Morehead City, N.C.

Feb. 26, 2020


As a lifelong Republican, and one who is strong in my Christian faith, I feel it is my duty to bring to light what is happening in our local Republican politics.

In the past, I have put a fair amount of trust in the local Tea Party endorsements. After recently attending the candidates forum at the county Republican headquarters, however, I was shocked at what I saw “behind the curtain.” Ephesians 5:11 says “Have nothing to do with the fruitless seeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

The candidates endorsed by the Tea Party generally seemed to assume that they had their races locked up. Bob Cavanaugh, as the incumbent County Commissioner in District 3, did not seem to have a prepared speech as to why he should be re-elected. His challenger, Chimer Clark, gave an informative speech about his experience as a former Marine, and a small business owner.

During the Q&A time, Mr. Clark was asked a question about funding for the school system. Before he could completely answer, Mr. Eddie Bo Wheatly (incumbent candidate for District 5 county commissoner’s seat) abruptly shot the question down saying that questions regarding educational funding should be directed toward the Board of Education candidates. Nobody contested this, and the conversation was closed. What’s disturbing about this, however, is that the county commissioners are responsible for funding the school system. Sadly, no one was willing to challenge Mr. Wheatly on this point.

Regarding the board of education candidates, the Tea Party has endorsed Mr. Buttery for District 2. One of the attendees asked Mr. Buttery about how often he had attended the board of education meetings. This person said she had been attending almost every BOE meeting over the past year, and she had never seen him before. Mr. Buttery admitted that he had seldom ever attended a BOE meeting. When asked the same question his challenger, Mrs. Katie Statler, indicated she had attended most of the BOE meetings over the past two years. How can the local Tea Party responsibly endorse a candidate who has shown no real interest in the race he is running?

The western schools are bursting at the seams (with more growth coming), and the MaST school has had trouble getting local support. When a sitting commissioner refuses to allow discussion about local school funding, it shows we desperately need change on the local level in our Republican leadership.

To my fellow Christians, I would encourage you to thoroughly research the candidates. There are many who run under the “Christian conservative” flag, who don’t behave like true Christians. There was no sense of Christian fellowship at the candidates forum, despite the Tea Party running ads in the News Times recently about their endorsed “Christian conservatives” running for office.

I encourage you to consider Chimer Clark, Katie Statler and Andrea Beasley in their races.


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Doubt this ongoing tug-of-war about how education dollars are spent has anything at to do with one's faith. Letter from Mrs. Chadwick explains a lot. ALL of our schools and ALL of those schools' students need to be treated as fairly and equal as possible. Reps from east of the Newport River seem to be trying to represent their constituency and same applies to those in the west. Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is education dollars spent for a "special school" for "special students". If you want a "special school" for "special sudents" then maybe you need to find a billionaire to fund it entirely & not just provide seed dollars & then ride on the backs of others.


Francis Marion [swamp fox from 1700’s] nor Zachariah Chandler [1800’s republican] own property or are registered to vote in Carteret County. You are a Christian and a republican but you can’t post your real name so really what are you?


dc nor BossyMare own property or are registered to vote in Carteret County. I am unsure of their faith and their political affiliation, so really what are you? [wink]


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PROOF DEMOCRATS ARE LYING TO YOU [ ] STOP DOXING PEOPLE, its not becoming. Enjoy the demoncratic downfall! [yawn] ps..... I hope you Dem's wasted your vote ...AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahah


WSB probably isn't volunteering to pay my taxes & didn't see anybody on my ballot to vote for locally.


Crazy California! [ ] Strange world, huh?


Sleepy Joe with BO directing from his shadowing or Cape Cod mansions , commie Bern, nothing Newsome, nervous Nancy, Chucky chump, Diane dingbat, Shiffy you know what for brains, Mini Mike, Silicon Valley, & other Left Coasters or fellow travelers will clean this ... up pronto if HRC can get her podcast up before being hacked & Donna can give her the answers to the questions so she doesn't get POed & tell Mitt's niece to go to the hot place.

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"Unfortunately, the answer is Hillary" by Joel Gilbert.


"Unfortunately, the answer is anybody but Donald J. Trump" by anyone with a brain. Did anyone watch where he claimed the Obama administration was responsible for the slow response of corona virus testing? The man is totally incapable of accepting any responsibility, a raging narcissist makes for a really dangerous leader.


Brains? The Dems spent millions and three years to come up with "Can I Help" phone call and 24000 page impeachment and destroyed the rule of law as well. And testing is not a cure is it so why bother?


JR has changed his mind again. It won't be the commie that you wasted your vote on. Maybe next time but by then he may be too old. Then you can vote for AOC.


"The CDC's rocky effort to get Americans tested for coronavirus , explained" by Brian Resnick & Dylan Scott. Don't let a crisis go to waste. Politicize it like Ebola, Zika and all the rest. Do many if not all federal agencies need some study about their effectiveness or lack thereof when states have to come up with their own tests? Same old story of massive bureaucracy & the Ds can't get enough of it. Vote for the commie Bernie & you will get enough to make you puke in more ways than you can imagine.

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