Pine Knoll Shores, N.C.

May 28, 2021


This is a copy of an email I sent to Gov. Cooper today.

Gov. Cooper, Why have you ordered the American flags to fly at half mast to "honor" the vic-tims of a shooting in San Jose CA?? At first I thought we were honoring the veterans who fought and died for our country! Silly me! Again we are HONORING victims, not heroes.

We honored the six prostitutes killed in Atlanta a while ago, who were killed by a religious fanatic because they were prostitutes, not because they were Asian.

None of these people died for a cause or defending freedom. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Enough!! You have debased the meaning of a half mast flag.


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In Coop's defense, Biden issued the flags at half staff order in the wake of the mass shootings in CA.


" thoughts and prayers" are what's offered to victims of mass shootings. Flags at half staff is a reminder to folks to reflect on the lives of the dead. Sadly mass shootings are a weekly event, anti Asian hate crimes seem to be a daily event.


I wonder, when the lord asks st Peter to open the book of life, and this letter flutters to the floor, what will be said?


Dear Patricia, you are correct, the Gov of NC , does not take orders from a President. Also, he is in fact wrapped up since day one with these delinquents , and a few other suspect governors in a desperate power trip/ grab. You have seen behavior from him that deserves a sharp reaction, and the longer he is in that position, well, the harder it will be. I suggest that you wait till the end of his servant term , and we'll see if he leaves peacefully. Also, check the lawsuits against him for the blatant citizen rights abuses during his power trip. [wink]

David Collins

The term hero has been eroded and overused for quite a while now . Part of the everyone gets a trophy movement . Look up the real definition if you doubt . Above and beyond .

Biden is trying to be all things to everyone and is really nothing to nobody . Part of the far left illusion political policy . Will be a sad note in the book of history .


Another example Patricia. ........... The New Secession Crisis


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