Beaufort, N.C .

March 16, 2023


The issue regarding the millstone left at the Cru Wine Bar in Beaufort is not a sign of hatred towards LGBTQ+ adults gathering at this bar and having drag queen contests and parties. Another gay-oriented bar in Beaufort has been doing this same thing for decades, and no one has ever bothered them. However, this bar has never gone after the children in our community.

Unlike the other bar, the Cru Wine Bar began late last summer using their Facebook page to solicit minor children to come to the bar twice a month from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm on school nights for a “QUEER YOUTH NIGHT”. The Cru Wine Bar advertised that these meetings were “A TIME TO ASK AND ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT THE QUEER EXPERIENCE, PLAY GAMES, AND HAVE FUN.”

Further, the Cru Wine Bar stated that “18 AND UNDER ONLY, 13 AND UNDER MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT.” To bait the hook, this bar further advertised that there would be “$5.00 1 SCOOP OF ICE CREAM AND AN ITALIAN SODA”.

Why would the Cru Wine Bar really want to invite minor children into a LGBTQ+ oriented bar at night and on a school night? Why would this bar even consider advertising for children under 13 to come, and to make it clear that a parent need not be involved – just some person over 18? Why bait the hook with ice cream and Italian soda? Why advertise that these minor children can ask and answer questions about “the Queer Experience”, and with whom would these children be speaking to? Did the Cru Wine Bar plan to hire psychologists, psychiatrists, or licensed therapists to talk to these minor children about “the Queer Experience”? Exactly who did the Cru Wine Bar plan to have speak to these minor children and what would these people say to them? Did the Cru Wine Bar have the permission of these minor children’s parents to have these children at this bar and to have unknown persons speak to them about “the Queer Experience”?

Rather than the advertised, “AN EVENING OF FUN SURROUNDED BY OTHER LGBTQ+ YOUTH”, it appears to be a grooming event for these minor children where they could be prey to pedophiles who would certainly like to “counsel” them about “the Queer Experience”. People may not object to an adult LGBTQ+ oriented bar in Beaufort, but a lot of people will object to the Cru Wine Bar coming after the children in our community. Do not mistake tolerance with acceptance.

Also, the Cru Wine Bar should consider what liability they might incur if one or more of these minor children were molested by a pedophile as a result of the bar’s Queer Youth Night. The Cru Wine Bar should look at how that worked out for the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church.

As for the millstone recently placed anonymously in front of the Cru Wine Bar, this millstone refers to what Jesus said in Matthew 18:6, “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Since the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin, minor children should not be taught that homosexuality is just another acceptable life style.

Finally, the Cru Wine Bar can cater all they want to the adult LGBTQ+ crowd and have their drag queen contests and parties, and that is their right to do so. However, the Cru Wine Bar needs to stop soliciting minor children to come to this bar and to leave the children in our community alone.


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Maybe the parents should decide where their children go and what activities they participate in. It is their children and not the public's and if they are comfortable with that then that's on them. It's their responsibility on how they raise their children not yours. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it's not the public's decision. I don't agree with that lifestyle but like it says, a person has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and if that's what makes people happy, all power to them.


You nailed it, Sandman. I agree with you 100%.


Just by your comments Sandman you can see that you are a YES person. The letter writer was dead on. You need to re-read her letter. Why would anyone want to lead a child into this type of lifestyle when the Bible teaches against it. You have to decide early on which direction to point your children and it's not toward a bar. Someday all of us will answer to God for our decisions and when you agree to this lifestyle and say YES to all of this you will also have to tell God why you said it's ok. This bar should be shut down for soliciting children. The Town of Beaufort should know better.


You forget that we have freedom of religion in this country, and not all of use interpret the bible the same. Some of us don't even use the bible.

If you won't want that for your kids, good on ya. Keep your religion your religion, let other people live their lives as they see fit.


We could go back and forth all day with scripture.

I particularly like John 8:7 Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

God consistently warns against casting judgments upon others.


I will be selling torches and pitchforks at a discount to anyone who wants to form an angry mob.

Bible thumpers who pick and choose what verses suit them will have much to answer for one day.


First of all Donna, I raised my child and she has started her own family. I have no loyalties to any group or organizations that base everything on political or religious views. Let people raise their kids how they see fit. It's nobody's business on how they decide to do that. Would you want anybody to try and tell you how to raise your kids? Everybody has the right to choose the lifestyle that they want and religion and politics can not stop it. I know I will face judgement before God but so will everybody else, especially those who judge others based on race, creed , gender, or nationality.


If you did an ounce of research, you would realize that it was an underage student who came up with the idea, planned it, and led it. Cru just agreed to provide a gathering site. It was not a vast conspiracy.


Deborah is clearly one of those folks who doesn't let her ignorance keep her from having an opinion. Glad to see most of the response is toward tolerance and compassion. As you know, the bible unquestionably prohibits divorce, the eating of shellfish and wearing garments made of two different fibers. It also allows one to stone disobedient women and children. How we doing on that? The millstone may have been a protest but it was also a threat of harm and I hope it is being investigated as such. Let's live and let live, folks.


Hi Deborah,

I just read your letter to the editor and wish if you had a problem that you wouldn't have signed the childrens books I purchased from you and gifted to children this past Christmas.

The LGBTQ-YOUTH club hasn't met since around Halloween so why are you harassing us by perpetuating heresay online when you never spoke with me or bothered showing concern beyond supporting a religious symbol of death.

Pulling up old posts that have since been clarified MONTHS AGO.

The club was created by a teen for teens and we simply gave a safe place for them to host hang outs.

We had a child advocate therapist in attendance and a camera in the room to make sure everything remained pg-13.

Thanks for the books. Wish I had given support elsewhere now knowing that I contributed to you, who couldn't care less about the kids who need resources in this area.

Supportive parents brought their youth and hung around while they were eating snacks and singing songs.

The bit about discussing the "q-eer (won't let me post the actual word yet you could for some reason?) experience" was a flyer made by the teen host, who I supported, with an understanding, open mind. I literally made him change it to "talk about life", since straight homophobic folks have no idea what it's like to grow up lgbtq in Carteret County. I do.

If this group was in Durham, any other more progressive area- this would not have been such a huge deal.


Not sure this letter shouldn't bring a conversation of what constitutes "libel".


Does not your bible state: "But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. [7] So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." John.8 - Bible, King James Version

So, an attorney, you have represented those who lied (with evidence of their deception) and who have no moral compass. But because they paid you to do a job, you separate yourself from being liable for any moral obligations to humankind, thus any objections you make about anything is null and void. Your opinion is your personal choice, I suggest you allow others their personal choices. Do not try to wield a condemnation via scripture.


There are many more things strictly prohibited in the Bible, the flesh of swine, ( i know you have been to many a pig picking) mixed fabric garments ( that cotton poly sweater pure sin) People would do well to stick with the words attributed to Jesus, avoid leviticus ( unless you are going to follow all the rules) and stop repeating Paul scolding the Romans Pa-lease !


It's called grooming for a reason.


The Bible condemns divorce strongly but says little about monogamous caring homosexual relationships. Most passages quoted by homophobes are misinterpreted by them. Where's the vocal outrage against divorce?

David Collins

Some divorces are a gift from heaven .


Interesting to note fl. Is now extending " don't say gay" law to include 4-12 th grades. Along the same lines fl principal fired because 6th graders were allowed to view michalego's sculpture David.

I guess the puritan past is not that far away. How is violence and gore acceptable, while sex and reproduction is taboo? Rhonda Santis is far more of a threat to children then the statue of david.

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