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Nov. 3. 2021


The world today is dominated by a handful of corporations: banks, financial companies, insurance companies, and mutual, pension, or trust funds. And the largest that we all should be aware of is a little-known, left-of-center, Woke company called BlackRock.

BlackRock is the largest, virtually unregulated investment firm and manages $9.5 trillion in assets. They are known as a “shadow bank” or non-bank financial institution outside the scope of federal regulators. Their money managers are influential players in DC politics, with 70 offices in 30 countries and assets more than the gross domestic product of every country in the world, except the US and China.

BlackRock also has “shady ties” to the Chinese Communist Party and issues mutual fund products with Bank of China Investment Management. Billionaire George Soros described BlackRock’s initiative in China as a “tragic mistake” that would “damage national security interests of the U.S.”

BlackRock played a role in the 2008 financial crisis and has put itself into a position to control, whether directly or indirectly, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street Mega-Banks, and the Biden Administration.

BlackRock has hired many former government officials over the years, with a revolving door between politics and finance of 90 plus folks. At least three top executive leaders from BlackRock now hold prominent positions in Biden's cabinet. Yes, Government BlackRock is now inside the White House.

Former BlackRock executive Brian Deese leads Biden's National Economic Council. Biden also tapped Adewale Adeyemo, a former BlackRock executive, as deputy secretary of the treasury. Michael Pyle, BlackRock's former global chief investment strategist, serves as a leading economic advisor to VP Harris. BlackRock founder and CEO Larry Fink is a top advisor to the Treasury Department.

BlackRock, along with J.P. Morgan, is now buying up entire residential communities around the country and turning the homes into rental units. The demand for properties from these firms adds to the bidding wars we are currently seeing and is helping drive house prices 20-40% higher than market value and is pricing some middle-class folks out. Remember the housing bubble of 2008?

The Campaign for Accountability, a nonpartisan, nonprofit watchdog organization, launched the BlackRock Transparency Project to investigate BlackRock’s influence on governments and public policy. They have accused BlackRock of conflict-of-interest work, which leads to greater profits without transparency and otherwise engaging in unethical corporate actions.

The Transparency Project drew attention to BlackRock’s ordering 1,000 departing employees to sign paperwork preventing the employees from financially benefiting if they reported illegal activity in line with whistleblower laws. They also noted that BlackRock implemented a strategy of lobbying, campaign contributions, and revolving door hires to fight off government regulation and establish itself as the most potent financial company globally.

Billionaire investors Sam Zell and Carl Ichan said: I didn’t know CEO BlackRock Founder Larry Fink had been made God and that BlackRock is extremely dangerous, respectively.

A Bloomberg report states that BlackRock and Vanguard companies together will have investments of $20 trillion by 2028. That means they will own almost everything. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg calls BlackRock “The fourth branch of government” because it’s the only private agency that closely works with the Central Banks.

In other words, BlackRock and Vanguard will soon hold a monopoly of all industries in the world. And if they fail, taxpayers to the rescue. America has evolved from a Capitalist Society to a Corporatist Society where an unelected corporate elite dictates top-down.

BlackRock’s enormous power over the world should concern us, yet mainstream media treats the company as just another Wall Street financial firm. Interestingly enough, Biden met with BlackRock CEO Fink before the 2020 election and asked for his help.


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Thanks for putting a lot of meat on the bones of a most important and timely topic. It's a major part in the "picture puzzle" affecting modern U.S. and World History.


Don't for get the Carlisle Group of high ranking government elected office holders bureaucrats with big names like Bush for one. Gross conflicts of interest. Money IS power. Let's start with a flat tax of 4% - to pick a number. Tax is the root power,

Here we go again!

Do you mean a 4% flat tax just on income or on income + all other assets?

David Collins

Yup , they be big . Real big . But , is this not what the ( we now life in a globalist society ) political wonks wanted ? One all inclusive equal world order ? This utopia where we are all equal , things are equitable and fair where social justice reigns supreme ? Of course , some are just a little bit more equal due to the dignity of their job of leading us all down the primrose lined yellow brick road but that comes with the burden of it all . A heavy , thankless burden it is indeed and they should be compensated in some small way . You understand that , do you not ?


Concurrency. virus' of various types.that can change faster than we can create cures, world internet. artificial intelligence. global warming,Human brain can h span of control. is about 16 complex events at one time. I ave no answer . All this will play out some how. Best to stay out of the way. Hard to outrun an avalanche.


Can you explain when exactly "social justice" became a dirty word and a bad idea? i suspect you would agree the pledge of allegiance in schools is a good thing? The closing line of the pledge is ...With liberty and justice for all.

Sounds like justice has been confused with Just- us.


Cripto currency - correction


Billionaire George Soros described BlackRock’s initiative in China as a “tragic mistake” that would “damage national security interests of the U.S.

Well, that is an accurate quote.

Does big money having sway over gov't surprise anyone? Are folks unaware that the stock market is basically a shell game, a casino blessed by the govt? In our two party system one party always wants to tax &regulate business the other deregulate and cut taxes. Both of the parties are beholden to big money interests.

Trying to tie this all this to 1 party is disingenuous at best.

Isn't G Soros the bad guy who wants to bring about the new world order? Unless he says something you agree with I guess.

The plain fact is both the dems and the gop are working for the same wall street & international bankers. They keep the population stirred up and fighting each other over made up social issues, all the while enriching themselves at the public trough.

How many millionaires in congress? Making the laws and the tax code for the middle class to live under.


Soros operates as an LLC and will enjoy an annual salary of 2% of the upside of t he fund - no bad. He also operates through non-profits that he funds, and this is not transparent at all. Accountability is impossible. Non profits are just that - non profitable - so at the end of the year the non profit CEO must take a salary or bonus that will eliminate profitability. Big loophole in the tax code.


The sqaud +2 voted against JB and NP. So, sometimes disagreement among crooks is nothing new. GS must be jealous he can't be as destructive as the other super rich anti-Americans, China, etc.


Mr soros, according to Forbes magazine:

As of March 2021, he had a net worth of US$8.6 billion, having donated more than $32 billion to the Open Society Foundations, of which $15 billion have already been distributed, representing 64% of his original fortune, making him the "most generous giver" (in terms of percentage of net worth) according to Forbes.

Clearly he has the courage of his convictions, and puts his money where his mouth is.

As a Jewish survivor of the nazi occupation of hungary, a real life rags to riches story. There is much an objective observer can admire about him. Facts matter.


Yep, BlackRock is giant. If you were to make $1 every second, you would be worth as much as BlackRock in about 240,000 years.

BlackRock’s excessive liquidity means that if you look at nearly every major publicly-traded company globally, you’ll find that BlackRock is its first, second, or third-largest shareholder.

But this isn’t why you should be terrified of BlackRock. You should be terrified because they are the lynchpin between Wall Street and Washington D.C.

During the 2008 housing crisis, when the government bailed out “too big to fail” like CitiGroup, AIG, Fannie Mae, Goldman Sachs, Freddie Mac, etc., the Federal Reserve hired BlackRock to clean up the mess. What made all of this worse is that BlackRock held significant shares in the institutions they were helping bail out.

After the first of the year, we will probably hear Biden talk about a financial, economic collapse.

David Collins

Whew , just checked and we own Blackstone , not Black Rock . Guess that makes us one of the gooder guys .


The U.S. is possibly the only thing standing between the globalists/one world order with no borders and everything else the Leftists are bent on. Did this great humanitarian once state that he would engage in any activity that would put money in his pocket?


Quite comical to talk all this stock market, money grabbing stuff but the great humanitarian somehow doesn't fit in that game. Is funding efforts to defund police and funding election of DAs soft on violent criminals making cities safer or more dangerous? Funding news organizations known for bogus news and D Party talking points made to look like local news pieces? Rioters burning and killing? Hard to believe over 50% of voters believe cheating tainted 2020 election outcome isn't it?


Hard to believe over 50% of voters believe cheating tainted 2020 election outcome isn't it?

Sigh, no it is hard to beleive, because it is not true. 50 -70% of republican voters beleive that. Some of you seem to forget that we are all Americans

So 30% of Republicans and 95% of democrats do not beleive that. Safe to say then, the vast majority of voters do not beleive that.

Many folks, a surprising number from the pics, gathered in Dallas for jfk Jr to reappear, join with trump and they be installed as pres and vp. Those are verifiable facts. Ppl beleive a lot of things it seems. Some people anyway.


China controls Wall St and Wall St controls DC. With China's problems and love for us and a bunch of Leftists anti-American grifters running the country we should feel real toasty and fuzzy.


The word "grifter" won't work. We're not talking "small-scale swindling" here.


BlackRock, China, and Bill Gates, who is now the largest farmland owner in the country are buying up houses and vast amounts of prime farmland in the US.

Kinda hard not to feel our country is being sold out from under us.


Correct, and it's hard to stomach. Wife and I returning from trip to Charlotte on Hwy 24 2-3 years ago getting ready to stop at a restaurant near biggest pork producer. Just before the eatery noticed a bus with Washington, DC prominently posted on the front. Line of Chinese boarding it obviously visiting the massive pork facility. Told wife, "they're buying it and maybe lots of land and maybe surrounding farmland that supports it". Shortly after being seated in restaurant the busload arrived. Waitress very frustrated with all the orders with only one speaking English. Obviously, more than one bus from DC is and has been buying America for a while. Wonder how many in DC are profitting?

David Collins

Am quite sure they flew in but am also sure the busses are very nice busses .

This buying up of our property is nothing new . Considerably cheaper than firing the first shot and conquest by acquisition has oh so many other benefits . No conspiracy , just facts . We have done the very same thing .

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