Atlantic Beach, N.C.

May 23. 2022


Runaway inflation with no end in sight, the takeover by illegals at the southern border, sky-high murders and insurrections in Dem-run cities, etc.

Is it too late for a political course correction for Dems with such little time before the November elections?. Many polls say it will be a disaster for the dysfunctional Democratic Party, with two-thirds of Americans saying we are headed in the wrong direction.

Biden, Pelosi, and other Dems continue to push their radical policies and anti-America agenda, regardless of how much buyer remorse is expressed by citizens.

Biden is utterly underwater at this point, and unless something is done about the economy (God forbid a recession), Dems running for seats in congress will drown with him. Continuing to take a defensive posture on most issues facing the country is probably not the best route for Joe.

Reality is gone for most liberal elites while they continue with their fantasies no matter how it hurts “we the people” or destroys our country. It’s all about power and control over John and Jane Doe.

After fifteen months of denial, Biden, CNN, and The New York Times admitted a Covid vaccine was in place before Biden took office. The Media is slowly starting to sway from Biden.

Democrats need to realize they can’t continue to count on young, politically low I-Q voters or Independents to win in November. And they sure can’t influence voters by touting Biden’s accomplishments.

Democrat's best bets are 1) quit blaming Trump for what’s going wrong in the country as voters are tired of hearing it., 2) Improve image by telling American voters the truth and abandoning lying skills. 3) Get off the AOC radical social issues train and focus on the economy.


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If only the GOP could abandon the derailing trump train, they might have a chance at long term success, for every jab at AOC they dig in deeper, while ignoring the MAGA nutcases in their midst. The rank and file republicans fall into line, or are labeled rino and ostracized, hardly a long term winning strategy.


Maybe the author and GOP can spend as much effort to come up with a solution to stop the weekly mass shootings, as they do bashing their counterparts across the aisle.


Armed law enforcement at every entrance to a school might be a good starting place. Taxpayers probably would get behind this expense.

Stricter gun control laws only work for decent folks. Bad guys would love to see this happen.

I’ll bet you a dollar to a Krispy Kreme doughnut that I could buy a gun without a permit in less than a week. I won’t, but folks with bad intentions would.

I apologize if I missed your ideas for stopping mass shootings.


I don’t have the answer/solution - would hope that people much smarter than me can figure this out - but accepting mass shootings as a way of life in the USA is not one.

Mr. Tom Slick

Joe Biden started this fire, The house is on fire and he patted himself on the back for calling the fire dept and he is taking praise becasue they might be able to save the garage. THIS MESS IS ALL BECAUSE OF BIDEN................


Lots can and will happen between now and '22 and '24. If either election could be held now versus 5-6 months and over 2 years away then the Rs would fair well and much to the crying Left a pro-American DJT would be our president again much to the country's benefit. However, politics crooked and otherwise produce strange bedfellows and the future looks bleak if recent news is indicative of what might cause the Rs to royally mess up their chances of winning.


Yes, the gop could easily blow 2024, party split on devisive djt, far right platform. Few more scandals. Let's not forget decades long falling membership, and recruitment efforts that are so easily confused with money machines for the sponsors. Perhaps a few more sound bites from Hershal Walker?


Biden and AOC spent millions of taxpayer dollars for social justice programs from the Covid relief pkg (American Rescue Plan March 2021), which had nothing to do with economic recovery from the pandemic.

Again, no respect for taxpayers. Biden and I won’t live long enough to pay it back, but fortunately, most AOC supporters will.

I am certainly not a genius, but even I know how ignorant it is to let the border crisis continue.

And if you really want to move toward “green” do it the right way and don’t say Americans should be honored to pay high gas prices to move in that direction.

Don’t completely stop producing oil but a smooth transition plan if that’s your goal. Not all of us have made billions from China through illegal activities.

Blaming Trump for all our problems shows just how insecure Biden really is. Man Up or in this case President Up.

David Collins

Stop the mass shootings ? While certainly tragic , how do you stop something that has not happened yet ? To be sure there will be more to come . How would you do it ?

There are more human lives snuffed out in the abortion clinic than all the mass shootings . Whether an assassins bullet or a Dr’s scalpel and forceps , the results are the same . Where is the outrage here ?


Lots of ridiculous money is being spent on Woke stuff by Dems. How about spending some on the protection of our children at school?

We used to have the same issues at courthouses across the country. Now, most, if not all, courthouses have metal detectors and an armed officer at the entrance. It may take 30 minutes longer to get into schools, but is that so much to give up given the potential risks?

We just sent Ukraine $40 billion for their protection. I’m all for helping those folks, but I believe that help begins at home.


if we still had trump we would have none of these problems , he never told us a lie


Trump never told us a lie? That's a knee slapper. Perhaps both knees.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

It takes 4-5 years for economic policies to truly take shape in our economy. This is not new info.

Who was Prez 4 years ago, and who was waging a trade war with China.

I guess nobody thought tariffs wouldn’t ever show up in our economy.


There are a long list of reasons why inflation esp fossil fuel prices have increased, only those who can only grasp the low hanging fruit continously bleat about Biden. Never argue with anyone who's tv is bigger then their library.


Trump signed the Emergency Powers Act. Biden continued to apply it with dismal results. Small businesses were crushed for what???? Large corps violate our rights on an ongoing basis - prying into our private lives like spoiled brats.Does the name of the political party mean anything?? BALANCED BUDGET CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT ONLY HOPE LEFT. We now have a country being controlled by adolescent s. and a incompetent media to cover at ALL levels. Start by removing from office, by legal means, any elected official that cannot uphold the oath of office.


Sounds like some folks like "real hot" wars more than trade wars. Trump only president not starting another war in your lifetime. He used the dollar to wage and/or prevent wars and loss of young lives and treasure. Pretty smart don't you think? Ds and their R "look alikes" like to start wars, get a lot of people on both sides killed, and then end it by getting more Americans killed on the way out while embarrassingly losing the war along massive amounts of American blood and treasure. The school shootings have only 2 possible solutions or both : (1) Discontinue public schools by going private and/or home school and/or (2) Arm every teacher and other school employees. "Educators" and others don't like #2 then move to private choice employment or leave the profession and give the job to somebody who agrees to arm up. Teach the basics and cut the garbage. It has no other solutions. The shootings school and otherwise are a culture problem starting years ago created mainly by Leftist policies that have exacerbated to a panic level. That will not change. It's only getting worse and everyone with a grain of common sense knows it. Want to reverse it? Again, those with common sense know generally what needs to change but the resolve isn't there, and it's gone too far.


There were armed guards at Uvalde, Buffalo, and Parkland - didn’t stop it.


The country needs a big dose of policies like FL is getting. Understand they have gone from majority D registrations to majority R.


Yes FL. Gov Desantis positioning himself to be more trumpish then trump. Certainly anyone who thought trumps policies were " leading the nation and world in the right direction" would be impressed with Desantis. But then those folks think the election was stolen, jewish space lazers start ca wildfires, and a transsexual illegal was the tx. school shooter. It might be a good idea to move to FL? I hear the cost of living in Alabama is very favorable. Those clean coal jobs will be coming back any day in Ky.

Just click your heels together 3 x and say " there's no place like fl."


If the American Resue Plan and people not able to return to work as JB required are the problem could it be those who voted for the plan and maybe mandatory jabs to work? Ask a trucker.


If you need more explanation then read this. "A Cabinency of Dunces" by Victor Davis Hanson.


Would this nation and the world be in a better place today if not for this kind of D monolithic bureaucratic and judicial crookiness? Would we be where we are today if not for this? Are we in a better or worse place with these kinds of shenanigans by the wonderful Ds? "Sussman Trial Exposes Dems' Scandal-Industrial Process" by Charles Lipson.


And, the Democrat Media Industrial Complex with forthright lies not to be outdone by their lies of omission.


I do tire of saying 2 wrongs don't make a right. Only folks so consumed with bitterness, those flames fanned by constant doses of angertainment media would try to rationalise nazi propaganda like " the great replacement theory " by dem media industrial complex. Two wrongs don't make a right, and you will never seize the high moral ground standing waist deep in the sewer of far right propaganda.


If not already our so-called leaders as proposed in their "talk" will spend 100s of billions to change Russia/Putin's behavior yet we know the CCP/Xi intentionally sent its virus beyond its borders and does so with deadly fentanyl and who knows what else thereby killing millions. How much do our so-called allies contribute in comparison to us to support the "free-world"? Does our govt really try it's best to protect us or are those spending our protection $ adding to our debt more for their own benefit? And, what was that Blinken said? We need the world's largest communist country for what? To kill us? Unbelievable! Seems we as individuals and collectively when appropriate better be thinking about protecting ourselves the best way we can. Since parents do have some control over the education of their children that's the best place to start. Govt makes its rules but ultimately the responsibility for their children's education is the parents'. No matter how hard some education authorities like our local one try, a safe learning environment is in the past if it ever existed and obviously it's grown too difficult to not feel uneasy sending a child to public schools in today's environment. Concerned parents can find alternatives to what our govt and its failings have wrought.


all i can say is thank god trump and the right wing media have never lied to us


DC…you’re absolutely correct. The current D administration has done nothing right. Most everything is in shambles. I believe they’re trying to turn the whole country into California.


Do you think everyone especially career politicians have lied at some point? Further, do you think it might matter about what harm/damage any particular.lie causes? As a career politician JB has had almost 50 years to lie to the voting public on lots of issues. BO has lied plenty in his political career and hasn't let up. The Clintons are about the most famous for it. Think HRC should be suspended from Twitter? That's probably about the least that should happen. Now, supposedly Barr has stated HRC could be charged with sedition. Why couldn't he see that before? Durham had to break through the swamp? Has the media lied about DJT? .When over 50 Intel persons published a letter about the JB's son's laptop being Russian disinformation was that a lie? Did JB lie about it in the debate? Name one of Trump's policies that was bad for the country. Name a JB policy good for the country? Finally for now did the Russia hoax lie which were lies by a lot of Ds and their supporting entities deny a president his ability to help the country more than he could have and did it and many other lies deny him re-election?


The primary reason the establishment and deep state opposed DJT is he disrupted the feeding at the public trough and put the American people first for a change.


So that Durham investigation just can't seem to accomplish much. Todays not guilty verdict ... maybe if he consulted Robert Mueller he could get some tips, what did Mueller have 16 convictions? Most pardoned by You Know Who.

sigh.. maybe open yet another Benghazi investigation? I am sure ole trey gowdy needs a career boost.


First I truly believe most politicians from both sides lie, as I believe most people from any walk of life will lie at times. What bothers me is the result of the lie. When Harry Reid was asked about his statement that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in 10 years turned out to be not true, he said he had no regrets because it helped keep Romney from winning the election. Or maybe all the many fabrications about Trump and the Russians that have turned out not true. Strange how this is coming out now after the election is over. Wonder if the truth came out before the election how many people would have voted different.

Next klacy you were correct in saying ther was an armed guard at the shooting in Buffalo and he gave his life to try and stop the shooter. There was a SRO at the Parkland shooting but sadley he failed to act. And as far as Uvalde who knows. those facts are not known yet because of the statements which are different everyday. On the other hand there have been many school shootings that were stopped or cut short because of an armed person, Pearl Ms and Christiansburg Va are a couple but there are more. The problem is that you seldom here about these. We still have to try though. Would you eliminat rescue squads because some of their patients don't make it? Or should we do away with Fire Depts because they are not able to save every structure? Just because something is not 100% is not a reason to do away with it or not try. I can tell you what will not work and that is passing so called gun restrictions. To think a violent criminal will pay attenton to new laws when they don't abide by existing law just baffles me.

And last let me say that receiving a not guilty verdict does not mean that you are innocent. OJ, Robert Blake, Roy Brayant, and JW Milan are just a few I can think of.

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