Morehead City, N.C.

Oct 7, 2021


As stated in the Sunday, October 3-4 issue of The Carteret County News-Times, The Carteret County Board of Education considered increasing Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson's salary by $15,000 making his salary $175.000 a year effective August 3, 2021.

I see the board approved his salary increase during Tuesday night’s meeting with no discussion. Did he not know what he was going to make when he accepted the position?

May I say we have Carteret County teachers using their own money to buy school supplies including wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer for children because their parents can't afford it.

Our county participates in Stuff the Bus events each year providing supplies for students and teachers.

Church members also come together to donate supplies for students and teachers.

Teachers spend their evenings grading papers and preparing for class. I see teachers grading papers while sitting out on the bleachers at the ball field till 8:00 at night. Divide their salary into how many hours that they put in.

They don't do it for the money.

They love what they do to help their students become productive adults.

If the board has money to hand out, PLEASE take care of our teachers!!!! They take care of OUR children.


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Another example of wasteful spending . Why does the superintendent need that much a pay increase when the teachers could use a little extra.

David Collins

Everyone works for money , period .

Back in the day we had 25 to 30 students in our elementary school classes with one teacher and no teacher’s aids . The work got done .

What has changed is the amount of useless paperwork teachers are required to keep up with and the insertion of progressive garbage that they are required to indoctrinate the children into . One by one classes we enjoyed are being eliminated and replaced by all this . The term well rounded has been transformed .

There are never enough supplies to satisfy everybody . Never has been . If you continue donating what is requested , the powers up on high will never supply what is needed . Instead they will concentrate on more administrative things that just clog up the works . A vocal attendance at the board meetings would seem like the thing to do but now you will be labeled a domestic terrorist for doing so . Anyone get where this is going ?

the secret life of man

Mr. Collins,I get where your going.In my opinion the justice dept would not send the fbi to Podunk N.C. for parents waking up and raising h""l about the current scheme of things.The U.S.government Biden Admin is about largess power.They would leave the scrimmages of parents vs schoolboard to local law enforcement.


NC Superintendent average pay is $156000 average student population 12,500

Carteret County student population +/-8385

David Collins

No they probably would not dispatch a crew of agents here . They would do it in high visibility , well publicized locations like Loudon County VA. to make a statement . This would tend to knock the protesting parents back into silence . A proven tactic approved by dictators world wide now possibly coming to America .


Here's an article that might make you think a little deeper about Leftist controlled education: "Garland son-in-law's education company recommends book featuring Bill Ayers" by Jerry Dunleavy.


If you are speaking about Loudoun County, Virginia, I know the area extremely well and think you have some wires crossed about it's demographic.

Jerry Dunleavy is another opinion mouth piece.

If you look at the demographics of schools, it is the south that has suffered. Those are the red states, so stop blaming the progressives and left when the Republicans control those school districts. We are no longer operating in the good old days, so please throw away your rolodex and move forward. It is a shame that you think that people only work for money. I know so many who do try to make a difference and money is not the motivator.

David Collins

Suspect that relatively few know or remember who Ayers was and is today and how dangerous this guy is . Do not have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows .


Actually, MS has made the greatest advancements in reading since discovering the "science of reading" and mandating it instead of begging the lib education establishment to embrace it.


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