Morehead City, N.C.

Oct. 27, 2020


On October 13th, Lifeway Research, a Christian organization that conducts custom research projects for churches, put out a report that is hard to swallow. According to Lifeway, 98% of Protestant pastors plan to vote in the 2020 presidential election. The report shows 53% will vote for President Trump. 21% say they’re voting for Biden, 22% say they’re undecided and 4% say they’ll vote for a different candidate.

What is hard to swallow is 21% voting for Biden and 22% undecided. I’m assuming if they are Protestant pastors, they have knowledge of God’s Word. I also realize that a lot of people, including some pastors, “cherry pick” what scriptures coincide with their “beliefs” and possibly ignore the ones they don’t agree with.

What is astounding to me is that so-called Christian pastors are testing and mocking God. “Thou shall not kill” was literally written in stone. That was a commandment, not a suggestion. Over 60,000,000 lives have been murdered before they even take their first breath. Do they think that God changed His mind about that commandment and not care that His little ones are being slaughtered?

Where is their integrity and conscience? This nation has innocent blood on its hands. Those who have the privilege of preaching the gospel in our churches and neglect to vote for our pro-life president and encourage their flock to vote for the other candidate that are leading many astray. The bible calls them false prophets and teachers. If they are causing their flock to stumble and go astray, Matthew 18:6 says it would be better if they had a mill-stone hung around their neck and thrown into the sea.

In a few days, our national will vote in THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN OUR LIFETIME. It’s literally a choice of life or death. I can’t say it enough, VOTE FOR LIFE, VOTE TO PROTECT THE UNBORN, VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!


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David Collins

I suppose it would be too much to ask to keep religion out of politics . The two never have mixed well and this time will be no different .


The answer to your question is yes, David.

Voters are angry at politicians and at each other, with more discord and civil unrest seen in many, many years.

Everything is political these days: sports, education, retail sales, street names, apparel, healthcare, music, banking, restaurants, airlines, race relations, LGBT rights, businesses of every kind, and on and on.

It seems unavoidable to be quickly judged by other folks, not by your character, but your political views. There is no escape from politics.

So why would we expect anything different from religion?

trouble maker

Thinking Biden a church going God fearing man is bad but Trump a atheist, who mocks Christians as fools is good, well it blows the mind how people think.


Interesting letter…. Actually, the requirements to become a Notary in NC are more involved than becoming a Pastor. There are no government certification or license requirements for pastors.

One way to become a Pastor in NC , is to go online, fill out an application, pay $60 and voila your a pastor. You do not have to have a seminary degree to be a pastor.

I guess my point is: Pastors are just regular folks like you and me. Not all Pastors are Pro Life, though most folks think they are. Every person can change their minds on many issues, with even the Pope recently endorsing same-sex marriage, saying we are all Children of God.

What this story is really about is Undecided Voters. Who most likely are undecided about most things in life….. I dunno, should I? I mean, there’s arguments for and against.

A good friend of mine and I have lunch together about once a month. We always go to one of two places. He always says you pick the place, I can’t decide and it doesn’t matter to me. Since we’ve been going to these places for years, we know the menu backwards and forwards, but yet, he will study the menu for some time, even sending the waitress away at least once while he continues to try and make a decision. Urgh!

I have to admit, undecided voters, within a few weeks of an election, have always left me wondering if they care strongly about anything or if they are the least informed, just mentally impaired.

How exactly can someone be undecided? Trump has been in the White House almost 4 years and it’s not like Biden is an unknown quantity either; in congress 47 years and White House 8 years.

Seems to me, the undecided voter, at this point in time, pays less attention than other voters and is likely to believe that the outcome isn’t important. Yet with only days before the election, there are still some registered voters who haven’t made up their minds. I just wonder if the undecided vote at all.

I can’t help quoting Vernon Hill, of Morehead City, from his Letter to the Editor in the Nov. 1st edition of the News-Times, “You have to be exceptionally stupid not to comprehend that Joe Biden has major health issues, been in congress for 47 years and that Kamala Harris would have never been candidate for Vice President until she understood that laying on her back for the Governor of California got her where she is today”.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

I saw the title of the letter and thought this would be about the Covid pandemuc and another one of those liberals pointing out 400,000 Americans will be dead by the end of the year.


Some Liberal talking about Black Lives Matter and the injustice of the criminal justice system, I mean, I mean all the Marxist stuff.

You ain’t kidding when you say this is the election of a lifetime, not doubt it’s about life or death. I mean, let me tell you. I say we ditch the mask, open it up and let the strong survive! God will sort it out, did you hear me? God will sort it out!

Just like the environment, this Pandemuc is no match for God.

I know this, I like a two term President. Kinda like like getting captured, too get fired in the middle of the job

I ain’t scared of no record number of voters, but it will burn my britches to know the American people would denounce/reject such a humble man, with dignity and respect. I mean, I mean Don’t you just see the empathy just pouring from Trump daily about all Americans. Trump surely carries himself like a fine Christian, certainly wears those values on his sleeve. Whew! We are so lucky! I mean so lucky to have Trump as Prez! He said it himself, just like a good Christian to cherish ones own ego so.

I bet there are some bible versus that match Trump to a “T”

Proverbs 6:16-19

There are six things which the Lord hates,

Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him:

Haughty eyes, a lying tongue,

And hands that shed innocent blood,

A heart that devises wicked plans,

Feet that run rapidly to evil,

read more.

A false witness who utters lies,

And one who spreads strife among brothers.


Proverbs 6:12-15

A worthless person, a wicked man,

Is the one who walks with a perverse mouth,

Who winks with his eyes, who signals with his feet,

Who points with his fingers;

Who with perversity in his heart continually devises evil,

Who spreads strife.

read more.

Therefore his calamity will come suddenly;

Instantly he will be broken and there will be no healing.


This one really seems to fit Trump and this election for the White House.

Proverbs 12:7

Verse Concepts

The wicked are overthrown and are no more,

But the house of the righteous will stand.

I gotta tell ya, I can’t wait to let Government get it’s hands on religion. Surely the best way to control a population, I mean give freedom and liberty to a nation is mix religion and Authority. Just look at the Middle East, worked out so well.


Oh, fat, you continue to regale us with political tales.


Mark Twain said it best: Never argue with an idiot. 


Shhhhh! There's a preacher in the house.


The president just passed JB in Iowa like the roadrunner. Lines half a mile long in Hickory. BO & MO eat your hearts out. JB & KH still trying to figure out where they're at. Folks, ah, ah, beep, beep, honk, honk, beep, beep. Folks, ah, ah.


Yes,an apt analogy. President trump as the roadrunner. No doubt kushner is incharge of Acme?


“You can keep your insurance company and we’re going to reduce drug prices and this and that”. ... biden at a campaign rally in the last day or so...obama when he was pitching it to the American public. Deja vu all over again....


This woman's entire argument is invalidated by her misuse of the word literally.

Choose Women's Rights.


Mark Twain also said, "If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be—a Christian."


Very true, but more likely because Christ was Jewish. Though, Twain's implications are amusing to be sure.


Observing the current state of

our nation. I conclude that Democrats may be a much bigger threat to America than Islamic terrorists will ever be. Democrats who vote there leaders in office must be ignorant of what they do. I have Democrat friends and I even have some family members that are Democrats and know how they generally behave, And live. Not a single one of them live the way they vote.

Not one of them would think of taking money from a working person and gives it to another person who will not work. But they vote for people that do?

I do not believe any of them has taken a baby from the birth canal. And drilled a hole in the back of its head and sucked the brains out of a baby. But they vote for people that support it?

They all support the family unit, but vote for people that tear it apart?

Most of these friends and family own guns and would not dream of taking anyone’s right to defend themselves away from them. But they vote for people that want to do this?

They all want a secure America, but again they vote for people who do not want secure borders and national defense systems. They all agree that the money they earn is theirs, but they vote for people who believes it belongs to the government?

All of them love their freedom, but they still vote for people who want to restrict that freedom?

Not one of them wants to pay higher health premiums, but they vote for people that raise insurance premiums? Most of my Democrat friends and family appreciate the military, And some have even served, And still serving, yet they vote for people who cut military personnel, benefits, supplies, and food, And there pay? Most of them believe sodomy is wrong, yet vote for people who support this lifestyle? And All of my Democrat friends and family believes in God, yet they vote for people that take God out of schools and public places in court rooms, but all other beliefs are ok to do in these places? This is a great mystery to me. I do not know a single Democrat that lives by the way they vote!


Yep, John, we all have family and friends that tend to be hypocrites. I can’t figure it out either.

I don’t know if it is unconscious behavior or just uneducated ignorance.

They just ignore or turn a blind eye to what’s happening in the world. Sad state of affairs, for sure.


If the Constitution was honored and obeyed; elections wouldn't be such an issue. But since one party seeks to subvert the Constitution, legislate from the court, and destroy the Bill of Rights; elections have become so important. If we fail to return to Constitutional Law, eventually we are doomed.


The Constitution is a dead document and really doesn't hold up well in modern times.

Would highly suggest most of you drop your extremist views and come back to a thing we call reality for a while.


Very true, swan.

The Supreme Court is charged with interpreting the Constitution. We all now know these justices don’t remove their bias when making a decision.

It is a threat to our country when judges, elected or unelected, allow their personal opinions and sometimes quid pro quo to interpret law.


I think the constitution is a living document, the originalists have it wrong of course, otherwise we would not have women voting but might have a 3/5th compromise. We need a sound and balanced judiciary to make wise and relevant interpretations in line with 2020, not 1775.


So now, constitutional rights is an extremist view? Wow just wow...


You're extrapolating things that don't exist. Typical political moves to take things out of context and reuse them.

I said, and I am quoted as saying: The constitution is a dead document frozen in time and place.

I also said that people need to take their extremist views (such as men legislating a woman's body) and can it and move on to something else. No where ever have I said following the constitution is extreme.

Please learn to observe facts.



Sleepwalker need to reread your nov 4th comment at 7:14 am. Your latest post where you quoted yourself is incorrect.


The bible says nothing about abortiion. It says plenty about divorce, pride, welcoming the stranger or immigrant. and helping the poor. According to the bible life begins at first breath. Read it. Nobody wants an abortion, it's a last resort for women in dire straits.


Hey, Hac, Where does the bible say that life begins at first breath? Thanks!


The Bible does not say “life begins at” “first breath”. It says Adam came to life at first breath. The Bible doesn’t teach that every man comes to life at first breath any more than it teaches that every woman comes from the rib of a man.

Genesis describes this as God “breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

We Pro-Life folks believe that “life begins” with unborn babies, even in the first trimester. Long before birth, the unborn is a valuable human being whose life should be protected from harm.


Exodus 21:22-23

David Collins

The bible says plenty about helping an immigrant ? Help them do what ? Perhaps a few verse references would be helpful . Did not know that the word immigrant even existed back then . What version is this bible lilac ?

Abortion is a useful tool , one utilized by women for centuries in one form or another . Of course the various churches discourage it for they want the women to bring forth little church members that soon grow into bigger church members that bring forth even more little church members . The bigger the church the more power it wields along with increased revenue . Kinda like what we call countries today .


I guess llac is still looking for those bible verses.


"For you were strangers in the land of Egypt"


It is kinda ironic that if abortion becomes illegal, like the religious right wants, then we are going to have a lot more democrats.


LOL, justice

David Collins

Is it that Democrats do not know the consequences of what they do or is it that they expect others to pay for their irresponsible actions or both . A report years ago said that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock . You can edit this out but that will not erase the facts . And there are those that say that Planned Parenthood does not serve a useful purpose . Think of what those numbers would be without them . Oh , by the way . The white girls appear to be trying their best to catchup . Hispanics are the most family friendly of the bunch . Perhaps we can take a lesson to heart and learn something .


"Wait Just a Minute! Some Very Good News May Be Coming" By Jay Valentine. Who knows he may be onto something. Wait until 12/14/20 any way. Talking heads & fake news like Fox haven't been given authority to call elections.

David Collins

We will see . The wheels of justice are just too slow and the evidence erasure has already begun . You know , software errors , hiccups in the system and ballots that grew legs overnight . Next you will here a call from the RINOS to concede for the good of the country while the career Washington staffers are already shifting allegiance to the new administration . Hope you are correct but history is in the way .


Would expect nothing less from Trump and his supporters. And just who called Trump the winner in 2016?


C'mon, Justice, your new president is trying to bring us all together and you are tearing us apart. [innocent]



David Collins

Lots of people call election results . Sometimes they are correct , sometimes not . Just like anything else . Basically who cares ! This talk of civil war is nonsense . Really , what can Harris / Biden do about much of anything without Congress going along with it ? The same old struggle just different names and goals . We have seen it all before , will see it again , well most of us anyway . The sun will still rise from the East , every day .


If the democrats control both wings of congress, and the White House, David, you will see quite a bit done. And it won't be a pretty sight. The sun will still come up, as you say, but the rest will be quite different. That is for certain. Stand by.

David Collins

Perhaps it is time to retire this segment and move on . Time to modify and adapt , stop living in the past . No one in this forum can do much about anything .


One completely idiotic comment that "The Constitution is Dead"; that phrase is the perfect set of fighting words, to me. Far too much blood has been shed in defense of our Rights, our Constitution, for anyone to utter such a statement. I pray that statement in made in my presence.


Hey, corrupt, Just wanted to follow up on a conversation we had about AR-15s. I know it’s not the topic of this board, but I lost the 2nd amendment site.

After talking with my wife’s nephew, who owns an AR-15, plus about 20 other guns, I understand more on this particular type of weapon.

Being unfamiliar with some of the terminology of semi-automatic weapons and never being able to understand the different types of ammo that can be used, makes it difficult for me to understand the AR-15.

Because of the compact modular design of this weapon, I guess a user can collect many different parts and use them to compose the rifle they desire. I am told they are obscenely accurate, consistent and drop safe.

I had originally thought AR-15s were mostly for war, but have come to realize they are excellent for big game hunters and very popular for varmint hunters.

And I don’t know if you told me this, corrupt, or my wife’s nephew or if I read it somewhere, but liberals tried to pass a bill restricting the sale of military type rifles, like the AR-15s, AK-47s and M-16s. In their “talking” points they said semi-automatic “rifles”, but in the “written” bill they said a ban on semi-automatic “weapons”. Well this could be interpreted as a .22 semi-automatic rifle, a semi-automatic shotgun or pistol. Sneaky - Sneaky!

So, I originally said I didn’t see the need for folks to own an AR-15, but let me clarify, I don’t see the need for “me” to own one. However, I respect the rights of folks that want to own one.

Just as someone rightly told me, we don’t ban cars because of DUI deaths.

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