center staff have no ideas what's going on. These people are temp workers hired to pacify people who call in. The system shuts down sometimes all day making it difficult to review your account and/ or update requested information. The Gov should have put in place just as many individuals as they put in the call centers. It should also be noted the website updates are not up to date. It gives these timelines and not one is followed. I've called the Gov office and it refers me to the unemployment office higher up which is no help. The Gov needs to give some honest answers during his briefing


what really idiotic there habe been severalpeopleI know somerthan a dew with "gig"jobsand have been gettign payments and I gotten nothing and applied 4 weeks before them ,but my Case still pending with issues delaying payment and yes it was a slick move tut not meaningful o hire temps who absolutely can not help you unless you need pin chnage or to file your weekly ceritifaction,


Not happy to be part of this growing group, and hope we can all get our $ soon!

I applied on April 4, and like many people, I see pending issues that need to be resolved before benefits are released. I too, am calling every day, multiple times and can’t get into the hold que! There is another # posted on DES website for Covid-19 related calls and was able to talk to someone, BUT could not help me and transferred me to the same no hold, no que line! I have a co-worker who lives in CA with the same part time casual job, and she is collecting from CA and getting the extra $600/week from federal government. I actually sent an FB message to my state Senator to see if his office could have someone from DES call me. Did that today. Next step will be to call local tv stations. Maybe we should all do that too.

At least it feels good to share frustrations with this group.


Believe me i have email and contacted all the local t v stations! Something needs to be done! It has been over a month. My brother filed same day as me and has been receiving his unemployment. My employer showed me they did their part and here we go a month later.....pending resolution. What is going on? You can call daily every hour and still cant get in the que to talk to someone!


I filed on March 25, 2020. My status still says pending. In this technological age, there should not be problems like this. Now I am digging into my savings which I shouldn't have to do at this point. Get it together and get your constituents paid.


Hello again group, this seems like the only way to talk about your issues-even to vent and people hear and understand your dilemma . SO, its been 8 weeks for me, calls calls calls, talk to someone, then they say be patient if you actually speak with someone. emails sent... "lost count".. with no response back.

Im always the optimist but seriously , when will this end and get some answers? Best to you all. Mike


I filed my claim on 4/4 and here we are 33 days later with no response. My claim when I log in still says "issues delaying payment reduced hours due to covid" I haven't received anything in the mail and am essentially making no money. My question to anyone that reads this is, do they send anything out in the mail? or is the determination updated online on my account. I moved not to long ago and want to make sure I didn't miss anything in the mail, but I feel like if they send something in the mail it would be updated on my online account. Does anyone know if this is true?


I applied 3/23. And my case is being determined but it been a long hard road especially when people get on here and brag they filed and got paid with in 14 days...still have no tesolution you can see all correspondence on your port thT wS sent and if any came back also

frankie lanterman

been waiting since March 29th.no payment yet.finally got thru to call center 2 days ago and she had all my info and said they are working to get everyone out no matter than 6 weeks.that mine should be here within 10 days.almost everyone i work with got theres.wheres mine?


Does anybody know if recieving a pension from a previous job in a different state can affect your unemployment claim from a part time job in NC ? Laid off due to coronavirus.


this is what I found...Although most states, they add, no longer count rollovers as the receipt of a pension, and therefore, do not reduce unemployment benefits, about a dozen states still do, including New York and North Carolina


I have been waiting seven (7) weeks for a "pending resolution" to be taken off of my home page so they ca start issuing my checks. I have received two letters already saying I was NOT disqualified from receiving UI. I finally after being number 157 got cut off when waiting to chat with a representative. Can't Call....you get a message...Can't e-mail....won't go through...Can;t chat....WHAT DO YOU DO??? How do you pay your bills ?


Feel that North Carolina is letting it's State down by not seeing to it that they are provided for in a timely manner. Words are Cheap and thats all we are getting!!!


I filed 4-18-2020. Claim status is still Pending. Issue indicates Lay off / Lack of work.

Tried calling for days like so many others only to hear lines are full call back later. Today 5-11-2020 I tried the Chat feature. I was 126 in Que and waited for almost an hour. Chat person ended chat immediately after I entered my claim ID that was requested. Total waste of time. What are we going to do?


Hello everyone. We all need to realize this IS a pandemic. I have worked full time for 30 years, never taken a handout, this is different. I want to believe the "government" state and federal have our best interests at heart. I hope and pray you are all taken care of, as American citizens, we deserve it. I am going through a divorce, living with my mom, my son needed legal help, I am really trying to get through this without degrading anyone's efforts. That said. WHERE IS MY UNEMPLOYMENT!?


Sunday marked 8 weeks since I have filed. I filed on March 15. I have filled out the Claimaint form and called and goes straight to the recorded line. I can't even be placed in hold. I am a single mom of two and am 2k behind in rent at the end of this month. My car place keeps calling and are trying to work with me the best I can do. I try to stay strong for my kids. My oldest had her bday on May 5 and a friend got her a cake and a gift card. My youngest daughters bday is June 2 and I don't know what we are to do. I can't pay bills and can't sleep at night. I don't know who to contact or how to get this resolved. I am going to loose the only place me and my girls have to live and I have no family or friends that can take us in.


Im right with ya Ashifflett86! ... been waiting over the 8 weeks. Something has to give with the system. My best to you and yours.


UPDATE! Its been 8 weeks... and I finally received my check in my account this AM. Hang in there everyone. Prayers are not wasted. My best to you all. Mike


I filed a claim on Monday, March 23, 2020 and my claim is still pending. I've uploaded every pay check stub from 2019 and 2020 and my employer has verified my employment and pay...still nothing. I've called over a hundred times but still haven't talked with anyone and attempted to use the "chat" system but it never works. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Caring 28359 girl

I was let go on a job in December, unemployment started 2 week in Jan. Office that i worked for closed. Then i was told 12 weeks was up, right during the Pandemic. I managed to pay my bills up with money saved from Taxes, and stimulus, but now im out of money! I was given run around told to apply for PUA, but it wasnt up till four weeks later in April, so applied and now going on week 8 no money. I worked part time during Christmas just on weekend to get me by holiday, and now they following up to that. Ok, sent in wage forms last week, and showed that im not working there, and only worked few weeks part time. Ok so now im penalized! Back waiting again!! What about back pay, and weekly income now? No job, no income, and all bills due. You call the call center, its not DES, so they say!! This is a nightmare, for tax payers, and people let go by no fault of their own, Ok now some jobs are hiring but from Feb-May nothing was open!! You failed us!! We got mortgages, car payments, insurance, lights, and no Money!!! Help the ones that been holding forever!!! We are in danger now!


Everytime I call with a question, these people have no ... idea and just say they are not DES. Why are they even there when they have no authority and access to anything? When I asked for the phone number to call DES, they give you same number as their number. waste of money and time

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I don't know what's going on I am still waiting pending. Been waiting since 05/03/2020. Our hours got reduced in April 1, 2020 This is crazy, No one picks up and its the same thing every day you call never get through but yet they are opening back up the economy and we will have to wait those who are still waiting on a paycheck another two weeks when they go back if they not receiving anything now.


I filed April 1, 2020 Like everyone else, this Sunday will be 8-weeks i have been waiting. After many calls as many have I get people on the line but they cannot tell me when. Now they have something new, where you enter your claim number and they say it is up for review. It is extremely frustrating but I have no other choice than to be patient. Hopefully before all my savings is spent It will be resolved or Covid19 may be gone. Either way I feel the wait will continue on. I wish everyone the best with your claims.

Waddy Thot

I was laid off from work 4/3/20. Three weeks went by and the the website revealed they couldn't identify my SS# and my employment with my employer. They said they required a copy of my state D.L. And S.S. card. They already had my D.L. posted, I had filed my taxes two months earlier and as well for the last twenty three years. I received a determination about ten days after they posted that. I still have received nothing. I call and call and after reaching a DES agent, I get hung up on, I keep calling and keep getting hung up on. I FAX, they list in my documents but, they create no response as requested. I emailed them as instructed and they say send it. I did. I pay taxes, if I didn't according to law I would be put in jail if they couldn't find a way to get there monies. There monies? Those monies that are worked for earn my employer money to pay the unemployment tax, and then the money assigned for wages are taxed by the state, and property taxes and any expenditure made. If I did my job as the DES agents are doing theirs, I would be fired. Make it right!


After waiting 6 weeks I just realized I got one digit wrong in my SSN on my application. There's no way to fix this online, must call Raleigh. Called at 9:00 AM this morning; still on hold. I'll hold for the rest of the day if I have to, but in short, I think I'm doomed!


Well, I said I would hold all day and I did. However, once I hit 8 hours it automatically disconnected me !


Filed claim on April 14. $950 per week and have not received a penny.

Just another program that doesn't work Ever time you call the call center you get Lathunda or Wanneata that answers the phone and can't tell you anything about what is going on?

I am owed over $9000 at this point.

The whole program is a sham


I guess it is time to start busting Windows and setting fires.


Same situation. Perhaps it's time for a Class Action lawsuit.


I believe you are right. They say with in 14 days to receive payment . That's fraud!


Hello everyone, well I filed and I'm still waiting too. Talk to call center for Des today and girl told me it could be up to 3 months to get approved I ask who else I could call her reply was no one you just have to wait on the des agents to process it. The State of NC is no better at process claim then the Federal government is. They all a joke. Mean while people lose everything they've work their buts for while they sit on their hands. Oh because they are guaranteed their salery but boy they will be on top getting that tax money from you or they will seize you paycheck or bank accounts. #coopersgottogo

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