Beaufort, N.C.

August 23, 2021


Much is being said about Joe Biden’s ineptitude in the current Afghanistan crisis. Add to that, the destruction of US oil independence while facilitating the Russian pipeline, the marauding masses assaulting our southern border, the impending shortages of essentials that imperil us, the mind-boggling corruption of selling access through his sorry son Hunter, the undermining of business with government incentives to not work, selling out to China, and much more.

It can be said that all this is Joe’s handiwork. But that ignores the obvious; that Joe is no longer sentient, that he is a puppet and the fall guy. His removal has been predicted since the day he was elected but cannot happen yet but for the loss of Kamala’s tie breaker senate vote and a complicit media.

It has been discussed on various news outlets, that these events are not ineptitude but are intentional crises. Biden himself said that chaos was expected and unavoidable in the exit from Afghanistan. That is certainly true to some extent, however, the abandonment of an entire population that became vested in the hope we provided, to medieval, vicious, brutal thugs is beyond unconscionable.

We are witnessing the intentional deconstruction of the USA and western society. History is being rewritten. Factions intent on destruction are being created to divide society. Small Business is being intentionally destroyed by bureaucratic lockdowns, regulations, and taxes.

The USA is nearing 50% of the workforce in Government Jobs that contribute nothing to the Gross Domestic Product and only serve to impede those who do produce. It has become the regulators versus the innovators. This is not meant to demean those that provide essential services, rather those administrative positions whose only purpose is to justify their own existence. This is not this limited Federal Government our founders intended.

Our infrastructure is being dismantled piece by piece. Not enough trucks, can’t unload ships, can’t get parts, can’t find workers. Roads and bridges, not so much, but we will all have internet, as long as we don’t say anything about the election being stolen. We can’t get ammo; gas is in short supply. What happens when food can’t get to market?

The government is printing money with absolutely no accountability, purposefully increasing debt in the Cloward-Piven strategy.

We are spending trillions of dollars here, there, and everywhere. We spent a trillion in Afghanistan and gave our enemies all our equipment. Joe Biden gave untold millions to Ukraine just for the kickback he could get thru Hunter.

Dr. Fauci gave millions of dollars to China to do gain of function research to intentionally create a more potent Bat Flu than nature could create, and in the process is responsible for millions of deaths. Not much of a doctor, but he is good at being god as an overpaid bureaucrat (600k/y) with too much money at his disposal.

We have seen our great American cities turn into welfare cesspools rampant with riots and lawlessness through feckless Democrat rule, while bureaucratic princes/princesses rule their autocratic fiefdoms with lockdown edits, and pompous callousness.

So, what are the driving forces behind this net of madness tightening its hold on the world? Is it Dr. Evil? Is it simply losing elections to the truism, democracy fails when people learn they vote themselves money? Is it a secret cabal of moneyed elite plutocrats implementing a globalist agenda of a totalitarian world government? Are my friends and neighbors that voted democratic, simply unconcerned with these things, so ensconced in their pensioned lives, or so focused on their anger for Trump, that they are somehow unaware of the portent of our grave situation?

Some things I do know. We are not all sheep. We still have a constitution. Our middle class has not yet become the proletariat, and one day, the people that voted for the befuddled, doddering, corrupt fool being blamed for this woke, diabolical, evil, insanity will be confronted with their accountability.


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Well said.


Another the sky is falling ltte. In Dec 2016 when a young man from NC drove to DC and discharged a rifle in a pizza parlor, he was convinced he was there to liberate the children. Info wars and maga media had folks convinced Hillary's satanic child sex ring operated out of the pizza parlor.

Last week a bomb scare at library of congress, another disturbed nc individual.

Who profits from spewing this nonsense?

America's enemies Russia, China, north Korea, Iran. Their collective cyber warriors fill the internet with arguments and abuse, nonsense and propaganda. Who else profits? Why the advertisers on maga media.

The ccnt prints an opinion calling for biden and son to be lynched, shortly after another LTTE that concludes with a vauge threat.

Maga media is poison for your brain. Like begets like and we see that in evidence here today. How long before another " nc man..." headline

It was poor judgement to publish the hanging comment. The editors should know better.


But it's not poor judgment to support JB's open borders allowing destruction and death into this country. It's not poor judgment to support the craziness in the way JB is callously leaving Americans and our allies open to slaughter along with massive military weapons, equipment and an air base probably the only one in the area. It's not poor judgment to not criticize those that brought us the worldwide pandemic. That's plenty more that DJT left stable that this crew of morons have blown to Hades and from which this country can never recover.


BTW, for many the sky isn't falling. It already fell.

David Collins

Obviously it shows that NC Men are men of action and most women are glad of it . . No nervous nellies here . Plenty of time left in the year for more .

Took guts to print that letter but the fortitude melted away with the criticism from those with weak stomachs . Quite sure the part that put your knickers in a twist was just an analogy , a play on words . Life is tough most times and not for the faint of heart . Personally , I barely noticed the lynching part .

Here we go again!

Good old fashioned rabble-rousing!

JusticeForAll thinks you have lost your way a second time.

And any woman "glad" of men of who partake in insane acts, obviously, have problems too. What a ridiculous statement.

David Collins

Relax , take a deep breath . It Was a Joke ! Way too much thin skin stuff going on here .


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