Beaufort, N.C

April 20, 2021


I was at the April 19 Carteret County Board of Commissioners meeting. The group opposing the sale of the Carteret County water system, Carteret County for Public Water, was allowed to make a presentation. Just being on the agenda did not really allow for an adequate presentation when Commissioner Mansfield talked incessantly during the entire time. No one is as interested in hearing what he has to say as he is himself.

Steve Bolding did an admirable job of weathering the onslaught of stupid jokes and comments but his presentation was completely smothered by Commissioner Mansfield. I was in the separate area with a large number of people from Carteret County who were appalled by Commissioner Mansfield's childish behavior. Many of them stood up and left in disgust.

Commissioner Mansfield either has great contempt for the presenter or more probably has a great contempt for the citizens of Carteret County. I cannot understand his passionate desire to sell the water system. I do not know if he would benefit personally from this but he is overseeing a great disservice to the citizens of Carteret County for some reason.

Later in the conversation commissioner Chadwick proposed that the board of commissioners and the citizens opposed to the sale of the water system could actually work together if each side was willing to give a little bit. Commissioner Chadwick obviously has the good of all citizens of Carteret County in mind and is not so much interested in providing a source of revenue for a large multinational conglomerate.

I thought the county finances were well-run, they recently got some award for that. However, Commissioner Comer suggested our financial situation was not good and pointed out that Carteret County could obtain a windfall of perhaps several million dollars to go toward other expenses but this would be a one-time thing. And in fact, if the county is run so poorly that there is a desperate need for a one-time infusion of cash, how do they plan to pay their expenses in the coming years? Will they sell other pieces of our infrastructure? Perhaps one day they would want to sell our beaches to a private investor! Who knows?


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Why was The above said commissioner so rude to the speaker who was speaking their concerns over this serious topic? Why couldn’t he be respectful of a taxpayer and keep quiet until the person completed their concerns? Makes you think that these so-called public servants don’t care about what the citizens have to say, yet when election time comes around the citizens become important. If you don’t want to respectfully listen to the concerns of the citizens, then perhaps you need to relinquish your position to someone who actually cares. Matters like this isn’t a joke and every concern of the public to be listened to and not made fun of. Kudos to those who got up and walked out because the few who made jokes and a mockery of those who were only expressing concerns. Let’s all remember that when elections come around again and the good ole boy system comes to an end.


Who is responsible for the county’s poor financial state


I believe I previously read on this site that the water system in question was valued at 12 million dollars, the proposed sale was for 7.2 million. Now if that 5 million difference does not raise some questions from the voters...


They will make it up on volume? . The deal smells because it is opening a platform for grant money to private and non profits. Depreciation alone is worth the price.. Win - win - loser.


These positions cannot be eliminated with a swift motion, but, you folks really need to get a consensus together, and start reducing the 'government footprint' as in 3 board members, and a dang county manager that is actually accountable, because i see his input is nada? Start with requesting all county level 'special interests' spending be halted for 4 years! No money on anything but actual owed money, at the least. Stop the spending like drunkin fools' , its your money folks. Simply reelecting 'the other team' is only going to continue the cycle, and replace the present issues with the other ones, which may be worse.


Most town/county governments managers serve at the pleasure of the board of commissioners, so if it’s a good ol boy type operation then a county mgr has to keep the commissioners happy or lose his/her job. Also, kudos to Commissioner Chadwick for resurrecting the lost art of compromise

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