Indian Beach, N.C.

August 10, 2020


Vicious, political wars, divide the nation---

Hate, and riots, with no reconciliation.

In the cities, tribal gangs sell drugs, and steal, and murder.

Without citizen support, living there, will never be better.

Big banks, and big drug companies, commit crimes

Of greed, with lawyers’ lies, and clever bribes---white collar crimes.

Government agencies, do not act for the common good.

Approved farm chemicals, and poisons, are in the food.

Unsafe drugs are approved; doctors prescribe, like pushers for profit.

Broken minds, and broken lives, are the arithmetic of profit,

Too many foreign goods, close factories.

Workers lose their jobs, hurting families.

Bank credit cards push reckless credit, high-interest, money lend-ing;

Government, borrows, taxes, and then buys votes, by spending---

Making the future, a slavery of public and private debt,

A mountain of debt, citizens can never repay, or forget.

Justice, equality, and freedom are just words, with a definition.

Nation, is an idea, a general agreement, a belief, a conviction.

A free nation, offers life, and opportunity, and liberty, at the beginning,

But if principle, and truth, and united purpose are lost, then that is the ending.


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David Collins

Hummmmm , sounds like situation normal . Hold your nose and vote Democratic . Won’t hurt a bit and will feel so good later . Won’t it ?


Yep...what are you going to do? Black dude in Chicago shoots at cops...cops shoot back...rioters do tens of millions in damages and stealing stuff...blm condones this as reparations...”they” can take whatever they want. I’m not making this up. It’s real stuff. Look at the aerial footage (looks like you kicked over an ant hill)...quotes are directly from blm leadership. Someone please tell me how you sit down and hear grievances and work out issues with this mindset. I’m of the opinion it can’t be done. The US needs pull out of those places. The liberal leadership has taken harsher action on non-mask wearing virus related infractions than the rioters. WOW. Let’s just tear down another statue...that’ll make everyone feel better.


The title of this "letter to the editor" should be a Statement and not a Question!

David Collins

In certain areas for sure . Generally not so much . More like shock at what is being allowed to happen and who is complicit . There will be a backlash for they are starting to eat themselves . The high and mighty will end up doing the perp walk , that is if they have not fled the country . Time can be a great equalizer .


The question should be has the D Party lost it's way. Since they seem to condone this & Communist China's behavior there's no doubt. Mindboggling!


You do realize is the Republican Party and Trump who supports China as this is where they make their money!! And Trump is in bed with the Russian. This is why he has those meetings with them on a monthly basis.


Collins, I hoper you’re right. I’ve always believed that good triumphs over bad in the end...but the “end” is so undefined.

David Collins

If it were clearly defined , all one would have to do is wait it out . No , it takes a conscious effort to root out and punish the bad . Failure to do that always ends in failure . Today’s problem is identifying the bad , for they are masters of disguise and deception . Go by actions , not just words . Right now we have plenty of words and no action . Nov 3rd could be the great tipping point for us .


Collins, once again, i hope your right although my confidence in the general american voter is not 100 percent. Obama for two terms was all the proof I, personally, needed...the first term was a novelty...first this, first that etc... but the second term was just pure ignorance. Lord help us and I hope you called it.


This would make an excellent folk song with some acoustic guitar in the background! Or quite possibly heavy metal who knows but Well Done!


Jsc...already done...Alvin Lee and 10 years after (I believe)...I’d love to change the world...late 60s early 70s

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