Beaufort, N.C.

October 8, 2020

 To the Editor:

 To me there is a significant difference between reporting the news (all the news) whether or not it supports your agenda and providing bits of news and lots of opinion calling it news. The three major networks call their evening (news??) programs: ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News. Several other networks such as CNBC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc. do not list news in the titles of most of their programs.

 The Russia Collusion investigation lasted in excess of 2 years and according to a MONEY article published October 7 the cost was nearly $32 million. The big three networks along with all the other media covered it almost non-stop, however when the documents were declassified on the Brennan notes “that revealed Brennan briefed former President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s purported “plan” to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia as ‘a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server’ ahead of the 2016 election.” I find it interesting that the big three NEWS networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) did not spend 1 second on the story during their evening news???? the day the story broke.

 The media has made a big deal of our battle ground state Senate race between Tillis and Cunningham. The nasty ads go both ways, but the recent allegations against Cunningham have been covered on our local big three channels, but I have not heard a word about it on their national network news programs. Granted there have been sex scandals for many years in government, but shouldn’t this have been mentioned on the network since it is in a battleground state? In a NORTH STATE JOURNAL article October 8, a second allegation was noted dating back to 2012. Why is this not reported? Is it because Cunningham is a Dem?

 The “undecided voters” at the Biden town hall moderated by Lester Holt, included a number of people that had appeared on MSNBC as Biden and/or democrat supporters. I heard a person who has covered politics and news for many years, say he has always had a lot of respect for Lester Holt; but that he is disappointed to see him involved with something like this that is touted as one thing and is actually something else which could have easily been vetted and not mislabeled. Politico said “Biden receives a nationally televised, hour-long infomercial.”

 It is terrible that there does not seem to be anywhere we can go and always get a straight representation of the true news worthy events. They all seem to have their own agenda, rather than reporting facts.

 Turner Pigford

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Nice Letter, Turner. You hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, I think we will never be able to change this left leaning bias.

Most Journalists say they play fair and right down the middle, not left or right. This is far from the truth. The Opinion page of newspapers has moved to the Front Page.

Why don’t newspapers state on their Masthead: The Washington Post, a liberal newspaper or The Wall Street Journal, a conservative newspaper?

It would be wonderful and truthful if a publisher, an editor, a reporter, would just say: Yes, I am left or right of center and I’m proud of it.

Journalism has become one of the most left-wing of all professions. Journalists no longer have a Code of Ethics. Fake news is rampant in journalism.

Most people distrust the media and most people are right. It’s healthy to question what you’re being told.

A study from Arizona State University found that a ratio of Journalists in the US is 13 liberals for every 1 conservative.

It's time the journalistic mainstream addresses this problem. Denial is no longer an option. It starts with owners, publishers and editors demanding fairness in their reporting and weeding out obvious bias.

Mainstream media opposes new rules governing online speech and content. Whether or not search results or the presentation of content by big tech firms like Google and Facebook are biased leftward, suspicion is that they are.

Many press releases announcing projects in the news industry quietly note that funding for the projects has come from Google. These days Google’s name is popping up a lot and a lot more than Facebook’s.

The Google News Initiative effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age made a commitment of $300 million in 2018. And now, in 2020, Google will pay $1 billion for news over the next three years. According to Google this money will feature award winning newsrooms to give readers more insight to stories they feel that matter. Think there will be any bias from Google and their selected news sources? Think Google will get in Bed with some News Outlets? Sounds like a potential Bias Monopoly developing to me.

Another type of media bias is when Large Advertisers can threaten to withdraw their advertising business from the media, based on Journalist Content. Don’t think this doesn’t happen, it does.

I know some of you are saying, hey jeep, Advertisers can’t influence news organizations. But, I spent 36 years in the newspaper industry, ten years in senior management, and I can tell you unequivocally that Money Talks.

David Collins

Facts are boring and do not sell . $$$$ is what propels today’s so called news . Gotta go with your gut on this .


No surprise that all of them have always had their own agendas & leanings but the major players are lost at sea & really one big joke. In many cases you can get more accurate information from opinion pieces.


Yep, facts and details are boring. As Biden says, Americans don’t deserve to know the facts and where he stands on issues until after the election.

Part of the reason we have the electoral college is for people that vote for nominees like Biden and Hillary.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

It’s simple people. Just do what I do. Instead of listening to news channels report, just go to talk radio like 96.3 and 107,1. Or just watch The opinion show like Hannity, Tucker and Laura on Fox.

You see, that way you hear what you “want” to hear instead of having to process information and form an opinion.

Who needs facts, science and current news, when I can just watch Sean Hannity tell me what to think. After all, if listening to Hannity and Rush is good enough for Trump to form policy and go after Liberals, it’s good enough for me.

I mean, I mean why do I need information that doesn’t fit my way of thinking? I mean seriously! If I wanted to be informed I will just listen to and watch Sean Hannity. He’s so smart and I love getting an extravaganza of new info every day.

He’s cutting edge, he knows how to tell me what I wanna hear. If only the mainstream media would start telling me what I want to hear, man then I could watch ABC, CBS and NBC news again.

It’s very important to select your news sources carefully. We must make sure conservative are opinion shows and ness gets its fair shake as mainstream news.

No more should we have to listen to these others talk about


Hey Fat, you seem to know many more Fox players than me. I do sometimes watch Harris Faulkner in the afternoons.

I'm not a fan of Hannity and never listen to Rush.

And I'm not a suppoter of Lemon, Cuomo and Cooper as you are. Almost never watch CNN.

Oh here is something you will really like and exactly what the US needs: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being mulled as an attorney general within a potential Joe Biden administration, 

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Exactly Jeep, the electoral college is here to protect us from millions of Americans deciding national elections.

Who cares if a few million more people vote for one candidate over another?


Do you think two brain aneurysms have affected Biden’s mental capacity? Think he will live 4 years in office? If not, you really need to consider if you want a Harris/Pelosi Pres/VP.

Letting Biden continue to make speeches and gaffes is "elder abuse" by his family…they know he’s not well.


It's also here to keep large states like California and New York from domination.


Yep, Fat, you would be enjoying Hillary right now if not for the electoral college. But, I'm sure that's right up your alley.

The Media has gone from an objective news source to subjective source and a cesspool of misinformation.

Fake news is now one of the greatest threats to our democracy.

We need to do what many of us have done with professional sports. Defund the Media.

We should, but we won’t, send letters or emails to major advertisers of media sources requesting they pull their millions of advertising dollars to organizations that are dishonest and lying. They can’t lie without funding.


Cheeze’s worse than I thought. There are still adults that just can’t grasp the concept of a republic and the reasoning behind it. Same holds true for the news...those that claim to be reporters and programming (opinion). Any clear thinking adult would realize that hannity and his like are programming and has admitted it many times. What’s troubling is the claimed “journalists” that are anything but objective and the folks that take it as gospel.


TDS has driven Crazy Nancy insane but Fat has HDS in addition to TDS. He has all those fake "news" channels & The View & still not satisfied. Sad.


Seems some locals can't wait to be Californified.

David Collins

BFDR was wrong in 2016 , probably just as wrong now assuming we have a fair , honest and above board election process . So much more than Trump or Harris are riding on this . The US being a stable country with a smooth reliable transfer of power is so important politically , economically and in the eyes of the world a beacon of stability . Let that go by the wayside and boys and girls y’all gonna be in a whole heap of trouble .


Could you name the countries that think the US is stable with Trump at the helm? Trouble with a capital "T"rump.


Justiceforone, Russia, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico, Canada, Poland, Philippines, Israel, Vietnam, Peru, Italy

and of course the United States.


Dig a little deeper. More like they "t" tolerate due to strategic self interest. That is not the same as thinking he is stable.


Huntly and Brinkley are gone, dead and well past stinking, most people can acknowledge that the media has a bias either right or left. What this article fails to mention is the right is just as far out, if not farther in many cases. Twice now, Fox has won lawsuits on the basis that it is not news but entertainment and opinion. the Fox lawyer quote was " its not like this is the front page of the NY times, its Tucker Carlson" So the fox lawyer said in effect real journalism like NYT has an obligation to the truth, while fox is just opinion and nonsense. Move over into right wing radio, and the real nuts come out. Hopefully President Elect Biden will invite all the right wing nutters and evangelicals, to stop thinking they, and only they, know what is best for everyone, and to rejoin America & the american dream for everyone. If not you can expect more arrests like we saw in Mi. Conspiracy is an easy charge to prove.

Wear a mask, wash your hands,vote for sanity.

***** BYE-DON 2020*****

David Collins

More like those countries miss all the aid money that is no longer flowing their way . Yup , money , money , money .


Nope, more like dodging the question. It was a simple one.


Y’all are putting too much thought into this-the President is the perfect example of “given enough rope, he will hang himself”. Just read his own tweets to decide who to vote for.....I never watch the news.....


You mean the leaders, people, or who? Suspect our main enemies might think there is instability since they aren't in the driver's seat while at least a few leaders probably like him better than past leaders. Maybe Israel for instance. Guess some that we don't give $ they want might not like it. Good. Some NATO countries have at least shown respect by contributing more to their own defense. ME insofar as military casualties are down, some peace agreements with Israel ticking off state & other terrorists which is kind of good. We need NeverTrumper neo-conservatives & the far left in charge don't we? Seems things are pretty quite so what do you want?


Regardless, whether now or later; when the Dems do get control of the government, they will touch off a very vicious civil war. It will be recorded in history as CWII.


The media continues to try and brainwash us by feeding us with only one side of every issue, no matter which news source you use.

There are some fact checking sites out there, that I occasionally use, but sometimes I wonder about them.

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