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July1, 2021


Socialism is riding a sizeable wave of energy these days.

Depending on the poll you review and based on widespread consensus, baby boomers (age 57-75) have a 35 percent positive view toward Socialism, Gex X (ages 41-56) have a 50 percent positive outlook, Millennials (ages 25-40) have a 60 percent positive view and Gen Z (ages 9-24) have a 65 percent positive idea.

No matter which poll you use, the raw numbers show a trend with young folks more inclined to support and embrace Socialism than the oldest generation.

Voters who trust their government are more supportive of welfare states than those who do not. As a result, young people conversely show much less support for capitalism versus the older population; typically, the more people age and climb the job ladder of success, the more they become conservative.

Socialism is an increasingly popular topic primarily due to the connection with universal healthcare and free college education. But why should folks who don't go to college pay for people who do go?

And why should we pay for folks like Olivia Jade (daughter of Lori Loughlin), who said, "I don't know how much school I'm going to attend, but I do want the experience of, like, game days and partying."

Socialism could also be a system where the government controls vital parts of the economy, such as utilities, transportation, and communications industries. The public owns the sector and products rather than private individuals or corporations. No more free enterprise and individual ingenuity based on hard work.

Biden and company (Saunders, AOC, Tlaib, Warren, etc.) are trying to undermine American Democracy through Socialism with a series of entitlements that will cost the American public an enormous amount of money.

In a State of the Union Address in 2019, President Trump said, "Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country," "America was founded on liberty and independence, not government coercion, domination, and control."

I hope our young and even younger generations soon realize that free is not free and the real issue we should be addressing is freedom and liberty.


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Here we go again!

Are you saying that a majority of Americans have a positive view of Socialism?


Where does the bit coin fit in all of this. Wars have been fought over who controls the currency.


Social security is socialism, as are wic, welfare, unemployment, food stamps. We do not live in a purely capitalist society. Hand wringing about socialism goes all the way back to FDR. Quoting tax cheat trump about freedom, while saying freedom is not free is akin to quoting jeffrey Dalmer as a food critic.


When this goes south, because, its going to go south, your going to find out which of the two party's , capitalist, and communist , are doing the funding. Empty checkbook. Don't forget to mention how many dozens of other COUNTRIES are being funded by the US aw well. Heck of a 'social safety net'. [whistling] Well, since we basically kicked the you know what out of their so called enemy's at the time. (which we can do again).


Freedom, is freedom, is freedom. Benjamin Franklin, and Trump and so do I, have the same position on freedom. Every so often some blood will have to be shed. Lyndon Johnson broke in to our SS box to get money to fight a war on poverty, It was to be paid back, Clinton signed legislation that required SS to be taxed as income - a dishonest way to cut SS. We are all tax cheats to some degree. and the Supreme Court has backed that. We can and have indeed a duty to avoid taxes. Degree is the key word.

David Collins

We are a blend of capitalism and supposedly limited SOCIAL programs . The left wants cradle to grave socialism ant the capitalists to pay for it . Thank you L B J and a host of others .

Tax cheat , careful there , you might well be telling on yourself . If you dip way down into your conscience , pretty sure , just like the rest of us myself included , you will remember hiding this and that because it was so little it did not matter . Same thing , so it comes down to the stones and the glass house thing . Besides , now a days if you want most anything done it takes cash . Cash only and if not they walk . Saw that last week , grass cutters from south of Texas . They are everywhere .


As a matter of fact, I work hard, pay my taxes, tell the truth unless it is to spare someone's feelings, do good works as possible, and generally try to live by the 10 commandments and the golden rule. that lifestyle leads to the least amount of stress and drama in I do it for me.


I am woman hear me roar..............

David Collins

Never ever held a bit back , even winnings from a friendly card or golf game ? If true , a rare bird indeed . Even the clergy has proven to be less than trustworthy these days . Hymn music please .


Amazing grace on bagpipes for me please.


Liberals want to replicate Europe’s Progressivism/Socialism in all areas except Voter ID requirements.

Of the 44 plus countries in Europe, all but one country, the U.K. requires government-issued IDs to vote, and 75 percent ban absentee voting. And the U.K. has recently introduced legislation requiring voter ID laws.

The Czech Republic and Russia require passports or military-issued IDs to vote. Colombia and Mexico require a biometric ID to cast a ballot.

The Japanese government provides each voter with tickets that bear unique barcodes required for voting.

The only reason liberals don’t want folks to have a photo ID to vote is so that people can cheat.


If there was any proof, even a scintilla of evidence of widespread voter fraud, oann, Newsmax, faux and the myriad maga radio personalities would be broadcasting it non stop. They are not.

Wanting to beleive something does not make it true. Repeating something over and over does not make it true.


Drewski. widespread voter fraud, are the key words - but if fraud can be targeted to swing elections then what. But who do we believe?? Credibility is another problem word and only an opinion. The credibility of the source and confirmation never makes it. Who, what,why, when, where. Who and why seldom make it to us info consumers,.

David Collins

Would seem that way . Bet that would change drastically if they were soundly defeated on the next go around .

David Collins

Certainly fraud , widespread , depends on your definition of widespread . Been too long now , any perps have long since done their dodging , ducking and coverups . Besides ,there is no provision to reverse things after the fact , which makes all this moot . Gotta live with what ya got . The good , bad and certainly ugly events that follow .


Seems funny that excessive capitalism is accepted, while programs in place to help those who get caught in that web are the villains. A bit backwards, but hey, we must support the billionaires who need their egos stroked constantly and throw out crumbs to keep that "middle class" comfortable. Problem is that the line below middle class is subject to the wrath of fools who play the "race" game instead of addressing and correcting the problems.


First consider that i was raised off the grid, on a homestead that was put out of business by FDRs ban on owning gold. The government programs, capitalism and super rich are all tied together and headed for the crash in their broken elevator. No one will. The goofy tax code that rewards,with loopholes. Trickle-down is one example. Death Tax. The Green New Deal will be the next one. and on infinitude. Pay farmers to plant corn to make alcohol to force gas prices down but increase air pollution. and ban hydrocarbons.

David Collins

Please , what is your definition of excessive capitalism .

Billionaires , did you know that Elon Musk , the Tesla guy, is actually cash poor ? Supposed to be the second richest only because of the shares he owns . He has made more than a few disastrous business decisions that have yet to come home to roost . His trip to inner space could seal it .

How do you tax someone that is a billionaire on paper with little actual income ? Read today that his last house is up for sale . Go for it .


flat 25% minimum tax for All corporations 5% minimum for all individuals . ALL .Probably an impossible idea and a scary thought. The present tax code is a giant loophole sieve. Musk will still be fine along with all the present super rich. Eliminate the trickle down stuff like depreciation as non-taxable income. or accelerated- rapid depreciation, move on to political activities. no exemptions for political parties Let the pols support their own party.

K. Jack Schidt

Whole lotta billionaire bootlicking going on here in the Land of the Free!

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