Morehead City, N.C.

August 28, 2020


Is America becoming Portland, Oregon? If Thursday night’s demonstration following the adjournment of the Republican National Convention is any measure, then the answer is “Yes!” As they left the White House, Senator Rand Paul, his wife, and others were accosted by an angry, threatening mob. One “protester” extended the middle fingers of both hands toward a white-haired couple. Not even black persons were exempt from this form of harassment. As they departed the White House grounds, Georgia Democrat Representative Vernon Jones and his wife were among those threatened by the mob.

Is this the real face of the new Democrat Party? It certainly appears to be the case. We have angry representatives in our congress: e.g. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Congressman Jerrold Nadler, and Congressman Adam Schiff, to name only a few. Their anger has spilled over into our streets, and is on the brink of coming to your neighborhood.

Just imagine for a moment that a mob of people struts down your street, chanting, beating drums, trampling on your lawn and attempting to gain entry to your house. They threaten you and your wife and children with bodily harm, even death. Think about it.

Now we can see plainly the Democrat tactic. It’s called intimidation. They cannot get their way via the ballot, so they intend to impose their will upon us by attempting to terrorize us. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, it’s Karl Marx and 1917 all over again. One BLM adherent recently bragged that she was a “trained Marxist.” Those are not my words, but hers. Is this the new America?

My answer to my own question is: NO! This is NOT the new America. This is the new Democrat Party. Make no mistake, if President Trump is reelected, these same angry people will grow in number, and the riots and the destruction will increase. Their irrational hatred for the president overrides their acceptance of an electoral victory. This takes us back to 2016, when Her Royal Hillary was reduced to tears by the good news that America had elected a non-political person to the highest governmental position in the land.

And the resistance to the Trump presidency began even before the man took his oath of office. They hate Trump because he is not one of them. He is not a politician. He is not a Washingtonian. He does not care a whit about how it is done in Washington. He does not mince words. He does not cozy up to the heads of other countries in order to appease them. He does not believe in total globalism, but in America first. He is not for only the rest of the world. He is for AMERICA!

You should be, too. Don’t allow the anarchists and Marxists to reduce this nation to the United States of Portland. Stand up for America at the polls this November. Stand up for freedom. We need freedom, not free stuff. Reelect President Trump.


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Jere, it’s almost like you read my mind, but you were able to put it in writing much better than I ever could. Great job! Trump 2020!


I’m pretty sure the rioters will stick to the liberal cities where their actions are tolerated by the liberal local governments. I’m pretty sure that their 3rd world tactics of throwing rocks/bricks/little ieds etc will not fair well in many areas of the country. “Gun ownership is different in rural Illinois than it is in urban Illinois” obama as president at a Chicago convention. Hmmmm i think he said it! Called it out!


"... 3rd world tactics of throwing rocks/bricks/little ieds etc will not fair well in many areas of the country."

Well, we are in complete agreement! It won't, and it hasn't, and very little of America is suffering through this dustup, despite Trump trying - and apparently succeeding - in making people think otherwise.

But I would not blame the continuing saga on "liberal governments." I think they are simply trying to settle it down in some semblance of reasoned manner.

Sadly, one side or the other is not being very "reasoned" and so it drags on. I'm not in favor of what many "conservatives" seem to be advocating, which is "The Cossack Solution." That did not work very well for Nicholas, did it. And it won't work very well for us, either.


Well you certainly hit all the gop fear mongering talking points. Does the president bear ANY responsibility for the escalating lvl of violence? His embrace of nazis? His many quotes ie knock the he** out of them i will pay your legal fees? He doesn't embrace other leaders, America first. He is doing is best to destroy nato, deliver Ukraine to putin like he did syria.He does embrace big oil and cares not for clean air or water. Let everyone vote their heart..if you need to beleive an angry mob of dirty anarchists/ commies/ and colored folk are coming for you personally, well then vote for herr gropenfuher trump and his corrupt family and policies. If you think we need a sane adult who will do whats best for everyone, not just the wealthy, vote for biden.


Oh drewski, I've read many, many of your comments over the past few months and have noticed 2 main themes:

*You call Trump supports as belonging to a cult.

*You use a lot of "Whataboutism". No problem, Trump and I do as well. You must be in our cult.



Biden has been in his basement for several months saying it was because of the Coronavirus.

Now he has come out of the basement and speaking, but taking no questions from reporters.

Why do you think he is not answering questions, drew?


Well jeep, I dont know for a fact that Biden is not answering reporters question, I read so much far right repeated propaganda on here that I need to fact check things before I do reply. Sadly i work full time and have a lot going on as well so there is only so many hrs in a day. As fas as biden not talking, he is known to put both feet in his mouth, and likely they are trying to minimize that. Also trump is a interview disaster for trump so the more he speaks and the less biden speaks the better for biden. Trump is a demagogue, they always attract a cult following, they find a scapegoat to blame, say illegal immigrants, and thats what some people were just waiting to hear. Not all ppl who support trump are cult members, many wealthy ppl who dont want to pay taxes on their wealth support him. You can tell the cult members by the constant repeated themes, slogans, and how frothy they get when anything other then flattery is directed at the cult leader. Its an interesting study - read up on it. I think you correctly answered you own question about Ppl of color vs colored ppl. the histrorial use of colored as in "colored to the rear" has made that expression inflammatory. I was corrected not to long ago about saying black when not all persons of color are black. Whataboutism is when you dont answer a question and deflect. Ie Trump has been accused of sexual assualt by over 30 women and is still fighting not to release his dna in a rape case, you respond Joe biden kisses children on the lips.. I do try to answer legitimate questions, i can't be bothered to respond to Dr McQuack said.. I saw on you u-ube, or paragraphs of regurgitated tucker carlson tonight.


"... an angry mob of dirty anarchists/ commies/ and colored folk are coming for you personally." No ... no ... no ... not me personally. Our wimmin. Now, if you will excuse me, our local GOP committee is running a special showing of "Birth of a Nation" and I can't miss it.


Your funny rock, sadly I imagine it is lost on the majority here.



Please tell us how HE is responsible for weak democratic leaders of these cities/states allowing the RIOT to continue.

Please eleborate on “embracing Nazis” I will bet you will reference Charlottesville so I am prepared to educate you on how to do some research into the FULL story so that you might realize that we DON’T support a nazi (actually sick of people like you that throw around “nazi” as much as you throw around “racist”.

And the fact that you are still hanging on to the “working for putin” belief despite almost 4 years and millions spent on a SHAM accusation, says a lot for your ability to broaden your horizon and change the channel from MSNBC or. CNN.

Corrupt family? Please don’t tell me to look it up - thats the easy way to get out of it. Go ahead, give us some specifics. For example anything like Hunter Biden?

Oh angry mob of anarchists/commies?? Do they not describe themselves as communist/socialist? Have they not stated that they are going to take it to the suburbs?

Big oil 😂. Need I continue? Do you drive a car? I do, it uses fossil fuel and until we have an alternative that actually will allow us to fly planes and do everything else fossil fuels can do, I am happy that he supports AMERICAN oil companies and supporting us getting our OWN oil rather than from countries that hate us.


Daviru, he is responsible for his words and actions, retweeting nonsense conspiracies,and encouraging the idea that dems are an enemy . If you can't understand semantics and the power of words, esp. From potus.well I can't explain it to you.

Embracing nazis..did he disavow David dukes support in 2016 and now in 20? There are many many loosely aligned far right groups with similar and overlapping idealiogies. They all support trump. The fact that he does not disavow their support is tacit approval and embracing.

Working for putin perhas you might read the senate intelligence report authored with a gop majority. The dropping of sanctions on putins cronies over the objections of congress are suspect to say the least.his ther actions are also quite inexplicable, unless they have a hold on him. Cohens book has a very similar story in Vegas to the Steele dossier allegation.

You choose to beleive it was a scam investigation, the number of felony convictions suggests otherwise.

Trumps cabinet is filled with corporate execs who spent their lives fighting the objectives of the depts they now run.

Big oil has been making obscene profits off the American consumer for decades. The fact that I drive a car has no bearing on fast tracking pipelines or drilling in wildlife refuges

Yes corrupt family..senior advisor ivanka? Jared the slumlord ,barr and Rudy's children in cushy white house jobs. Ivankas chineese trademaks... need I go on? The is a huge list.

Just so you know I don't have cable and rarely watch TV. I do read quite a bit as I have time. I know what they are saying on stormfront and blm. I know the 14 words, and I know we already live in a partly socialist society. His campaign needs you to beleive the cities are all burning,, radical dems, 2a 2a they are taking your guns,, taking your children.. its wildly overstated proproganda, and some ppl fall for it. Potus should be using the power of the bully pulpit to unite the country, he absolutely is not. In fact he is doing the exact opposite, for his own benefit. Its shameful. I am sorry you can't see that.

sick and tired

They keep doing this because there are no consequences. If someone loots a store, and no one stops them or even says stop, they will do it again. If they attack someone and there is no punishment, they will do it again. We see it everyday in the criminal system. This is no different. I'll protest with you all day but I won't rob people(looting) I won't commit arson. I won't assault people. Without enforcement of the rules you have mobs destroying property, that we the tax payers end up paying for. That we the consumer end up paying for in higher prices. The closest I have seen Biden to condemning this lawlessness he said, Do I look like the kind of person who supports rioters, I mean look at me. Come on, look at me. What because you are an old white man?


To drewski - why would you not believe an angry mob of dirty anarchists/comies/and colored folk when they are right in your face every night on the TV? Trump didn't do this. People have a mind of their own and these thugs - that's all they are - are out trying to scare people and intimidate you into their way of thinking. Well guess what! it won't work. Trump will win and maybe then Biden will go home and take his little running mate with him. You know it's funny - Biden has been in office for over 40 years and what has he done? Nothing! If you can't get it done in 40 years you sure as heck won't get it done in 4. As for Trump making the comment - "knock the he** out of them* someone needs to do just that! These people are ignorant and obviously have no job or they would be home asleep and getting up the next day to go to work. I am with Trump 100% and whether you like it or not matters nothing to me.


oh Donna, perhaps change the TV station just once in a while. Then you won't see mayhem in living color endlessly. How many cities had protests? How many people nationwide have protested and are protesting? A tiny fraction of the total are rioters. Tiny. You choose to beleive the far right propaganda.. thats fine thats what is intended. Isnt it funny that trump says this is what will happen if biden is elected? Who is president now? you have stated you agree with assaulting protestors," they are ignorant and have no jobs.. " how exactly is that different from the rioters behaviour?


"Is this the real face of the new Democrat Party? "

No more than are the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, the National Socialist Movement, the Hammerskins, the Phineas Priesthood, or the various Aryan organizations - the real face of the Republican Party. And yet, there they are, at the same protests/demonstrations/riots as are these leftie louts.

On the other hand, the way that Trump is fanning the flames, one might certainly think the very fabric of America is being torn asunder, mightn't one. But it is not.

Consider that we have seen a large number of demonstrations and protests, most of which have been peaceful. Americans doing what Americans do, remonstrating with their government. And then we have louts - leftie louts, and rightie louts - misbehaving in grievious fashion. But in how many cities do we see this? And in how many cities is it continuing?

America is not coming apart at the seams, though Trump would love to have us all believe that. I mean, like, c'mon. Back in the sixties and early seventies, now, that was some serious hoohah and uproar. Today is quite tame in comparison.

Settle down. Get a grip. Wrap yourself around a nice IPA and be grateful for what we have, which is a great deal.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go donate my next paycheck to the "Free Kyle Rittenhouse" defense fund. I mean, he may be a dimwitted dropout with delusions of coppish grandeur, but hey ... he dropped three lefties, didn't he? God Bless America!


Oh, Sgt, looks like you are consuming a few too many IPAs.

You say the violence now is nothing compared to the 60s and 70s. So, you are comparing a 10-15 year period to 3 months? Right?

Gotta go now, a George Wallace documentary is about to come on Netflix.


I’m voting for big orange AGAIN because the swamp is still festering. Biden pelosi and their ilk are the swamp along with many republicans. Big orange has done more for the ghetto population than any other president. Unfortunately no one seems to care. Of course leopards don’t change their spots as evident in the rioting stealing burning in the liberal cities. I could actually care less about those cities. They voted and apparently that is the leadership they want...although it’s now biting them on the six.


I noticed, drewski, you used the term “colored folk”. What is the difference between “person of color” and “colored person”? Don’t they have the same meaning?

A news anchor, Kyle Cornell, has been fired from his Cleveland radio station for referring to the Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris as “colored.”

Good Morning America host, Amy Robach, has apologized for using the outdated racial term “colored people” on air.

We no longer use the term colored people, although once upon a time that was a term in use and acceptable by all. It is now considered a “slur” and “offensive”.

What is acceptable has evolved over the last century. The standard term has shifted from “Colored” to “Negro” to “Black” to “ People of Color” to “African American” and, for some, back to “Black”.

Terms do change over time. To call someone a “Cripple” or “Retarded” is considered, by most, as unacceptable.

It seems to be offensive to single out blacks as “Colored”, in part because of segregation and history associated with the term. Or is it?

Today we still have the “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People”, NAACP, the “United Negro College Fund”, and “The National Council of Negro Women”. Why are these acceptable? Why are these names not changed like Sports Teams, College Buildings, etc.? Are they not offensive?

So, you can tell I’m, again, confused and maybe someone on this Board/Site can enlighten me.


Here we go again with stuff as hypocritical as Pelosi getting her hairdo with no mask at a shuttered salon. "...embrace nazis"? How old was he in WWII? Must be more recent like Lee Statue in Charlottesville in which he was talking about there were "good people" on both sides of the discussion/argument for & against removing it. He said, "I not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally" and he further said, "Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans." "...knock the **ll out of them"? But it's okay for BO & his ilk to 'bring a gun to a knife fight"? And, for Biden to "beat the president up", or words to that effect? Surely those troublemakers going to his rallies weren't there to disrupt. They were just trying to engage in friendly conversation with his supporters. "...destroy NATO? NATO head said the president's tough talk brought 100 billion dollars in getting others to meet their fair share obligations? You, BO, Biden, HRC & ilk has lots of extra American dollars to give away? "...deliver Ukraine to Putin"? DJT sent them real sizzling hot weapons to defend against Putin and your crowd fuzzy blankets. Any more jokes? "...embrace big oil"? Doesn't everybody who needs it except fools? Maybe even "little oil" like fracking. You know like in PA which Biden suddenly isn't against. We're now energy independent under MAGA watch led by none other than DJT. Ask those killed, maimed, burnt out of their livelihoods, police bound to protect the citizens, businesses, property, taxpayers, insurance companies, etc of towns & cities if anyone else should be worried or was this all just fantasy because drew said so. And finally, "...corrupt family policies"? You win again in describing Biden & family.


dc nazis, real nazis exist in America today, as do many many other dangerous groups.

As i said to someone else perhaps you should turn the TV station once in a while. Yes there are some riots but there are many many more protests. Your post reads like it was written by the trmp campaign. Taking credit for energy independence? Do you think that trend starts in 2016? The sanctions on putins inner circle gone, syria gone, Crimea gone.the shadow war in Ukraine continues,

Trumps whole family is grifters, draft dodgers, slumlords.. going back to his grandfather. You can take so.ething out of the cat box, wrap it in the flag and set it on a bible. Whats inside still belongs in the cat box .


Thanks for responding, drewski.

I’m glad you recognize that Biden does, quite often, put both feet in his mouth. Is that really who you want as the most powerful person in the world?

I do agree with you, somewhat, on Trump. He talks too much, tweets too much, is condescending, arrogant and just plain rude at times.

But given the only two choices we have, I’ll go with the “Loud Mouth” as opposed to the “Idiot”.

I guess I did answer my own question about Blacks. I just don’t understand how they have institutions with Negro and Colored in their organizations names, but then complain about Food Packaging like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben.

If they actually sat down and read the story/history of Aunt Jemima they would be “Proud”.

I never said Biden kissed children. I Don’t believe that for a minute.

I, as you, also try to fact check before responding to important issues.

Sorry about the full-time job. I’m a retired, broken down old man that has not much to do but whine and complain about others’ opinions. Maybe if the weather cools down some, I can get outside and do something more productive.



“Some riots”...I would like to hear your definition of “some”.

David Collins

It appears that Mr. drewski is demonstrating his severe affliction of wealth envy . Anyone who achieves the status of being wealthy has obviously achieved it in a crooked and nefarious manner and should be duly punished . Treatment for this is rather futile . Not really worth the effort so grin , nod and carry on .


.. " severe affliction of wealth envy"- Franky i dont suscribe to the idea of trickle down economics, I wonder why cap gains tax income is exempt from all taxes for the first 40k then taxed at a substancially lower rate then income. i wonder why social security taxes are not levied on it.medicare taxes, I wonder why social security taxes stop on income above 135k. I wonder why amazon corp pays 0 fed income tax, on billions of profit. Actually i dont wonder the ppl who make the laws and draft the tax code are wealthy, and protect themselves.

i think as a working stiff that wealthy ppl should pay as much or considerably more as a % of income then I do. I think corporations should be doing the same.

Look at a graph of tax rates and income since 1950.. Now if you want to call that envy, that is your prerogative, i would call it a desire for simple fairness and common sense.

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Hey drew & sgt, If you really want to see who you are voting for Google: YouTube "Top Biden Gaffes & Bloopers in August". Enjoy!


Hey drew,  They are not all supporting Trump:

Neo-Nazi white supremacist Richard Spencer wholeheartedly endorses Joe Biden for president.


Yeah. Pelosi getting her done where everyone else is banned...theres a video out of her district on the streets...all the homeless... mostly black folks. Had blm spray painted on the walls. Wow. Pelosi must be very proud of what she’s done for her minions. Yep she’s a regular social warrior. So long as she can get her hair done And live the n her fortress all is good


there are 2 sides to very story, and the truth usually resides somewhere between them. Ms Pelosi's side is that she was told by the stylist that they were allowed to have one customer in the shop at a time, is it a cooincidence that the stylist in question was on the phone to fox news with the video footage from the shop before the door had fully closed on her exit? Similar to the trump campaign editing viedos and stills to make biden look older or saying things he dident say? "believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see"


It doesn't matter what Pelosi was told by the hairstylist or even if it was a set-up.

Pelosi is smart enough to know the executive orders by CA governor about face masks required and hair salons not open.

She feels she is privileged and above rules and requirements.

She is constantly in front of the cameras complaining about conservatives not wearing face masks.

Why didn't she just fly her jet to a state that isn't shut down?


Pelosi reminds me of the saying "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig".


It never ends with BO/Biden cult. "...real nazis in America today"? How much of the killing, rioting, burning, looting, threatening senators while assaulting police trying to protect them & the public are they responsible for? Have you seen Hitler lately? Remember this president is the one who supports the Israelis. Yes, other groups exist & they are the ones responsible for the mayhem you & yours seem so oblivious to. Can you say Antifa & BLM? SAY IT! Who cares about protests? That's not at issue. Your posts read like they were written by the Biden/Harris campaign. Yes, this president can take credit for energy independence. After all your guy got a Nobel Peace Prize for what? You & your ilk might notice the leader & CCP a little more than Russia. We haven't moved attention & resources to the Pacific for the weather. Remember BO's Syrian redline in the sand? Crimea? Was that under your guy or our guy? Ukraine again? You want to send more blankets again? Biden's family are bigger grifters. Which military branch did Biden serve in? Ever read about slumlords BO defended? You mean that cat litter box smell from the Biden campaign?


... DC, Rrand Paul made that staged "assault" and you fell for it. He is a nut job just like his dad . No wonder his neighbor gave him a good pounding. if you pay attention you will see many arrests of far right types agitating . in some cases killing cops. You conflate obamas nobel with trump is responsible for energy independence?? wow, that is some irrational conclusions. Yes Ukrainie, yes russia, Yes putin. You wish to turn a deliberately blind eye to your candidates many failings, criminal deeds, and general lack of character. DOD was pivoting to paccom from centcom long before trump was elected. Under Obamas's watch. Sorry, but actual facts matter, not deluded hero worship of a draft dodger.

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imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I am thrilled you have latched on to my cult theme, it does my heart good to see my words have such an effect. Now perhaps try to be even slightly objective? Gop holy dnc evil is rather cultish thinking isn't it?


Crimea was annexed in 2014. Who was so-called president then? Now, Biden & commie Bernie are on the same page with their manifesto. Wonder where that might lead? Now, doesn't Bernie like Russia or was that yesterday?


Annexed is such a polite word for invaded and occupied. yes that happened in 2014, and Sanctions and other tools were used to punish Russia for that. So why did Trump undo all that? why were those and subsequent sanctions for russias actions lifted on putins &cronies? Don't answer the hard questions deflect to obamas failings ( like the red line in the sand) A major mistake in my view. holders blunder with fast and furious, I wonder why Obama got a Nobel prize for no apparent reason as well. You see I am not blindly attached to OBAMA. Just as i can see obamas mistakes and flaws, i can see that trump, and trumpism is the worst thing to happen to this country in decades.


Can it be true what's been reported Jacob B. Sr comments on social media? This the same new civil rights leader Joe is promoting?


Of course pelosi is like most liberal democrat social skin in the game...lebron james and all those millionaire athlete/activists are the same just like the liberals in CC...a relatively safe mostly republican community... you’re welcome.

David Collins

Ahhha , Mr drewski , you just fail to see the big picture . It takes far more money for rich people to live the life they want than you and I . We buy pickup trucks the rich bu 325 K Rolls Royces , multi millionaire dollar yachts and private jets . All produced and maintained by everyday working folks . The rich bleed money with most everything they do and this provides jobs and income for countless regular Joes out there . The economic impact is huge but then you do not believe in trickle down . Individuals that invest in reg 401ks and IRAs pay regular tax rates when cashed out . Roth’s are exempt because the money used has already been taxed prior to investing . It is a risk reward thing and it also supplies companies with the money to expand and hire more folks . Finance and tax laws are made primarily by political lawyers so go figure . Not the most honorable of professions by reputation but it is what we got . Perhaps you need to run for office and attempt to make things fair , to your eyes at least . Just don’t get corrupted along the way .


Oh if only I was able to grasp" the big picture" that is so obvious to some. Your explanation nay, rationalization of trickle down is an Egyptian river cruise down denial. What I do grasp is the good ole usa is in a terrible state, crippling debt, foolish real& trade wars, insane domestic/ foreign policy,insane federal spending, and an ever shrinking middle class. Lets throw in a pandemic and a nut job potus.Romney was widely condemned being recorded saying 47% pay no fed taxes. But what does that mean really? Half the country is in poverty. They don't earn enough to pay fed taxes. They have no stocks, "the good life" is a cruel dream always out of reach but never out of sight. What does history suggest happens under these conditions? Not today. Not tomorrow. But inevitably.

How long before princess ivanka says " let them eat cake"


Pelosi to Hair-stylist: I would like a cut that would frame my face.

Hair-stylist: Which face would that be?


David, you probably can add irrational white guilt to that wealth envy.


Jacob Blake Sr’s posts accused Jews of controlling the media and financial institutions; mocked White people as “crackers” and “pink toes;” described certain women as “hoes,” and expressed support for the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan.

Other posts from 2017-19 included the messages, “I’m with Farrakhan,” “A jew can’t tell me shi* period,” “The Jewish media picks and chooses who is a terrorist and [who] is not,” “A cracker jew can do whatever to a white woman for years but let a jig try it,” and “One day pink toes will burn frfr,” which stands for “for real for real.”

Racism and anti-Semitism comes in all colors though democrats would never allow that truth to be spoken. To them, only whites are racists.

And his son, Jr, is a bad, bad person as well. Just look up his record.

Interesting how Biden has a number of mentors who are both racists and anti-Semitic. The moral of the story: Vote Trump if you love America: Vote Biden if you want to see America burn.


And his son, Jr, is a bad, bad person as well. Just look up his record.

Interesting how Biden has a number of mentors who are both racists and anti-Semitic

Isn't this the guy shot 7x after being tazed? Biden visiting his family doesn't really count as them being bidens mentor does it?

For the record I sympathize with the police in these troubled times. What do they do on a use of force scale when a taser is ineffective?

The moral of this story? Vote for trump if you want constant crises and corruption on a scale that can only be described as biggest ever, never seen before, and bigly.

Vote for biden if you want things to calm Down while an adult is in charge.


Surely, drew, you don't think that if Biden wins he will be in charge, do you?


FYI, drewski, I'll be out-of-pocket next Tuesday. Going to Winston-Salem to visit with Trump. I'll try and bring you back a hat.


Another Biden speech, 9-4, and, as usual, Trump bashing and no detailed plan on anything.

"Soft Ball" type questions from reporters were answered by Biden from note cards.

During a 9/3 meeting with Kenosha, Wis., community leaders, Biden said that a Black man, rather than Thomas Edison, invented the light bulb.

To Quote someone: “Stupid is as Stupid does”.


Looks like the economy still trumps everything else. Fed admits the president was right & they were wrong. Today's numbers more good news for this president & the world loves the dollar. Our president is a genius. No wonder he has a cult following & it's actually deserved unlike his predecessor. They need to come up with recognition for REAL accomplishments versus being a boot licker for whatever the socialist empty suit was pushing race, class & every other division, spying on & trying to destroy an opponent/successor and the list is endless. Now, here's the president. Are you listening?


Today's numbers more good news?

Would that be the slowing jobs report? The less then a million new unemployment claims? The stock market that is propped up by massive nightly infusions from the fed whipsawing up and down? Or perhaps your referring to the debt clock, spinning faster the ever before? Fastest ever seen!

Merely repeating disjointed faux entertainment talking points as a word salad does not make any convincing points. " in another massive policy win for gropenfuher trump, locusts have decimated the Midwest, in gratitude for his amazing leadership the sun rose in the east" all hail the chosen one. Blotus the king of the GOP.

Hallelujah & Amen.


Hey Joe, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t believe you should participate in debates with President Trump. ” Do you believe that participating in debates, where you can each share your thoughts/opinions is a good or bad idea?


As I’ve sat here for the last 2 days, and listened to the questions that are asked of Biden, I am truly amazed at how stupid the liberal media thinks we are. I would think even liberal voters would be insulted.

If you are a reporter and want to ask tough questions, fine, but ask them the same way of both candidates. And if you want to ask easy questions, fine, but do it to both candidates. Be professional and fair to both sides.

I know the liberal media, which makes up the majority, doesn’t like Trump because he doesn’t take nasty questions from them. And Biden tells the media how nice and great they are so they are gentle to him.

Trump is not a career politician and in my mind there is nothing worse than a long-term career politician. They kiss booty and know how to schmooze for their benefit, regardless of whether or not it is in the benefit of the American people.

Don’t liberals really want to know what Biden is going to do for the country, if elected president? I think not!

Some liberal reporters think they will be criticized by their fellow co-workers, so they hold back. How sad!

They may as well ask him “how he keeps his skin so soft” or “are your dogs looking forward to living in the white house” or “where do you and Pelosi buy your designer face masks”.

Ridiculous and frustrating to watch. The media should be performing a public service and get answers to tough questions for all candidates. Double standards by anyone’s definition.

Biden has taken questions from the press twice in the past 48 days. That's not nearly enough. Easy to sit on the sidelines and not be accountable for your actions.

Those that can Do

Those that can’t Teach

Those that can’t teach become Politicians

Biden needs to meet the standards of presidential candidates who have come before him and so far he hasn’t.


jeep, jeep , jeep.. Do you need me to hold that dead horse while you beat it? Perhaps the reason the MSm is so hard on trump is not that he doesnt take hard questions and flees the stage, its because asking hard questions is what the media is supposed to do? perhaps you remember fox news grilling obama for 8 years ( not once did he run/ waddle off stage, and always gave cogent answers) Softball questions.. have you seen OAN and faux news questions to trump? Biden did a fox interview "It's mortifying, it's embarrassing and it's dangerous," Biden said. In a Fox News interview late on Monday, he was talking about trumps statements about WW1 dead that has now been confirmed/denied/and again confirmed by none other then FOX . Some ppl will never believe it, some ppl think trump is a savior. I admit joe biden is no giant prize. I just think he is orders of magnitude better for the country then trump. thanks for the hat offer, but you may want to save that money to donate to the trump-clan for legal expenses from my reading the trump organization is a series of shell companies and despite his graft& fleecing the treasury for golf trips to his own properties the whole thing is just a house of cards built on foreign loans and like a house built upon the sand its all coming down- Soon as hes out of office and the indictments start. Will he be invisible in an orange jump suit?


Hey Joe, why is Harris bailing out rioters, including those who are suspected of shooting at police, murder and a convicted sex offender?


An "adult"? Over 40 maybe even over 50 years of being an adult chronologically? He now see's systemic racism? What other issues has he solved in less than 50 years? Oh yeah he & his family got filthy rich somehow working for you. Most people become adults but not all are problem solvers. The president is a problem solver but socialist Joe ain't. End of story. His socialist mayor family are problem solvers too. Can't or won't do their jobs & run when the criminals they helped create get too close & rowdy. Real adult problem solvers like their far left socialist national leadership.


How are these two "adults" running on the same ticket going to resolve their sudden difference when talking riots. "Adult" Harris says the rioters are not going to stop & she said they shouldn't. But "adult" Biden has seen the light after somebody went down in the basement & gave him the bad news. So, "adult" Biden publicly does not now support rioting but no word from "adult" Harris that she too might waver & lie or flip flop about the rioters if push comes to shove. But will "adult" Harris quit providing monetary support even if she has to publicly renounce her immoral moral support? And, will "adult" Joe publicly at least direct his "adult" juvenile delinquent staff to lie to the public that they aren't bailing out the criminals.


It's not too surprisinging there are those not smart enough to understand this president's foreign policy.


Surely no one believes Biden is the "adult" when he goes to Kenosha to meet with an anti-Semitic racist while our president goes to offer calm & help to rebuild their businesses & other destruction caused by the criminals supported by the Biden ticket. Anybody but a fool would agree this round goes to our president if you're making it a prize fight like Biden likes to talk about beating up the president.


Adult.. that description includes temperament. trump is a spoiled man baby with serious emotional problems. What do you think those trump balloons are all about. Do you really think trumps promises of money and rebuilding would have happened if Wi wasent an important swing state? oh of course you do! As many key words and phrases you use, I begin to wonder is that you Hannity? or perhaps just a russian bot programmed to support trump and sow insulting discord? HHHmmmm..


Hey Joe: You promised on the campaign trail in 2008 that the Obama-Biden administration would never raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000 a year.

Virtually every fact-checker including the left-leaning PolitiFact says you broke that promise.

Why should we believe you when you now promise that no household making under 400,000 a year will get a tax hike?


A new Joe Biden ad paints a bleak picture for Social Security under President Trump.

The Washington Post’s fact checker awarded Joe Biden four Pinocchios for trying to scare seniors with false claims about President Trump cutting Social Security.

President Trump has repeatedly promised to protect Social Security. In reality, it’s Joe Biden who has advocated for cutting Social Security.


If he's what you say can the world imagine what he could accomplish if he was what you say Biden is? Maybe the world can but you like all the other TDS haters can't & would vote for a CCP loving anti-American socialist like you're going to do the country be damned.


Some things Trump promised to do while campaigning for the 2016 election. Of course all politicians over promise and they do have limited powers, without the support of congress.

He raised the standard deduction on income tax forms so fewer people would need to bother with itemizing their tax returns.

He did give big corporations tax breaks as part of the campaign he ran on. And he delivered, whether you like it or not.

Trump kept one promise by his third day of office when he pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Then he negotiated a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico that he felt was better than NAFTA, created under President Bill Clinton.

Trump promised to build a great wall on our southern border and have Mexico pay for that wall, But, Mexico refused to pay.

He did follow through on his words appointing a massive number of conservative judges to various courts. Not only did he get Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, but he has appointed almost 200 others to lower federal courts.

Trump promised to bomb the heck out of the Islamic State. He did drop the biggest non-nuclear bomb in history on an IS-complex in Afghanistan and he authorized actions to attempt to drive IS out of Syria and Iraq.

Trump criticized Obama for playing golf while in office. He said “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.” Then in the first 100 days in office, Trump spent more time on the greens than any president in history.

But he didn't play as much basketball, at the White House, as Obama.

Drew, I'll save my money on a Trump hat for you and maybe send the money to Dan Forest 2020!


So, if our guy is offering help to all these cities & states run by far left socialist anti-American idiots but they refuse the help until they finally see proof that the citizens are fed up that's somehow the president's fault? But your hero Biden meets with an Anti-Semitic racist & that's still the president's fault? Not sure a computer could figure that one out. Where did you say you went to school?


In the news that "crazy urban liberals" are driving swing state to the president. Not sure if we have a few crazy urban liberal transplants or just crazy liberals around here or maybe both.


Dun-da-dun it's bot man. "Round One Goes to Trump". By Wen Wryte. Quoting, in part, "The way things are going now, the Dems are playing right into his hands. And they have only themselves to blame. Round One goes to Trump." Now, will the real crybabies stand up?


Ya know when you stop & think about it just for a second or two the president doesn't have to work very hard to make fools out of the leftists, socialists, Marxists, anti-American, TDS, Trump hate mongering Ds which including their media industrial complex. The simple reason is their overwhelming dishonesty & need to destroy him.


"Media bias will only get worse for Trump as election nears". By Josh kantrow. Quoting, in part, ..."In addition to the fact that Trump has been a good president, the unfair media onslaught against him is one of the reasons that I, formerly a NeverTrump, am firmly in his camp and will do everything I can through donations, consulting, media appearances, and writing to aid his re-election efforts."


Hey Joe: How do you plan on enforcing a national mask mandate if you are elected, as you said you might do?

Should states that abide by your mask mandate use police to enforce it?

Won’t that create more interactions with cops at a time of tension?

What will you do to cops that won't enforce your mandate?


Hey Joe: Kamala Harris, when running for the democratic presidential nominee, said she believed the women who accused you of sexual assault.

Why has Harris changed her position on supporting potential victims of sexual assault?


From the Associated Press:

BIDEN: “When it got up to March, I kept saying, ‘Look, you’ve got to invoke,’ and you remember, I think I was the first — I may be mistaken — person calling for the Defense Production Act.”

THE FACTS: He is correct about being mistaken.


While the trump/ fox cult shrieks in unison with their orange diety about antifa and china.. cooler unbrainwashed heads at dhs have this to say:This draft document seems to be consistent with earlier intelligence reports from DHS, the FBI, and other law enforcement sources: That the most significant terror-related threat facing the US today comes from violent extremists who are motivated by white supremacy and other far-right ideological causes,”

As for threats from elsewhere, Russia reportedly tops the list of DHS concerns.

Russia “probably will be the primary covert foreign influence actor and purveyor of disinformation and misinformation in the Homeland,”

David Collins

Quite sure there are more than a few countries trying to influence the election . Quite sure there are a few tech giants trying to do their part to influence voters as well . Heck , most everyone is trying to influence someone . Just go make your choices and vote . All his drama is getting old .


You're never wrong just like the Intel folks. Believe it was that brilliant DHS Sec. Napolitano under whose watch that sounded the alarm with that futuristic report warning that returning vets from war overseas were going to be a dire threat. Where are they?


I am occasionally wrong, odd thing though, I will admit it not just double down with another tedious string of posts, repeating myself, cherry picking obscure details then amplifying that molehill into a mountain of "proof" Yes, yes, I know Trump knows more about ISIS then the generals, more about disease then the Dr's, more about fidelity then any of his 3 wives.more about finance then any living human, he truly is all-knowing, all seeing, all powerful. Some ppl think if you just keep repeating something over and over eventually ppl will accept it as fact. Some ppl will. Some ppl have even convinced themselves that trump is not a liar and a conman, a crook, a man with no scruples,no ethics, no morals. Some ppl wont believe his own older sister a retired federal judge on just how amoral and toxic he is. Some ppl can't even see how just mentally ill he is. Isn't that just so sad, grown men conditioned like pavlov's dog to growl and salivate on command for dear orange leader?


Bless our little pea-picking hearts. We have a real "adult" in the room like his main man Joe & "lady" what's her name telling us how to think. " man", "some ppl", "mentally ill", "liar & conman", "crook", "all powerful", all-knowing", "fidelity", "3 wives", "cherry picking", "molehill in a mountain", obscure details", "string of posts", "repeating self", "tedious string of posts", etc. Admit it! You and/or your ilk, preference in politicians, etc are guilty aren't you/they? Like him or hate him there is no comparing a billionaire businessman versus lifelong politicians? Well, with the possible exception of 3 wives. But, hey, Clinton may have been better off with 3 wives before he got to the WH that way he could have saved us all the drama & he & his lovely bride the embarrassment. Maybe not knowing him. You left out tweets that our genius uses so effectively to reach the people & answering the lies & fake news. It's very possible he would have never been elected or remained in office without them. At least he's not a lifelong politician hogging the govt money pit for a living & to enrich himself & his family. You heard he donates his salary right? Compare that to the world, He's actually done something, solved some problems like saving beheadings, lives, & a huuuge list of other beneficial stuff for We the People & our great country in general. We'll save you the agony of recapping the list. Now, that's an orange man we can live with & use another 4 years don't you think? So far as his family that's between them. There is such a thing as jealousy, sibling rivalry, even hatred & TDS in his & families other than his. Don't give too much credit to "judges" in this case. Recordings? Hmmmm. Think about it & all of it. Good day.


" You heard he donates his salary right? " LOl yes quarterly we get a press release. This is the basis of how cons work, the victim WANTS to believe, and then misdirection is applied. In this case yes he donates 100k a qtr with much fanfare. Thats what the left hand is doing, meanwhile the right hand has made 275 golf trips to trump properties at an expense to taxpayers of 180 million plus. A good portion of that goes directly into his pocket, meanwhile the saudi and various other govts and corporations who want favors are renting whole floors of his dc hotel,payola in the guise of feesall, in his pocket, mar-a largo the "southern white house",, cha ching cha ching cha ching.. and thats just for the secret service rooms. then we have the gop fundraising juggernaut using 3rd party vendors to funnel money back to his family.. Even after its proven they were robbed the victims of a con often just will not admit it, To do otherwise is to admit you were fooled, you were wrong, and many people are just not emotionally capable of that level of introspection.


Oh, one more thing didn't mean to leave out that "orange" thing you & your ilk are so fond of. Bet if you look around among the thousands of politicians you will find one that wears "orange" well. Could be that some of those mud pack facials are orange right? Of course they'd have to remove that "required" mask to get the mud pack but not necessarily for a hairdo. Another possibility might be a mask & various other make-ups like a major NY university. Hey, another "orangeman" or "orangewoman". LOL!

David Collins

Mr. drewski , you are quite correct about constantly repeating things to make them appear to be true . Been my observation that you sir , do it quite often in order to deflect from an answer . Good job .


Mr Collins, i have previously explained ( to mpjeep)that i will answer questions, however I do not have unlimited time as I am not retired. Even if i was, i can't be bothered to respond to 4 paragraphs of random quotes, u tube videos, or the latest from alex jones, or q-anon types. Plus there are 4-5 of you who pile on to every comment not wildly praising trump and I am but 1 man, so i must pick and choose.Your observation about trickle down economics, that implied if the wealthy are not given enormous tax breaks at the expense of us all, why then they will clean their own homes, mow their own lawns &and maintain their own boats and luxury cars, and the service industry class will suffer, I am sorry but I just don't find that at all credible.


"You left out tweets that our genius uses so effectively"

Pretty sure that statement- all by it self, tells folks all they need to know.


But you can be bothered to do what's been pointed out. And, now we know.


There you go again cherry picking & NOT telling the WHOLE & REAL story. by leaving out "to reach the people & answering the lies & fake news". Right out of your fake news play book.


actually the word "genius"referring to trump is what tells folks all they need to know. Have a great day!

David Collins

Here you go again , putting words not spoken in others mouths . No where did I say anything about tax breaks . Only said that the wealthy employ many folks while enjoying their unique lifestyle. I know nothing of tax breaks , personally , for I enjoy none that I am aware of . Guess one could say that the mortgage interest deduction is one of those devilish tax breaks you speak of but it is widely available to all that buy their homes . Guess I just told a lie , didn’t I ? Second homes should not enjoy the same treatment IMO .

The tax laws in this country are indeed quite convoluted and ripe for abuse , I agree . That is why I have long felt that a flat income tax for all with no deductions would be best . Corporate tax on profits should be treated the same way . Sadly that is not how the world we live in works . Everyone sees things through different eyes . Don’t be so quick to demonize the wealthy , most have sacrificed far more and worked far harder than you will ever know .


Clear communication requires careful reading. What i said was.. implied.

Implied means "suggested but not directly expressed; implicit."


"4-5 of you pile on to every comment" "but I am but one man"? Now you know how our president must feel! Except he has 10s of millions more than 4-5 & that's just domestically. There is no moderator, time lapse or anything else to assist him in countering the BS except his social media & they take that away when they think they can get away with it but promote his enemies. In fact, ALL & that means ALL media, DNC War Machine, Big Tech. Hollywood, the Ds leftist/socialists/communists so-called leaders & their rabid underlings/supporters, & much more domestically & then many foreign nations especially those whose welfare check has been slightly cut, pro-communists/anti-American organizations like the WHO, Chinese Communist, Russians, Muslims, etc, etc. In other words all anti-Americans & their entities. You have it easy. Why don't you give him a break now & again? That would take a big burden off his shoulders. Your burden is but a gnat in comparison.

David Collins

4 or 5 to 1 . Hmmmmm , would that be an indication of how the election will turn out ? Doubt it but one never knows .


Mr collins, I said I was not a fan of trickle down economics, you defended Tde. The rationalization for, and mechanics of tde is tax breaks for the wealthy and very wealthy. Sorry but you can't defend tde and say at the same time I never said anything about tax breaks. The two are one.


If Trump has knowledge that China is interfering in the upcoming election, it is his sworn duty to uphold the constitution and protect this country from foreign threats that could comprise this nation. Making blanket statements, fueling discontent, hysteria, and posting a constant montage of non-proven statements are reasons to question his intentions and competency.


You're right! It tells them all they need to know that he is a genius.


In nc an iq of 70 or below is disabled, 140 is considered genius most places. I am pretty adept at guessing iq from verbal skill and having listened to trump talk for the last 30 years, I would put his Iq at 95- 97 tops.


Biden's new yard sign: Black Votes Matter.


So, that's the problem? We need more low IQ people running for office? It's reassuring to know there's only one low IQ person in govt today but he's outsmarted all of the high IQ idiots representing you isn't it? Now all we need is more diversity training to solve all our problems right?


China & at least a few others are probably trying to interfere with out elections just like our previous president tried to interfere in Israel's & at least one other one. Heck probably at least one of our Intel agencies has probably tried to interfere in other countries & their own country's election. Should that be reported & who should they report it to? Have you heard the immediate past president & VP tried to interfere in the last election so who should it be reported to & what should be done about it?


And, whose intentions & competency should we question?


Well, whatever happens it was so refreshing to watch that show last night running those flashes of all those really smart leftist politicians including the previous cool gait prez, so-called "news" talking heads, talk shows, Hollywood types etc laughing about DJT chances of being elected in 2016. But their guy who can't remember where he is at & a stenographer who observed & opined about his mental acuity is their current choice. Now, that's funny.


As we approach what I beleive is a historic 100 comments on this thread, its become obvious that no new ground is being covered, just more hero worship of a deeply flawed idol. As always thats for the interesting comments both pro and con.

Speaking of cons did you hear the one about 3 trumps walk behind a Barr?

Until next time folks!


Finally a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize who actually desires it. Amazing what a low IQ genius can do. And, peace may be spreading in the ME. But don't tell BO, Biden & Kerry. They'll send an envoy to Iran to crush any attempt at peace in the region. Maybe they can get contributions from those very rich & very stupid people funding the rioters. After all they evidently like chaos & war foreign & domestic especially if it will make our president look bad.


I believe Biden was quoted saying "Sniff Happens".


Vote biden if you want issues vote trump if you want solutions


Certainly a flawed one but not as flawed as cool gait. At least he's saved lives foreign & domestic & actually has meaningful accomplishments worthy of more than a Nobel Peace Prize.

David Collins

Loved the rationale for the nomination . Based on results not useless talk . From a very liberal individual , no less .


Go and read about the origins of IQ testing. Not really a good indicator of judging a person's intelligence. But what is a good indicator is how one speaks and what one says. Trump fails both. The polarization of sides in this country is sickening. We need leaders to join us, not divide us. We are one nation. We are Americans. Period.


Can we all just agree that drewski won this argument and move on?


Sounds good to me, johnny. Thanks


We'll always move on but we'll never agree on who won the argument. In fact, the argument isn't over. He may have left it behind but it's ongoing & will keep going so far as I'm concerned as long as there are people out there supporting anti-Americanism. Biden & Harris are a joke. He was for defunding the police & all that goes with that anti-American garbage & later flips in hopes that idiots will vote for his & Harris' agenda. Has anyone heard her change her mind? And, doubt that you will. She & her ilk are waiting in the wings. This "can't we all just get along" BS flew away long ago. If a Communist Chinese Pandemic can't bring things together then maybe you need to ask Biden & his ilk why not the slightest criticism of Chinese Communist Party. Think any sane person already knows the answer. Lot of red-blooded Americans died to so their children didn't live to all learn to speak German &/or Japanese. It's up to this generation to ensure their children aren't required to speak Chinese. Maybe there are some or many that don't care. I believe this president does so I'm going to stick with him.


BTW, if she does flip I'll believe her about as much as I believe Joe.


Wish I'd though of this:

Illinois police chief dismissed for sharing Facebook post:

The alleged post was a meme that stated: 'Looting ... When free housing, free food, free education, and free phones just aren’t enough.'


Hey, drew, Brett Favre played a Football game the day his dad died. He threw 4 TDs in the first half, and was a legend for playing in the face of adversity.

Your NBA players boycott the playoffs because a dude reaching for a knife, wanted on a felony sexual assault warrant, was shot by police.



A new report detailed Joe Biden’s latest falsehoods, which are focused on his debunked claims of “predicting” the 9/11 attacks.

According to reports, Biden has falsely claimed he was warning of potential terror attacks on U.S. soil prior to 9/11.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Leave me and my cult alone!

If I wanna fixate my life on one person, that’s my business.

If I wanna fly a flag bigger than my boat, I will fly a flag bigger than my boat!

If I wanna ignore all logic and common sense to support my obsession, that’s my business.

I decided to stop thinking and follow the leader in 2016. Everything Trump says goes. It’s time you left wingers stop telling us to use reason, logic and common sense. If I wanna follow lies, fear and insanity, that’s my business.

I prefer to listen and trust one man.

Forget anybody else. Can’t you see it’s all about Donald? C’mon people. Put down the history books, stop listening to science and forget the equality for all mumbo jumbo.

Life is to short, Trump will save us all. Thank the heavens above Trump is returned to save us. When he was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago, we knew they would try to stop him.

Now he has returned and they are trying to stop him again.

Forget what anybody else says. Save yourselves and do like I do. Just listen to Sean Hannity, Rush L and Mark Levin. These guys know it all, thrte is no other information we need.

So let’s refreshDon’t think

Just listen to Trump

By the biggest Trump flag you can for boat and yard.

Don’t wear a mask, you look weak.

Don’t worry about racial injustice, if you don’t live near an area where you gotta see that, what does it matter to you.

Only listen to right wing radio.

Do not believe any science that doesn’t fit your belief! Very important for us Trumpers.

Give money to Trump campaign and any entity that is A part of our Trump lifestyle, it feels good to back Rump with money. But hate paying taxes.

If a communist or socialist try to tell you anything other than what Trump says, just run away.

Don’t listen to the cult talk, we aren’t a cult . We just really, really love Donald, we don’t need an island or kool aide. Just gotta get the wall built and take Hydroxychloroquine

In Trump we Trust!

I gotta go, gotta see what Trump wants me to say and believe today.


Wow, someone needs to push away from the bottle.

David Collins

I believe you BFDR . You just go do all that and good luck !


Now that's funny no matter how crazy it sounds. Right, since he's near or in vacationland & not exposed to the very rich & very stupid supported killing, looting, burning, destroying businesses & livelihoods what does he care. He's going to vote for anarchy & mayhem because he's another raving mad hater with uncurable TDS.

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