Pine Knoll Shores, N.C.

Jan. 4, 2021


RE: CBS 60 Minutes January 3, 2021

60 Minutes presented a story bemoaning personal attacks on people by third parties via Social Media, concluding that, when Biden is President he will have those nasty Social Media attacks stopped.

No mention was made that President Trump has vigorously opposed the Social Media 230 protections that allow those personal attacks, but the Democrat Congress absolutely won’t terminate those protections.

Interestingly, recently, NPR critically reported that the reason President Trump vetoed the Budget Bill was because it didn’t repeal the 230 legal protections for Social Media.

Maybe the solution can be that Biden and Congress will end personal attacks on Democrats via Social Media, but allow personal attacks on Republicans.

That ou’ta pass fast. : )


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Remember this, your Country will be done in in less then 4 years. KAPUT. Mexico anyone?


Ah yes, the ole " red scare" that one never gets old does it? A dem president was elected, the sky is falling. Talk in circles scream and shout. Dems in power its a rout.


Let it be. Give it a rest. The Rule of Law has been crushed. Trump's impeachment "trial" was like the last chapter of a B movie serial. Pelosi won. Trump, General Flynn, and a few other lesser players got the proverbial bat from the F x BI. Move on. The Folks now pulling the levers of power have not changed. FxBI runs things. Do bad things and you wind up in a 8 x 20 cell high in the Colorado Mountains awaiting trial. Social media is a one way system for arguing with someone you never met in your life and never will. How big of a deal is this? Read a book on history if you want to understand - history never changes.

mary wenzel

You said that when Obama was elected to clean up behind the last republican economic disaster.

If America can survive for one more week, we're good.


It’s always the libruls fault ain’t it Bill. Trumps taliban has been manipulated into storming our capital, assaulting and killing one LEO, defiling the people’s house. Something that did not even occur in our own civil war, and you took the time to craft a “just asking questions “ letter to the editor.

Trump taliban marched through the capital screaming hang Mike Pence. Thousands were incited to violence by the child in the White House and his enablers.

Shame on you.


But you are okay with the killing of innocent people, burning down business and all the looting the past few months? Don't just show one side and try doing some research about what really happened at the Capital not just what you want to hear. Both sides need to take a good look at what happened not just one sided


At this point, since most people do NOT want to acknowledge, regardless of your party affiliations , your COUNTRY is gone. EVERYTHING your HISTORY is based on, good or bad, is being removed, and you failed to stop it. Your schools are teaching anti- American literature, half of the population is under some kind of illusion about COMMUNISM , that simply is not FACT BASED. Your local library is done. Your MOVEMENT in and around the AREA YOU LIVE has been restricted by your Government. Your 'local business's have been restricted by a fanatical idea that a cold was the cause. Heck, your POPULATION is walking around wearing 'FACE MASKS' (which is LAUGHABLE , if it wasn't such a shame) and under a guise that anyone not wearing one is a crook?????????? Disgusting. Yea, you folks are getting ready for some great change to come, just open a book and read about the commies in other countries, and garner some knowledge. (if the BOOKS are still around). The TWO PARTIES ARE BOTH RESPONSIBLE for this and YOU ALL KNOW IT. RIP America.


Made it through the Depression, WW2 Korea Police action and now this. Here is but one example that I have witnessed, and it tells it all - not good. Dr Saulk created the vaccine for polio and gave it away free.change . My public school required that we memorize The Constitution section by section, and pass a test to graduate. Open primaries and a choice on the ballot to vote none-of-the-above would be a start.


Governor says stay home, we stay home. Governor says close your business, we close our business. But, if the Governor says get in a train boxcar, don’t get in the boxcar.

Since Twitter is a private company and can do what they want, then every private business should be open right now.


The hyperbole exceeds the usual drama lvl.

Boxcars really?

free speech is limited everyone knows the classic " fire in a crowd" example. This paper has a similar terms of use policy to most other media outlets, with the addition of the vague but clever " jerk " clause. Get a grip. Comparing genocide to terms of use policy is ....pathetic


Couldn't agree more Benelli, this letter shouldn't have even been posted.

Sensible people will prevail and this past administration will be remembered as a traitorous group ran by a man with the mentality of a 6th grader. Watch everyone distance themselves from Trump over the next year.

Well, most will, those with the same mentality will defend him to the end.


I'm if this needs to be done, blaming both party's equally. I'm blaming the people allegedly in POWER of your Country's law, and Media ,and am under no assumption there is a difference. POWERS THAT BE HAVE ALLOWED SOME TYPE OF SICK EXTORTION TO CONTINUE FOR NO REASON. Extortion is a CRIME, and, personally, i do not give a rat's @ss which ideal they subscribe to. At this point, the only question is when do the REAL AMERICANS get here, and put a stop to the level of total bs that has been flung upon us.


The National Socialist Democrat Party, their minions and their allies of Big Tech and Media haven’t officially assumed power, but they are making their intentions known.

If I were a conspiracy theorist I would say this all sounds very well coordinated.

Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook have moved to eliminate a conservative platform, Parlor, because it threatens their ability to control thought and speech.

Democrat Party Checklist:

*control speech

*control guns

*manipulate the election process

*enhance division between republicans and democrats.

Sleepy Joe continues to play the race card in an effort to divide. Didn’t Biden say Trump is the big divider? Hypocrisy!

Changes are coming, that we can be sure of.


COMMIES ARE THE ENEMY. Plain and simple, of EVERY AMERICAN, regardless of our views. When your communication goes, its almost over chap. Wake up folks.

mary wenzel

You have no constitutional right to a website, and neither does trump. Private media companies are not required to provide a platform for government propaganda, nor should they be.

If a twitter account was shut down, it's because the privilege was abused. Liars and conspiracy mongers deserve no safe space on the internet.


Anybody know a 6th grader who has accomplished:

1. Vaccine in record time;

2. Strong economy before and during virus pandemic;

3. Strong military;

4. No wars which is my favorite;

5. Got billions from countries using our military;

6. Got rid of ISIS Caliphate;

7. Middle East peace with 5 Nobel Peace nominations;

8. Got us out of Syria;

9. Greatly reduced illegal border crossings;

10. Enabled growth of fracking and drilling making us the number one oil and gas producers in the world and exporter of it?

Me either but this is about free speech not a silly comment about the competence of this president. So, answer this are you in favor of free speech or not?


The first amendment binds what the government can do or not do in regards to freedom of speech and censorship, not private companies like this newspaper, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


I still have free speech, but now there is no rule of law Argentina 2.0. Tax campaign contributions 90% and see what happens.


Who is acting like 6th graders are social media companies that act as if somebody elected them and Congress that holds hearings and does nothing.


Though he doesn't agree with the president's comments constitutional law professor and liberal Turley says he did NOT call for riots or violence therefore no impeachable offense. Can the same be said about some D politicians, media, etc.?


I hate to inject a lil logic into this discussion, but If you favor repealing section 230 that provides liability protection to tech co's for what others do/say on their platform, then you likely also agree that every time someone is shot with a gun, the gun manufacturer can be sued right? Give that some thought before you go slinging around" hypocrisy"


I'm okay with section 230.


In 2005, Senator Biden voted for an arms act where manufacturers could be sued for gun violence by individuals, but Congress didn’t jump on this. You can bet Biden will prioritize repealing this protection for manufacturers


Trump is getting ready to be censored, impeached and just about anything else they can think of to keep his war-mongering self away from power again. Don't be surprised if he doesn't end up in a federal prison before the end of the year.

Maybe you can find his inmate number and send him a nice batch of cookies or something.

David Collins

The suing of gun manufacturers has become a common practice amongst those that think it is the moral thing to do . It appears to work in some cases .


I know some are confused about the '230' etc. The issue with these 'tech' company's , (IMO) is their misuse of their own TOS, (term's of service). These are rules they create (regardless of the 230 protection) that when you sign up are ticked in the box allowing you to partake. Easy answer is to just stop using the app, or find an alternate. Except that , apparently here in the US, there seems to be a financial MONOPOLY, and it has simply been exposed. Go figure.


Sigh.. here's what you do buy a few servers some software and get a to line put in your house, you can be the next dan oingo boingo, or perhaps take rushes spot.

Sell t shirts on the side. There is a good reason parler got dumped, including by its own legal team. Need I explain?


I’m fortunate to be in the very small minority of the world. I’ve Never used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tictok, Snapchat, Myspace, etc.. Never Will. I do watch some YouTube Videos from time to time and have an email account.

They are tools for the devil!


Is anyone sensing a pattern? The same folks who said" no collusion" " perfect phone call" perfect phone call part 2( find me those votes) " it might have been china who hacked us" and now, the cherry on top " it was antifa, it was the left disguised as trump supporters".. there must be a word that describes people who beleive what ever they are told by their leader, their idol... and his enablers...what is it?


Can't wait to see who you blame on down the road......


Baa, baa, baa....sheep


Do you read palms too?


Oct 14, 2020 3:01pm

Y’all are putting too much thought into this-the President is the perfect example of “given enough rope, he will hang himself”.


I do see a pattern and it may not be illegal but it is suppression of freedom of speech from these social media platforms.


"it is suppression of freedom of speech from these social media platforms."

No, its not. You can not lose something you do not have. freedom of speech, is a protection from the govt restricting your speech, within the limits the courts have allowed. You do not have freedom of speech with corporate entities, other humans, or small businesses, they are not the govt. The idea you have freedom of speech from anyone but govt actors is incorrect. And wishing does not make it so.


Could you please expound on the examples with the facts? ie: as you seem to know straight to the point, thx. (one per each example)


Is it "Idiot"?


No, lots of ppl in the nyxium sex cult were educated and intelligent. The thing about cults is ppl want to beleive, are told what they want /need to hear. Many of the trumpist cultists are middle aged or older. They feel the cold finger of mortality on their necks, they long for simpler times, the good old days. They wish life could go back to the imaginary days of Mayberry red and the Waltons. Along comes a candidate who tells them we can do it, make America great again, follow me, listen to me and all your wishes come true.Anyone who disagrees is evil,an enemy, against religion,family,God and guns.smite them! Does that sound familiar?

It has happened over and over, and will continue as long as man exists.


If we all agreed on everything, we would just be brown nosing each other. Is that what you want, separate social media sites for conservatives and liberals? That should be fun.

This Cancel Culture stuff is getting ridiculous and vindictive. It will really hurt more than Trump....some really good folks get hurt. Lots of decisions made in the heat of the moment. Need to slow down and take a breath. Where is the line drawn?


Here is the line. Some people believe 1970's elvis was not a drug addict, bloated mentally ill wreck who liked died of an OD. they need to believe he was still the elvis of 1957. That is a delusion, contrary to the facts. That delusion is harmless, and its best to pull a curtain of charity over it and let them have their delusion.

The lies and delusion that the election was stolen and the 40,000 other lies and half truths uttered by Trump is what led directly to the events of 6 Jan. 2021.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a video on you tube about this, it explains it much better then I can. I encourage all of you to watch it.

morehood city res

you guys have subscribed to myths and legends. problems that aren't there, created in your imagination, a boogie man if you will. your little red rant room here does nothing to further your illegitimate cause. for those that set their faith with the false idol in the white house and continue to spew hate in his name, your judgement day will be interesting to say the least. we have all discovered the planet is much smaller than once thought. we will all have to continue to live on it for the foreseeable future. best take care of it and learn how to get along with one another if possible. at least see if you can start right here in your own country.


The "Terminator" violence on steroids? Oh, just delusional hollypoop stuff. Saved CA from itself as a great RINO. When is going to do one on free and fair elections and free speech? Maybe later after the housekeeper.


Social media fix? Yes.... let the idiots identify themselves, its much safer. I have simply asked Drewski to list four of the answers he posted the President allegedly acted out. He has no clue. He posted 4 'fake media stories' fiction at best. There's your fix for social media! [beam]


Actually you asked me to" expound". I assume since you are able to get to ltte you should be able to do your own research. The ubitiqious " fake news" labels suggests you are not open to any ideas not in line with trumpian dogma.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Yea that’s where I would get my advice…., Schwarzenegger. (I did watch the video)

Another thing he never shared publicly that started with lies and lies -- CNN: Arnold Schwarzenegger said he dealt with his multiple affairs, like other big moments in his life, by denying them – even, and at times especially from his wife.

As governor he bottomed out with a 22 percent public approval rating, tying Davis for the lowest recorded approval rating in California history. Wow!

I must admit he was a world-class bodybuilder.


If you had not been so busy trying to smear the messenger, you might have gotten the message... And as far as fake news, well that depends on your perspective, or lack therof. Trump is done, biden will be president in a few days, and this shameful flirting with authoritarian power is thankfully over,This time. Humans have short memories.


Biden will soon address the nation at his inauguration, themed “America United”. This display of bipartisanship aims to unite us all. Of course this is a false front.

No theme can bring the country back together, as long as, Biden and dems keep calling 70 million Americans racist, sexist, homophobic, insurrectionists and continue to be hostile to their values.

When many of us took offense to the rioting and looting across many America’s cities for months, the left downplayed the violence, with the incoming vice president even working to help bail out dangerous criminals.

So save your Publicity Stunt Unity speech, Joe. Unity would be great and if Biden really wanted America to be unified, he’d stop mischaracterizing the 70 million Americans who believe differently than he does.


Any examples of biden's actual words? Or are vague accusations enough?

mary wenzel

Perhaps you overplayed the violence as a means to ignore the message.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

BLM riots did happen, it was horrific in many cities. But BLM is a grassroots movement based on black Americans being disproportionally killed at the hands of law enforcement.

Remember when a football player took a knee to bring attention to an issue based in stats to prove it.

The other is the President lying to those same 70 million American over and over again and then telling them to go fight for your freedom.

Unity Will be there for those that want it.

How do you strike unity with people that believe Christianity, guns and elections are being outlawed?


"President Trump Takes a Hit for the Team". By Jack Cashill. Figured if I could waste a few minutes on Actor Arnold why not review facts. Like taking him out of context (e.g. Charlottesville) they ALL did it for good measure once again and hopefully for their last hoorah. His delivery & words don't always mesh the way some silver-tongued career politicians (e.g. we don't take a knife to a gun fight along with many other far leftists fighting words). Only president with no new wars since Carter who bowed out looking weak while DJT stood up to the real & would-be evil killers of Americans. Neo-conservatives like Bolton pushing to attack Iran over a drone. Planes in the air but a brilliant anti-war strategist had them return to base. Iranians, the world, and more importantly we ALL should be thankful he was at the helm and satisfied to later take out only one American-killing general. The history books will treat him well if there are any patriotic American historians left after ALL the anti-Americans get done with their lies & deceit.


Jack Cashill is an American author, blogger and conspiracy theorist. He is a weekly contributor to WorldNetDaily and Executive Editor of Ingram's Magazine, a business publication based in Kansas City, Missouri. Wikipedia

Laffs, your fantasy homage to trump extends to future history books.


Imagine world peace and imagine a government run by the people and not money, especially Dark money. I know, neither will ever happen.

Watch and see Big Tech companies and others that gave Big money to Biden get jobs in his administration

Where there is no vision, the people perish and are destroyed for lack of knowledge.


Yes big tech execs are going to take ses jobs at 1/10 or less their current income because it fits with the dems evil /gop holy narrative that you are so invested in.


I may have mentioned this before, but "The American Thinking" is an ultra-right publication that only publishes biased, misinformed articles targeting the elderly. You might want to try a variety of sources to be a little more well-rounded.


The Twitter Public Policy division is getting roasted on its own website after ironically and hypocritically tweeting about the importance of access to free expression and a free internet.


"American Thinker"... sorry for the typo above.


Well it beats watching Terminator movies.


Unlike Big Tech, I actually like free speech. I believe in spirited debate and the exchange of ideas.

Yes, you have to have rules in place and they must apply evenly to all. But, Big Tech has declared war on conservatives and they want to punish Trump supporters.

But to suggest that every conservative bears responsibility for the Capitol protest is nonsense.

Yep, Big Tech has the right to decide what information you receive on their platforms, who gets it and who doesn’t. Yes, they are special.

It's not the first time in history that authors and political pundits have been silenced…...1930s Germany.

Authoritarianism, principle of blind submission to authority, as opposed to individual freedom of thought and action. In government

On January 20, 2021, we will have less freedoms.


Whom has suggested" every conseratitive bears responsibility"? Trump and his elected enablers, media propagandists, and deranged wanna be patriots would entered the capitol bear the responsibility. Judge pass the gin Jeanie compared trump being kicked off Twitter to krystalnicht, if that don't beat all I dont know what does.

BTW you have said some varient of hypocrite like 20 times in the last few days.

Trying to defend trump by comparing past actions or words of others is a failed tactic.

" Jimmy did you break the sugar bowl this morning?" " well Jonny broke the creamer in 1971"

See how silly that sounds? 😆


Looked for any crimes on the current President, wow, not even a traffic ticket? Now i see, your preaching fiction. [whistling]


Double Standards (my new word) = all variants of hypocrite. [smile]

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Then let’s have debate and enjoy free speech.

Let’s just leave the lies, conspiracy theories and end of the country talk out. I’m all in!!!!

The country is going to survive just fine.

An individuals right to practice religion is safe

Just like in 1992,, 1996, 2008, 2012. Your guns are NOT going to be taken from you.

Capitalism/corporatism is here to stay. Live it up or not, it’s the system we have. Sure we have some social programs, after all, we are a society. A Gov made of the people, for the people.

If you think we are going to be a socialist country line Venezuela, or even a communist country like Cuba you haven’t been paying attention to who’s actually running things.

Since you bring up Hitler. Did you know 10 years prior to him taking power in the 1930’s he was defeated in an election and claimed election fraud that led to a failed coup attempt by Hitler supporters. Hitler and those responsible were given leniency, then 10 years later, well.......

Imagine if the business community had silenced Hitler instead of embracing him in Germany.

Did you know Hitler actuality used the exact same term as fake news, called journalist dumb and refused to answer their questions because they were beneath him.

Hitler also stopped doing press conferences altogether and begin to have rallies and held military parades.

Let’s debate what freedom we lose on January 20, 2021?


"Trump Was Tragically Finished Off at the Hand of a Ruthless Assassin -- Himself". By Geoffrey P. Hunt. Hey, don't be too tough on AT. Some of you Trump lovers I mean haters may like this one.


I don't need the stinker to tell me what finished trump. His crash and burns in the past through hubris, made it inevitable. 6 bankruptcies..3 failed marriges a long list of business failures.. sheesh trump steaks anyone?


I just had a thought...I guess the wall ain't happening now, huh?


The Wall is still going up. Government has a contract.


Trump , today, on the Border Wall. (yup, 400 miles so far..... )


He never was personally bankrupt. Many thousands if not millions of businesses have declared bankruptcy some of them major employers. So, that's somewhat of a joke. Even got taken by a business that declared bankruptcy & was livid but that's life. Don't know about anyone else but business people enriching themselves is much more palatable than govt employees. Actually not sure how a senator, rep or any other govt employee becomes rich working govt jobs unless they were already before taking office. Hating anyone for making a great living through hard work is not much oi f an example for young folks. Was it Truman or Grant or both who went bankrupt more than once?


Your love and defense of failed president trump is commendable, however misplaced loyalty is still misplaced. Reminds me of a parent who can't or won't admit thir child is a psycho, makes excuses, denies the truth right in front of their eyes. It is understandable. Thankfully the majority sees baby Donnie for what he is.


In case you didn''t catch the President's visit today the wall is there & working nicely so what's your point?


So, you believe what one does in private life affects their performance in the WH? How did y'all elect Bubba? Better yet how did you re-elect him? We know ethics of any kind don't apply to D's. Some R's even believe it.


Anybody know why people are leaving NY & CA which are run by leftists?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

The pandemic has changed people’s lives. Many are realizing they could live in areas more suited to their personal lives.

A huge NY exit is literally people who wZnt a back yard.

Cali is a different beast. High cost of living, not just taxes make it hard for lower and middle income earners to live in a nice area .

California still has the most people moving in annually, so it makes sense to match that as the most moving out.

Let’s not forget wild fires that destroyed entire cities.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

What are we mad about now?

I thought the 1st amendment was to protect citizens from being prosecuted legally by the Gov.

How are private companies booting people for breaking company rules equal 1st amendment rights?

The reason so many of you keep getting so mad and believe your country is being destroyed, you are listening to right wing extremist who are in control of right wing media try to explain their crazy instead of common sense.

Simple Civics courses are offered online.

The whole I have first amendment rights I can say whatever I want, this is very, very true.

Doesn’t mean people and private companies can’t hold people accountable for what they say.

The Gov functioned just fine without Social media up until Trump couldn’t tweet.

Also the dear ol leader can talk to the American people anytime he wants by getting the white press co together.

As a matter of fact, if Trunp wants to get the word out to the American people and the world, he can do thru mass media from one podium in the West Wing, lawn, Oval Office etc.

As far as social media platforms being halted or users being kicked off, if Al Queda, Russia, domestic terror group or any enemy of the American gov are using these platforms to communicate and execute the overthrow of our Gov, see no problem

Again private companies. Google, Amazon, Apple don’t want the Feds taking their servers to thatcher evidence to prosecute terrorist.

If you wanna change the subject, maybe you all should be wondering why Trump and Guiliani have lying about the election and their abilities to overturn that election to a large group of people that also believe there is a pizza shop in DC in charge of the world’s Hunan trafficking ring and put Hillary in charge.

Maybe you should be asking Donald how Breitbart News (who’ve claim to fake prior to 2016 was grocery store line news tabloids) became the main source of info for the Executive branch.

All aboard the Trump Train! You’re on the no fly list now.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Speaking of inciting riots, where did the terrorist that stormed the Capitol get the idea to hurt Pence?


I mean, I mean why were those people trying to harm Pence of all people? Can any of you think of a reason?

mpjeep, the biggest gun forum in the world, was deplatformed on Monday by web hosting company GoDaddy.

And the list keeps growing.


I was just on 1 min ago, so...

Its is really that diffacult to at least attempt to fact check before posting?


The federalist and they are correct. I don't need Google, cause some folks on here know everything.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

And again. These private companies are not going to be part of terror plot based on lies.

It’s really not that hard to figure out.

If I was providing a service that was enabled terrorist, I would do the same.

At what point are some of you gonna understand last weeks coup attempt was horrific.

People died and more could have died.


Lets hope more folks can finally open their eyes to" things they refused to see"

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera said he supports the impeachment of President Donald Trump, slamming him for having "unleashed a mob."

Rivera tweeted in reference to Trump encouraging supporters to march on the US Capitol, which soon evolved into a riot that left five people died.

Pondering Trump's mindset, Rivera tweeted that losing the election "made him crazy or revealed a dysfunction I had refused to see."


When cities were burning, citizens being terrorized in their homes and businesses and Anarchists running rampant in the streets, our Reps in Congress sat and watched, saying very little.

Ignoring the riots from Congress: “silence is acceptance”. I’m not justifying what happened in DC and folks do need to be held accountable

Now the dems want all the DC protesters blacklisted, fired from their jobs, businesses shut down, etc.. History shows BLM rioters did not receive the same consequences.

Dems label Trumpist as domestic terrorists, but not BLMist. Congress really didn’t care when bad things were happening in other cities, but when it reached their front door, they did care and now say: We Need the Police, not Defund the Police.

Remember this: That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…….

David Collins

I don’t know BFDR , so what is your point ? Please be accurate but brief .

Big Fat Drunk Republican

The Trump administration say they've completed more than 400 miles of border wall since then.

It's 452 miles (727 km) in total, according to the latest US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) information (4 January 2021).

However, only 80 miles of new barriers have been built where there were none before - that includes 47 miles of primary wall, and 33 miles of secondary wall built to reinforce the initial barrier.

The vast majority of the 452 miles is replacing existing structures at the border that had been built by previous US administrations.




Yes,yes he is. Twice impeached trump is still the president, all of ours president, till the 20th. Then the real squirming will start. Then on the 20th, sleepy joe,not a psycho will be our president. Oooah rah!

Big Fat Drunk Republican

The future is bright!

David Collins

Ok BFDR , could well be so . Don’t know , haven’t been there . Just because you have a rickety rusted out chain link fence does not make it a functional wall . Some sections are measly a few strands of wire marking the border . Where is there any chance of security in that ? Makes perfect sense to fortify first then move on down the line . Is there another way ? That is a question and a yes or no would be OK . Perhaps followed by , just what would BFRD do ? At your leisure sir .

Big Fat Drunk Republican

I’m gonna live my life, work hard and raise a family.

I’m not worried about whether the next guy in line is any other color than me, don’t care where they are from, don’t really care how they got here,. Don’t care how much money they make.

As long as they play by the rules, don’t try to overthrow our Gov, crash planes into buildings, shoot people, bully people, criticize others appearance, gender or sexual preference.

I don’t care where you go to church, if you go to church or even worship Satan if you don’t impose your beliefs on me, or use it to persecute it impose laws based on those religions. I am a Christian myself.

Don’t care if you can speak my language it not. I should tell you done stories about my trip to Europe.

I’m not living in this fantasy land that horrible people are entering our country every day threatening to do harm to our country, economy or culture.

I do know we have an immigration issue, but don’t see how a wall stops that problem or any of the other problems associated with trade across our border legal or not.

What I do know is the biggest threat our country has truly ever faced has been unleashed (domestic terrorism) and the guy that is my President is hugely responsible for unleashing that beast.

So I’m not really sure what his wall is gonna do.

Our issues are handle to handle the current pandemic and the next one.

How to deal with Trump’s terror cult.

Security non our nations Capitol and other state capitols.

How to deal with natural disasters that continue to rock our communities and daily lives.

How to deal with a rapidly declining national power grid, the threats they face from domestic terrorism,

And our foreign enemies.

Our communication systems that are broadly vulnerable and c l ear targets of the Trump terror group and foreign enemies.

Getting life back to normal, kids back in school, live entertainment and Americans back to work.

None of these things have anything to do with a border wall.


Well I would put in 2 fences and a minefield in the no man's land. Cheap expedient and effective, sadly the public doesn't have the stomach for it. Seriously the wall is a monument to trumps ego and not the most effective use of resources. It has been breached cut, and climbed repeatedly. Dident a whole section fall over in a rain storm/ washout. Yes, yes I know Nancy and the Vatican have a wall, therefore it just follows thats what we should do. <--- sarcasm


Oh, yea, its 'let me sniff your hair' China Joe, coming up. ( btw, did you folks ever find a jaywalking ticket on Trump?) hahahahahahahahah[beam]


Har har har, no I did not look for a jaywalking ticket for gropenfuher trump. There are people who do look for criminal acts, they are paid to do so. In fact I hear tell the state of New York is quite interested in individual 1 finances, and have amassed an impressive pile of documents. Guess after jan 20th we may see some criminal complaints, and not for jaywalking?

David Collins

Had a feeling , based on your prior responses , you would dodge , duck and deflect any serious response . At least you are consistent . So , not worth my time to pursue any further . Have a nice day .


The social media site, Parler, is gone for now, the victim of a liberal conspiracy to silence,


Well, that's one opinion. Another might be the postings on parler violated the terms of use of Amazon's service. The examples amazon cited in their court response seem pretty clear at least to me, do you think free speech includes inciting murder and kidnapping, bombings,? The homemade napalm and pipe bombs found in dc suggest more then a patriots protest.

The obvious solution as I previously said is to start your own patriot web site, maybe hannity or the surviving Koch bro will put up a few mil? If not apple started in a garage and amazon was a small online bookseller. Think big!


Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired /


Big Techs conservative purges should be chilling to those of us that believe in free expression and exchange of thoughts.

This is an assault on social media accounts for conservatives. An assault on any opinion that veers from what some feel as acceptable and an attempt to: Erase Trump” and “Erase criticism of Biden”.


I just looked on Facebook, dan bongino,Sean hannity, and 5 other notable right wingers have their pages, and their opinions up and in plain view. This handwringing tearful ,end of the world, conservative voices are being silenced is just more far right posturing and victim hood.

On that happy note I am done with this thread.

David Collins

Back to the topic of social media .

I , for one , wish it had never been invented . I an referring to today’s version of social media . What started as a quirky college dorm thing has grown into a total beast . My best analogy is this . Like providing everyone on earth an automobile with unlimited free fuel , no operating instructions , no age limit , not even guidelines and then wondering why it is going so wrong .


Trump has been banned for life from Twitter and barred indefinitely from Facebook for what they say is his promoting violence and using the word “fight” at a rally.

But, is Madonna banned from social media? No! She voiced a desire on social media to blow up the White House with the Trump family in it.

After the 2020 election, Kathy Griffin retweeted a picture of her holding a prop that looked like the head of a decapitated Trump. Is she banned from Twitter? No!

Is the rapper, AK-47, banned from social media? The lyrics of his song "Shoot at Everyone" are full of allusions to violence. The song is posted on YouTube, and he still enjoys a social media presence. No Ban!

You know who else likes to tell crowds to fight in speeches? Hillary said, "Never stop believing that “fighting” for what’s right is worth it and let us gladly join the “fight” and she urged Biden not to concede and “fight” more aggressively.

And Biden in a speech in which he uses the words, "fight" and "battle".

Probably all politicians use the word “fight” at some time or another.

David Collins

Like I said , mp , the hallowed halls of hypocrisy .


Trump lost his twitter. So now he is bitter, but American wins with one less bu!!shi**er!


Getting ready to buy a new Red Hat: Make Speech Free Again.


And, now you know. Justice for some is a poet but didn't know it. So, now we have poetic justice but for who there's no clue. Maybe in '22.


LOL, dc, LOL.


I value my freedom of speech.

Big corporations, on behalf of the Democratic party, seek to limit the speech of those they don’t agree with. Yes, it is their right, if you will, to assign guilt and seize censorship of others.

Politicians put pressure on these organizations and collectively decide how people are allowed to interact with one another.

Twitter lies and says they are banning incitement. Period. But what about 2016 conspiracies and leftist riots and China and Iran?

I don’t even think that overturning section 230, which is not in the constitution, would help with free speech for all.


Shucks, dc and mpjeep, you guys always bring comic relief. Thanks.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Now that the circus tent comes down and the big top is without a ring leader, what do the people do?

You know how all the right wing media opinion shows like Hannity and the gang spend the majority of their programs talking about arrest and jail etc, well they were right.

Just had the wrong party.

Their gonna lock em up alright.

I guess the fake news joke is on the GOP.

I mean, I mean you stood in line at the grocery store all those years looking at the tabloids about aliens, monsters and big foot living in the White House and how the Hollywood stars have tails, live in space ships while you laughed out loud.

Then some guy named Trump legitimized the people who wrote those stories and next thing those should be in control of right wing media!!!

Trump is the right wing version of Jim Jones, and yes Jones claimed media was fake, Gov was coming to take your freedom and created Trumptown, I mean Jonestown.

Trump is above the avg guy, after all his main problem/ issue while his insurrection was his rioters looked low class. There is no way he’s gonna let his following into Mar Lago to live with him (he would actually have to Govern).

No way Trump would drink his own poison kool aide. So it’s insurrection and civil war for his following. If you don’t wind up shot, taze yourself or in jail the only other conclusion is going crazy realizing you’ve been had.

All Aboard the Trump Trsin!

Your on the no fly oust now. Choo Choo!!!!!

David Collins

I love freedom of speech .


Let's recap what you & your ilk could have enjoyed the past 4 year & will be able to even more so in the next 4: 1. COVID with no vaccine to save untold lives; 2. Much lower economy before & during virus; 3. Weak military; 4. Plenty of your favorite wars going as hot as ever in the past; 5. No funding from countries using our military; 6. ISIS Caliphate in full swing & spreading across Middle East; 7. Middle East peace further away than ever; 8. Still floundering & losing lives & treasure in Syria; 9. Complete open borders with all the loss of treasure, criminals, killer drug trade, sex slaves, unaccompanied orphaned children, etc that flow with it; 10. Gas prices commensurate with lack of an energy policy that made us the world's number one oil & gas producers and exporters of it. Yeah, some circus it has been! You might miss it all sooner than you will be ready to but that's on you & your ilk. Congratulations on getting rid of this circus. Now bring on yours & recap in 4 years how great yours has been.


Yep, ten or so Republicans walked away from Trump and betrayed him, after all he has done for our country

Best president of my lifetime! Trump lowered taxes, provided a strong economy with low unemployment, made NATO pay their own way, stood up to North Korea and China, chamipioned mideast peace talks, defended religious freedom and pro-life, strengethened the military and started securing our borders, among many other things.

Let’s see how Biden handles Kim Jong-un’s next threat.

Dems impeached him twice, because they hate him and want to do as much damage as they can. We must be ready to push back against the terrible policies that are sure to come.


Looking forward to 4 years of healing after the past 4 years attempting to create an oligarchy of the wealthy. Trump certainly knew how to lead the weak minded with promises he never kept (nor intended to) and would have eliminated social security and medicare within the next term.

I am a little disappointed with you boys moving Trump ahead of Reagan though, I thought RR was the god of the GOP?!?


Ever wonder what would happen if Big Tech decided to censor Black speech? And if Parler was a Black Conservative social media site?

I guess we know what would happen. Chaos in the streets filled with rage.

Or if Verizon or AT&T policed phone calls to cut out falsehoods or certain political speech?

With conservative speech being shut down by Big Tech, people are saying these private companies can censor whomever they want.

We all know what is happening is wrong, but some won’t admit it. Censorship based on color, religion, creed or political viewpoints is just plain wrong. Vanishing of free speech on the internet is here.

We can only hope that rich folks like Elon Musk, and others, would consider establishing a new satellite based internet and search engine to defend Everyone's freedom of speech and get us out of living under communism.


Yes the liberals say it’s perfectly alright for Big Tech companies to deny service to anyone they wish. Okay, fine…..

But what about when a cake maker in Colorado refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex wedding. Leftist hauled him into court.

But what about a flower shop owner that refused flowers for a gay couple. Leftist hauled her into court.

But what about Nuns refusing to give contraceptives. Leftist hauled them into court.

But what about Hobby Lobby requiring their health insurance company not to provide contraceptives. Leftist hauled them into court.

The liberal left is justice for all in name only.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Parler is back up, and being hosted by "DDOS GUARD" out of Russia. If that's not an obvious sign of its malfeasance, there's nothing else that could possibly be shown to convince you.


"All" means everybody. Seems, by your examples mpjeep, you are excluding a lot of people's rights. Maybe you are confusing moral turpitude with "justice." Religion tends to foster that.


It will be impossible to "heal" 75% or more of somewhere between 75-80 million & 30% of a similar number after having stolen one of their most prized possessions.


With all that China's done to us & the world with little to no criticism from the Left if that's not much more than malfeasance don't know what is.

David Collins

Might want to back up on your hosting statement on Parler’s hosting , BFDR . Someone is hosting them for sure and rumors abound . Don’t be a part of it . Details are murky , imagine that in today’s climate , but EPIK in Washington State appears to be involved . Really now , who cares , seeing who is hosting the left and hard hard left sites . Just more smoke and mirrors hiding what really matters and this ain’t one of them . Believe what you wish for it matters not .

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