Beaufort, N.C.

July3, 2020


Dear White People – Normally I don’t support expressions or causes that lump people together by outward appearance - I tend to find them offensive. However, what I saw in 8 minutes and 46 seconds was so far more than offensive that it is indeed time to think as a group. Because this time how we look really matters, and we can use it for good.

It’s time for us white people to stand together with our “black” brothers and sisters, co-workers, neighbors, friends, family and citizens. I don’t think we have to feel guilty for the fact that slavery or Jim Crow happened. I don’t think we have to feel guilty about having been protected by white privilege, probably because most of us didn’t even know until lately that it was going on. But let’s face it, white people:

WE don’t get pulled over on a DWW. People don’t follow US around in stores because we are presumably shop-lifters. People don’t generally talk to us in a loud, patronizing voice, as though to a child. We don’t generally get told, “The job is filled,” or “We have no vacancy,” only to see the job or the reservation immediately go to a white person.

When we give our teenagers the keys to their first car, we are worried about irresponsible driving and sex in the back seat – not them getting shot. We rarely if ever get called by an explicit racist term. (What even IS the n-word for white people?) The worst thing we fear when getting pulled on a traffic stop is the radar or breathalyzer, not being killed. We don’t fear a cop slowly suffocating us to death on video – because we know they know they wouldn’t do that – there are rules.

So many POC (people of color) are trying to live the American Dream with us – do well in school, serve our country and community, put up with the slights with good cheer. Then to see 8 minutes and 46 seconds of “we can do anything we want to a black man in this country . . . because nobody cares.” What a bitter betrayal that must look to them. Can you imagine? I mean, seriously, can we imagine fearing that for ourselves and our family members?

This is our chance to show that THAT does not represent us. This is our chance to stand between them and the dangers and the slights and the fears. See something, say something. We can make new roles and modes – make “systemic decency” the rule.

Think of creative ways to encourage, welcome, support and protect our brothers and sisters. They have been here for US in so many ways. (Did you know that 43% of people in the armed services are POC?)

It’s just common decency. We will decide in time whether to defund the police or fund this program or not. History will decide if “Black Lives Matter” or “Human Lives Matter” is the best slogan. History will decide what statues do and don’t stay.

But first and foremost – can we stand together and in protection and support of black people, just because that is right? It’s what Americans do for each other in times of need. Their house is on fire right now. Can you hear the alarm ringing? Grab a bucket and help. Everybody counts or nobody counts.


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Mr. Miron expresses the sentiments of the large majority of Americans. All may not have the ability to express those sentiments as well as he, but hopefully will in action, deeds, and votes.


And don't forget this president has done more than any of his predecessors to equalize with job opportunity, getting rid of excessive sentences, releasing & pardoning as opposed to his fine hypocritical D opponent who was the mover & shaker for that now somewhat flawed to say the least legislation. Of course, he's never done anything that wasn't dumb in hindsight. Guess BO chose him to look good. LOL. Also, don't forget Sen. Scott (R-SC) who has actually been one of those stopped for no apparent reason & who put together proposed legislation but was roadblocked by the Ds who are nothing but off the rails Leftists. For him that could easily be more of a kick in the face than being pulled over.



David Collins

Don’t know about now but the N-word for white folks was Honkey . I don’t feel that black people steal any more or less than anyone else but they do lead the pack in shootings and other violent crime . Just pay attention to your local news reports and this is not a particularly high crime area . The inner cities are truly hades on earth with this issue . Blacks are making strides in education with the exception of those that are there to play sports . There is something wrong with that practice . College should be for those that excel academically , not for sporting entertainment as the reason for acceptance .




According to BLM, only black lives matter. Here's a thought: get a job, pull up your pants and stand for the AMERICAN Anthem.


Come on folks, we need more letters to the editor. Without these letters, I have nothing to complain about all week.


Agree 100%. Just like Biden said poor people can learn just as well as white people.


Black lives matter except anywhere near an abortion clinic or in their neighborhoods were the murders are wholesale.


Doug, I just reread your opinion. You tee’d it up high for sure. I have a suggestion. Sell everything you own and move to the ghetto in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta...wherever YOU think YOU can do the most good. Take your kids, grandkids, parents, wife etc and set up shop. Housing is very cheap. Take a couple of your do-good friends with you. Oh and by the way...”their house is on fire” because they torched it.

Decades ago there was a comprehensive test to become a LEO...certain non-majority groups claimed it was to hard and they couldn’t pass it. Sooooo the test was dumbed down so that those with arrested development could get in. Now there is good cops and those with low IQ’s that have no business walking around with guns and handcuffs. The libs have never been forward thinkers.


Personally, I am tired of the Boo Hoo going around. Pull up your pants, raise your kids, don't attack cops, and be somewhat respectable. Whoolah; the problem is solved. But for a population that cannot figure out how to wear a brim cap, how to pull up pants, or even that stealing and rioting are not peaceful protests, I just don't know.


Freedom of speech isn't tip toeing around certain words. Folks have a right to hold whatever opinion they wish; but not to force on others. If someone chooses to be "racist", I have no problem with that; as long as it doesn't impact on me directly. As distasteful as it is to some, being racist is as much a choice as one killing their own in-utero child.

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