Morehead City, N.C.

Oct. 21. 2020


As Vice President at Jarrett Bay Boatworks in Beaufort, I’m proud to tell folks the story of Jarrett Bay and how hard work & prudent financial stewardship has led to this Carteret County company now enjoying a worldwide reputation. As one of the founders of the Carteret Citizens Advocating Responsible Spending, it’s recently been my pleasure to spread the word about the two referendums on this year’s ballot in Carteret County and why they make such good financial sense.

One referendum, proposing a quarter cent sales tax to raise revenue for vital dredging of our harbors and inlets, is joined by a second bond referendum that would fund important needs for our outstanding school system. When I learned that over half of the revenue would come from tourists and second homeowners, I immediately saw this as a rare advantage that few counties enjoy and decided to do my part in helping spread the word.

Our group’s motto of Bonds Make Good Cents had a real world example last week when it was announced that State Treasurer Dale Folwell secured $400 million in bonds for our state at a record low 1.48 percent. These types of unprecedented rates just made the already clear advantages of this type of funding mechanism even clearer for Carteret County.

I’m proud to live in a county where citizens have consistently sent the message that they want their tax dollars handled wisely. Our elected officials have heeded that call and consistently held the lowest tax rate of all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. Because of that earned trust, these referendums have enjoyed a groundswell of support from many individuals and groups who came to the same conclusion I did about this financially prudent way of funding these important needs. It is such a positive experience that in the current tense political environment, you could go by an early voting site and hear Republicans, Democrats & Unaffiliated voters all voicing their support for both referendums. It is so refreshing to see the local Tea Party Patriots, who pride themselves on fiscal conservatism, handing out their endorsement cards that include their support of both referendums.

With so many choices in this presidential election year, the two referendums are the final choice on the back side of the ballot. I hope voters will not overlook these important choices that will impact our county for years to come. I ask you to join me and other fiscal conservatives in supporting both of these common sense referendums. Our local leaders showed both the foresight to capitalize on a historically advantageous bond market and the wisdom to offer a choice that allows us to bring in over half of the funding from tourists and second homeowners in a way most counties only wish they could. As you head to the polls, please keep the last thing on the ballot one of the first things on your mind and spread the word that, especially in Carteret County, Bonds Make Good Cents!


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Carteret County Board of Commissioners “approved” the school projects “with” or “without” the bond referendums.

What is at issue is “how we pay” for these “approved” school projects, either through annual operating budgets or by bonds. These projects will be “funded”, and paid for by CC taxpayers, one way or the other.

Do we want to do it the least expensive way, bonds and small sales tax increase, or do we want to pay more of the bill by Carteret County Only Residents and maybe in larger annual payments?

By state statutes, NC counties are charged with building, equipping, and maintaining school facilities. Education is the biggest expense in most county budgets, usually between 30-40 percent.

Counties are required by law to set aside a portion of county sales tax and property tax for school facilities funding. Why not let visitors and second homeowners to our great county, join in our efforts by paying the sales tax increase? Vote Yes to both!

Some have said, by voting “No” to both referendums, we at least go on record for not supporting these issues. That’s true we can do that, and of course, if we want to “cut our nose off to spite our face”, we can do that as well.


Important needs ... like stand alone gyms for schools that have gyms, unspecified land purchases for future expansion.

A sales tax increase to fund dredging, did not the commissioners just give 60 k of our funds to Hyde County? If you have a great secure job 401 k matching and extra cash each payday. Vote yes on bonds and tax increases, if you live paycheck to paycheck vote no.


Last minute bond referendums sprung on the voter never work! All the people I have spoke to have voted No or against! With the state getting $400,000,000 would do you think will pay that back. Oh that’s right state residents! So let’s squeeze the turnip more on our county! The BoE can’t even manage their budget now, let’s give them more to spread the monies in all their buddies pockets to build gyms and all the other items we needed to take care of on our current budgets! Now let’s talk about the sales tax- the county decided to be “neighborly” and dredge for Hyde county. If we have that much money to pay for other counties dredging projects then we don’t need a tax hike! Try again!!! What makes more sense “cents” is to get the commissioners and School board members OUT on Nov 3rd!!!


Four freestanding gyms (plus the ongoing costs to insure, maintain, and keep the lights on) isn't a need. The schools already get over 25% of the county budget as it is. The fiscally responsible answer is to vote NO to both the bond and the sales tax increase. If the measures fail and they decide to go forward with the frivolous spending anyways, primary them come next election.


Thank you for the letter, Mr. Stack. Makes sense/cents to me.

Also, I enjoy the Jarrett Bay Boatworks Webcam. Been looking at it for many years. I Love Big Boats and I Can Not Lie.

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