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Jan. 22, 2020


In the heat of the current political environment, this is a non-partisan matter that addresses the inappropriate and unfair use of the term “impeached.”

According to the U.S. Constitution, the House of Representatives’ action on impeachment does not equate to a conviction, but rather an inquiry, investigation and potential indictment.

Currently, the term “impeachment” of a president, judge, or other high government official who is indicted by a House of Representatives becomes permanently stained with the word “impeached” for life and even after death.  This is irrevocable even if the accused is acquitted as not guilty by the Senate and allowed to continue to serve and remain in office.  This is currently the procedure under Articles I & II of the Constitution.

I disagree with this description in the Constitution, in that it does not comport with the consistent practices in other courts of law involving persons who were acquitted or found “not guilty.”  A regular person that is charged for alleged wrongdoing and is subsequently acquitted or deemed not guilty is no longer referred to as “indicted” or “impeached” (synonymous terms).

On the contrary, an acquitted U. S. president or official is treated differently and unfairly.  The President or official must suffer a measure of embarrassment, humiliation and shame forever even if the offense is removed and becomes non-existent.  The term “impeached” remains a cloud of perceived conviction, as if the person had “actually” been convicted of an offense.

Many persons in our country, who might be ill informed, seem to think that the term “impeached” signifies that the individual is officially guilty of some wrongdoing or crime.

In reality, the present terminology of impeachment merely refers to an action akin to a Grand Jury finding of probable cause that may lead to an indictment by House Prosecutors.  Under the existing and flawed procedure this action changes from a noun “impeachment” to the past-tense verb “IMPEACHED”, and subsequently referred to the Senate for actual trial proceeding.

As I understand it, this is the sequence of events that deserves a serious review by lawmakers and the states to possibly ratify and amend the U. S. Constitution Articles I & II.  Such an amendment would consider the terms “impeachment and conviction” as a combined action carried out only AFTER a conviction by the Senate.  The role of the House of Representatives would remain as investigators and prosecutors - with no authority as “impeachers.”

The current arrangement is especially troubling when an opposition political party in the House has the unfettered voting power to impose the irrevocable term “impeached” on an individual prior to an actual trial by the upper chamber Senate.

This information has been sent to our Senator, Congressman and to The White House for consideration.  Readers who agree with this opinion are encouraged to do likewise.


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Right on. It is disgraceful for anyone to refer to Clinton as an impeached president. When---------.

David Collins

Looking to rewrite a bit of history , are we ? Clinton deserved what he got . Did I mention that he kept his job ? Upon leaving office he did say that he had a good time . Guess so !


At least Clinton was guilty of something.


The government rewrites, change, amends what ever the they want to. Slid things in where it’s not expected just to get what they want.

History is change constantly!

“IN GOD WE TRUST” let’s not forget about flags and statues being banned because someone MIGHT get offended by OUR HISTORY that WE had nothing to do with! Yet it’s HISTORY!

I’ve never been more disappointed in the United States! I can only phantom what other countries must think!



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The bottom line is that tRump is guilty and everyone knows it. Testimony in the house impeachment proved it. The republican Senate won't admit it but that is where we are.


Guilty of beating HRC.

David Collins

Guilty ! He sure is . He is guilty of being elected in 16 . We who voted for him share that guilt and do so proudly . We will compound that guilt by voting for him again . The only criminality to come out of this rests in the opposition camp and has yet to be investigated and see the light of day . Hopefully that will change but there are so many shady self enrichment schemes floating about in DC , the chance of that happening is quite small . After all , the smartest people on earth deserve to be well compensated and allowed their fair share of the spoils of governing . Don’t they ?


Substitute "smartest" with "guiltiest", or better yet, "greediest" or "most gullible".

David Collins

Exactly , gw , exactly . So how do we throw the bums out ? How do we replace the old bums with the new bums ?

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