Beaufort , N.C.

July 6, 2020


Black Lives Matter (BLM) really should be re-named to Only Certain Black Lives Matter (OCBLM) because the only time that OCBLM demonstrates, extorts, burns, loots, assaults, and murders is when a white police officer kills an unarmed black man during an arrest since that is when OCBLM can leverage money and publicity from these deaths.

According to the Washington Post’s 2018 database, police officers killed nine unarmed black men who were being arrested, and several of those men who died were resisting arrest and assaulting law enforcement officers. That number is nine (9) – way below the thousands of blacks killed by other blacks every year.

Clearly, black lives only matter to OCBLM under certain circumstances where OCBLM can get lots of money and publicity, but otherwise, black lives really do not matter much to OCBLM.

Where is the OCBLM outrage and how is OCBLM trying to help and protect black lives in the following situations?

- In Chicago over this 4th of July weekend (Thursday eve. – Sunday eve.), 87 blacks were shot including 13 black children, and 17 blacks who were shot died including two black children.

- In New York City over this 4th of July weekend (Friday –Sunday), 44 blacks were shot and 11 blacks killed, mostly through gunfire.

- In Atlanta, Austin, Hoover, Alabama, Washington DC, and Greenville, S.C. over this 4th of July weekend, numerous blacks, including many black children were shot, and a large number died.

- In 2016, 89.5% (2,570) of blacks who were murdered were killed by other blacks according to the FBI’s 2016 Crime in the United States report. That black on black murder rate will surely be higher this year.

- In 2018, blacks, who are 13% of the US population, were convicted of 53% of the homicides and 60% of the robberies in the U.S .

- In 2018, the black illegitimacy rate is now over 70% according to the Social Capital Project, and in 2018, 65% of black children were being raised in single parent households according to Kids Count Data Center.

- In New York City from 2012-2016, more black babies were aborted (136,426) than black babies being born (118,127) according to the NYC Health Department.

- In the U.S., black women, who are 13% of the female population, have 36% of the abortions according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

- Black children all over the country in inner city union-controlled schools are getting a sub-standard education, and as a result, a substantial number of these black children have a completely inadequate education and are unprepared for a decent job or college.

- In 2017-2018, black children had a lower high school graduation rate (79%) compared to whites (89%), Hispanics (81%), and Asian/Pacific Islanders (92%) according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Where is OCBLM in all this tragedy?

OCBLM ignores all of these issues because there is no money or publicity in them for OCBLM. It is so much easier and more profitable for OCBLM to blame the police and a racist society for all of the black society’s problems and to focus on a few black men who were killed by the police, and in doing so, have progressive city council members, mayors, governors, congressmen, senators, and companies groveling on their knees and giving millions of dollars in cold, hard cash to OCBLM.

OCBLM is a fraud. OCBLM is not really doing much of anything to make black lives better. Instead, OCBLM incites riots and encourages violence, arson, and looting to the detriment of the black community, and all the while, OCBLM laughs all the way to the bank.


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Very amusing the author opines that BLM is only concerned with money, or what generates same. Amusing coming from a lawyer, indeed.


I would say right is right that editor told the truth straight Up

David Collins

Same old numbers . Can you imagine what they would be without abortion ? Making money with various black causes is nothing new . Enterprising black leaders , I think that is what they are called , have been shucking whitey down for cash for decades . Stupid whitey falls all over themselves to splurge on donations to whatever the bogus cause may be floating about at the time . Names like Jackson , Sharpton and yes even King , along with a host of other lesser known characters have lined up at the money trough . Yet all these “donations” have not gone to their stated cause and things just fester and get worse for the little people . Scads of black politicians have been elected or appointed , thinking that they would know what to do with their own people . As we have seen , they are totally inept , self serving and frankly do not care . Imagine that , just like the white politicians . So with decades of EEO , affirmative action and all that rubbish , what has been accomplished ? Water seeks it’s own level , always does . Gotta get off your hind parts , pull your pants up and do the things that are necessary to become successful in this world . That is something that can not be bestowed and must be earned . Guess they left that out at Church last Sunday .


I look forward to reading the manifesto you will sending the American Diabetes Association accusing them of wanting everyone to die of a heart attack or cancer because the American Diabetes Association, like BLM, has a singular mission.

BLM's "day job" is, as their website clearly states 'eradicating white supremacy and building local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.' - Nothing more, nothing less.

BLM is trying to achieve a goal that is achievable in the not distant future. The root cause of this extreme violence (and the real crime) is the "Poverty" not the "Black" - Not going to be fixed in a year or two.

Yet you racists/Conservatives start whining and yammering on about Blacks killing Blacks, as if that has any relevance to BLM - It doesn’t. (If you racists/Conservatives want BLM to solve all of the world's problems, join BLM, then advocate that it should, and more importantly, fund it to the point where it has the resources to deal with all of the world's problems.)


U hit the nail on the head as well


Well said, Deborah. Best Letter to the Editor I've seen in some time.

I'm surprised this site let you publish. I've been trying to post something along these lines to no avail.

Most folks get fired or come under physical or verbal abuse for stating their opinions on this subject. Glad I'm retired.

Even better : "All Lives Matter".

Hope to see you around town. I'll be the one in the red MAGA hat.


Yep it wasn’t too long ago when a little girl was gunned down in Houston (I believe) by a white dude (drive by). There were sketches and around the clock media “outrage”. It looked like the final episodes of Seinfeld...everyone was packing their bags heading that way to show their collective rear ends, even Sharpton was in on it. A local pro athlete bankrolled the funeral. Come to find out it was two black dudes. Poof everything went away. BLM has zero legitimacy. I wonder if the athlete asked for his money back...

David Collins

Yesterday , Thursday , I had the misfortune of viewing the mother of a small child lamenting the murder of her small child in one of the cities beset by violence . She was about as pitiful as it gets and my heart went out to her . She was accompanied by a well dressed black male that was unidentified but could have been her attorney or perhaps her pastor . The outrageous thing about this performance was when he suggested , with a straight face mind you , that all black children be given designer helmets and bulletproof vests to wear for protection . Let that sink in for a few moments . To me , it says we have given up and accept the day to day violence in our black community . We have accepted that our black elected officials will do nothing to stop the killing . To those whose only view of our world is through the various alphabet news outlets , this may ring true . This anarchy along with crowds of murderous thugs is totally common amongst black ruled nations around the world . Constant Revolution followed by emerging despots promising freedom , equality and prosperity , only to fallback to more slaughter , looting and theft of national treasure is the theme of every day life . Can’t help it but I see this happening in the cities right here in the USA , right now . The November general elections are never more important than ever . The leftist , socialist crowd must be defeated if for no other reason than they have shown us all what happens when they have control of anything . Your vote , your decision but please think of the future , your children’s future and do not be fooled again . They are only concerned for themselves , not you and it shows .


Mr. Collins,

I seen the same interview. I believe he was some sort of “community organizer”. Yeah armor plate the I couldn’t believe he said that out loud on national TV. I agree, if that’s some of the “solutions” that is being thrown around then the large city minority population is doomed. There has also been statements made to the effect that the police are racist for not protecting the minority populations during this onslaught of violence. Defund...racist...we need just can’t make this “stuff” up!


Interesting statistics in this letter to the editor! Racism in this country is tiring and becoming very boring not to mention depressing. None of us today, lived during the Civil War, so why all the theatrics? Some blacks are just as racists as some whites. It's time for leadership that will put an end to all the nonsense. It's up to both the whites and blacks to make their lives better. Protests & murder are not the means to do so. They only serve to divide us more. An older black lady was recently in my presence. I witnessed tears streaming down her face regarding the incessant protests and violence in this country. She was upset not only with protests but also the racial meetings here in this county held by some of the younger generation. She said: "We all get along in this county. I want them to stop this. Their behavior doesn't reflect how I feel or how lots of others feel". She also is of the opinion that our current president is the only one who can straighten this out. ALL lives matter so let's get back to the most important issues in our country with one of those being the election in November. "TRUMP 2020, no more BS."


I hear that someone found the article so well done, that it was forwarded to BLM headquarters for review. Wonder if they will share in the authors enthusiasm.

David Collins

Let’s see , nasty comments on social media , followed by a call for disbarment , boycott her business , paid protesters , peaceful of course , painting BLM on the road in front of her home . Am quite sure she is quaking in her flip flops as I post . Or not .


Yeah, that is a good letter with a nice consolidation of facts. It explains why left-leaning people like myself will probably vote Trump this year, we're tired of being villainized because we are white.

Brought up poor and earned everything I had through hard work, I don't owe anyone anything. From my personal experience, I know the majority of the black community does not condone the BLM craziness.

relax at Shack

Preach it, sister!


The original post says it all. Why debate it?


I can not agree with you more one the true meaning behind BLM i've been calling it black lives benefit. I am beyond tired of them wanting to change history. Sorry you can not pick and choose what part of history you want to delete. You want to take away statues because it reminds you of the slavery days? Take away Gone with the Wind? Change school names because it reminds you of slavery days by the way DID NOT DIRECTLY affect anyone in your family, BUT if you don't want to be reminded of the past then we need to get rid of Black History Month, NAACP, Black College oh and don't forget the movie The Help!!!!!! The list goes on. They want to get rid of things that do not directly benefit them (Like statues, school names). It is beyond ridiculous how everyone feels they have to walk on eggshells for blacks now. Sorry I do not nor will I. Do not tell a white person they can not dress as a black artist or historian for Halloween but you can make a movie where black men can dress as WHITE women and it be ok and make millions. You think we are the racist?? You have it so wrong and maybe go and actually read your history on slavery. Did you miss the part who fought for your freedom? If you truly care about BLM them stop the black on black killings. Oh and defund the police?? But yet when you have a defund the police protest you call the police to be present in case things get violent? Who was the idiot that said lets have a protest to defund the police but make sure we have officers there in case things get wild!!!! I can go on for hours but I feel you get where I stand.


I’m amused by the black lives matter! There killing themselves! Let them keep doing it! Do they really think walking around showing there butts pants to there knees they will get respect? There grandparents are afraid of them stealing killing drugs! It’s darn true all people in this country have a chance to do better than there parents but they want to be ignorant poor! So keep killing yourselves one less mouth to feed one less thug robbing beating and prisoner to look after!!


Things now have progressed from remoIval of confederate statues to removal of John Wayne exhibits and statues. Why shouldn't Martin Luther King's name be removed from everything? Fair is fair in the racism game of love and war.


Enough is enough we can all sit here and continue complaining or actually do something. I am beyond tired of them getting their way with everything. If they want to remove statues or change names because it reminds them inv slavery then let our voices be heard and say then no more black colleges or NAACP or Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Trans Women of Color Collective, Black Girls Code or any of the other 20+black only organizations. If we had a all white organization they would lose their minds. They can not pick and choose what they want to get rid of. All of these all black organizations were formed because of the slavery days and discrimination. It should not be allowed to keep only what benefits THEIR needs. They also want to remove Christopher Columbus then Columbus Day needs to be removed and now we can all work on that day instead of a paid Holiday. It’s all or nothing. I am willing to stand up and our voices need to be heard. Anyone else willing? If not then complaining does not one bit of good.


As if their aren't any white organizations!!! Which shouldn't have been allowed on stolen land! Always saying go back to Africa well you can too go back to the caucus mountains since blacks was in America first!!!


Just allow them to kill each other, the ones that get caught send them a bar of soap with a note americans wont feed you in prison ! Enjoy



I agree, per the cancel culture, slavery never happened either. History is to be preserved. We as humans are supposed to study it...bad and good so that we don’t make the same bad mistakes and maybe, just maybe can replicate the good parts.


What are you going to do jen? Riot, burn your house down? Loot a liquor store. All WE can do as a civilized society is vote. We have Asa as our county leo. That’s good. Fortunately we live in a “bubble” here Carteret County. In my case that’s on purpose. Although i could use a new table saw but I’m too old and lazy to loot it. Easier to pay for it and have it loaded.


Reading Miss Van Dyken's piece and the contributed comments reveals that a good segment of our population is still stuck in an earlier century. Also that all too many have become ultra bitter, forgetting, or just casting off, those principles they were taught in their youth, which believe it or not are still valid today, even in "adulthood" and in spite of difficulties and hurts suffered along the way.

This country of ours has, and is only great when we the people are and stay united. Divisiveness is the tactic of those working against the people, used by the fascists as in the 30's. Unity and acceptance of all is what made America great in the early 20th century, in spite of our other ills. It can be again, but only if we all pull together to fight the hatred and bigotry that has infected too much of our society today.


I don’t disagree with you kenwood...the fascists of yesterday are todays liberal democrats. Employing the same tactics. I have an eclectic group of buddies. They are all shapes, sizes and colors... we joke and don’t tip toe around each other trying not to hurt each others feelings. None of the jokes are racial...they’re about who’s older than who. It’s the liberal left that’ll nail you to the wall for saying “master bedroom”. That’s what most of us are fed up with. To put it bluntly “I’m offended that they’re offended”. They can all go take a flying leap.


Dear Sleepwalker: I wish I would have posted your comments. You hit the nail on the head and I couldn't have said it better. Thanks!


The lady said THE TRUTH!


Despite all the bravery displayed here, when the BLM protestors come here and loot and burn; the little yellow puddles will collect around the feet of the "brave" here in Carteret County. No one will stand up for anything here.


 Open your eyes bub! Jeni nailed it!

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Beings we’ve got a democrat governor, I can only imagine the hammer that will be dropped on ANYONE standing up to the brown shirts if they decide to pillage our community.


They were here but did not loot and burn, they had a peaceful protest in Morehead and in Beaufort. They would not get away with looting and burning here.


Dear Corrupt.....wrong again. Jeni is right.

I'm a local NCer, a good ole southern boy that knows the Rule of Law: Lock n Load. And there are some Creekers on Hwy 24 that know lots of good ole southern boys as well.

Did you see the demonstration on Arendell street last week with folks waving the confederate flag? No issues, just a lot of positive horn blowing and hand waving.

We are a peaceful bunch, but Will stand up for our rights.




I certainly hope the good ole' southerner "peaceful bunch" will continue to demonstrate by waving the beautiful Confederate Flag in every town and street in Carteret County. They must not forget the little town across the bridge called Beaufort. As they make a right on Turner from Morehead, they can stand where the BLM group stood with their bullhorns and signs. Then after standing there for a while they could demonstrate on every street - from Pine Street right on down to Front Street. I'm sure the town officials would welcome them as much as they did the BLM group. In addition, perhaps those good ole southern boys could request virtual town hall meetings just as BLM did to educate people that all lives matter. New Bern's Martin Luther King Blvd. might be another good place for demonstrations. Perhaps they could demand the street be renamed. From there, they could move on to peacefully demonstrate In Raleigh and Charlotte and demand that all ML King statues come down.


Right is right and wrong is wrong. Fair is fair.

If statues of Lee, Lincoln, Washington, etc. are coming down, and are part of our history, then why shouldn't MLK statues come down?

If sports team names, school building names and grocery store products have to change their names, then why doesn't MLK Blvd need to change?

Politics, being politically correct and fear of expressing one's opinion seems to be driving a lot of decisions these days.

We are back to the wild, wild west, where the rough riding cowboys come to town and shoot up the place with very little being done about it.


Because MLK wasn't a racist spreading hatred, but loved everyone.

David Collins

Think that by now most have figured out that Black Lives Matter and the anarchists are two separate groups that are piggybacking on the general unrest in our nation . BLM is just a rehash of the 60s with a dose of Me Too and poor poor pitiful me thrown into the the mix . They have pretty much always preyed on each other and that has not changed . The anarchists are a far more serious problem with international roots and generous funding . With the liberals cutting the legs from under law enforcement , it provides an opportunistic time for the anarchists to do what they do best . It is our job to stop them .


It's your job to be salty about a group that is exposing the true numbers. And is also not only bringing together black people but black, Asian, and white people. The salt must flow.


Let me clarify my earlier statements concerning those who would collect yellow puddles around their ankles with the idea of looting and burning here in good ole Carteret. First, over the last few decades, I have seen that severe corruption in local government wasn't enough to elicit a response from local heroes. Second, we saw two men jailed for years on contempt for not tearing down their own property; no one did anything. We have seen Beauforts Mayor Newton all by himself close down Beaufort, with checkpoints and such; nothing. I doubt there is any atrocity that most locals won't tolerate. The pirate invasion of old was the last time locals stood up for anything. We allowed northerners to steal our culture and our properties. We allowed the wholesale tearing down of our history. We cuddled cozy up to the paper dollar. We watched as the fisherman was nearly destroyed. We accept all manner of taxation, and looney spending schemes by local officials. We have no control over our lives to large extent. We are teetering on becoming a marxist nation, a socialist country that failed to defend our liberties for ourselves and our children. There are a very few who will rise up and defend our freedoms; but are silent. These will have to operate in the shadows in the wake of a Biden coup presidency; as most of the citizenry will just roll over and accept whatever is thrown down. The yellow stream will run a river down to Taylors Creek. The government will offer "rewards" to citizens who will betray true patriots. And they will betray. This is a surety.

I have seen many tough talkers who ran away when the moment of truth arrived. True patriots are banding together now to prepare for this coming disaster. They should be supported full force. Gun confiscation is looming with Biden; our sheriff will enforce such draconian measures, and others will turn over their firearms due to sheer fear. But nothing will equal the fear they will experience when the socialist state glue hardens, and left without any means to resist. Some will say resistance is futile. These are the puddlers. Cities are burning, murders are becoming more common, looting is the new norm. It is coming to a town near you.


Jeni is right; white folks lost their b---s a long time ago. This is the result.


ummm make that 209 black men were shot and killed in 2018 , from this persons first statistic to their very last, every single one is dead wrong. they just wanna be racist and feel vindicated for it. so gross


So what white folks? Your ignorance is bliss you blame the same people all the time for breaking laws, if you literally don't break a law how can you complain? Pay attention to your on actions and stop blaming white people. The racism is from the media, I (thought) and then these .. clowns are blaming all whites, makes zero sense....0000. When will people of all race stand the .. up and admit there behavior?....not in this country cause if you white you wrong...really..keep it up but please admit destroying your own cummuntive believe makes sense. God willing we will get through this...message

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When white people realize that racism is white peoples problems, and not black people problems!


Racism is not a “white problem.” It’s a people problem as in everyone to some extent has bias’ or prejudice towards race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. To say it will end is great for “causes” and “movements” but it’s not realistic. Like curing cancer and ending childhood hunger. Great causes but won’t ever happen.


This is thee most Ridiculous post I've read lol. BLM has nothing to do with so called blacks, but yes black lives do matter without the movement. Atleast black on black crime is by design by white supremacist thugs! Many officers go to these neighborhoods undercover, and open fire, and then call it black on black not saying it isn't black on black, but there's many ex officers who did admit to this! So what about white on white crime that you never speak of that wasn't by design! White men can pull out knives on officers, threaten the officers, and go unharmed! A white man can do a mass shooting, and get fed a sandwich by the way that's white on white crime being that you all have selective memory, and since majority of the killing are whites! So please quit pretending like this isn't racially motivated! If black lives didn't matter to black people then they wouldn't be protesting. May not matter to some, but not all just the same as white lives! Go research a bit deeper, and stop believing everything they put out. They've been lying to everyone including you their own people about history, and everything for hundreds of years!!! You have been duped too! Educate yourself! Maybe start with researching Black Wallstreet!!! Have a wonderful day!


See I used to believe BLM cared about black lives, etc. but the more I’ve observed them over the years I came to the similar conclusion. The only difference being they don’t care about any lives. Not black, not all, nothing. They’re all about a payday which is why they only seek out “police brutality.” Think about it...why would their directive only be in these instances? Because they can extort/sue the city, state, or federal government. Al Sharpton made a little over a mil from BLM in 2018. One of the founders is now magically worth 5 million. The money they raise doesn’t go to blacks.

Follow the money and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


I follow BLM and know the money is being used correctly. People have to be bailed out of jail after being what white anti BLM calls triggering. They provide mask, water, a celebrity guest speaker, and they pay for the police to be present at every march. Every community doesn't have a community center, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, or a Good Will. That needs to change by people like you actually going to city council meetings and asking for things that are really going to change a community. Waiting for a group that was started to stop gun violence and police brutality is like trying to change the KKK into a non racist black group.

I agree with u my man is black an his life does not matter he has been sitting in jail for 2 months B L K will not help me all the money that has been donated??????? He's in Louisville metro corrections Lou KY someone please help.


When you’re under arrest you’re under arrest doesn’t give you the right to break the law


I have been a gang counselor for 20 years and we don't rely on BLM, but proven programs to reduce black on black crimes. First of all the numbers are false, we have more murders in jail than dead bodies. When a group is picked up and arrested, they are all charged as a murderer for that one body. It should be the other way around, but then it wouldn't fit the right people narrative. 3 men die daily from shooting, tasering, chocking, or getting beat to death. I don't know where 9 a year came from. Like after they reach 9 worldwide they stop and kill 9 more the next year. Stop complaining about a group that is doing something while you are doing nothing. Go volunteer or set up a big brother program, cub scouts, or a boy scouts instead of writing another article. Your numbers are wrong and we don't need a march but volunteers working in communities in programs like Scared Straight. We actually take kids to the jail and let them see what they don't want. We have been doing this before the tv show started. Democratic states need to be able to stop supporting Republican states welfare programs and keep their federal taxes to decrease crime.


So Breonna Taylor’s family receive 12 million. George Floyd’s family over 12 million. Just as a reminder that’s for a white Cop or Cops killing a black person.

So I’m curious if anyone has the going rate (settlement) amount for a black cop killing a black person?


To further my point...and he’s only one of the little men. The others will topple as well.


This is crazy, its kind of strange how every election year there are protests, riots and all kinds of ways to sway the way people think. Don't you think it was strange that none of this was going on in 2019, it just seems like that was years ago, it has only been a few months since this happened, at the end of May. Before then I don't remember this country being the way it is being described now. I don't remember that black people were hiding in their homes because they were being hunted, that's because it is NOT true. I do understand no one should lose their lives because of a bad cop, but that doesn't make all cops bad. Just because the cop was white doesn't mean all white people are racist. B.L.M. should be about all black lives not just a few, how can you have a retired black cop die during one of the protests and B.L.M. says nothing, they say nothing about any of the lives that were lost.

People you need to see we are being purposely divided for political votes, there is no way that you can say that you would be surprised if the racial tension died down after the election. The reason it will is because the funding to the B.L.M. movement will be cut off because their votes will already be counted. Just think back before the corona virus hit none of this was going on, the virus is even being politicized now. If you step back and just look, you would see it is a bunch of BS. I do not have facts on this but i am pretty sure someone died by the hands or gun of a bad cop after Michael Brown in 2015 and before George Floyd at the end of May in 2020. Where was B.L.M between those years or maybe a black man wasn't killed by a cop during this time.

This is a political thing, just look at what biden said last month, he doesn't even remember anything about Baltimore and Michael Brown. The democrats are behind and they know it and they are doing whatever they can to get back into POWER. They are trying to use a virus as a political weapon, I'm pretty sure it's a virus that started in China,it wasn't released onto us by Trump. They have divided everyone in this country by getting everyone to believe that all whites are racist and all blacks are oppressed, both of these statements are 100% false. They are getting people to believe that this is one of the worst countries ever, i can not believe people believe this, maybe its not great today, but this is the greatest country in the world. Remember people " United we stand, divided we fall" that is a very true statement especially today.

Terry Crews said it best-

Are all white people bad?


Are all black people good?


Knowing this reality- I stand on my decision to unite with good people, no matter the race, creed or ideology.

Given the number of threats against this decision--


Come on people don't be fooled by the government and crooked politicians again. Got to let go of the hate that is being shoved down our throats by people that don't care about any of us.


In response to a reply above by "CarteretisCorrupt" who takes umbrage with one individuals' implication that B.L.M. is only concerned with how much money they can extort from a community where a black male has died at the hands of a white police officer. And with that, I too must agree and take umbrage myself. You're absolutely correct in pointing out B.L.M. is so much more than that. Being a long time resident of Philadelphia and now the Philly suburbs I've seen & heard first hand what else B.L.M. is good for, and that's creating & inflaming racial tensions between the Black & White communities not seen since the 1960's. B.L.M.'s Philadelphia Chapter President, Asa Khalif has been a "one man racist circus" when his opportunity arises (this being when all or most of Philadelphia media outlets have approached him with a camera & microphone) to whip out his huge bullhorn and in no uncertain terms rant & rave to no end what not only does he think of the Philadelphia Police Department but the whole white community, whether they sympathize with the B.L.M. movement or not, he's very consistent if nothing else telling all who listen, what true hate & disgust he has for all of us in the white community. His racist messages are laced with "MotherF-----r", "F----'n Crackers", etc... His "One-Man Racist Circus" has only created racial tensions beyond definition. And yet due to present racial tensions existing in many of Philly's neighborhoods, much of that can be attributed to Khalif himself, his tirades bring back ZERO RETRIBUTION from anyone, whether it be police, elected officials, state leaders, etc...because of how any blowback his way would only be viewed wrongfully as validation for all his racist actions. I won't even present the idea of the proverbial "What if the shoe was on the other foot?", I think we all know where that would go. So yeah, "CarterestisCorrupt" the B.L.M. movement does have multiple purposes, thanks for pointing that out for all to see, not only is the movement filled with "Raciial Extornists" but also an untouchable modern day terrorist organization with no fear of anyone getting in their way or attempting to detail them from their endgame. I'll end by saying, I was lucky & blessed to grow up in a very "diverse Philly neighborhood" where thanks to ALL parents, race was never something is kids growing up were ever concerned with, it was racial harmony instead.


I honestly don't care for the organization. Its communism and people have a right to be with their own kind. You give them a hand, they take an arm. Take cops out their neighborhood and place cops in good neighborhoods where their needed. Problem solved. Now that's what you call defunding police. As the saying goes, watch what you wish for, you might get it.

Keith the frank

As being an targeted individual, by neighborhood watch organization, I feel the world need to know of the wicked crooked things they are become to be. Or possibly always was.

Please don't thing I am at your throat but I just wanted u to know I truly thank u for your reply. The idea behind neighborhood watch organizations was an good one. But now that they have been released with power. U know try a little of this a little of that, and with no repercussions, no overseeing, and relationship with police making them almost like police as they have the police backing them. And that seem to go anyway they make it. As police doesn't like their bias ways would do anything else but follow their way. As they break laws all the time, traffic. Running traffic lights, organized hit and run actions stops on expressways (highways), running red lights, driving over the speed limit, they have even endangered children life. One day as I am driving along on an 4 lane street on as u should be able to imagine this road was very busy. This above the law people had 2 young children to cross the street in the Middle of full speed limit travel. All of an sudden these kids an older female holding the handing of an truly younger child as the walked, none looking boldly off into traffic. Now neighborhood watch organization figures this would upset me, as I am serious about life. And this was kids. I guess around 8 for the oldest and 5 of the other. I know, right that don't make sense. But if u experience them 24/7 opening up car doors when u drive near, step out like they are about to step in traffic when u drive close. Crowd restaurants up when u coming to pick up an order. Drive thru fill up an u can hear and see soda pop only being their order. Restaurant workers playing as they don't see u, even being delayed for 45 minutes to an hour 15 for an customer order. Building in an strong area of much of their members, come to lobby an just look at u playing as if all at ones ever one needed to see the office at ones. I drive out of and area in hopes they would stop, no they follow on. My job they have sought over and over games, I drive 27 something miles out side targeted area to try to work in peace and they would make an order until one of them get me. now there are McDonald's on near every other conner, and when an customer has high rates that means they have been using the services for a while and know how to save. But in order to try and hurt me, by showing me they can bring me back, well get to me know matter. So I except the trip and the delivery is 30 minutes back to where i just left, trying to not test my strength.

I have contacted everyone u could think of that could help and many I received no reply, others give me ghe run around. National sheriff's Association-whom registers them ( neighborhood watch organizations). The FBI, department of justice, mayor office, NAACP, internal affairs, u s attorney, etc. Oh too the news, attorneys, oh and local police. Police Accountability group. I challenge anyone to see if u can find way to make an complaint against neighborhood watch organizations, but I have one requests. If u are somebody important in this world, play, an nobody. As I am somebody in GOD. But to the world nobody. An black, Middle age, poor man. Oh and, an recovering addict. I love the LORD and they know, instead of legal acts toward hard crimes, they hind from but seek me cause I'm safe so they learn from me, just incase they run across another me. 300 a day is their pay, mobilized have they become. Yet no car, body cameras oversee their childish ways. Pollution, even drive time they don't oversee. They use the equipment to warn others when they are speeding, running lights, doing wrong. They take advantage of government money, by keep their cars over cleaned, cell phones miss use, give away. Many have fallen to them as its hard to deal with them and violence become. By this they win, their word against an individual. Must times one having an past ( troubled) but might have changed well trying, or changing! Yet to the world it was their m-o. Some jailed, shoot out with police, or dead, ending in an bad view. But many are pushed, let u be stalked 24 hr a day 7 days a week. Hate crimes, u go to get food for yourself and the food taste like its got cleaning supplies in it. Food poisoning, and yes I did ask someone. As I get ready to end this message. At an gas station where they had station play as if system crashed, I asked and was confirmed, that neighborhood watch organization had approached them ( 3 male workers)!

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Thank you for this truth about Marxist, BLM. Of course real racism exists, but not to the degree BLM race baits Americans to believe....but much more senseless murders of black lives by gangs, thugs and other criminals everyday, thousands a the 9 per year killed by police while resisting arrest, is hardly "racism". Does police brutality exist? Yes, and laws are in place to deal with it - more than twice as many white killed by police, if your keeping notes. BLM wants an anti Christian, marxist/socialist takeover of America....don't take my word for it, go to their indoctrination rallies....they say it out loud! 99.9% of Americans respect people of all colors, ethnicities and religions....most crimes are due to drugs, money, gangs, human trafficking and domestic violence...let's focus on stopping those thousands of deaths, those black lives matter...the 9 that were killed by police unarmed, are tragic, but let's look realistically at the whole picture...


oh boy. i appreciate all the passion. i believe the truth is that we are all lined up down party lines and both sides are guilty of exaggeration and really fear mongering. It's no different that Joseph McCarthy back in the day...making political hay with fear and distortion of the truth. Only now both parties are doing it. everyone's doing it. The news scares us into watching the news all the time. The medical community scares us so they will be more relevant. Scientists scare us by exaggeration both climate change and our contribution to it. Politicians tell us to be afraid of certain cities as murder capitals. And yes. BLM exaggerates and twists the facts to an end. As the letter above correctly points out. Both sides have adopted McCarthy's playbook. I don't think its helpful.

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