Newport, N.C.

Jan. 4, 2022


Even though New Years has occurred I urge all who will to still make a generalized resolution in being disciplined to say ‘yes’ to those things good and to say ‘no’ to those things not good.

My observance has been that we are reaping consequences of personally and societally saying ‘yes’ to wrong things and ‘no’ to good things. Life is made up of needed disciplines and laziness in disciplines causes unintended consequences. We can fix this.

My healthiness as a diabetic requires my saying no to an improper diet, limiting sweets and ‘yes’ to exercise and good diet. My finance needs are ‘yes’ to work. My relationships prosper with a ‘no’ to self-will.

Politically as a concerned American I say ‘no’ to both the far-left and far-right, that I will not embrace extremism and hate, opting for the workable solutions found closer to the center-right center-left.

This is a commonsense approach for America to transition out of selfish ‘what I want’ into a ‘free-to-disagree what we need.’ Selfish wants give way to tolerant civility. The premiere division within America is the Conservative political view of Religious Freedom (what is right in God’s eyes) in opposition to the Progressive Humanism political view of “what is right in man’s eyes.” This personal viewpoint begins mostly everything that divides us.

American democracy has to allow both views and avoid the attempt to cancel the side government opposes. This is a universal fundamental Constitutional right to choose, as well as a biblical right to choose. Some, if not many, choose to reject the Bible.

Each of us chooses our belief in where each of us stands in this matter and then tolerantly coexist with those who disagree with our beliefs. America foundationally allows the judicial concept of ‘separation of church and state’ as a premise that political government is to remove itself from enforcing any one view over the other.

You are free to do you, conversely let me be free to do me. A simple fix to a ‘yes’ giving way to a nation that passionately wants to say “No, government must intervene.” Not what all may want but what America needs – the freedom to choose even though we disagree.


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I choose to agree with this letter. Now, how do we get the far fringes of both parties out of the discourse and lime light and let adults come to compromise?


definitely ready for a middle of the road party to emerge.


You don't and can't since about 'o8. The same crew have either been running things or in the shadows running things on the fringe left since back then and it's gotten worse as time passed. Maybe it will change a little in '22.


Even though I'm a conservative I voluntary move myself to the political middle because workable solutions are there, not on the do or die far-political extremes. Life has taught me the need to often humble myself for the greater good of others but I could remain bold and defiant in what I want. I just choose not to be defiant.

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