Morehead City, N.C

July 14, 2020


I want to thank Governor Cooper for his cautious approach to reopening the economy. Sure, we all know we need to work to survive; but we all need to survive also.

See what is happening in California and other states that opened perhaps too quickly. I am glad he is cautious and even then, there are increasing cases of the virus. That may well be due to the people who are not following the guidelines.

So, let us try to follow the rules and get rid of this virus.


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And thank you Governor Cooper for:

* allowing NC to rank the worst in the country for timely unemployment payments.

* allowing Online learning applications to be down in North Carolina after a technical glitch in the first week of school.

* allowing protesters to gather in large groups that you won’t allow others to do...Fear!

* allowing NC to over count the completed corona virus tests by 200,000 since the start of the pandemic.

* allowing NC’s rank of 9th most number of Covid-19 cases as of August 21st.

Maybe, Governor Cooper, instead of marching with protesters, you might spend more time overseeing your responsibilities.


You got that right!


And if I may add, Mrs. Tedford, and I know you are a very nice lady, but Mr Cooper has pulled the wool over your eyes with the shutdown.

It's all "Political" because he's a liberal Governor and despises Trump. Wait and see, as we get closer to election time, or shortly thereafter, Coop will start opening the state, including gyms.


Ms. Tedford's comments are right on the money. Short but correctly to the point. The governor has been criticized, sniped at, particularly by this page, over his handling of the virus. He has done what was and is necessary to keep residents of his state safe, in spite of all the narrow minded criticism directed at him personally. Criticism not because of his actions, but because of his political affiliation. He deserves the gratitude of all our residents, Democrats, Republican, and independents alike.


He deserves whats gonna happen Nov voted out. It's a political game. There is a virus but has killed less than the normal colds and viruses.


If trump hadn’t turned the decisions over to the governors (Right thing to do imo) and done the same thing on a national level... he would have been nailed to the wall.


Thanks for your Subjective comments, kenwood.

Governor Coop has us in a Nanny State, dictating how we should live our personal lives, for way too long.

Governor Cooper sees North Carolina as only being Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Covid-19 is much different in Eastern NC and Carteret County than these 4 cities.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 have continued to rise in nursing homes and prisons with Coop at the helm. North Carolina has been identified as having a higher than recommended positivity rate, 7th in the country as of the end of June, and in need of increased COVID-19 testing capacity, according to Johns Hopkins University. High positivity rate may mean the state is only testing sick people.

There has been a lot of discussion about the mental stress that the closings will put on people. The best way to deal with stress is physical exercise So, why is the governor closing the gyms and fitness centers? And, let me add, keeping gyms closed could eventually lead to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. But the governor is keeping us safe?

And Cooper allows us to go to a micro brewery and drink beer all day long, but shuts down bars. What’s the difference in the two? Cooper’s rules, now on alcohol, cuts off sales at restaurants at 11 p.m. It’s common knowledge the virus is infectious only from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., right?

Cooper has gotten laxed about law enforcement, even though he served 16 years as state attorney general. He allowed protests/riots in downtown Raleigh. People were injured, statues were dragged through the streets and hung from light poles, and businesses from drug stores to dentist offices were vandalized and mutilated. Leaving a scarred, boarded up shell of a capital city.

Cooper watched, even as police walked away, as “protesters” tossed a rope over a Confederate statue at the old Capitol and did nothing.

And finally, Governor Cooper supports Joe Biden for President.




NC is the 9th largest state by population. Covid cases ranking 9th is about what could be expected. If Cooper closed the beaches and tourism destinations in efforet to keep cases down that would have certainly caused much criticism so to blame him for the increase is placing him in a no win situation. Don't know of any protests he "allowed" in defiance of state order restricting the number of people at outdoor activities.

Cooper has consistently acted on the side of caution which is why we are not in as bad shape as Florida, Georgia and Texas. If he forced the opening of ALL schools then he would be blamed for every new covid case. Instead he allowed each County to decide what is best for themselves. Why everything has to be political is nonsense. Sometimes people simply do things because they believe it is the right thing to do.


You said sometimes people do things just because they “believe” it’s the right thing to do. Cooper has consistently said he makes decisions on science and data…...not “beliefs”.

“I'm very eager to move into our phases of reopening," Cooper said. "We're going to rely on the science, we're going to rely on the data, and we're going to rely on the facts in order to move forward."

Gov. Cooper came out of the Executive Mansion on June 1st to march with about 300 protesters. Very few masks or social distancing. Cooper even lowered his mask from face to talk with protesters and reporters.


Gov. Roy Cooper urged lawmakers to support the deal to repeal a year-old law that said transgender people have to use the public restrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. Coop signed this into law when it came across his desk.

I guess some folks don't have young daughters or granddaughters or if they do they just don't care that a born male can use the women's bathroom.


You are always gonna have dreamers that Roy Cooper is a good Governor.These people are not seeing the big picture. Its about who will do as they (The Government)say do and not do what they do! Roy Cooper is a Soros puppet and he is not worthy of the title the stole for him from McCrory . He is a little Dictator.


Gov. Cooper was a dismal attorney general. He was one of the most anti-Second Amendment attorney generals we have ever had; and even more so as governor. Cooper should do well in a Biden administration. North Carolina has never led in anything, and must have a poll to decide anything. The fact that there are so many Biden supporters in N.C. says it all. Stupid is as stupid does.


As of August 27, 2020, North Carolina is officially the last state set to open gyms. Gyms are hurting, yet Governor Cooper continues to put politics over people.

Data and facts from around the country:

Planet Fitness: 45+ million check-ins nationally. 0 COVID outbreaks.

IHRSA: 50+ million check-ins nationwide. 0 COVID outbreaks.

O2 Fitness: 77k+ check-ins. 0 COVID outbreaks

Thank you Coop!


If you think it is all a joke, tell that to the doctors and nurses in the emergency room at Carteret General. All the IDIOTS that I see in stores without masks will be sorry that they also think it's a joke. The a**h*** in Washington also thinks it's a joke, explain that to the 185,000+ people that have died in this country. I hope you will never know their pain.


Kinda hard to get good numbers, Kat, but in the past 8 months Carteret Health Care reported 28 cases hospitalized with only one admitted as of August 28.

So, I'm nor sure why you ask us to speak to emergency room folks. Do you know anyone in particular I could ask? I'm not saying Covid is not bad, and we should not take precautions, but we don't need to cry wolf either.

I'm in and about Carteret County Stores all the time and have yet to see folks without masks.

And I believe beach attendance numbers are up 16% year over year so you need to ask the mayors of these towns why they allowed so many out-of-state folks in. Oh yea money.

Your comments on folks thinking this pandemic is a joke is not founded.....just subjective reasoning on your part.


Truely its the darwin virus. The numbers are fake, the news is fake, its all made up to hurt trump, its their new hoax. Imagine if we had an intelligent leader, who led by example and implored all americans to wear masks and social distance in Feb?

Gov. Cooper has high marks for his handling of pandemic from a majority of the state population. Too bad he has the lt gov fighting him at every turn.. When i see ppl everywhere locally not wearing masks, or making foolish comments i feel pity, not anger. They are likely good people, just badly misled.


Gov Coop has high marks from the majority of the population, you say drew. Do you have facts to back that up or is it just a subjective comment?

By the way: Customers at select Planet Fitness and Crunch Fitness gyms plan to reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 1. The companies referenced a letter from North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein sent out in early June that says gyms can be used for medical purposes.

The two chain gyms made it clear that they only plan to serve members with "a medical need to exercise." However, the gyms will not require medical documentation at check-in to respect "personal privacy."


So far, the governor has been sued by churches, hair salons, gym owners, adult entertainers, trampoline parks, theaters, bowling alleys and the Carolina Bar and Tavern Association. Are these his supporters, drew?

David Collins

With all the false cause of death certificates out there , 185,000 is rather questionable . Still less than .05 of 1% of the citizenry . Not saying Covid is not dangerous but not an end of population event . Even folks with masks acquire the virus and some folks with different genetic makeups tend to be more susceptible than others . About 60% more susceptible . I will let you hazard a guess which group . Way too much drama in play for it is an election year and everything is fair game for some . As one notable Obama politician said , never let a crisis go to waste . I would add , real or imagined .


And that notable politician worked for Bill Clinton's administration as well. Maybe a pattern.......


Governor Cooper at a press conference said "the killing of George Floyd was “unjust” and said the protests were centered around “systemic racism.”.

Cooper did not make a single mention of COVID-19, social distancing, or wearing of masks.

Cooper also did not admonish the rioters, “Let me be clear about one thing: People are more important than property. Black Lives do Matter,” said Cooper. 

Thank you Coop!


“If you’re a tattoo artist trying to reopen your business, you’ll be arrested in front of a TV camera as a ‘show of force.’ But if you burn that tattoo parlor to the ground, you’ll face no consequence,” said N.C. Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Eden) in a statement following the second night of rioting.

“If you’re a group of 11 worshipers looking to pray inside your chapel, the governor will go to federal court to stop you,” Berger said. “But if you’re a group of 100 rioters, the governor will make empty gestures about ‘encouraging’ local officials hours before you return with baseball bats to wreak havoc all over again.”

Thank you, again, Coop!


Who has more common sense? It certainly is not this so-called governor.


A friend of mine had knee replacement surgery and goes to a rehab center in Morehead. He said a lot of the equipment there is like you would find in a gym,

Smaller footprint than a gym and less people, but still.....

He said they clean equipment after every use, require facemasks and try to schedule so not so many folks allowed in at one time. But that depends on the census.

And still, Coop won't open gyms.

Mr. Tom Slick

Wow this one sure did get a lot of focus...……..Yes MPJEEP gotta give you a big shout out!!! What has Cooper really done. Huh... lets get our votes in order this coming November and elect Dan Forest for Governor...… He is ready and willing to serve this great state.... Cooper only got in office because of the stupid cross dressing bathroom deal. McCrory should have still been in office, but liberals put him out. NOW LETS VOTE REPUBLICIAN AND MAKE SURE THIS MESS COMES TO AN END...……………...

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