Carteret County, N.C.

Oct. 3, 2021


One-stop early voting will officially begin for the municipal elections on October 14th and will extend through Saturday, October 30th. Three locations will be open. They are Board of Elections office, 1702 Live Oak St. in Beaufort, Western Park Community Center, 275 Old Highway 58 in Cedar Point, and Fort Benjamin Park Recreation Center, 100 McQueen Ave. in Newport.

Are you prepared to vote? Do you know who is on your ballot in your local town? Do you know who you are voting for?

It is so important to be prepared before you go to the voting booth. As citizens of Carteret County, you have the right to know where candidates for public office stand on issues that affect you and your children’s lives.

The League of Women Voters here in Carteret County has been hard at work making sure that voters have the information they need this election season. We encourage all eligible voters to visit for information about their candidates, to find out how to register, and to check or update their registration—especially if you have recently moved or changed your name. You can also find your local races and compare your local candidates’ side by side.

Voters highly value resources such as candidate debates, forums, newspaper articles, websites, etc. to learn about the candidates asking for their votes. When the League hosts forums and online resources like our goal is always100% participation. If for some reason a candidate does not respond or show up to a forum, or take part in, the voters lose. will be live on October 6th.

Every day you make decisions about the people you care about. So do your elected officials. That is why local elections are so important because you are picking the leaders who make choices that will impact you and your community.

Our League here in Carteret County is committed to educating and empowering voters. This Fall we will be hosting four virtual candidate forums for the local municipal elections in Carteret County. These are open to the public and individuals can find more information on our website-

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd and we encourage all candidates for public office to participate and speak directly to the voters. also reinforces the commitment of the League of Women Voters to provide the information voters need to become empowered citizens.

Get online and get the facts. Make your voice heard on election day! Visit before you vote.


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David Collins

And , do not take any information at face value . Even from the League of Woman Voters . All groups have their own agenda , All Groups !

What a candidate has actually Done before becoming a candidate is the best indication of what he/she will do if elected . Power often corrupts , so any shortcomings are magnified if put in a position of power .

Look no further than the White House to see this in action .


Also, take note of the candidates that don't participate in the forum. That should tell you something.

the secret life of man

Please read Mat Bottoms resignation letter to carteret county citizens Eastern Beacon December 3 2019.

Just a thought

I looked for the Eastern Beacon....found an inactive FB page and Site Unavailable for .

the secret life of man

Do not vote in local election its waste of a vote. Jo bydin


I was so pleasantly surprised by a non partisen article, providing information, and encouraging everyone to do their civic duty. ...

Thank you LOWV.

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

Non partisan , surely you jest . Try to portray themselves as such but are decidedly a left wing bunch as a whole . Always exceptions but sometimes 2+2=5 .

Election time is when the chameleons come out of hiding .

the secret life of man

Has anyone gotten (This appears to be spam) when writing an opinion on this sight.

David Collins

May have seen it in the past but believe it is more about who is doing the moderating on any given day . Yes , there are folks that are agenda driven , even at the News Times . After all , they are people .


I have little to do with elections in this area, but I will say this. The citizens of MHC might want to look at their candidates for Town Council. Who has been active in the community? Who has a proven track record for being visible and taking a stand on issues involving all communities? Who can you reach when you need questions answered? Just saying don't let someone taking a page from D.J Trump pull the wool over your eyes. Revenge and personal gain is a dangerous game when dealing with the taxpayers of Morehead City.

David Collins

Knew this was coming . So Trump invented revenge and personal gain did he ? OK !


No trump did not invent pettiness nor narcissism, nor revenge but he definitely

Has those traits making him unsuitable for anything but game show host.


Thank you for reminding us to do our homework and vote. As Americans we have that responsibility.

David Collins

And Bungles , his claim to fame is …………

Jackie Gleason

Back in the days when Democrats and Republicans actually tried to work together.....a smart politician once said "All politics are local". It starts right here. A community of like minded people who want to do good for their families. It does exists whether you are a democrat or republican or independent. You just have to live in that like minded community and if you don't....find one that you like and stop preaching to the majority.


The League of Women Voters in the U.S. lobby and advocate on many, many left-leaning issues, although the group hides behind the nonpartisan nonprofit rules for the IRS.


Don't get me started on the 501(C)'s

David Collins

Come on Drew , Bungles claim to fame is ……? Other than wanting anyone who goes out and spends $600 or $700 dollars on a lazy boy chair to be reported to the IRS . That’s our boy in action .


Thanks again to league of women voters for making this information readily available. AN INFORMED ELECTORATE IS THE BACKBONE OF A HEALTHY SOCIETY.

David Collins

Still dodging and ducking are we ?


Check out Byron York's Daily Memo in the Washington Examiner entitled: "The Democrats dark campaign master". What did the Time girl say about the election?

It wasn't rigged just fortified? Election laws changed by those without authority and the list is endless with Ds and NeverTrump Rs engaged to ensure Trump would not win no matter what it took to do it.

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