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Sept.20, 2020


An independent fourth branch of government was provided by the founders to ensure our democracy survived. Freedom of the press exists to provide citizens with unbiased facts on important matters. Only then can the citizens exercise informed decision making. Our “press” – the main street media (MSM) – includes the NY Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and others. Unfortunately, they all are biased. As a result, the citizen is responsible for finding the truth.

The press was once guided by the 1949 fairness doctrine of Federal Communications Commission [FCC]. It required broadcasters to present controversial issues of public importance in an honest, equitable, and balanced manner. This policy was eliminated in 1987. The loss of that rule has polarized America and the biased press is working hard to assist the Democrat Party in its effort to destroy our democracy.

I never saw it coming. However, during the lockdown, I have watched more news on more outlets than ever before. I also watch a lot of live speeches and CSPAN. As we get closer to the election the number of lies has exploded as the Democrat Party’s Propaganda machine, the MSM has gone into hyper-drive. They constantly ignore facts, or create new “facts,” to hurt our current government and push the “Democrat Party Truth.” As Joe Biden proclaimed, the Democrats will follow the truth and ignore facts.

One example of media bias is the claim that President Trump called white supremacists in Charlottesville, VA reasonable during a violent confrontation. That lie has become the left’s centerpiece for declaring that President Trump is a racist. It is a lie. Please go read the full transcript of what the President said on Politico’s website. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the MSM have to know the claim is a lie. However, Biden and Harris used it in speeches at the Democrat Convention and the MSM fails to call them out. They must prevent American voters from having the knowledge to make informed decisions in the upcoming election.

This lie contributes to the division of our country across racial lines. The MSM and Democrats paint the President as a racist to turn minority communities against him. Then the left goes further and claims that anyone who supports the President is racist. The stink of this lie has driven much of the destructive racial unrest we are experiencing today. Because of their actions, the Democrat Party and the MSM are mainly responsible for dividing America, not President Trump.

I do not care who you vote for as long as you can make informed choices. You can find the truth with a little work. In addition to the MSM, I watch Fox News and look at live events and speeches when I can. I also search the internet for original documents, interviews, or reports to get the facts and not some talking head’s opinion. When you hear something, that sounds really good for one candidate or really bad for the other candidate, check it out.

Here are just a few thoughts that might assist you. First, many pundits express opinions as facts and a good journalist never gives an opinion. Developing an opinion from real facts is your responsibility based on your personal situation. Protect that responsibility. Two, go on the internet and find original interviews and documents and read them yourself. Third, look at multiple sources. Fourth, be skeptical of everything you hear and verify all important facts.

Above all, inform yourself. Call a truce with family and friends and have reasonable discussions on what you want the outcome of the election to provide for our country and your family. Then make an informed choice.

God Bless America – even with all of our issues she is the world’s best hope.


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Carter...although i agree with you...the average voter especially dems are so dog gone blind and/or lazy that when one of theirs stands up and makes a grand’s gospel. I’m a trump fan along with many of my friends BUT we all know he’s a...lets just say aggravating at times; especially on Twitter and public speeches. He is incorrect on occasion BUT he is good for the country and is NOT a career politician. Big orange 2020


Well said, James!

The press is unfair, deceptive or abusive and unaccountable.

Calling it "the 4th branch" only emphasizes the amount of power it has.

The press's supposed separation from the government is largely an illusion.

The 1st Amendment recognizes the press's freedom as fundamental and prevents the government from infringing on it.


Over the years the press has had less to do with objective reporting and more to do with sustaining the influence of the political class.

In today’s reality, the press media has risen as political advocates.


Or perhaps the press is not driven by ideology..but like most thing by money. Tell ppl what they want to hear, and they will see your advertising. I could agree with the majority of this LTTE. It does seem he has not painted fox with the same brush he used for MSM. Carlson was only fox person to take covid seriously.. Ingraham pierro and hannity did the public a serious disservice, no matter how they try to spin it now.


Hannity always hangs with Trump. Big Buds!


Trump iz the King the American People Deserve


No use me whining about this or golf course museums or voter ID.

When public officials forget about "We the People”: officials deny public input and undermine democracy. We saw this when voters wanted Voter ID laws. We didn't get it. Public officials again undermining the right of voters to make their views known. Political participation by the “public” is key to democracy.


Sorry I meant to post the above comment on film script discussion.


The media is not about reporting facts/news. It’s all about making money. 90% of all media in the US is owned by six conglomerates. They purposely stir the pot on both sides, left and right. If we all agreed and got along they would lose money.

Carteret Citizen

Fox far and away has the highest viewership numbers and thereby belongs in the MSM category. Yes, we must search for the truth. A single news source leads to division. Like the algorithms of social media, some networks serve up what they think you want to hear.


"It's a COVID Casedemic, not a Pandemic" by Brian C. Joondeph, M,D. A good read for particular time of year especially for those pondering.


Brian C. Joondeph, M,D. An eye Dr in Denver who writes opinion pieces for far right publications, if you close your eyes you can almost hear hannity whispering " its the dems new hoax" in his ear.


You mean kind of like the "real news" from lefties? There is little doubt there was & is a Chinese Communist Party Cover-up with help from WHO which caused a worldwide pandemic. The doc's "opinions" seem reasonable don't you think?


Actually I think from the number of buzzwords in the article, the whole thing is just more diversion from trump and fox news abysmal handling of the pandemic.


And since you & Biden would not have shut China & Europe out how would you have handled it?


Seems it's estimated between 24K & 60K died during last year's flu season though no one knows the real number since it's not a reportable disease & evidently is based on hosptalized numbers of those with flu symptoms. So, couldn't it be much higher? If those not strictly following "guidelines" for the CCP's covered up virus are considered "ignorant & arrogant" couldn't the same be said for all of us not following similar guidelines for "regular flu"?

David Collins

An eye doctor from Denver , hummmm . Perhaps he sees things a bit clearer than the left does . After all, he is surrounded by all those Rocky Mountain High intellectuals and stoners . Can almost hear the music right now . Ahhha , if only to return to those blissful days of the 60s and 70s . Hairy legs and armpits with a Mother Earth look and smell . Those glory days gone but not forgotten .

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