Overall winners

Overall winners at the Historic Beaufort Road Race are,  left to right, Christina Dees of  Carolina Beach in the female 1-mile, Ricardo Bell of Eagle Creek, Ind., in the male 1-mile, Melanie Ng of Greenville in the female 5K, Matthew Dougherty of Ayden in the male 5K, Amanda Palmer of Greenville in the female 10K and Eric Alvarez of Neuse Forest in the male 10K. (Dylan Ray and J.J. Smith photos)

Beaufort — Runners and walkers from all across the state descended on downtown Beaufort Saturday morning to participate in the 33rd annual Historic Beaufort Road Race. Clear skies and cool breezes rewarded the 750 competitors who showed up ready to race in spite of the stormy weather the night before.

Last year’s race brought out an all-time high number of participants when 876 competitors swarmed downtown Beaufort. The drop-off in attendance was not entirely unexpected as the weather for the event was in question for many. A night and early morning of thunder and lightning greeted those planning to race.

Fortunately, the weather pulled through and proved to be some of the best the race had ever seen, according to race director Bedford Smith.

“We’ve had the best weather that we’ve had for quite a while,” Smith acknowledged. “It looked very bad at 5 o’clock this morning. I think there were a lot of people who were turned off by the weather this year. We had probably 130 or so less than we had last year. We had 750 register this year, and we’re very happy with that.”

Warming up to about 85 as the race wound to a close, the morning started out much cooler, and a strong breeze persisted throughout the events.

Ricardo Bell, native of Havelock and former professional runner for Team Nike who now lives in Eagle Creek, Ind., took the overall 1-mile division for the ninth straight year. He posted a time of 4 minutes, 49 seconds, just a few seconds longer than in 2011 when he came in at 4:46.

Bell comes down to North Carolina every year at this time to visit his parents in Havelock and compete in the Road Race. He views it as an opportunity to unwind from a hectic year of competition and to spend time with his family. Though the visits will continue, Bell said his participation in the race, and racing in general, may not.

“I just stopped all training about a month ago,” Bell explained. “I’m just doing this stuff for fun. After this past Olympic year, somewhere along the way I decided I just don’t have it anymore. The interest just wasn’t there. I already set up my race calendar at the beginning of the year, and my last official race was June 18. After that, I’ve just been jogging since then. I’m here and I’m just like, ‘Ah, I’ve got to finish the rest of my calendar,’ but mentally I was done a month ago.”

Bell was unsure of whether he would attend next year’s race to cap off a decade of participation.

“I come here for my parents because I’m from Indiana. My parents live here in Havelock. So this is vacation for me. At the same time, I kind of want to come here next year because that would be 10 years in a row. You’ve got to be mentally ready though. You can’t just come here and jog. I just feel mentally worn out. Not that I don’t want to do it, but that I just want to do something else.”

Something else means finishing up college, which has been on the backburner since Bell started competing eight years ago.

“I started going back to school a month ago,” Bell added. “So that’s another reason why I want to hang it up. I’ve put going back to school off for eight years. I’m ready to get a real career, a real job.”

Bell’s female counterpart was Christina Dees, the 1-mile division winner who posted a time of 6:46. Dees is also a regular to the race.

“This is our tradition,” Christina noted. “This is my first time doing the mile, but we traditionally do the 5K. Since kids came along, we can’t quite arrange that at the same time.”

Christina’s husband, Stephen, ran in the 5K and posted a time of 21:04, good for 17th overall and fourth in his age group.

“I’ve been coming for 15 years,” Stephen said. “She’s probably been (coming for) half that, seven or eight years”

Stephen encouraged his wife to share the secrets of her training regimen.

“I think everyone would hate me if they heard,” Christina said with a laugh. “I do cross-fit twice a week. I don’t run at all. Everybody hates me. And I just had a baby. I ran this last year two months postpartum, I ran the 5K. Here we are 14 months later.”

“He hates me too!” Christina added with a smile, pointing at her husband. “I feel like I could have run faster. And then that little kid passed me at the finish, pretty fast too. I couldn’t run him down, couldn’t catch him. So that always makes you feel good.”

Matthew Dougherty, of Ayden, captured the overall 5K division with a time of 17 minutes, 48 seconds.  Dougherty, a former college basketball player who just graduated from Wesleyan, was competing in the event for his second year.

Melanie Ng of Greenville ran away with the female 5K division, posting a time of 20:04. It was Ng’s first time competing in the race, and she was the youngest overall winner of the day at 16 years old.

Ng is new to running but already loves the sport. Her recorded time in the 5K was a personal best for her.

“I’ve been running for about a year and a half,” Ng explained. “This is my best time. I’m thrilled. The weather felt pretty good, but the headwind was a little tough.”

When asked if she thought she would come back to the event, she did not hesitate.

“Definitely,” she said with a smile.

A first-timer to the Beaufort Road Race, Eric Alvarez from Neuse Forest earned the best time for the 10K division, coming in at 40:18. Alvarez used the race to train for an upcoming marathon he is planning on running.

“I’ve been running for the last year, just getting over an injury and whatnot,” Alvarez explained. “I’ve been building up right now, about 12 weeks already. I’ve been training for a marathon coming up in April. I’m using a couple of local 10Ks and 5Ks.”

Alvarez was pleasantly surprised by the comfortable weather in the race. It was a sentiment shared by the runners.

“It feels good,” Alvarez noted. “The weather wasn’t as bad as it has been in the last couple of weeks. It’s been hot and humid, but I was surprised it was nice and cool. The wind on some parts of the course was pretty bad, and I didn’t have anyone in front of me trying to block the wind. It wasn’t too bad, it felt good.”

Alvarez’s was pleased with his time of 40:18, especially because he had a mix-up at the starting line.

“I was exactly where I wanted to be,” Alvarez explained. “I made a mistake and went out with the 5Kers too fast. I just kind of got the race jitters out of me, but overall, I ran 40:18. I wanted to run a consistent 6:30 pace, so overall, that’s exactly what I ran. It was a bit of a struggle towards the last mile and a half, but that’s what I get.”

Alvarez was also confident he would be returning to the race, based on this year’s experience.

“Absolutely, I’ll be here next year.”

Amanda Palmer from Greenville took home the female 10K division with a time of 45:52 to round out the overall winners.

The Beaufort Road Race is sponsored by the Beaufort Ole Towne Rotary, and proceeds from the event go to fund charities and provide scholarships for Carteret County students.

Smith was pleased that the weather was comfortable for the runners and explained how important participation was for the charities that benefit from the race.

“The proceeds from this go to the Rotary Club, and the Rotary Club uses that for charitable projects around Carteret County,” Smith noted. “The principal ones are the Boys and Girls Club, the Boy Scouts, and there are a number of smaller organizations that we support as well. The money is very well used in Carteret County.”

Smith also noted the dedication of the Beaufort Ole Towne Rotary Club, which sponsors the event, and the numerous volunteers who helped make the event a success.

“It takes a full effort from the club,” Smith added. “I think that everyone who is a member is out here today. It takes the 65-plus members that we have and volunteers. So we are thankful for all of those.”

Here are the results from the race:


Historic Beaufort Road Race

1-mile run


Overall: 1, Christina Dees, Carolina Beach, 6:46; 2, Mary Margar McEache, Wilmington, 7:13; 3, Elaine Nix, Kinston, 7:52.

Masters Overall: 1, Laura Gaulden, Harkers Island, 7:53; 2, Ilse Englehardt, Beaufort, 9:30; 3, May Frost, Mooresville, 11:05.

1-8: 1, Caroline Cox, Charlotte, 10:12; 2, Casey Cox, Graham, 12:18.

9-10: 1, Lauren Harris, 9:33; 2, Katherine Roche, New Milford, Conn., 9:35.

11-12: 1, Delaney Padgett, Newport, 8:11; 2, Mary Catherine Gray, New Bern, 8:12.

13-15: 1, Skylar Chavis, Stem, 9:36; 2, Hannah Roche, New Milford, Conn., 9:50.

16-19: 1, Meghan Roche, New Milford, Conn., 9:53; 2, Sarah Wilkins, New Bern, 10:38.

20-29: 1, Britney Wimmer, Eagle Creek, Ind., 8:42; 2, Cynthia Sevilla, Greensboro, 10:32.

30-39: 1, Nell Hudson, New Bern, 8:16; 2, Paige Goss, Durham, 9:36.

40-49: 1, Kristin Bugay, Irwin, Pa., 11:23; 2, Bonnie Wilkins, New Bern, 11:58.

50-59: 1, Martha Prideaux, Ridge, Va., 12:50.


Overall: 1, Ricardo Bell, Eagle Creek, Ind., 4:49; 2, James Lawson, Zebulon, 4:53; 3, Tyler Pake, Beaufort, 5:21.

Masters Overall: 1, Chris Hudson, New Bern, 6:06; 2, Dan Bessy, Winston Salem, 6:22; 3, Doug Brady, Beaufort, 6:56.

1-8: 1, James Ingle, Louisville, Colo., 9:43; 2, Cooper Ingle, Louisville, Colo., 11:09.

9-10: 1, Randall Hudson, New Bern, 7:05; 2, Ryan Bougay, Irwin, Pa., 8:06.

11-12: 1, Emmanuel Talob, Morehead City, 6:05; 2, Henry Mellor, Mebane, 6:55.

13-15: 1, Nathan Parker, Southern Shores, 5:54; 2, Zach Doernberg, Cary, 6:01.

16-19: 1, Kent Mosier, Beaufort, 6:07.

40-49: 1, David Padgett, Newport, 8:18; 2, Mike Carr, Newport, 8:37.

50-59: 1, Richard Bougay, Irwin, Pa., 8:06; 2, Jeff Prideaux, Ridge, Va., 10:35.

60-69: 1, Peter Huley, Burlington, 11:11.

70-99: 1, Allen Calloway, Morehead City, 11:18.



Overall: 1, Melanie Ng, Greenville, 20:04; 2, Gabrielle Talob, Morehead City, 21:53; 3, Morgan Jones, 21:57.

Masters Overall: 1, Donna Parker, Southern Shores, 24:43; 2, Michelle Butters, Morehead City, 26:39; 3, Tracy Rogers, 27:06.

Female Baby Joggers: 1, Catherine Bane, New Bern, 24:03; 2, Leanne Loney, Val’Dor, Quebec, 27:33; 3, Karen Kileen, Richmond, Va., 28:33.

1-12: 1, Sammi Willis, Newport, 31:07; 2, Alaina Suggs, Snow Hill, 32:31.

13-16: 1, Stephanie Tucker, Hubert, 27:54; 2, Rachel Edwards, Goldsboro, 31:40.

17-19: 1, Jessica Brinson, Hubert, 27:53; 2, Sulli Edwards, Beaufort, 29:47.

20-24: 1, Amanda Smith, 27:34; 2, Caroline Mercer, Sanford, 28:14.

25-29: 1, Stephanie Spangler, 24:00; 2, Lauren Lewis, Greenville, 27:05.

30-34: 1, Terri Garrison, Morehead City, 24:14; 2, Leah Dubray, Burke, Va., 24:55.

35-39: 1, Beth Langley, Evans, Ga., 23:59; 2, Rachel Lopiccolo, 24:46.

40-44: 1, Steph Jeffries, Raleigh, 27:30; 2, Patty Carter, 28:48.

45-49: 1, Lisa Youngquist, Cary, 27:10; 2, Evelyn Register, Newport, 29:36.

50-54: 1, Karen Yahyapour, Raleigh, 27:32; 2, Laura Gaulden, Harkers Island, 29:02.

55-59: 1, Susan Teachey, Cape Carteret, 27:19; 2, Terri Williams, Beaufort, 35:19.

60-64: 1, J. Renee Hawthorne, Cedar Point, 27:23; 2, Valerie Murrah, Chapel Hill, 28:57.

65-69: 1, Joan Murray, Atlantic Beach, 33:52.


Overall: 1, Matthew Dougherty, Ayden, 17:48; 2, James Lawson, Zebulon, 18:01; 3, Andy Bonner, Easton, Pa., 18:20.

Masters Overall: 1, Sean Killeen, Richmond, Va., 19:18; 2, Steve Kozischek, Jacksonville, 19:52; 3, Robert Holmes, Salisbury, 21:08.

Male Baby Joggers: 1, Matt James, 24:54; 2, John Cox, Graham, 26:46; 3, Eric Rowe, 28:23.

1-12: 1, Dawson Cox, Washington, 24:22; 2, Max Lewis, Raleigh, 27:23.

13-16: 1, McKinley Gray, New Bern, 18:27; 2, Steven Tulvech Jr., Morehead City, 20:06.

17-19: 1, Aaron Parker, Southern Shores, 18:50; 2, Garrett Martin, King, 21:49.

20-24: 1, Gabriel Hatch, Durham, 21:52; 2, Andrew Rasberry, Raleigh, 22:40.

25-29: 1, Tom Lueleing, 19:27; 2, William Clodfelter, Thomasville, 20:29.

30-34: 1, Duane Novotni, Fairfax, Va., 18:56; 2, David Garrison, Morehead City, 19:20.

35-39: 1, Trey Mooring, 18:57; 2, Kirk Askren, Navarre, Ohio, 21:12.

40-44: 1, Matthew Lawrence, Beaufort, 22:18; 2, Nathan Pipin, Ayden, 23:00.

45-49: 1, Steve Tulevech, Morehead City, 21:50; 2, Rob Newton, Mooresville, 25:17.

50-54: 1, David Wachs, Newport, 23:10; 2, Gerald Harper, 23:29.

55-59: 1, Kazim Yahyapour, Raleigh, 22:21; 2, Jose Vecina, Raleigh, 23:07.

60-64: 1, Francis Rasberry, Raleigh, 25:21; 2, Erwin Greenblatt, 25:42.

65-69: 1, Pete Pipkin, Ayden, 25:49; 2, Reggie St. Germain, Arapahoe, 26:20.

70-99: 1, Howard Cupitt, Durham, 27:01; 2, Jim Murray, Morehead City, 30:27.



Overall: 1, Amanda Palmer, Greenville, 45:52; 2, Kellie Davis, Raleigh, 46:46; 3, Hannah Cook, Havelock, 48:12.

Masters Overall: 1, Elizabeth Carey, Pittsboro, 50:11; 2, Mary Cramer, Raleigh, 51:15; 3, Bobbi Siefert, Hickory, 52:11.

13-16: 1, Megan Ehmke, Grantsboro, 55:49.

20-24: 1, Camry Curtis, Garner, 48:55; 2, Alexandra Cavanaugh, Havelock, 57:56.

25-29: 1, Jacqueline Smith, 48:39; 2, Joy Stanistreet, Beaufort, 49:03.

30-34: 1, Meagan Dunphy-Daley, Atlantic Beach, 49:18; 2, Christina Taylor, Raleigh, 51:00.

35-39: 1, Clarice Matthews, Hertford, 49:52; 2, Lindsey Kelly, Carrollton, Va., 51:47.

40-44: 1, Joyce Abeyounis, Elizabeth City, 54:26; 2, Mary Margar McEache, Wilmington, 55:35.

45-49: 1, Maria Pharr, Elizabeth City, 52:58; 2, Jenny McArtney, Atlanta, Ga., 54:01.

50-54: 1, Susan Houser, Raleigh, 1:00:13; 2, Kathy Walmer, Chapel Hill, 1:02:25.

55-59: 1, Gail Crisp, Harkers Island, 1:04:02; 2, Sue Wasiolek, Durham, 1:05:40.

60-64: 1, Diane Dorsett, Wrightsville Beach, 1:10:06.


Overall: 1, Eric Alvarez, Neuse Forest, 40:18; 2, Ivan Ozbolt, Norman, Okla., 40:53; 3, Michael Ehmke, Gransboro, 41:37.

Masters Overall: 1, Chuck Parker, Southern Shores, 43:46; 2, Dave Lewis, Raleigh, 45:32; 3, Tony Chadwick, Beaufort, 46:13.

Wheelchair: 1, Jerry Kelley, Beaufort, 37:51; 2, Paul Kelly, Beaufort, 41:29.

1-12: 1, Andrew Suggs, Snow Hill, 52:03.

13-16: 1, Jon Buckland, Morehead City, 47:47; 2, Matthew Harris, 54:23.

17-19: 1, Blake Hollister, Aurora, 45:29; 2, Shawn McNeely, Oriental, 47:19.

20-24: 1, John Hyzak, Pine Knoll Shores, 52:30; 2, Keith Olligood, Havelock, 52:48.

25-29: 1, Josh Lewis, Marshallberg, 42:57; 2, Michael Gravelle, Emerald Isle, 45:06.

30-34: 1, Robert Taylor, Raleigh, 48:03; 2, Colin Harrington, Raleigh, 1:02:33.

35-39: 1, Paul Belamar, Oriental, 42:46; 2, Michael Speciale, Grimesland, 46:58.

40-44: 1, Terance Doherty, 46:44; 2, Paul Aviska, Fuquay-Varina, 50:00.

45-49: 1, Joe Green, 49:23; 2, John Ziker, Boise, ID, 49:43.

50-54: 1, William Miller, 47:28; 2, Darrel Wells, Greensboro, 47:31.

55-59: 1, Phillip Bailey, Raleigh, 47:01; 2, George Morgan, Blacksburg, Va., 57:53.

60-64: 1, John Kramer, Raleigh, 52:57; 2, Eliot Frank, Greenville, 56:17.

65-69: 1, Michael Cawthorne, Stem, 1:02:20; 2, James Lee, Raleigh, 1:07:40.

70-99: 1, Groover Baitch, Raleigh, 1:20:19; 2, Lee Allsbrook, Monteagle, Tenn., 1:35:49.

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