Atlantic Beach, N.C.

June 9, 2021


Once a falsifier, always a falsifier, and Dr. Fauci has been a falsifier more than once. As the old saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

From the very beginning of the Covid pandemic, Dr. Fauci came into our homes to guide us through this horrible pandemic. Most Americans, including me, fell for his calm demeanor, good bedside manner, the sound of his voice, and his gentleman looks. We trusted him and his advice even when he originally said the virus was low risk and no need to stop travel to and from China.

But, as we are starting to learn, Dr. Fauci has been willing to put millions of folks' lives at risk to benefit himself. His position on the research of extracting viruses from wild animals and infecting humans to study therapeutics proves he felt the risks were worth the benefits.

As head of the NIAID: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Fauci’s office was financing gain-of-function research with taxpayer money, and was thanked by a Wuhan lab funder for dismissing the lab leak theory even though Fauci was alerted that the coronavirus looked engineered and possibly a bioweapon in development. Dr. Fauci forgot that the Obama Administration had banned gain-of-function research in 2014.

Facebook, a left-wing censorship company, just announced that they will no longer ban posts that claim COVID-19 was a man-made pathogen. ABC News said a lot of people have egg on their face for dismissing the Covid-19 lab leak theory.

Dr. Fauci has now admitted that surgical masks, the paper kind most of us wear, don’t really work. They offer very little protection from COVID. They are a form of make-believe. Yet, once again, while under oath in congress, Fauci claimed precisely the opposite.

Remember when Dr. Fauci was interviewed by “60 Minutes” insisting there was “no reason to be walking around with a mask,” but later claimed that guidance was actually an attempt to ration masks for healthcare workers? In other words, he thought the cost of falsifying information to the American people about how to protect themselves was worth the benefit of reserving protective equipment.

Or when Fauci was wearing a mask, even two masks at times, after he had been vaccinated and arguing with Senator Rand Paul about whether that was political theater. Dr. Fauci later admitted to George Stephanopoulos that his decision to wear a mask after being vaccinated was about imagery, not science.

In an email to Zeke Emmanuel, Chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, Fauci admitted that surgical masks don’t really work.

Dr. Fauci also led us astray on herd immunity numbers saying originally we needed 60 to 70 percent of Americans to be vaccinated, then telling The New York Times he thought he could get away with bumping that number to 85 percent of folks that needed to be inoculated. Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take the vaccine, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85,” said Dr. Fauci. All of this was done with no scientific evidence at all.

Dr. Fauci had an obligation, to tell the truth, and by not doing so, he has undermined our trust. I, for one, listen to his advice with much skepticism these days.

President Trump was responsible for getting the vaccine produced in an unprecedentedly short period of time as Dr. Fauci well knows, even though Fauci originally said it would take 3 to 5 years to produce an effective vaccine.

So, ever since the virus outbreak, Dr. Fauci has made a series of miscalculations and theories regarding how to fight the pandemic and I have now found myself not listening to this guy at all. His advice has left lots of folks confused and fearful at a time when we needed strong leadership, not just an attention-seeking, self-serving guy looking for ways to make his bank account grow.

United States citizens paid with their freedoms under the falsifications provided by Dr. Fauci. And by my calculations, if Dr. Fauci was a baseball player, he would have struck out more than once.


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The Fauchi emails, condensed and edited by right wing pundits for the consumption of the trumpian hordes. Now presented in an easy to understand format in the CCNT. Is it possible the virus was created in a lab and escaped? yes. Is it possible someone ate a half cooked bat and the virus jumped species yes. Will we ever know the truth of what happened- unlikely. Other disease organisms that have jumped species include anthrax, syphilis, any number of avian flu viruses, hiv, ebola, likely i am missing 3 or 4 thousand of various levels of lethality. Between jumping species and escaping a lvl 4 lab, jumping species seems more probable.

Maga media has a vested interest in maga themes. telling the base what they want to hear to sell advertising. Trump a fearless leader who single handedly brought us a vaccine, and his and only his words are whats true. Fauchi an evil lil troll who financed the research that brought this plague on the world, lied at every opportunity, is in league with bill gates to profit from the vaccine, and can't be trusted to tell you the correct time of day. Thats the narrative used to sell consumer products. Fear mongering from maga media may partially explain our low national avg vac. rates something less then 47% are not vaccinated, dinner at the outback says the majority of them make their health decisions based on what they see and hear on right wing media. Face diaper, scamdemic.. sheesh!


Ho hum. No news here. Just the usual mendacity of thought that goes nowhere. Covid 19 will evolve into Covid 20 and that is that. Not the best crisis but right now, that is all we have. Trump will win and win BIG - that is the story


Right on drewski! The right wing conspiracy is mounting the typical response to their failings. Make the other guys the bad guys. Scream it, repeat it. No truth needed. The mouthpieces have no shame, as seen on Fox news and other right wing misinformation outlets, daily. It works as seen by the limited or non vetting of sources by their base. When the clouds clear, and they will, the Trump fan base will be the cause for the collapse of their far right party ideas. And they still will not understand what happened.

David Collins

If the truth ever gets out , the true truth , we will see that Fauci is just one of many and this extends to the tippy top .


I’m a proponent of this bill in Congress: H.R. 2316: or what is affectionately called the “Fire Fauci Act.”

In 2020, Nikolai Petrovsky, a professor of medicine in Australia and founder of a company funded by the US government to develop new vaccine technology, said the Covid virus was uniquely adapted to infect humans and had an exceptional ability to enter human cells. Also, saying its adaptability was either a remarkable coincidence or a sign of human intervention.


Petrovsky was one of 4 scientists on that research paper. It has not been peer reviewed. He has impeccable credentials.

Your last sentence is not an accurate quote, nor paraphrase.what has been said in response by other researchers with equal credentials is

However, the evidence for that kind of an incident in a lab is thin in the paper, Ebright added.

“However, the evidence for the conclusion of the paper that the virus was ‘pre-adapted for human transmission’ is thin,” he said.

Petrovsky said their study shows the need to carry out more research into the origins of the coronavirus.

Said the man looking for more research money... as I said it is unlikely we will ever know the truth

David Collins

That’s right , Justice . Both sides do it day and night . Just a distraction from what really matters . Have had a vacation from any and all tv news because it made me want to upchuck . This same thing is occurring all about the world . An endless blame game to cover up the shortcomings and blunders of governments . Best to think for yourselves and act accordingly . How do governments expect the citizens to follow the rules and laws if they themselves chose not to ? Answer that one please .


To paraphrase a quote from David Attenborough, If you collect 100 black ants and 100 fire ants and put them in a jar, nothing happens. But, if you shake the jar violently, the ants will start killing each other.

Red ants and Black ants believe each other are enemies when the real enemy is the person shaking the jar.

The same is true in society: men vs. women, black vs. white, faith vs. science, and young vs. old.

Before we fight each other, we should ask ourselves: who is shaking the jar?


No simple answer to that one David. The globe is a ticking time bomb because of the corruption of all governments. There are still good humans on this planet, they just are not in politics. Maybe good will rise from the ashes.

David Collins

Fauci and the other pundits are exceedingly well paid swamp creatures to various degrees . What happened to Brix ? Has she lost her voice . How about that little chipmunk Dr. Mandy Cohen ? She is still on the payroll .

Time to cull them out and send them on their way .


Somebody like their base have a vested interest in the CCP/WHO coverup? What is/was there to hide? Gain of function supposedly stopped when? Who provided funding and why? It was worth the risk but trying anything Trump suggested was not worth the risk? Turns out he was right again and the Marxists were/are wrong again. Same will prove true with election. Funny how sometimes the real winners lose and the real losers win. The game is not over yet though.


A Stanford epidemiologist, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, said Dr. Fauci's "credibility is entirely shot" after his conflicting advice on face masks throughout the pandemic — which the scientist criticized as "all over the place."

"There are emails you can find in the treasure trove of emails that have been released where he acknowledged the virus has been aerosolized.”

"Well, the cloth masks people have been recommending, they're not particularly effective against aerosolized viruses.

Fauci peddles science fiction!


In a world with 7 billion people it is not difficult to find some "expert" with whom you wish to agree . Citing them as proof is both sad and laughable. Critical thinking requires a preponderance of the evidence, not seeking out experts to confirm what you want to believe. Critical thinking also requires an open mind, a willingness to consider facts outside of your assumptions & comfort zone. While some folks are still pushing ivermectin ( dog flea and tick med) and hydrocholoroquinine The vast majority of scientists and medical professionals around the world are not. A simple preponderance of the evidence suggests you should not be eating your dogs meds to prevent or cure covid. You have free will, do as you wish.

As for me and mine we will stick with actual scientists and medical professionals, not whack-a doodle politicians and you-tube videos of dubious "experts" I understand the beef gravy flavored chewable ivermection is quite delightful, perhaps with a nice merlot?


How is it that some have allegiance to Trump, a man that has undermined the very fabric of our republic? And Fauci is a problem? Please. If Trump elevated his game to science fiction we would be better off than living the personal purgatory he created for America.


Hollywood Fauci:

While folks were suffering from Covid, Fauci was focused on a documentary about his life by Disney.

Walt Disney Co. Executive Chairman Robert Iger said the documentary would feature footage of Fauci at home as well as doing his job.

Fauci said that seeing Brad Pitt playing him on “Saturday Night Live” had “made his year.”


I know vilifing fauchi is the latest straw grasping of the far right culture War. The desire to make distinctions between " us and them". Dr fauchi is 80 yrs old, his days are numbered. Who among us would not be thrilled to have a movie made of our lives? Who would not want to be played by Brad Pitt? "While folks were suffering from covid" SUCH pathos..honestly what do you expect 80 yr old fauchi to do during such suffering? 18hr shifts emptying bed pans? Would that be enough?The far right will never get over that fauchi was himself and trump was himself on television, and America liked Fauchi better.


Another right wing rant, another day.


Dr. Fauci, in a CBS interview, is urging parents to get their kids vaccinated against COVID-19 but stopped short of saying it should be required to go back to school.

Covid vaccines were released under an Emergency Use Authorization and without full FDA approval.

I took my vaccine shot and recommend it to most adults, but vaccinating children without the benefit of long-term studies, is something I don’t recommend.

The risk of a new experimental vaccine outweighs the risk associated with the infection in healthy children. Let’s not use our children as test subjects.

With billions and billions of dollars on the line for pharmaceuticals and having Dr. Fauci in charge of regulating these companies, do you want to trust our government, who have liability protection, with our children’s safety? I think not!


I do tire of repeating myself, the original covid 19 was not very dangerous for children. Schools were closed and lockdowns enacted to stop the spread.

The same applies to vaccinations, the more ppl of all ages who get vaccinated the less people will die. Currently it is recommended for 12 and up. Repeated fear mongering, and insistance on your right not to wear a mask or congregate is why 700k ppl are dead, just in this country.

If I had one wish from a genie, it would be for the gop to have pushed vaccination the way they push nonsensical conspiracy theories. " stop the steal" replaced with " trigger a lib by getting your shots"


Where did the virus come from China or Trump? Who has refused to cooperate ccp/China or Trump? Why do certain parties not want audits?


Well since you asked, trump refused to wear a mask for the longest time, trump never mentioned he got vaccinated. Other presidents did it live to encourage others.

As far as audits, how many were done how many times in ga? Now lunatics looking for bamboo fibers in AZ.

Everyone knows they need to search for soy sauce and Kung pow chicken to get to " the real truth"


Pointless, useless, egregious, and ruthless criticism and his penetrating erudition of Trump are characteristic of liberals and never ceases to end.


“Of mice and Humans,” involving the University of Pittsburgh’s fetal-scalping experiments, as well as Dr. Fauci’s connection to such research.

The Center for Medical Progress reports, scientists scalped children aborted at 18 to 20 weeks gestation and transplanted their skin onto rodents, funded by U.S. taxpayers via Dr. Fauci’s NIAID office.


Faucci is a malevolent toss pot. Hopefully, like one of those far fetched hollywood movies, he'll fall victim to one of his own ludicrous and insane implements of the times. One can only hope for some poetic and humorous justice pointing out his ignorance, and utter disregard for a Country that has treated him high on the hog. If what he boasted through this 'event' was your case for enlightenment, then i suppose you have a low standard for yourself, much less fellow neighbors, and its showing . America should demand an IMMEDIATE REFUND OF OUR TAX MONEY THAT HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH HIM INCLUDING HIS FAT PAYCHECKS, AND BENEFITS PACKAGE.


The National Academies of Sciences said that Covid shutdowns made little to no difference in Covid’s impact on people but destroyed 40% of small businesses.

“We find that shelter-in-place orders had no detectable health benefits, only modest effects on behavior, and small but adverse effects on the economy.”

On the other hand, big box stores were allowed to remain open and excelled in numbers to their bottom line. As a result, small businesses could have operated the entire time, precisely like big-box stores did.

Thank you, Dr. Fauci, Governor Coop, and DC Politicians.


Trump has been more logical/right about ccp/China, masks and the virus overall than Fauci, WHO or any Marxist for sure. Conveniently forgot where and who. Yep, those audits by the foxes but no prying eyes are a problem. States interested in the truth building steam. Like the virus things beginning to turn. Not looking forward to it eh?


Almost on time Ball's rendition tried to pull off another WHO cya and the ccp. Almost as good as Rice's memo to self cya. Smart folks ain't buying.


"Election Fraud is an issue that Will Not Go Away". By Jeff Lukens. Quote, in part, "Navarro claims that the Democrat grand strategy was to dramatically increase absentee and mail-in ballots while dramatically decreasing ballot verification in battleground states, The goal was to tip the election to Biden with a flood of illegal votes. Molly Ball confirms this strategy in her infamous TIME Magazine article."

(Edited by staff.)


Fauci as a villain. Quaint. The only malevolent toss pot is Trump. Transferring Trump's massive flaws to others does not deflect the truth. Taking things out of context to make a point and then adding superfluous anecdotes only validates how some continue to ride the crazy train. As more and more new information emerges about the corrupt Trump presidency, the fan base will collapse probably just in time for 2022 mid term elections. And Trump will NEVER be President again.


"In Maricopa County, are missing ballots the smoking guns?" Surely there's a cya they can find the pile. If they can't what then?


Add "By Andrea Widburg" after the article's title.


An Atlanta-area sheriff's deputy was shot, and a woman died Monday after a shootout at a grocery store that stemmed from an argument over wearing a mask. Thank you, Dr. Fauci.


Much can and will happen before '22. If two holdout senators save the country another Trump term won't be necessary. Though hard to believe DeSantis may do as good or even better job. Looks like some more "bamboo fiber" in Fulton Co.


How refreshing! A judge who is evidently a D and will listen. "Fraud on His Mind: 'Pristine' Biden Ballots That Looked Xeroxed" by Paul Sperry.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

SssssThis thread has it all.

Election fraud

Fauci conspiracy theories

Trump will win again

I say , I say pay attention boy! There’s a cover up I say, cover up! As in, this Covid thing was unleashed on the entire world because Fauci was incompetent .

I mean, I mean why did we ever listen to scientist in the first place. All this research mumbo jumbo.

Should have just let Trump decide, yeah! That it!

Guys like Trump, right wing media host know more.

It’s a cover up I say, yeah cover up!

We all know building a wall to protect us from those scary people south of the border makes more sense than protecting us from the common cold or a silly bought with the flu.

I’m with you guys! This fake pandemic was created in a lab.

You see, it’s fake and real at the same time. It’s real when it refers to a cover up by DR F and man made in a lab with CDC money.

But, but I say!

It’s fake when it comes to their being a deadly virus.

Fake I say.

So keep tuned into right wing radio. This is where the critical thinking is happening. These guys know it all .


I never implied that TRUMP was not malevolent , in point of fact, his being where he was at the time all this went down implicates him as a player in the fantasy as well, IMO. ie: if the PRESIDENT of the FREE WORLD , hmmmmmmm, cannot simply place these fraudulent agencies on the back burner, then, i truly believe that the 'position' of 'president' has less meaning then a store owner with no store. INCLUDING THE PRESENT ONE. This should be apparent by now . ps...... there is a HIGHER THEN LIKELY CHANCE that Trump will be activated again in this position regardless of 'your opinion, or mine' on the actual 'MAN' aside from the term president.


FYI, justice: Trump is not the president.

Never having been in public office, except for the presidency, I find it amazing how Trump has been blamed for everything that has happened since the 70s. Some people thrive on the “blame game.”

Trump tried his darndest to guide the country, and the left did their darndest to destroy anything he did. And now the liberals try to shame supporters of Trump. It’s not working.


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There was a time when DDS wanted to classify gun shot woulds as disease and subject to their regulation. Crazy is that crazy does.

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