Atlantic, N.C.

Aug. 5, 2019


We again see the move by the misguided to set public law based on the behavior of the lowest common denominator in society. Additionally, the real push is to remove as much of our Second Amendment rights as possible. The real issue is not crime; it is control of us.

We have all seen the Democrat agenda of having us live in the socialist type of society. It is with no surprise that stripping us of our firearm choices would be the logical move for socialists. But more to the point. The idea that taking firearms away from the mentally ill may sound good on its face, but the devil is in the details and in history.

The domestic violence laws, and the ex-parte process, combined with those who abuse and make false accusations, has led to a very high abuse of those laws. Divorce brings out the worst, and these domestic laws are abused without restraint.

Such will be the case with Red Flag laws. An upset family member, a jealous ex-lover, anyone can make a false accusation, and presto, you find yourself faced with forced confiscation of your property, having to hire a lawyer and prove you are not whatever the opposition says you are. This is insanity. This is the solution that will bring only grief. But it will line lawyers’ pockets. But due process, constitutional rights, and respect for law will diminish.

We must not fall for this knee jerk idea. Either we have rights or not.


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armed citizen

Bill, you are spot-on regarding this type of law. It is nothing but a repetitive narrative that leans society to a failing ideology of a socialistic utopia. Socialism has always failed, everywhere it has been implemented. Eventuality, other people's money runs out, and all of the freebies cease.

There is one way to stop 98% of the mass shootings. Outlaw all gun-free zones. 98% of all mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. Think about that.


Mr. Bill,

Why do you give firearms to mentally ill people?

David Collins

Giving guns to mentally ill people . What kind of an idiotic question is that ? This is a serious topic with possible far reaching ramifications if handled wrong and all you can say is that ! Just shows the mindsets of the looney left .


Ann Coulter had a good point on these Red Flag laws.

1. Straw sales are never prosecuted.

2. Felons in possession of a firearm are seldom prosecuted.

3. Comprehensive background checks already exist.

Additionally, there are due process concerns, 4th amendment and 2nd amendment problems, and others. Then we have the very high abuse rate with similar laws in the domestic arena. Then there are standard of proof problems using the civil code standard (much lower), than the criminal code standards. Think of it this way: A anti-gun neighbor hates his gun owning neighbor. So, he files false claims that his neighbor is (fill in the blank), triggering the red flag law. The accused neighbor now has to prove in court, and hire a lawyer, spend money, and time on this mess. This is all too real now with some other similar laws. Ex-parte anything violates due process. (Ex-parte meaning the accused is not present and has no idea what is happening, much less able to confront his accuser). So, you lose your rights, your guns, all to a anti-gun neighbor or other. This law is ripe for abuse in divorce, angry ex's, and many others. Do we really want to shred the justice system when there already exist remedies?


We must also realize those adjudicated as mentally defective are ALREADY prohibited from firearm possession. A involuntary committal is not necessarily a disabling event; it depends on the adjudication by the court. Thus, someone seeking mental health treatment or care is not automatically prohibited, nor should they be. Of course the left thinks we on the right are mentally ill to begin with, as we are deplorables and Trumpies. Thus we should not possess firearms. Imaging the left with firearms; they are the ones acting out in public, threating senators at their homes, in restaurants, all public places. Scary isn't it.


You can not eradicate evil through legislation. A gun is just a mechanism that some evil people use. We can not make enough laws for those in our society that are morally and emotionally bankrupt.

David Collins

No one has touched on just who will be labeling you and I as mentally unstable enough to be denied the opportunity to have a firearm . Seeing how the practice of psychology , psychiatry and other disciplines of the human mind are not settled science yet , there is doubt as to the accuracy of it all . Like other medical disciplines, it is called a practice for a darned good reason . Not perfected quite yet . This can also be used as a sort of weapon to further a practitioners personal beliefs , so we will need a way to root out any biased practitioners . Soooo , just who will be analyzing the analyzers in order to get a fair and just decision ? Someone on loan from God , perhaps ?


The main issue is that these Flag laws will certainly be abuse as are the domestic violence restraining orders; done ex-parte, and suspend your rights and confiscate your firearms. These laws mirror those.


Um, Fredo, i mean Chris Coumo looked pretty 'unstable' just a night or so ago, so, i say, he's out first as we move forward! [beam]

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