Emerald Isle, N.C.

March 20, 2020


In a recent editorial, “Gov. Cooper’s budget veto hurts state’s economic health,” you and State Senator Norman Sanderson went to great lengths (it was a long piece) to attack our governor for his budget veto while apparently completely forgetting history.  

Since January 2011, POT (Party of Trump) has controlled the North Carolina General Assembly.  During POT’s first two years they worked very hard to hamstring democratic governor Beverly Perdue.  Then in 2012 a POT Governor was elected and for the next four years, POT controlled the House, Senate, and governor’s mansion.

 Finally in 2016 a Democrat was elected Governor and  POT members in the House and Senate have spent most of the last four years taking power from the governor (funny, they did not think it necessary when a POT member held the job) and have done little to nothing to help raise community college faculty and staff salaries.

Now I read in your editorial that lousy community college salaries are being caused by the governor?  Really?  I think I see some crocodile tears being shed!

In the past decade, when POT members in the House and Senate, working with a governor of their own party could have made a real impact on community college salaries, they chose not to do so.  How bad is it now?  I know of at least one community college that has a food pantry, for faculty and staff!  Think about that for a second: a food pantry for the students and then one for the faculty and staff.

You did get two things right in your editorial:  praise for Governor Cooper in the way he has handled this crisis and community college salaries need to be raised.  But, you need to brush up on just who has held the reins of power in this state as community college salaries went south!  It appears the POT in our state is trying to rewrite history almost as fast as #45 himself.  On February 28th at a rally in South Carolina, #45 said the virus was a hoax!  Now he says he knew it was this serious all along.

In fairness, democrats in the legislature and the governor’s mansion had decades to improve community college salaries and failed to do so.  However, the recent folks in charge are not the democrats, and suggesting Governor Cooper is causing the problem sounds like a Kelly Anne Conway alternative fact.

And by the way, last time I checked, it takes two to tango.  Please ask Senator Norman Sanderson exactly how many times the Senate or House reached out to the governor to seek a comprise? I think I know the answer.  ZERO. The only reaching out Senate leadership did was to try to bribe one Democrat senator to change votes and override the veto.  Failing in that endeavor, they packed up and went home.


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Your Party of Socialists (POS) was in charge for about 100 years so your first sentence in next to last paragraph would saved you some time.

David Collins

Lots of community college instructors are part time and paid at a demand pay rate . Sorry if they all are not paid the same as full professors at a university . Not saying that they are not valuable but values vary . Just the way things go .

So , somehow this is the fault of the Republicans ? My , my . Eat up with it , are we not ?

David Collins

Yeah , The Governor is the heart of the problem . Who do you think calls the shots ? It is the Governor . Lousy attorney general , lousy Governor . Shades of Bev, Perdue . We can do so much better .


After working for the state for 7 years, I can say positively that the governor is the root of the evil permeating state government. As usual, unelected bureaucrats under the governor are causing havoc.


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No he cant be a problem! Before you can become a problem you first have to do something! And Governor cooper has DONE NOTHING AT ALL!!

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