It ain’t over ‘til it’s over

Morehead City, N.C.

Nov. 19, 2021


And the Rittenhouse trial ain’t over yet. The 18-year-old has been lined up for a Monday night interview on Fox News, and a protest against the acquit-tal blocked a major traffic artery In New York on the very night of the verdict. In spite of all the left-wing media’s rhetoric con-demning Rittenhouse before the trial even began, the jury appar-ently possessed enough raw courage to overcome attempts to intimidate its members and found enough reasonable doubt to acquit. So, who were the men he shot, and what’s next?

Taking first things first, Jo-seph Rosenbaum was a suicidal and convicted child molester, a bail jumper who tried to grab Rittenhouse’s rifle after chasing him and threatening to kill him.

Anthony Huber chased Rit-tenhouse and hit him with a skateboard; Huber was an ex-con, who had served some time in prison for choking his mother. Gaige Grosskreutz testified in court that he pointed a gun at Rittenhouse, and acknowledged that his carry permit had ex-pired.

None of these facts can justi-fy killing—unless done in self-defense, an integral part of American law extant since be-fore the nation’s founding, a law now under assault itself.

So, did Rittenhouse act in self-defense? The Kenosha jury decided that he did. Those twelve persons heard the wit-nesses and saw the evidence. No one who was not there did. But many who did not attend the trial will continue to accuse him of the crimes and deny his ac-quittal.

But everyone must live with the jury’s verdict, and that in-cludes Kyle Rittenhouse. For this young man, his life will never return to what it was be-fore he made a childish decision to be present during a protest, fantasizing that he would protect people and property with an assault-style firearm. His dream of heroism led him down an ill-fated path, and he will probably spend the rest of his life paying for it.

My prediction in the after-math of this tragic event and the equally deplorable jury trial is that we will continue to have so-called peaceful protests, result-ing in more people losing their lives, more property being de-stroyed, and more hatred being generated.

Until we rid ourselves of ul-tra-extremism—in both political parties and on the part of both liberals and conservatives—peaceful protests will continue to morph into violence. It seems to have become a way of life for many Americans.

Yogi had it right: it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.


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Supposedly, we all have a fundamental right to self-defense, and Kyle Rittenhouse exercised his right the night of the shootings in Kenosha. He was one of many brave Kenosha men who took up arms to protect their families, businesses, and beloved city when the government failed to.

In the first place, there should have never been a trial. Kyle was put on trial to appease leftists who were outraged that he had dared to resist the violent rioters. Rittenhouse wasn’t the aggressor in the confrontations the night of the shootings.

Despite pleas for help asked of Governor Evers to deploy more national guardsmen to protect the city from rioters wielding guns, he refused. Evers had sent more guardsmen to the NBA finals in Milwaukee than Kenosha. He was more interested in mandatory face masks than protecting folks in his state.

Rittenhouse should not have been put in the position to protect property from the mobs. That should have been provided by law enforcement. The results were $50 million in property damage that affected 100 businesses, including 40 that were put out of business for good.


"He was more interested in mandatory face masks than protecting folks in his state." That is quite a telling sentence in itself.

I won't presume to second guess the jury. I will say he never should have been there with a gun in the first place. While now lionized by the right, met with trump, offered internships with Cawthorn and Gaetz, feted by the right wing media. in the end he is a misguided kid, and I suspect he is going to have issues eventually. The loss of fame and public acclaim can be devastating. I hope he can move past all this.


Biden said he was angry and concerned that one citizen had shown that he wouldn’t lie down when Antifa and BLM showed up to burn down a city. Biden is angry and concerned that our “justice system” acquitted a boy who defended himself against armed adult criminals.

I've never heard Biden say he was angry and concerned about all the violent rioters and protesters in cities who killed and injured cops, committed arson and looting, and never got charged.

Resigned from office, Ex-Governor Cuomo, who killed 15,000 nursing home residents and sexually molested a dozen or more women, said the Rittenhouse acquittal was “A stain on the soul of America.” Biden said Cuomo is the Gold Standard in leadership.


Hey JERE GEURIN! Tell us how you feel about the three convicted in Georgie now. Keep in mind that the DA’s office wasn’t going to file any charges until public pressure forced them. I don’t believe in the public setting the precedent, but you must acknowledge that those killers never would have been forced to answer for their crimes. The McMichaels were using a “defensive” theory as well…everyone should be afforded their day in court!

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Great letter. It’s obvious this Rittenhouse kid made a bad decision to get involved, and yes that bad decision led to 3 people being shot and 2 dead.

Yes, it was technically self defense, but very poor judgement. Those of you championing this kid, or acting as if he is some sort of hero need to stop.

This kid was an idiot.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

MP Jeep,

What he did was not brave. He was not protecting any business, he was not asked by any business to do so.

Taking arms to Any type of situation like that I’d s as very poor choice, especially for a 17 year old.

He’s untrained and the people he killed may not have been people you want to hang out with, but what were they doing? Was Kyle stopping them from harming any property, business or person?

They were agitated by his gun and appearance.

The only thing Skype Rittenhouse protected or saved that night was his own self.

No bravery or hero in carrying a gun.

The only reason Rittenhouse had to defend himself is because he put himself in a position to be defended. If he was part of big operation, why was he by himself?


The important thing is that Rittenhouse received due process of law and a fair trial before a jury of his peers who considered all the applicable laws and evidence they were given. Justice was done!

The juries in Rittenhouse and Aubrey both got it right.

Without the video showing self-defense, Rittenhouse would be in jail for life.

Without the video showing three rednecks murdering Aubrey, they would have never tried them.


Riots have consequences.


This boy will be richer than Sandmann.


Have to agree with Drewski + BFDR. The kid should have never been there and with a weapon. It wasn’t like he was protecting his family business that didn’t have insurance.. he just put himself in a horrible situation and he is guilty of a lesser charge.. but I would argue 1st degree murder. It just seems common sense is left out of our world these days and if your not extremely conservative or extremely liberal… you are wrong. Hopefully one day soon we can see this and pull together as a nation and as a society.

David Collins

Yeah , yeah , yeah . May be true but got the job done while law enforcement cowered in the shadows . Nothing that I would want my son to do but obviously he felt compelled to intervene . Hopefully his actions will send a message to the cowardly anarchists out there . You never know who is amongst you , ready to take charge and get the job done . Hate to see things like this occur but you can push some of the folks just so far . One thing about it , they won’t do it again .


What utter nonsense. " take charge and got the job done" discharging 5.56 rounds in an urban environment is begging for unintended consequences. I am no longer astounded at the far rights lack of understanding of actual morality. Teen vigilantes are heros, he will be richer then sandman, congressional medal of honor?

Really? So sad that many in the party of "family values" can't tell right from wrong.

Perhaps young Kyle or Lt gov. Robinson can be guest speaker at your next BBQ and " filthy" book burning? Inspire a local vilagence committee to " get a job done"


Finally, mob justice did not prevail.


Values? Support a lying bunch of leftist communists or whatever you want to label thugs burning and destroying innocent people's livelihoods and businesses while killing just a few (was it 28 or more?) With Leftist politicians and media cheering then on. Defaming innocent people all the while. A vp bailing thugs out. That's values? What's ironic is it took too young kids to turn the tables on these despicable anti-Americans.

David Collins

5.5mm rounds were they ? Could have been 7.62mm rounds . Really matters not . Yup , job done . Two less maggots and one probably questioning the wisdom of convictions .

You say nonsense , I say the painful reality of hostile actions . Anyhoo , it is done and hopefully not repeated . Bout time the good guys won one .


Another common sense viewpoint: "Celebrating the Rittenhouse Verdict...for America" by Kevin McGary. And, for dessert for Leftists read NYT piece about "instead of asking what's wrong with KS ask what's wrong with CA", or words to that effect. So, maybe you might want ask what's wrong with NY instead of NC. Look forward to a common sense Lt Gov becoming our leader.


The law of self-defense in Wisconsin allows someone to use deadly force if they reasonably believe they are in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm.

It should be pretty clear to the naysayers that he was doing what was necessary to stop the threat. Rittenhouse was being chased by aggressive criminals as he was trying to run away.

And, yep, he got the job done. Well done, I might add.


Here's some more education for Leftists whose children might have questions they can't answer. "Who Nu?" By Clarice Feldman.


The murder trial involved self-defense, no more, no less. Did the DA prove Rittenhouse did not act in self-defense? No! You should believe in the rule of law no matter what side you take.

We should all agree that an armed 17-year-old should not have been on the streets with a weapon. You should be able to believe that truth and still think he acted in self-defense.


The genre of dirty harry and death wish movies are entertaining fiction. If he should not have been there, and was not there this would not have happened.

If i go armed to "a bad area" of a city looking for confrontation, can i then apply deadly force and call it self defense? Can you start a fight in a bar then claim self defense? The answer of course is YES ,if you have 2 million in a defense fund.

If you are poor and have a public defender or cut rate attorney you go to prison.


It is no surprise the four horseman of maga group think find Rittenhouse hero worship comforting. I have empathy and understand. I disagree, but I understand.

" the times they are a changing "

Change is constant and some folks feel threatened by it.

David Collins

Have not read where anyone said the lad was/is a hero , just doing what he felt he had to do . You made that up . Just that he was found not guilty . Sorry that bothers you and old Joe and crew .

Perhaps the Christmas parade killer will get off due to being misunderstood .


In good theatre.. many many personalities.


Folks have different views on things for sure and those views can oftentimes be complicated for all sides, and there are no easy answers or resolutions. When some believe they have a legitimate grievance where can or should they take their complaints, will the complaints be given adequate and in-depth review and consideration and be civily, fairly, and timely heard by the appropriate officials, etc.? The belief may be that no one in authority is lessoning and/or is summarily dismissing the complaint(s) without be fully heard. Then there may be "peaceful protests". Some so-called "peaceful protests" get out of control depending on many factors in some cases. Then what? The degree of property damage and loss of life is or at least should be a major concern to ALL in trying to adjudicate the incident(s) in a fair and timely manner. Comparing a case with a somewhat minimal loss to a catastrophic loss of life and/or property is not sensible. A case in the news is Cruz and Fauci. Which one of these 2 prominent men are responsible for the most "damage", if any? Hard questions with no answers but plenty of opinions one might assume.


Very reasonable and well said DC. My personal view is rioters and arsonists should be shot on sight. Protest and free speech are vital, that has nothing to do with riot and arson. As far as cancun ted and wuhan tony I find fauchi way more credible.

David Collins

Lots of things would or would not have happened if this one or that one was not there . So what !

2 million in a defense fund . Know nothing of that . Guess it is OK for liberals to donate to various “ defense /bail funds “ with a potential VP leading the charge but it is not OK for the mighty righties to do the same . Usual typical one way thinking in action .

The old saying , if you can’t do the time , don’t do the crime , comes to mind . For some , crime is a way of life often leading to an early demise . See it most everyday . Just not meeting their maker soon enough .


Let's not forget that 2-tiered justice system.


Fortunately, in this case, the judge and jury didn't play the 2-tiered game.


Paul seems much more credible than Fauci.


Did Daszak describe on 3-28-16 how and why the world is where it's at today? Connect any dots?


Much to think about in the aftermath. "A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas's Masterpiece on the Covid Disaster" by Jeffrey A. Tucker.


Sen. Cotton was ahead of most and has some choice words in case you don't like Paul. Listen to what Rbt Kennedy, Jr. has to say. Might even consider Lara Logan's words. Study evidently showed overdosing HCQ was problem in shooting it down. Lack of "treaments" cost many lives. Did President Trump recover by way of the jab or infusion treatment?


"The Incredible, Vanishing National News Story in Waukesha" by Guy Benson. No surprises here just the same old story of how the same old so-called media pushes a Leftist agenda no matter the facts and severity of the incident(s).

David Collins

Now the crybaby patrol students are trying to get Rittenhouse removed from school where he is enrolled in the nursing program , I believe . They are claiming he is bloodthirsty . Gotta love liberalism because they are sooooo , liberal .


I see a lot of complaints about the left leaning media, nary a word about the right. Are we to understand then that the lying liberals of cnn msnbc just cannot be trusted, but such outlets as fox, oann and their brethern are giving us the unvarnished facts without spin?

I have found usually the truth is somewhere between the two opposing points of view. take the comparison between AOC and marjorie taylor green. Aoc has typical youthful utopia based ideas, MTJ beleives Qanon and jewish space lasers set wild fires. I can smile about aoc's unrealistic plans, I am alarmed that MGT is not in a straight jacket.


This event and trail will not make a difference to the world. What should be alarming is the spiraling decline of humane, insightful and reality based thought due to Trump's fan base being in a Trump induced comatose state. Taking events and elevating them to "heroic" measures, when they are actually sad commentaries of media overreach, and fueled by the continued efforts of those stuck with limited and biased information, is troubling.


Trust none of them totally and try to verify which can sometimes be impossible until the story unfolds and the onion layers are peeled. But if you refuse to accept what those layers reveal why bother (e.g. Russia hoax and liars like Schiff and many others across media and intel)? Think it might be fair to say we all probably trust some sources over others? Think certain so-called "reporters" within a given media outlet prove themselves more trustworthy than others or the outlet as a whole? Which media sources investigated the Russia hoax looking for the truth? Which proved more accurate/honest? Which sources have investigated influence peddling (e.g. Clintons, Bidens especially Hunter)? Do you think if Hunter was a Trump he would be given the same treatment? If you can't trust Intel sources would you trust any sources in bed with one another promoting a certain narrative? Think "Russia disinformation" and who the disinformation was promoted by and you know who don't you? The pandemic origin has been a failure by many but as usual particularly the most left learning ones with a ray of light here and there. Don't trust any major outlets as a whole but a few individuals who have generally proven to be more honest than others. Outlets that aren't big business are probably the better choices.


BTW, cat fights like MTG/AOC, whatever the Q is, and other BS stories are of no importance/interest to me and shouldn't be to anyone interested in the past, present and future of their country and the world. Ruining the country and a presidency with a hoax and coverup, a pandemic's origin and coverup and everything it affected at home, including an election, and the world overall is and should be to everyone who believes in this country and its position among nations and civilization.


Qanon should be of interest to anyone concerned about the future of America.

With several elected officials as believers everyone should at least be aware of what they beleive. Esp since they are to my mind dangerous lunatics. It is a long way from I don't like Hillary Clinton, to firing off a live round in a pizza parlor full of families having supper.


Let's examine " Russia hoax"

Did not russians hack dnc and provide info to help trump?

Did m. Flynn lie to fbi about contacts with Russian ambassador?

Does djt owe huge sums to Russian financiers with close ties to v putin?

Did djt make and unsolicited denial of one of the more salacious allegations of Steele dossier?

Those are all verifiable facts...

So...hoax? Do we throw the baby out with the bathwater or is it legit to wonder why Russia would want a specific person as president. Facts like djt removing sanctions on Russia and close friends of putin?


" and biased information". You mean like that rich Va county?


Thought these dudes needed killing. Two bad guys less, and so if someone threatens my life I can shoot back??? When was it otherwise?


You didn't answer my questions but let's play your game. The DNC and RNC are private entities although the way the DNC seems to have control of their fellow travelers which there seem to be many in govt among many other influential entities so maybe they and you consider them on the govt level. Consider what they've done to those like Bernie and plenty others with their crookiness. Didn't a previous DNC computer hire get into congresspersons systems? This hacking and electronic comms stuff seems to be okay for Ds and their deep state bureaucratic kingdom weaponized by 2 cool cats starting way back but no one else can play the game right? Nice slick cabal going on among and between them all unless they get caught right? Didn't Sussman's indictment involve manipulating computer systems? Can we include HRC's illegal server and she skates while others get the slammer? Would you be as concerned if the RNC were hacked? Did the DNC and HRC spend millions to get Trump? Along with weaponized govt entities, mass media and foreign agents spent how much and went to what lengths to get Trump? Much of it has failed and why? Was it because some Russian hackers intervened to stop the get Trump scheme? The ruskies bought some FB time didn't they? Did that do it? Think FB's Z-boy 400M or more along with ALL the other Big Techs against Trump was more innocent? Interfering in foreign elections and it's obviously done whether "hacking" or otherwise is not nice is it? Think BO, Israel, Brexit, etc. right? Foreign interference (think about all the foreign players in the get Trump schemes) is bad but it would seem even worse if done domestically (again, think all the get Trump schemes). So, whether foreign or domestic it seems the order is get Trump schemes. And, it worked the 2nd time around so what are you complaining about?


Can give opinions on your other questions later but they also fail just like the hacking question. It all was and still is about get Trump so what's new?


Deep state again?

Let's focus on reality rather then conspiracies. Persons in public trust positions are held to a higher standard, the higher the position the higher the standard.

Accusations of misconduct should be investigated, esp where potus is concerned. Ken Starr started with an unsubstantiated allegation of financial misdeeds " whitewater" that was not proven so he meandered around through various fields of inquiry till he finally and millions of dollars later found Ms Lewinsky.

Now you can say trumps presidency was ruint by false and vindictive investigations sponsored by the deep state, but somehow Clinton carried on through the endless Ken star drama and got things done.

The whole " get trump" thing is tired and weak.

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