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Nov. 14, 2021


How long can the media continue to cover for Joe? Here is a look at some of the promises he has made and kept versus those made and not kept.

1. He would shut down the virus not the economy—Can you find what you want at the store or go to work without the vaccine?

2. The inflation is temporary—doesn’t look like it to me and Kamala says it is not temporary (the only thing I can think of that I have agreed on with her).

3. He would get a handle on gas prices—I guess he kept this promise as he has done things to make them rise over 40% in one year.

4. He would shut down the Keystone Pipeline---Promise kept to cost us all more at the pump.

5. He would limit drilling for oil and gas—Promise kept which adds to our gasoline inflation.

6. No Americans would be left behind in Afghanistan---What a whopper of a lie.

7. Migrants always increase in Jan., Feb., and March—What kind of calendar is he using?

8. No mandatory vaccines—Want to tell that lie a few more times?

9. No mandatory masks—This must only be for his fellow Democrats who make rules/laws for us and immediately violate them.

10. Would immediately get ports working 24/7 and get supply chain under control quickly.

11. Continually tells us we are

not smart enough to understand the supply chain—Personally I think my poodles understand supply chain better than Joe. They understand that when I order from Chewy they will get food, treats, etc. and then follow me to make sure they get put in the proper place.

12. Says Hunter is the smartest person he knows and not worried about his business—Better think again Joe.

13. Says that the report of illegal immigrants potentially getting more dollars than Gold Star families and 9/11 victim families is a total garbage report—Had to back that one down the next day.

14. He would never use the DOJ for politics and they would be totally independent—Tell that to the parents in Virginia and to James O’Keefe who was raided looking for Joe’s daughter’s diary.

15. He predicted a Dem victory in the Virginia race for governor—not true Joe, in case your handlers have not told you.

16. Promised to open the southern border—Promise kept.

17. Would not allow foreign visitors without proof of vaccination or Covid test---Not true Joe, produce the records for all the illegal immigrants.

18. Transparent and honest administration—is that the reason for the secret flights of illegal immigrants to states around the country?

I am sure there are many others, but this is enough to give you a flavor of the lies we are being told straight from old Joe’s own mouth and not covered by the main stream media much if at all.


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Clearly the infrastructure deal has hurt a lot of feelings. That is understandable since the previous admin just could not get in done in 4 years, despite having the presidency, and both houses of congress for the fist 2 years. Somehow President Biden got it done, despite broad opposition from the GOP and a few on the far left of his own party. he did this in 10 months. That surely is a bitter pill to swallow for some folks I guess. Isnt such a bill a good thing? I guess some folks put loyalty to party over the good of all Americans. Meanwhile The Biden admin has approved more domestic drilling permits then his predecessor. Speaking of which, who was president and negotiated with the russians and saudis to cut oil production in april of 2020? What effect has that had on our current situation ( hint supply & demand= price point)

The idea that the DOJ has been weaponized against parents speaking their minds is just farcical and unworthy of further refutation.

The right is just Livid that biden got infastructure done, so we see such "stazi like" editorials, and gripe filled LTTE. Sour grapes folks, just sour, sour grapes


Infrastructure crisis.Maybe the free money can fix the Langston Bridge - closed more than open. Several years ago a new concrete deck was added anf rhis massive amount of added weight is causing the expansion joints to open. You can hear the noise when you drive over them. The vibration caused by traffic crossing these wider joints can cause liquefaction of the support pilings and cause them to sink. Does anyone outside DOT know what the problem is?? With this massive amount of extra weight, is the bridge still inside its design safety limits- usually 100%. Sure not the same as when the bridge was built?


"Another Democrat economist jumps ship on Biden's inflationary spending" by Monica Showalter. Looks like it will last at least another 2-3 years. Good news for Rs come election time.


Yep, pretty much everything Biden has done has been a pain to my ears, eyes, patootie, and pocketbook. It’s called referred pain.

Yes, Biden wants to prove that crime “does pay” by giving lots of money to “illegals.”

Biden said we are paying a lot more for gasoline because we are ignorant about the supply chain and not due to his administration’s incompetence or intentional actions. “The irony is people have more money,” says Biden. What?

With his cognitive issues, Biden is not all there. Anyone who says differently is either a pathological fibber or a participant in a mass delusion that is destroying our country.

Doctor: "I've got bad news, Joe. You've got cancer, aphasia, and dementia.

Biden: Well, at least I don't have cancer.


President Biden seems lucid to me, his cognitive issues are in line with other 78 yr olds I know. "Cognitive issues" is best left to medical professional experts, not oft repeated opinions from maga media or nitpicking about his stutter.

woulden't it be nice if people spent more time studying their bibles and trying to emulate jesus, and less time listening to grievance politics opinion hosts and emulating them.


Wouldn’t it be nice if Biden actually submitted to a Cognitive Assessment test, as his predecessor did without hesitation, to allay everyone’s concerns?


Isn't it hypocritical when the gop spends money it is an investment in the future..when the dems spend money it's wasteful, we can't afford it, the deficit, our children's children.


Worst inflation in 30 yrs, under water on every issue, and worst ratings of any president since WWII and some don't and/or refuse to get it. Daughter of his old cook who owns a restaurant says she's having to take items like crab rolls off her menu and will be taking more and more items off with drastic price increases. He and/or those pulling his strings are oblivious to the plight of real working folks and small business owners even his old cook's daughter. Ten months of destruction. Can't stand another ten months much less 3 yrs. Old crow can't save him as much has he'd like to.


" old crow" yes another tirade against McConnell by former president trump, and in just a few hours we see it repeated here.

See the dangers of non stop propaganda?

Some folks seem oblivious to the infrastructure bill accomplished by President biden and his team

30 years of neglect and differed maint. Being addressed. For the collective good of all Americans. Gee let's focus on a restraunt menu instead? Sheesh!


Biden claims that gasoline producers are illegally conspiring to rip off Americans with high prices. Biden is looking for a scapegoat.

There are just some folks that live their life with lies, like with Biden’s lie that a drunk driver killed his first wife and daughter. Lie!

Biden has fueled today’s inflation, and he knew all along this would happen. And he knew the middle-class would end up shouldering the majority of the costs for his actions. The fact is Biden caused inflation to rise due to his massive spending spree and low-interest rates.


Let's focus on why the deep state crooks will deal with one another but won't deal with anyone outside their crooked kingdom. We needed an infrastructure bill when he held office but too much of it would have gone for actual infrastructure as opposed to the present scheme. How have 5-6 year long D hoaxes turned out? Can't imagine what DT would have accomplished if not for the D crookiness along with weaponized bureaucratic monolith against him. HRC ain't sweating though. It was all a video and the SR memo to file covers it. I'd say a small business restaurant owner beats an almost 50-year crooked career politician every single day of the week.


How will the comrades make up the 2.5 million or was it more truckers that will quit over vaccine mandate?


You mean there's actually a danger in non-stop D propoganda? Who would have known after 5 years of lies from Schiff, Waters, Swalwell, etc. Just include the whole D crowd and their comrades.


What did BO fix infrastructure wise? If anyone had a chance it was him. Y'all just went after DT before day one but he got things done in spite of it. Great American!


"Build Back Better Bill Is A Disaster For America" by New York Post. Tell us where they're wrong.


"Biden Hopes You Forget His War On U.S. Energy Producers" by Hugo Gurdon, Wasington Examiner. He and the Ds and comrades hope you forget much more.


Just read what TX state senator Ryan Guillen said when switching parties. Another D who came to their senses.


Since we are back to crying about Obama, and comparing him to " great American " Trump. Obama rebuilt the economy after gop deregulation of banks caused the worst collapse since 1929.


What the Biden administration has done is unleash a fear for those who hold on to a past that can no longer work. Trump was leading us into a brick wall with massive consequences. His attempt to build a wall along the border was a neanderthal attempt to solve a complicated problem. All of his policies were for self interest, but placated a willing audience who still can not see the deception.

These same type of people were those screaming that automobiles would never take the place of the horse and cart.


Silver-tongue could just as well have been describing himself when he described his VP's ability to "f" things up. Worst recovery since when? That was just one of too many to count. More interested in creating strife and discontent than improving the country. Now, his vp who "f's" things up has picked up where he left off. We know where they and their ilk stand though. What's as troubling as them are those career deep state bureaucrats and lifer politicians who profess to be something they are not and in the final analysis do as much harm.


And yet you will vote to re-elect a lifer politician just because he/she has a R beside their name. The same can be said for a lifer politician with a D in a D state. We tend to vote party instead of for the person.


Btw, if you don't think BO's tenure and policies got President Trump elected, you're mistaken. And, his old VP's "f" ups will ensure the next president is of the R brand, Of course, that's if the crooks don't magically find 81M votes in the basement.


I don't think Obamas polices is what got trump elected, had Obama been able to run a 3rd time he would have beaten trump easily. Hillary was the weaker candidate and pretty much universally disliked, Trump was supposed to be a breath of fresh air. Sadly he was all hot air, theatrics, cronyism, childish insults, infantile behaviour, and was clearly unfit to govern.

3 years is a long time to predict ahead, I don't confuse wishful thinking with facts. I also don't confuse volume with mass in my posts.

Hopefully the GOP can stand up a good candidate in 2024. Hogan, Kasich, you know, real leaders with real policy ideas. People who know how to govern and compromise to accomplish goals. The majority of Americans have had their fill of Trumpian dystopia. The folks clinging to Trump also think " Maury" is highly entertaining. they and their "ilk" are in the minority ( Thank God!)


Unleashed fear of what? Work? Yeah, that should work. Give me some more brick wall and suspect many others feel the same. It was all pro-American and much less expensive as contrasted to this total craziness. The massive consequences is retaining a country. That complicated problem is something KH will have solved in no time with the current policy. Yep, building things is nothing but self-interest but getting filthy rich as a crooked career politician isn't. You're the ones deceived unless you just don't care. Gee, thought leftist greenies would prefer horse and cart days. Who knows maybe we all would be better off. At least more would know what real work is if you want to eat.


Remember fences can make the best neighbors and preclude problems even for the average homeowner. Security might even enter the picture don't you think? Maybe even your personal physical security. If you don't believe it will ever affect you, consider others. In this conversation "national security" should be paramount. Creating problems including even national security problems and then sending the problems you created to others' doorsteps is total BS to put it nicely. Why don't those crying crocodile tears and creating problems for others invite them into their homes or at least their home cities/states? Like DeSantis says take them into your state rather than sending to us in the dark of night with no notice.


You forgot BO said she was the most qualified candidate ever to run. He also guaranteed you that there was no way Trump would ever be elected. Guess he thought his insurance policy would work. You can add McCain and Romney to your weak candidate list.


And don’t forget Biden plans to spend $80 billion to hire 87,000 new IRS employees to harass folks making under $75,000 per year.

This will also lead to a surge in union dues paid to the left-wing National Treasury Employees Union. 97 percent of this union’s spending goes to democrat


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