Morehead City, N.C.

Oct. 27, 2021


Every two or four years becomes the time for politicians to promise you the world and that they will work for you, help you and be the most honest politician on the face of the earth. They forget that their records, comments and actions are recorded.

The Morehead City Council has three (3) people running for two seats. George Ballou has been on the MHC Council since 2005, yes, 2005 FOR THE PAST 16 YEARS. Should he get re-elected it would give him a total of 20 years. For the past 16 years He has promised us the world and in the world of reality what has his contributions been?

Keri McCann has been on the MHC Council for the past four years and when she ran, she “Promised that she would be her own person and think for herself.” Four years later her contributions have been (1) her husband received $20,000 for a grant to host the speed boat race on the waterfront. The other businesses on the same street received nothing, lost revenue as the streets were blocked off. (2) Her bar on the waterfront can play Loud Music that can be heard a block away without be asked to lower the volume. (3) She can give permission to a friend/vendor to park a RV Vehicle on the side street in front of her bar for the weekend and allow the diesel fumes from it to blow on people, customers from the other restaurants and when asked to move the RV or turn the motor off get very belligerent with the owner whose business was affected by the smoke and odor. Yes, egos sometime overload a politician’s common sense.

There are questions George Ballou and Kerri McCann need to answer to the voters that they have ignored and/or did not wish to go on record for the past two months.

The Webb Library has many unanswered questions such as why the town attorney signed a 100-year lease in 2005 for $1 per year which now has 84 years remaining on this lease and now suddenly, the MHC Council elected officials have now decided the lease IS NOW, NO LONGER ANY GOOD and are planning to VOID THIS LEASE 16 years later. One million dollars later and this is certainly not ethical in any situation.

They built a new town hall, had their names put on a gold plaque, but again the people are truly in the dark about plans for the old town hall on the MHC waterfront.

We never got a good explanation from these elected officials about the public opposition regarding the Spooners Creek subdivision sale to the Stallings Boat Company and the involved family that ticked off approximately 600 people living in this subdivision.

The MHC elected council has continually done business behind closed doors and when in session they announce their decisions with no public comments; sometimes they fail to announce to the public in advance their intentions and/or jerk us around and surprise us.

When they did away with committees they shafted the people, voters and taxpayers. Ballou has 16 years as a politician, and he owes us answers to these questions. McCann has four years as a politician, and she has certainly done an excellent job in joining her fellow politicians.

Harvey Walker would be a breath of fresh air on the MHC City Council and would certainly speak out and disagree with anything that did not appear to be in the best interest of the people or town. He would not play games nor operate behind closed doors. As an experienced professional business owner in Morehead City, Mr. Walker would work for us, not against us.


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David Collins

Having heard all this many times before , just how would anyone know this to be true ? A bit late in the game are we not ? Vote for me and I will set you free comes to mind . Certainly a jaded view but with faith in any politician at an all time low ….. .


Mr. Hill, I am confused about your support for Harvey Walker. It seems to me that this is an evolving issue for you.


Mr. Hill

I find your letters to be quite amusing. Most of the Time and then letters like this makes me think you have lost your mind. Please tell me what you have to gain by addressing issues like this when you have done no research at all. What questions do those candidates have to answer. What deep secrets do the Council of Sleepy MHC have to cover up? Your conspiracy thoughts are close to the side of dangerous. You flip flop constantly and only confirm my issues that you are misinformed. As for the Webb Library Mr. Walker was on the council then and voted in favor then but my question to you is how often did you go to the library? If it was so important to the citizens and town why did they not do something about it. Like raise the much needed funds to improve it? Oh its easier to expect the government or town council to fund it and then sit back and criticize them for spending money on that and letting other much needed project go unfunded and not completed. As I said before I don't have a dog in this fight because I only vacation in MHC but I do take an interest in seeing the other side of issues. My suggestion to you Sir is if you don't like it then Move to a more appealing location that might share the same views that you have or will be more accommodating to you view of life. I hope the citizens of MHC will vote wisely I for one will be watching!

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