Marshallberg, N.C.

Apr. 7, 2021


As spring settles in on the crystal coast, I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite beach memories. I picture my relatives and friends on the sand and children playing in the water. But no beach scene is complete without a flock of pelicans gliding over the ocean.

As a member of Audubon and a longtime resident of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, I know this imagery of birds at the beach is more than just a pretty picture. Local bird populations determine the health of our ecosystems and, by extension, our communities; simply put, if the birds are healthy so are, we.

This is why the General Assembly must act to expand energy storage in North Carolina - we’ll ensure a cleaner energy economy that protects air, water, and habitat for birds while simultaneously creating jobs and growing the local tax base for our communities.

A new report commissioned by the Audubon Society shows the huge potential of the battery storage industry in NC. More than 1,200 company locations in the state could benefit from expanded battery storage. They represent 160K employees and $45 billion in sales. What’s good for birds is good for people too. Let’s expand NC energy storage, give a jolt to our economy, and ensure many more picturesque beach scenes of families and native flora and fauna for years to come.


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David Collins

You mean more space to store AA and AAA batteries ? I let stores like WalMart store the batteries and I purchase them when needed . By the way , where do the worn out batteries end up ? They are pretty toxic , aren’t they ?


I suspect depleted batteries end up in the landfill where they corrode and leak chemicals into the soil and groundwater.

Hopefully, most folks throw their old batteries into plastic trash bags where it could take 100 years to degrade.

David Collins

Seriously , I think I know we’re the author is going with this . Battery backup , one of the holy grails of local liberal speak .

Somehow wide spread use of high capacity lithium , the highest capacity we have at this time , batteries will capture solar energy and release it as needed over time , negating the need for fossil fuel power plants . Sounds great but still a pipe dream . One Elon Musk , the master of free energy hype that repeatedly falls dismally short on reality remains the pied piper of this movement . Not to say he is short on vision but just like his cars , which are long on vision but short on quality and satisfaction , are ahead of their time . Actually considered one but said not yet after seeing some of the reviews and personal testimony . Yes personal testimony .

Lithium batteries , while a great battery are devilishly expensive to produce , The NY Times , and nearly impossible to recycle . Why is this important ? Well , we may well be unleashing the next great poison to infect our planet . The first generation of electric cars , that have them in huge quantities , is nearing or have reached the end of useful life . The cars can be chopped up and recycled but what to do with those huge batteries ? Those along with depleted solar cells poses a formidable challenge that has not been addressed yet in our headlong rush to sustainability . Sadly the present administration refuses to address this issue , along with a plethora of other issues , in favor of the pleasure of the day . Unabated this will bite us in the hind parts sooner than later .

Until then , enjoy the Pelicans and the tranquility ,while they last .


Honestly, you had me at birdwatcher, etc, so how the ever loving heck did you jump to General Assembly in a portrait of FAMILY VACATION'S there big Al? hahahaahahahahahahah What a literal JOKE. Seriously???????????? Why don't you lead by example, and let people deposit used battery's in your home and yard there Mr Clean? Next story kids will be titled Batteries and the Beach ! coming soon....[whistling]


Not everyone is a tree hugger. I am more concerned about keeping my family alive and surviving the next 3 and a half years with the liberal hiatus than I am on how to store energy. Besides not everyone in this world can afford the ridiculously high prices for the said batteries.


It was announced recently that scientists in Japan have replaced lithium with sodium with outstanding results. Likewise a Google search on new battery tech. Will be quite informative. Both lithium and sodium burn and explode so not ideal, carbon nanotubes are quite an exciting development. Instead of looking foreward lets all continue to just find fault and bash " that other party"


Actually Mr. Rogers is correct. While there are problems with disposing of batteries, we have to deal with it within the best means available at this time. Problem being that our species demands the benefits of such products, but is shortsighted about the consequences on the future. Science is moving toward solutions, but there is not an easy one. Our species is going to have to learn to work with mother nature, not strip our earth of every resource for our ease and comfort. The new kids coming up know this and will eventually figure out better ways to live on this planet as a community. The "me" mentality is slowing leaving as the mainstay, as we progress towards a better understanding of our part to ensure a viable future.


Quantum leap from birds to batteries. We will never live that long. Why not energy producing wind mills that fly like kites, Some engineering has been done on this. Still a few wrinkles but as long as the grants are there - why not.? And what about bean power?

David Collins

Fine justice and drew , but until then can we slow down a bit and err on the side of reality ? Just a bit . Poison is poison , here and now or in the future . Just asking .


Now, lets give examples of how this new found major problem, that not one person in their right mind knew about until today, has affected flocks of birds on the coastal plains! CRICKETS CHIRPING............ hahahahahhahahahahahhaha


Since moving to Carteret County in January 2010, I've come to realize there are many folks here that care more about birds and turtles than they do the homeless people. Go figure.


Some people are passionate about helping the environment and other species on this planet. We need them. In my experience, those are the same people helping the homeless too. Fortunate to be surrounded with those making a difference. ...

(Edited by staff.)


These passions should not financially affect you and me if we do not want to donate . When they do, it's theft, because at this point alot of citizens are really fed up with that thought process, well, i know i am.

David Collins

The homeless people . Two types . The truly homeless live in shelters and are seeking to improve their lot in life . The others see it as a way to beg for money and then evaporate at the end of their working day . Raleigh is full of them staking out the most lucrative intersections . look at their feet and you will see $100 boots and cellphones . Pay attention to how much money they garner at evert stoplight cycle . Then at the same time every day a vehicle pulls up and off they go with pockets full of cash and coin . Scamsters indeed with your cash . Had one in Swansboro for a short time but he is off to greener pastures . Just saying .


Well, this went to the BIRDS....... [wink]


The homeless situation is much more complicated than two types. As in all things in life, we tend to focus on the exceptions, not the rule. Most of the homeless have mental illness or addiction problems and those issues are not addressed by our society as they should be. Until we get a grip on the root causes of the problems, we will continue to judge, unfairly, those suffering.

And the birds do have it...they will be here long after the human species is not.


Where in this article is any reference to 'homeless' , AT ALL??????? Wow, you really have taken the conversation down a strange path. [whistling]


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