Newport, N.C.

June 8, 2020


In three-plus years President Trump has numerous times in-formed the USA citizens how he idolizes strong, dictatorial heads of foreign governments. Even to go so far to note, "we are in love."

Hmmm, this president only acknowledges current living dicta-tors. Why not go further back in history? Oh yes, forgot this presi-dent's strong suit is not in the reading department.

HISTORY: 64 AD Emperor Nero, is rumored to fiddle while Rome burned. Just to be fair the fiddle didn't exist in ancient Rome. Historians believe the in-strument would have been the cithara.

CURRENT: President doesn't have musical talent that we are aware of, so the cithara is re-placed by a Twitter account and darn if he isn't tweeting while Rome is burning.


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David Collins

Do you know what he is not doing ? He is not kneeling , pandering and slipping into bed with the dog and pony show supporters , looters and anarchists like the Democrats are .


He handled it ALL EXACTLY RIGHT by letting the States & DC so-called officials execute their responsibilities until they wouldn't. Then he told them he would if they didn't protect life & property. Sure let all the big cities defund LE & see how long they last. The president can actually tweet & get the job done simultaneously unlike the D run govt loose gear. Maybe their painted street slogans & street names will protect them from criminals so the law abiding citizens won't have to the non-protection & riot clean-up.


No, he panders to Putin, mbs , and his adoring crowds. Only a math genius like

Hair Furror would pander to 30%. NOV IS COMING! He is a 1 term impeached president. Maybe we can all celebrate by taking a trump airlines flight, to trump university, having a trump steak dinner. Wash it all down with a trump vodka gimlet? OH wait those are all complete failures. Gee maybe apply for a loan from trump charity..well no I guess not.


We have a great president. I support him fully. We all win Bigley! MAGA.

Always A Teacher

Norell - I could not agree with you more. trump does get in A+ in tweeting, an F for content, and an F for bringing the country together. He gets an A for name-calling, an A for mocking, and A+++++++ for lying. He is an utter disgrace to the Presidency of the USA. I am not a D. I vote for the BEST regardless of party. And folks, he ain't it, never was and never will.


There are also republicans/conservatives fed up with President Trump’s tweets and actions of the last two weeks, including Generals Colin Powell, John Kelly, and James Mattis, just to name a few.

David Collins

Great to read all the differing opinions . Of course , while hiding behind a screen name , is is devilishly simple to do . The only sure thing is that indeed , November is fast approaching . Hopefully we registered voters will be allowed to actually cast our votes in person therefore ensuring a fair and honest election . Beginning to have my doubts .


Yes fair election. The president is already laying the ground work to scream and shriek VOTER FRAUD just as he did in 16. He couldn't accept he lost the popular vote by 3 million. His special committee to investigate was disbanded after the only fraud they could come up with was GOP ballot harvest in NC 9th district. I do look forward to the secret service escorting him out in a straight jacket in jan. And his arrival back in Manhattan to face the music provided by the prosecuter of the southern district. Considering the nut jobs who support trump screen names seem like a prudent choice, lest you get run down in the street, or have a pipe bomb mailed to your house.


Guess some folks don't get what Marxism is & won't until they wake up one day living in it. All those brilliant generals? Powell tried to talk old man Bush into not kicking Hussein out of Kwwait, gave a wonderful presentation to the UN, right-hand man at State was the real outer of Plame & he knew it but let Scooter hang for it, etc. Unfortunately Reagan gave a chance for a token to groom for jobs way above his head & the rest is history. Mattis the problem kid from Seattle or somewhere on the Left Coast found a home where some discipline was required so he married it & made it his seabag history books & all. Stars must have made him starry-headed because liberal wannabe Puller got fired by a bigger head than his. If you want to understand about the liberal takeover of the Pentagon reviewing one of Tucker Carlson's recent shows is a good primer on it, education, & now even LE. The Marxists, leaning Marxists, & fellow travelers are knocking on your door if you aren't already one if them.


Correct word "if" to "of".


I think the Democrats pandering to the riot mobs over a career criminal getting suffocated by a bad cop guarantees Trump a win in 2020.

I'll bet the woman who was assaulted by George Floyd will be voting for Trump.


BTW the bigger head than his in Matty's first firing was BO. His most recent firing was about this president pulling out of Syria. So far it looks like this president is wiser than all those highly paid generals, civil servants & previous recent wartime presidents. What a waste of lives & treasure. Too bad this president didn't seek the presidency long ago.


Wow ( again) I am somewhat surprised the mullet wrapper let your comment about Colin Powell being a" token" be printed.Since Mattis disagrees with trump as does kelly they must be "left coast types" Straight out of trumps play book, either you agree totally with king donald or you are A) fake news B) Deep state or C) A never trumper. How convenient to never have to answer a question about your conduct or actions, just drag out one of those labels and then dismiss it. Likewise your constant references to obama as "BO" show what you really are thinking. Its not a dog whistle its a giant amplified megaphone.The use of "Marxism", again shows that your are content to live in the past. Quoting Tucker Carlson's fear mongering that the mob is coming to assault you in your bed is hardly better then Q anon u tube videos. I was looking at trumps twitter feed before I left work today, the sense of desperation is becoming palatable. Time to start the rallies to get his adoration fix. A cpl hundred homeless types in a park in Seattle and ANTIFA has taken over Seattle. That Poor old guy in Buffalo was actually an Antifa operative, with a magical scanner that clones police radios, LAW AND ORDER& LAW AND ORDER. The bible stunt in DC, the inabilty to tell the truth about anything ( Umm yea I was just inspecting the bunker) Come on! Listen folks, its not 1950 any more as much as you might wish it to be. I hear spanish being spoken in half the aisles in walmart in Morehead, other languages too. The days of ONLY old white ladies in Belk on a sunday afternoon are long gone, and never coming back. June Cleaver is not vacuuming the house wearing pearls waiting for Ward to come home and compliment her homemade supper. In real life Grandpa Walton was bisexual. So try to get a grip on year of our lord 2020. The police are not being defunded. Of all the people protesting a tiny tiny percent are Looters and rioters, an even tinier percent are white agitators who want a race war, and thats not antifa. Those are fascists. Far right hate groups. Dylan Roof types, get it? Unless I am sadly mistaken in my knowledge of history, " the greatest generation" fought and won against fascists, They were against fascists they were anti fa(cists) see how that works? As I have said before we do not live in a purely capitalist society, The CCP has not been purely communist for decades, they have a large middle class, that freely travels the world on vacation. Likewise Russia.The GOP has tied themselves to trump,what they have accomplished in 3.5 yrs is 300 federal judges appointed and a massive tax cut for the wealthy. The cost of that is a 1 trillion fed budget deficit, the federal debt has increased to 26 trillion thats 209k for every tax payer in the US. trump is an abject failure at governance. The fear mongering and personal attacks, and non stop lies are all he has. That might appeal to the hard core base, but it is turning the rest of the country away from him, and away from the GOP. Those are just the simple facts. The GOP didn't want him, but when he won they had to embrace him. That was and is a giant mistake. As you will see come November.


Seems only crowd not accepting results of elections are Ds whether far left, left, & Romney type RINOs. And, they're still trying to steal the last election. Sen. Cotton seems to be only statesman in Congress & knows serious anti-American problems when he sees them like Communist China & domestic terrorism disguised as racial justice. If the criminals who are still trying to steal the last election with help from paid domestic terrorists pull off stealing this election those unsuspecting fools who vote for it will live to regret it unless they're in bed with the criminals.


So a Bernie supporter is now a republican and has a gun. I think that's great. Everyone should have a gun. Everyone should support less govt, and fiscal responsibility. If the vast silent majority is white voters who support trump why did he lose the popular vote in 16? Now that we have seen him in action for 3.5 yrs I will not be surprised if he loses by 10 million.


MY ILK are ppl who don't fall for the label and deny tactic. ilk is just another label Shall we call that D? If YOU DISAGREE with me then you are a radical dem, an anarchist, you hate America and we love it. Unsuspecting fools..all pejorative words designed to diminish others thoughts and uplift your own. Rant all you want , label everything that doesn't align with your world view. When trumps daily performance costs the down ballot races you can always blame domestic terrorism. Have a nice cool glass of ilk.


No drewski, it's not quite that black and white. The (silent) majority of voters are still white, middle aged people that were not brought up in privilege and worked hard all their life else they would have nothing now. The left is trying to convince that we are all responsible for the hardships of the black community regardless of the facts.

Single parent statistics, (no father)...16% Asian, 24% non-Hispanic whites, 41% Hispanic/Latino, 67% Black. For that mathematically illiterate, that is every 2 in 3 black families DO NOT have fathers in their families.

The crime statistics are even more damning, most crime on black men (and families) are committed by other black members of the community. But all that is completely ignored by the left media, you will never hear Coumo or Don Lemon bring these facts up.

So liberal leaning people like myself, (I want to treat everyone equal), realize that this will never occur. So we give up as I refuse to take blame for acts that occurred long before I was born. l was not responsible for that cop choking George Floyd to death, just as any other black man was not responsible for George Floyd assaulting that pregnant woman in 2007.

So I don't care about the black community issues any longer. You want war? Ok then, I'm now a gun owner. A former Bernie supporter is now a registered Republican. Good job with your revolution.


Surprised you're allowed to refer to the president as "Hair Furror". Of course you & your ilk have a license to trash, name call & try every scheme in the book to try to destroy the president but the opposition better watch it right? Maybe Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell & a few others can help you understand.


It's A, B, & C and more & you & your ilk know it. BTW tell those small business owners whose livelihoods were destroyed it's no big deal. There were white agitators for sure & surely none of them were your favorites.

David Collins

As I said , hiding behind a screen name makes one quite verbose and brave .


Those middle class CCP world travelers did us a big favor spreading the virus didn't they? How oblivious to facts can one person be?


Since you brought up mass-murderer Roof he should have met his maker long ago. What's amazing is how the families & community encouraged peace & told the would-be agitators to go home.


That Seattle radio host "fear mongering" Tucker had on must see something you don't. Since he's there & you ain't we probably should believe him & question whether you know what you're talking about.


" whistles & megaphones" right out of the leftist play book. Which were you using in describing the president?


"...old white ladies in a certain department store on Sunday afternoon" ? "old" & "white" & "a certain department store" & "on Sunday afternoon" along with all the other leftist jargon is totally derogatory & discriminatory & not just a little innocuous BS from a condescending & arrogant elitist among other descriptives whether made via "dog whistle" or "megaphone".


For those who don't understand where we're at you might view interviews/videos of an ex-KGB agent who defected to Canada. His fantastic explanation about demoralization which has effectively been fulfilled by the Communist Chinese (CCP) virus & now destabilization. It all came together quickly by our enemies both external & internal.


Yuri Bezmenov is his name.


TRUMP 2020!!!


This clash and redirection of our world is no different from what has happened from the beginning of mankind, We just have more bodies on the planet and technology has allowed us to spread the chaos faster.


Trump 2020! Yes! And Governor Cooper must go!

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