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Oct. 8, 2021


   Biden keeps touting his Build Back Better Plan.  I keep asking for whom are his plans better?

The Taliban—now they have control of Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda—who Joe says is not in Afghanistan, but most say they are there and are rebuilding.

ISIS-K—who is accused of being responsible for the death of 13 American military plus many Afghan people.

OPEC—now that we are relying on our wonderful middle eastern countries for oil since Joe has hamstrung our oil and gas industries.

Russia—who now due to the pipeline Joe approved for Russia allowing them to get a tighter stranglehold on Europe.

American citizens still in Afghanistan after Joe said we would leave no one behind and would stay until all Americans got out that wanted out.

Afghan translators who were left behind to be hunted down and killed that we had promised safe passage to the USA.

American working class now paying 50% more for gasoline.

Americans trying to feed their families with many if not most groceries up 30 to 50% or more.

Hunter Biden and his art which is being sold without allowing us to know who is getting it and for what price.

The Christians left in Afghanistan to be hunted and killed.

The women and girls who may be raped and or killed by the Taliban and other terrorists.

With help like Joe, who needs enemies?  I personally cannot name one person who is better off due to Joe’s Build Back Better Plan.  Joe’s transparency and truthfulness are only a figment of his own imagination and his “controllers” manipulation.


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Let's Go Brandon!

David Collins

Easy answer , the politicians and their lobby buddies .


As Biden goes down in history as the worst president ever, the woman wanting his job has got to be the most unlikeable VP in history.

Fortunately for us, she is not out and about much. Even most Dems in Congress don’t like her. Most of her supporters are Commies, and in conjunction with her, they continue to bash America.


" Christians hunted, girls raped"

The imagery straight out of revelations, or late night fox TV opinion hosts.

If you read through the archives of the CCNT you can see this over the top hyperbole played out when Obama was president as well.

Former republican max boot has some recent opinion pieces in the Washington post. Folks with open minds would do well to read them and reflect on the contents.

David Collins

Does not matter if anyone likes her . Bungles takes a dirt nap , she is in along with a replacement VP . Now who would that be !


The current administration has destroyed this country. Since when did we negotiate with terrorist? Why is Biden wanting to take guns from law abiding citizens and yet give billions of dollars of military weapons to organizations who will in turn use them against us and our allies. America is being forced to take a vaccine or risk losing their jobs but Biden and his dictator like agenda is willing to open our borders and allow unvetted and unvaccinated immigrants into this country and provide them assistance yet our citizens are trying to survive. Our economy is shot, inflation is on the rise, and it’s getting worse daily but still Biden wants to provide humanitarian assistance to the Taliban. What a joke. FJB and FKH. Those 2 are the biggest mistake to be elected to run this once Superpower nation. Stay strong America.


Gee you might have missed Iran contra, trumps inviting the taliban to camp David, our involvement with northern Ireland, and 2 dozen other examples of negotiating with terrorists. We give lip service to that idea publicly, in pvt we do it all the time.

Despite what many post on this site, the sky is not falling, the republic is not overrun by commies and Marxists

What is happening is both sides of the media do their best to inflame public opinion, the end result for them being more sales of commercials.

Some folks seem to like the daily outrage drama as told by their fave media outlets.

I find that kinda sad that many people cannot tell hyperbole and melodrama from simple facts.


"What is happening is both sides of the media do their best to inflame public opinion, the end result for them being more sales of commercials." Right on. The media Is the message. The playbook is still, "It can't happen here"

published in 1937 by Pulitzer Prize winner Sinclair Lewis, Available on Amazon Kindle You will not find this mentioned by Critical Race Theorists, Nor will you find any mention of the 4 million folks who where here before the Columbus, or any Sub Saharan African slaves,


The American Revolution started a revolutionary movement that led to a liberation of the world in many ways. Fast forward to the arrogance of an elite political class experimenting in Marxist ideology and policies as a means to "their social justice". This has led to cultural failures and simultaneously forced onto an "unwoke" middle class institutional and financial bankruptcy while not only destroying what their forebearers built but without the slightest shame unjustly enriched themselves. Obviously, the original revolution has long since been forgotten and trashed by those sworn to represent the people and their institutions of stability and heritage. What's worse somewhere around half of those that send and entrust these elitists to the halls of govt like it or are just unsuspecting sheep.


Dear Mr. Biden, You’re not King! You don’t decree things to me via treasonous laws. You don’t have control over my life. You’re losing power because we are not listening. This is how a revolution starts. Let’s Go Brandon.

Here we go again!

Yes, President Biden certainly made an awful decision when he authorized the Doha Agreement, also known as the Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan, after negotiating the terms and conditions of the withdrawal with the Taliban back on February 29, 2020. That one mistake has led to many of the problems noted in the letter - it almost seems that the agreement was a surrender to the terrorists.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

I believe Here We Go Again got his dates wrong.

If the American President NEGOTIATED the deal with the Taliban in Feb 2020 that wouldn’t make sense.

In Feb 2020 when this deal was negotiated Trump would have been in charge, there is no way my man Trump would have negotiated with the Taliban.

I’m not even gonna waste my time looking that up, I’ve got Hannity to tell me what to believe and think.

Here we go again!

Wait - it wasn't President Biden that negotiated our surrender to the terrorists in Feb. 2020? It must have been some other president then.


Perhaps he is joining them. He has definitely took a giant dump on each and every service member who has fought and died defending the rights and liberties of each and every American and protected us from tyranny. His entire administration is just as bad as he is. I wonder how he feels knowing that the majority of this country is disgusted with him and wants him gone? This country needs a leader who has a backbone and isn’t afraid of terrorist and bow down to their demands. He is a coward and a joke. 

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Big Fat Drunk Republican

I’m tired of people saying Donald Trump negotiated a deal with the Taliban without an exit plan. What are these people talking about when they say Trump negotiated the plan then focused on re-election and planning his January 6 insurrection, I mean tally.

Never mind Trump never named anyone in the branches to lead the exit by May 2021.

I say, I say are you paying attention? We can’t hold Trump responsible for his policy. After all Trump left office in Jan, he gave Biden a full 4 months to get that exit strategy in place and not break any of the deal put in place.

That Brandon guy, I mean Biden guy is horrible, horrible I say.

I remember 2016 when Trump took office. By June we were all cheering how he saved America.

Here we are just 9 months in with Biden and the wheels are falling off the bus.

I get so sick and tired of people saying a true assessment can be made of Political decisions from in -3-4 year cycles. I mean, I mean are they trying to say that what’s happening with the economy and geopolitical theater presently is actually the consequence of decisions from 3-4 years earlier.

I don’t like ah ha moments.


Speaking of the Taliban, Biden is planning to allow Afghan civil servants who were employed by the 1996-2001 Taliban government to be exempt from terror-related bans on entering the United States,

Biden is also considering doing away with the Ban (the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act) on Hiring Illegal Immigrants in the workplace. This will allow more illegals to come across the border. And of course, they will probably be able to vote.


So the latest claim is the tailban civil servants will pour across the border and then vote? Do folks not hear the near hysterical tone of what they alleged? Do folks not want to read and know who can vote, who can not, and how such things are changed. Facts and civics lessons are important.


Biden’s 7-point plan for Covid: While campaigning, Biden promised if elected president, he would beat Covid. Many folks bought this. According to John Hopkins, deaths from Covid in 2021 surpassed deaths in 2020.

We started with masks and social distancing but now added vaccine mandates with associated passports plus booster shots.

Why are folks still dying from Covid?

David Collins

When was the last time anyone checked on your ability to vote ? For me it was when I turned 21 . My voter registration card passed from state to state without a backward glance . Sure , that was before computers . Now a days , false documentation can be had for just a few dollars with the aid of scanner/copiers and a bit of software . Just like all the fake vaccine compliance cards for sale . Voter registration types are not document experts and that is a fact . Soooooo , it is easier than one would think to register . Remember when some folks could not register due to lacking a legal birth certificate , a notation in a family bible was accepted as a substitute . That is a fact as well . Remember it well .

David Collins

Oh , forgot , the Taliban . Any going to get in ? Probably already here . With bungles and companies blessing and love for sure . Check out what just happened in the UK for a preview of exciting events that could well occur here . Already seeing an uptick in violent crimes committed by folks with unfamiliar names from unfamiliar places . Gotta be deaf , dumb and blind not to .


My final comment on this thread:

Circular arguments are most tiresome. Some folks prefer to believe conspiracies rather then facts from actual experts. Why are people still dying from covid? why do we have the highest death rate of most developed countries. because we have one of the lowest vac rates. For whatever reason the GOP has taken vaccine mandates as an issue of rights and personal choice, masks as an issue or rights and personal choice. MAGA media opinion hosts whom you can bet were all vaccinated ASAP continue to cast doubt on the vaccines. As patrick henry said " give me liberty or give me death" While not the correct context. I will point out it is hard to enjoy liberty when you are dead, or have serious and permanent illness/damage. The irony is the GOP desperately needs voters, yet in taking this foolish anti vax stand they lose them. Does that many any sense what-so-ever?


When Trump was in control both JB and KH said the vaccine couldn't be trusted. We ALL know those two would never make anybody's personal health about politics and neither should you.


Exactly DC. And Biden has shown the world how good President Trump was.

David Collins

Never let a crisis go to waste . Sorry if it offends some but is quite true on many fronts . Always those that are looking for an advantage for fame and profit . Call it a conspiracy or whatever , your call . Remember the mirror .

People are still dying everyday from everything imaginable and the dreaded Covid is just one of the players . Hyped , you bet , over hyped , you bet but folks seem to love horror movies . Fills some type of human need and spices up their otherwise dull lives a bit . Makes tons of money for advertisers flooding the markets with the latest prevention/demon protection schemes as well . That crisis waste thing again .

Globalization has led to prosperity along with expanded knowledge of our neighbors in distant countries . Ease of travel has allowed pretty much unfettered access to the world as well . It has also allowed unfettered access of ailments that were previously limited to the poorer medically underserved parts of this world and they can arrive at jet speed . We used to have a rigorous medical inspection of foreign travelers/migrants but have failed to keep up with the volume . Illegal border jumpers have not exactly helped this issue but apparently these days it is OK with the powers that be . Our fault there folks . Don’t want to offend anyone or use good judgment either . A WOKE mentality thing here ?

Freedom is not entire nor is it free , anyplace . Just different degrees of let’s say oppression . Certain things one must do to live in society these days no matter where you chose to live . Sure , you can kick up a fuss but fusses have consequences and not all are satisfying or pleasant . We will always have some that aspire to be rebels . Just the nature of the human beast . Your choice .


"Weekend at Biden's" best describes the past nine months.


Osprey… that’s funny right there

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