Beaufort, N.C.

August 2, 2021


The town of Beaufort needs the Jim Dandy on Lennoxville Road. I am a lifetime resident of Beaufort, There was a gas station there years ago in the same sport with many of the same neighboring residential homes that are there today.

Mr. Davis is a good businessman. I think the property would be kept neat and clean. I have done business with Mr. Davis for years and have always been treated very well by him and his employees.

Beaufort needs another gas station. Our one gas station runs out of gas frequently now. This is another reason you will have to go to Morehead or down east to buy gas. Do you want to have to carry gas in cans in your car from Morehead or down east for your generator to run the refrigerator and freezer to be prepared for a hurricane coming our way? Why would you not want Beaufort to have another gas station?

The Randolph Johnson Memorial Park improvements are such a good addition to Beaufort. My great-grandchildren love it! Let’s add another improvement for the citizens of Beaufort with the Jim Dandy on Lennoxville Road!


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Mr. Tom Slick

I could not agree more. JM Davis are good people and life long residents. They take good care of their people and this would be a great benefit to the residents..... Plus it would be a great place to fill up the boat on the way to Lennoxville docks, or maybe some candy or popcorn when watching a late movie.....


Thats what ya get with all the dingbatters taking over.Carteret County. Its being overrun and it soon will be wall to wall housing everywhere and traffic also.


Bring the shad factories back to Beaufort.That would thin the dingbatters out QUICKLY.LOL


I don't think having 2 gas stations in a town of 4k is overrunning. Jim Dandy to the rescue. I say let the store in.

David Collins

Yeah , growth will never stop until you run out of land . Then you will get redevelopment with more and more high density housing of all flavors . All claiming to be the gateway to paradise . If you have any doubts , drive a little and see for yourself . Wrightsville Beach would be a good start . That will give you a window into the future . Just the way things work around here .

Some small sea coast towns have successfully resisted this trend but the trade off is the eye watering prices and taxes . Yes , they have preserved the charm but that charm has a steep price tag indeed .

Pick your poison as the saying goes . Nothing is really static in this world .

Mr. Tom Slick



This is the wrong location for a gas station- the Town should find a more suitable location which doesn’t endanger families with Benzene fumes which cause cancer to families located less than 1500 feet away. I’m glad your children are enjoying the playground- which is NOT 20 feet from active gas tanks.


Lol, it’s not the job of town or city governments to find locations for business people to locate their businesses. I watched the presentations on that danged internet. Certainly the anti Dandy side engaged gross hyperbole.

For example.benzene exposure. Is there data on the people that deliver the fuel and touch fitting and hoses daily, as well as breathing in the deadly fumes? I have never been exposed to stories of these employees stricken with high cancer rates. And I can’t even say I ever saw them wear special protective clothing. Thus the hyperbole.

David Collins

Sure is a bunch of baffling them with BS going on by the anti-dandies . Drama always convinces , doesn’t it ?

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