Emerald Isle, NC

May 14, 2020


I read the letter to the editor on Sunday, May 10, 2020 written by Bonnie Blue Buchanan and was just amazed at how much disdain she has for our President mainly because he wants to “cautiously reopen our country,” She is convinced that there’ll be more deaths if the country is reopened, and there may be but we cannot stay closed indefinitely.

She also questions whether or not Trump truly empathizes with small or large business owners across the USA? ”Does Trump truly care about thousands of low income families as well as others who are now struggling more than ever just to put food on their tables?”

Ms. Buchanan, don’t you think this is one of the main reasons our President wants to get the country reopened, we need to get back to work so people can put food on their tables, pay their rent, and take care of their families? Have you been out in the community helping deliver meals, seeing the real need? I have and the need is great. Our country is open to some businesses like Walmart, Lowe’s Home Improvement, grocery stores, ABC, etc. that have been determined as essentials by the governors of each state, we wear masks, gloves, etc. so I think we can reopen with those same safe guards.

Also, I see her hostility to our President by suggesting that his motivation is in his personal financial means, as she so stated, and was evidenced by a recent news report on April 2nd, a Wall Street Journal headline stating Coronavirus Costing Trump Properties $1 Million Daily in lost revenue. I am sure his personal business is important to him and his family. How petty to go to the extent of making that a case as to why the President wants to reopen our country. She forgot to mention President Trump has donated his salary each year to agencies facing urgent problems. Previous donations have gone to, among others, to help clean up Veterans Cemeteries, the Office of the Surgeon General to help combat the opioid epidemic, to the Department of Homeland Security to help build a wall on the southern border, and to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to help combat alcoholism. His fourth-quarter 2019 salary is being donated to the Department of Health and Human Services to support the efforts being under-taken to confront, contain, and combat coronavirus.

She goes on to say “so why is Trump so insistent and deter-mined to reopen America? The answer seems glaringly apparent to this nobody special USA citizen.”

Well first of all every American is important, you, Mrs. Buchanan, are not a nobody and neither am I. I am a proud American citizen and I may not have but one vote but I thank my God that I live in a country that I can still vote and voice my opinion, the same as you voicing your opinion. In this regard we will have to agree to disagree. I thank God for our president and the tremendous work he is doing. He loves America, he works day and night to keep America safe. He did not bring the virus to America and he is doing all he can to eradicate this virus and keep America safe.

Yes, I will vote and my vote will be for Donald J. Trump for President 2020. I would also like to add, this may very well be our last chance to keep our great country from becoming a socialist/communist country controlled by the government. Please VOTE.


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THE FULL White House Briefing That CNN and MSNBC DID NOT Show [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S3YLOJDHCg ] <--------------- In case anyone has any questions .


Amen, Amen, Amen, from PA with a heart still in Carteret County.


Drewski, your prejudice is showing. Your comment: "Yes trump (you aren't polite enough to wrote Trump) donates his salary to worthy causes, with much fanfare I might add. His 400k salary pales in comparison to the 16 million trump (sick again) properties have been paid by taxpayers for his trips to his properties.) How did you come up with the figure of 16 million? Also, how does that compare to the amount taxpayers paid for all of President Obama & Michelle's trips, golfing, vacations, flying separately and all the individual trips Michelle took all over the country? Can you even count them all? Of course not? By the way, Obama & Michelle took their salaries and so did their many staff members that they required and had. Do you remember the large number of staff members Michelle had?


Actually 16 mil was a misprint thus far his trips to trump properties have cost 130 million. It is not prejudice but common sense that is showing. The lament OOOOBBBAAAAMA is simply a diversion from the topic. The data is avail from congressional budget office if you truly wish to compare presidential expenditures

I doubt you want any facts though, the nepotism in the current white house with their associated staffs is unprecedented. Perhaps you might do so actual research? Or just continue to distract and divert from anything negative about one of the most corrupt and inept presidents in US history.


[sad] I am also amazed how bad President Trump is portrayed. As stated above he has donated his salary every year - how many other Presidents can say that? Some may have donated a portion of it but not ALL of it. Granted he doesn't need it but he dang sure deserves it; a lot more than others that have been in office.

Yes, he had made mistakes but who hasn't? One thing I like about him is that he is NOT a politician, he's writing his own rules taking us back to a time where America was great. More power to him. Now if we could get rid of those who are up there to get rich and do nothing to help this wonderful country. I'm talking about both parties. People who have been there for years and have grown both old and rich on our back need to retire WITHOUT a pension and all the other perks. I'm certainly for term limits.

The most important thing you can do is VOTE; don't complain if you didn't.


Our country is not pure capitalist. If it were there would be no unemployment ,no welfare, no social net programs. Yes trump donates his salary to worthy causes, with much fanfare i might add. His 400k salary pales in comparison to the 16 million trump properties have been paid by taxpayers for his trips to his properties.

If people feel disdain it is because they recognize a grifter/conman when they see one. Carteret County went 75% for trump in 2016. Likely same again in 2020. The rest of the country is going to have LARGE voter turnout. Let's see what happens in November.


Joe should pick Rice for his VP. She's really good at covering all her bosses rear. You know like Benghazi, her parting memo of Oval Office meeting , & the list is endless. And, if she gets caught by an authority not bothered by the BS we've endured since at least 2008 she can always holler racism, sexism, & all other of her/their favorite isms like they always have & always will.


MS. RIce would be a good choice for VP. Not for the reasons you mention however. Who are the her/their/they you refer to. Educated accomplished black women? Those dirty /evil/ commie /dems?

4 yrs of benghazi investigations and what result? That must really hurt your feelings.

A comparison of the accomplishments of Melinia Trump and Michele Obama might send you into an apoplectic fit.

DON'T even think about, get a heaping helping of fox News, a few you tube videos, and good nights sleep. How many days till the election 168? Lawd Almighty THEY&THEM might take over the senate and white house.


Remember the video lie & all those Sunday talk shows? An over-educated fool willing to be a pathological liar to cover for arrogant, no shame, pathological lying bosses. Guess none of your truth seeking sources aired any of it. Dirty, evil, commie dems you got right. If not for the grieving families it would be laughable.

Her bosses BO & HC meeting & lying to the families at Dover AFB to receive the bodies, however, isn't laughable to any veteran. Maybe she wasn't there or was she?

Michelle's lunch program was the bomb. It bombed & made good hog slop. Her frown magically turned to a smile upon moving to the people's house & she can finally love her country. Laughable.

Back to your & their famous videos. Your & her bosses got a good night's sleep while "some people out for a walk" decided to kill some Americans. Guess y'all had your alarm clock set for 3 a.m. & missed the call. Not all that laughable especially for the families who still don't have answers. Bless his heart Trey tried.


, "If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table."

I guess your kitchen table is taking a real beat down?


BTW if she doesn't make the cut he always has Maxine or that GA genius.


PBS News Hour 4/17 she knew "nothing about this". What is the "this"? Brilliant liar? Liar for sure. Brilliant? Not so much.


Well thats a whole heaping helping of replies. Most of it far right foolishment. The latest Bombshell she lied about knowing Flynn was being looked at. Tune in to hannity tonight to see how this proves the deep state is in league with aliens to bring down Dear Leader.

Or take a deep slow breath and think a moment..is the natl security advisor going to confirm a counter Intel op on TV or deny it? Your comments about Michelle obama's school lunch program tell everyone all they need to know. NOV. IS COMING!


"Susan Rice's unredacted email to herself shows still more Obama-era corruption" by Andrea Widburg.


"A member of Obama admin. 'broke the law' by leaking info on Flynn's calls: Rubio". By David Sherfinski.


"Intel chief orders same threat briefings for Trump AND Biden unlike 2016". By Rowan Scarborough.


"School kids are blaming Michelle Obama for their 'gross school lunches'. The Washington Post.

More comparisons? You can't win can you?


Its actually not a matter of winning or losing. Everyone knows you can't reason with zealots. The media is the enemy of the people. It's fake news. Perhaps you should find a you tube video on cult deprogramming? Consider an idea outside of the trump fox News cult? So much winning. To quote the orange king "sad".


For all who think Trump cares about you, the little people here in eastern NC. Read this: Here is Howard Sterns opinion and words from Trump

I have said this in the past, He didn’t want to be President, he just wanted the attention.

“The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most, love him the most,” said Stern on Tuesday. “The people who are voting for Trump, for the most part … He wouldn’t even let them in a f*cking hotel. He’d be disgusted by them. Go to Mar-a-Lago, see if there’s any people who look like you. I’m talking to you in the audience.”

One thing Donald loves is celebrities, he loves the famous,” Stern said. “He loves it. He loves to be in the mix.”

I firmly believed that Donald did not want to run for president. I don’t think it was serious. I don’t think he wanted to be the president. I knew him. He had a great life at Mar-a-Lago.”

“NBC was balking at giving him a raise,” said the Stern Show host, because the ratings were going down. “So what’d he say? ‘I’ll run for president. I’ll get a lot of press.’ This was a gimmick to raise up his salary and to keep The Apprentice on.”

So folks here in our eastern NC, you think he wants this job, Not he doesn’t, but he doesn’t want to lose either. He has so many law suits against him, when he leaves office before the next 4 years, he may go to jail.


No, this is about some power hungry people who with better than thou egos & vindictiveness along with support from leftist media & other leftist ideologs tried & are still trying to destroy others for political & ideological reasons. The "enemy of the people" got caught & it's a matter now of cleaning up some of the their destruction. Nobody wins but at least maybe the innocent can get on with their lives. Innocent people & our Republic has suffered great damage.


He got elected but didn't even want to be? That's a good one. HRC is even worse than Bubba thought. And, now y'all running the next best crook? Can it get any crazier?


Look up what a demagogue is and does. You like many others have fallen for it. Trump uses the tactics of a demagogue to inflame the base against the enemy..the press,the dems, illegal immigrants. Only trump an save us, all hail trump. I Doubt you can see or even entertain the parallels between trumps rhetoric and Weimar Germany in 1931. Try to remember we are all Americans. Not 2 incompatible groups of red and blue.The good people of Berlin cheering speeches about the father land and German greatness thought they were on the right side of history too.


School lunch program? I suggest parents feed their own products of conception, not the taxpayers. This affirmative action has gone on long enough. Stand on your own two feet.


So school lunches are affirmative action? Based on population and race in carteret County I bet without looking that there are total more white kids on the lunch program then any other race. What would Jesus say? Stand on your own 2 feet? Or give that kid a sandwich? When will people begin to understand that it is not about race it is about socioeconomic status? The slums in the inner cities Today mirror the ills of crime , violence drug and alcohol abuse, child neglect of the slums of London in the 19th century. The only real difference is those London slums were 99% white.

David Collins

Illegals are illegal , drewski . Illegal means unlawful and should be removed along with their spawn ASAP . No questions , discussion or exceptions . Those aiding and abetting should be prosecuted , jailed or removed as well . 8 through 80 , blind crippled or crazy , doesn’t matter . Outta here . You got a problem with that ?


you will deny it but the economy would collapse if every illegal could be removed in an instant. 25 million of them. Most working paying at the very least sales taxes, how many million did reagan give amnesty to? Was it 1 or 5? They key to illegal immigration is not to punish the poor immigrants, it would be to punish the ppl who hire them. No jobs, no illegals. But that is not what happens is it? The ins vans roll into Smithfield plant in Bladensburg 300 of 700 work force dragged off. The managers who hired and knew darn well they were illegals go home and relax by the pool. The illegals go to detention. Thats the Gop Way. Look up trumps pardon of meat packing plant mogul who was one of very few to face any type of punishment after repeated violations.

Also the fact that you use the word spawn which is normally used for animals tells us what we need to know about you.


The press, dems, & illegals are all good. They mean no one any harm. Trump & his supporters should agree & be submissive to be marched to oblivion like good little victims. What's wrong with that? It ain't going to happen.


School lunches wasn't the main point of the back & forth. It was about the laughable & failed attempt to compare Michelle to Melania.using their usual better than thou & vindictiveness.


There is no comparison to Michelle and melenia one is a soft core porn actress, who latched on to a bloated real estate tycoon, magically got a genius visa,then used chain migration to bring her parents here. The other is Michelle Obama with 2 degrees, well educated ,well spoken, who tried and tries to make a positive change in American society. Like God forbid having kids eat vegetables not starch ansugar.

The point of this entire thread is (people) who can't be reasoned with. They just quote far right nonsense. Do you have any clue how many illegals were deported during obamas 8 ys? No, you spout off about dems want illegals. No dems want immigration controls too. They think smart responses are better then a silly wall. Don't let facts enter in to your thinking . If I were you I would be more concerned with the election in Nov and the elections to come.The gop has gone so far right in the last 30 yrs come. Is unrecognizable . With the exception of the president elections are won by numbers. And fellas your numbers are dropping with each passing day. Thank the lord.

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The fact remains that the dems are going to lose big time in 2020. The country has had enough of liberal dribble. Time for adults to take over.


There may be a possibility that BO was at least partially if not primarily the reason this president was elected don't you think? Do Ds want legal (emphasis added) immigration or open borders? Does the D support for illegals have anything to do with elections? Both sides are probably as concerned about the upcoming election as they have in past elections & why wouldn't they be? After all socialist/communist loving Ds & their schemes have failed so they are using an international health emergency with a virus originating in China & allowed to spread by the actions & inactions of the Communist Chinese Party along with the help of WHO. Add to that the D plan to continue impeachment dreams. Wasn't an election the Ds need for lying about Benghazi? Wasn't that the case with accusing this president of colluding with Russia when in fact the opposition was colluding? How about a hoax investigation with no evidence extended in order to hurt the Rs in 2018? Remember any Ds saying we have to impeach to keep this president from being re-elected? So, who seems to be most worried?


If you believe polls the guy in the basement leads in all but the economy. If the states run by Ds continue their shut down policies you & they may get a big surprise.


The white house has changed parties 28? times. People tire of what is, and want to try something new. My guess is almost everyone but the 30- 35% hardcore trump "base" is incredibly tired of the "jerry springer presidency" Lets just wait and see what happens in Nov. The dinosaurs didn't see it coming, and I guess the trumposaurs won't either.


A super PAC using unethical propaganda methods used in war against our enemies & run by of all people a general fired by BO against our president. Typical D misinformation & tactics.

David Collins

Trump’s commutation of Shalom Rubashkin was the result of lobbying by business leaders and bipartisan members of Congress. He is out of jail , served 8 of 27 years , but not out of the woods for commonly used financial crimes . Still must pay restitution . That is how things work and ALL presidents pardon lots of people . Why is this different somehow just because Trump did it ? Lame , pretty lame . By removing illegals and their spawn , would make room for more Legal guest workers that most all countries utilize . Those countries also keep far better control over their comings and goings than we do . The little bit of sales tax they do pay is a drop in a big bucket of what they cost us . Here is a common trick they pull to get more money out of us . The guest worker , with a valid tax Id # , files income taxes , claims 8 or more dependents who are out of the country and are not verifiable . Perfectly legal , by the way . The refund arrives that more than negates any taxes with held . Just pick up a Spanish language newspaper available at most Mexican Restaurant lobbies and all over Myrtle Beach . Wall to wall adverts for legal aid for Spanish speakers .


I'm amazed anyone can not have disdain for this president. Make America Great Again? Were we not great before? This frauds incompetence is now literally killing us. Does he have an answer for anything that isn't a conspiracy theory? Hopefully enough of us will still be sane by November to save us.

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