Beaufort, N.C.

March 20, 2020


To the Carteret County Manager and Carteret County Commissioners: I and other small business owners have NO cash coming through the front door because our businesses have been FORCIBLY SHUT DOWN due to COVID-19 fears. While our employees have been laid off and can go collect unemployment, we, as owners, cannot. We still have to pay our business utilities, insurance, taxes, rent, lease, mortgage, loan interest, etc.

Many of us have rental properties at the beach and that is OUR ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME right now. That is our ONLY cash coming in to keep us afloat. These rental properties have no shared spaces, are not shared among guests, have private parking and beach access that does not involve being close to anyone. Once a guest walks to the beach, it’s easy to maintain a 100 FOOT social distance.

You cannot forcibly shut down the Carteret County economy and force Carteret County small business owners into financial ruin, burning through capital reserves and savings without giving support in return. You MUST allow safe ways for us to remain in business and ALLOW us a CHANCE of keeping our heads above water.

Visitors that fear contracting the virus will not come – okay, but there are people who understand the risk, are not immunocompromised, are not elderly, do not have underlying medical conditions and take all the needed precautions that WILL come and HELP keep us afloat financially.

Small business owners, faced with financial ruin and no help from the county, will decide to reopen for business. Faced with the choice of getting sick or bankruptcy, small business owners will take their chances with getting sick. You can’t shut down the economy indefinitely; it will have to reopen. The question is, how much damage are you going to inflict upon small business owners until the inevitable happens – a reopened economy? How is Carteret County going to give me cash to survive in exchange for forcing me to shut down my business?


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It's about the safety of ALL county residents. Travelers have spread the virus. You want them to come HERE against the advice of the CDC, State, Federal & Local Govt. Our hospital is not equipped to handle a large influx of out of area patients. Nor should our Medical professional be exposed to potential carriers of the virus just so you can rent your beach home.


In times like this, we must all do what we can, what we are asked to do, for the greater good. As corny as that may sound. We must all sacrifice if we expect to defeat our common enemy. Some will sacrifice more than others. Some will loose their jobs, their income and sadly their home. Some will loose their very lives. Loss of a small business pales in comparison to the loss of a loved one. We must all do our part, and yes even if it means the loss of a significant investment, to get through this, as we have in the past. It takes all of us.

David Collins

Anyone ever thought about business continuation insurance ? Have been hearing and reading about all the folks that booked vacation rentals that they can not use due to the shutdown . Been hearing and reading about the rental folks refusing to offer refunds , even if they bought the insurance . Fine print and all that muck . The sob stories go both ways , it seems . The truth will come out , it always does .


I certainly understand the crucial role of public health officials in dealing with the virus. However, there is a good reason we don't have these folks running the whole of society. They may be among the least informed regarding infrastructure and the economy. The "public health" impacts of inducing a panic and unplugging the economy will be significant too.

We simply have to consider ALL of the consequences of these actions.


Just caught a dribble of 2 talking heads on business end of it about the $350B for small business in the multiple trillion $ package. One said she didn't think it'd be enough. The Left & their leader will fix that after they get their small share like nervous Nancy seems to always do. No telling how much she got during the wars in exchange for her reciprocity. She has a tough life working 3 days a week having to fly back & forth from coast to coast on that govt jet.


Mr. Louis makes his income by renting out an investment property to tourists. The last thing we need is people flowing into the county right now bringing Coronavirus with them. Our hospital has limited capacity for one thing.

For another our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, are more important than a little lost income.

If this is such a huge burden then Mr.Louis should sell his property. That should help him til he can get a job when this is over.

Perhaps Mr. Louis should have lived more humbly and put away some income during the good years


This map is much different from the 'world' maps i think some are viewing. [ ] The numbers are different. Like the 'DIRTY DEMOCRAT' Iowa cr@ppers we all saw , lolololo. Looks like a smoke screen to me? Remember, Democrats HAVE NO SENSE OF INDIVIDUAL! They have GREAT IDEAS OF HOW TO SPEND YOUR MONEY THOUGH! [wink] PS.... check out the SARS covid info, its more on point with this infection rate, from 2002 . So... i'm not saying there is no 'infection', but, if its SARS in nature, history would suggest treating it the way of SARS, not the FLU. (these are just my opinions though) [yawn]


Theory. [ ] Plz read the abstract in full.


There will be assistance in the package from Congress and I'm sure the writer will be able to apply for some. The government is doing what many other small rural counties with limited resources are doing. The amount of hospital beds is limited and the people coming here from other places despite the CDC & government's recommendations can overrun our small hospital and deplete our resources. We have asked vacationers to rethink their plans for the greater good & it's sad that many have only considered themselves. Sorry that you cannot rent out your house during this time. There are many of us who are landlords who have planned for such a situation and have money set aside to cover the mortgage when there are catastrophes. Perhaps you could rent to traveling nurses? There seems to be a shortage of housing for them.

David Collins

Many of these small businesses have been barely viable in the best of times . Many are pretty much “hobbies” for retired folks to dabble in . Not singling out any particular businesses or locations but they are scattered all about the coastal regions . Quaint little shops best describes them as well as tourist traps . They come and go quite regularly .


The direct payments will bypass the bureaucracy and that is a plus - but the payments to the bureaucracy and all of the no-profits will be wasted. I have applied for assistance in the past. Believe me the money never gets through the red tape

David Collins

Ahaaaaaa , this time will be different . Won’t it ? Maybe a love note to Nancy will help . It has appeared to be helping others . Others that have nothing to do with this situation .


I suspect the 'COIN' is the same one passed from the last DISASTER? Maybe not, perhaps a NEW COIN may be found over there? [innocent]


Closing some businesses but not all, is discriminatory. Either close all or none. Otherwise, it is Unconstitutional. I smell big lawsuits when this is over.


I think the best help will come from being able to write off the losses on your 2020 taxes, but as we know, that doesn't help keep everyone afloat right now. That being said, this is a pandemic and perhaps the writer has insurance or savings to stay afloat while he waits it out.


Seems the Mardi Gras may have contributed to the New Orleans problem. Ah, the humanity of it all. In the 50s small carnival atmosphere of AB's "Circle" on weekends & fishing piers of yesteryear. Much different now with whole Bogue Banks strand & the "Crystal Coast" mega developments. A few fishermen &/or vacationers with some real $ from inland saw a way to make more $. Some would call them entrepreneurs. Locals got onboard the gravy train too. Gone is the weekend small carnival. Big $ homes & businesses with small ones interspersed to round things out. To keep it rolling pumping sand & spreading with bulldozers outside of turtle season is the trick. So now that it's been found we've gone from "small carnival" Circle to a permanent year around & world renown "Big Top Circus" with all the trappings of lots crowding in lots of way including the needs of the crowds like new schools. We'll make it just follow the guidance put out by the president's team & just maybe we will won't repeat the Mardi Gras.

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