Morehead City, N.C.

Nov.9, 2022


RE: We urgently need your help...Boy Scouts of America, Nov 9, 2022.

The question was asked in the letter to the editor..."Is there any other youth program that can do this for your youth?" The answer is "Yes." The fastest growing "Scout Like" organization in the USA is called Trail Life USA.

Wikipedia states, "Trail Life USA is a faith-based non-aligned Scouting organization providing youth mentorship and character development to more than 40,000 boys in the United States. The organization was founded in 2013 in response to changes in the membership policy of the Boy Scouts of America to allow the participation of openly gay leadership."

Both of my sons became Eagle Scouts in troops associated with local churches in Morehead City. Similarly, Trail Life USA is based on new troop formulation in league with a local church. One of my grandsons is a scout in his Trail Life troop in Winston Salem.

Having attended his meetings, Trail Life is very similar to the old BSA with uniforms, ranks, badges, and parental leadership. The fatal fall off in membership of the BSA has provided the path for Trail Life and is now the way forward in the scouting world.


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Don't fool yourself, that children are not at risk in trail life, BSA, the local church, youth group, or in your very home from a family member, Should all or ANy of those groups be shunned because of it. No what should happen is you have a relationship with your children that they can and will come to you. Frequent low key discussions are had about good and bad touch, their feelings and perceptions, hopes, dreams and aspirations, certainly, their rights and responsibilities. You must model the behavior you expect. taking/ making the time to be personally involved in their activities is required. Our family was heavily involved in BSA, my son was a cub and scout, he lost interest at about the same point I did ( star) and moved on to other things. BSA was and is a wonderful experience for children and adults, other similar organizations that provide structure, activities, and guidance are as well.


Just a matter of time before uncle no-no touch and the progressives infiltrate that also.

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