Morehead City, N.C.

Mar 18, 2021


The Carteret County Commissioners have once more been caught in their own lies about their selling of the County Water System. Think back several weeks when the commissioner retired due to health issues and this position was not made aware to the public. The commissioner was replaced by his son-in-;law and they failed to make this known until they were questioned and after the stuttering they admitted to this.

Another member of the family is now involved in Carteret County Politics. More on this later via Letter to Editor.

If the commissioners were honest and actually cared about the citizens, they would announce immediately that this system is not for sale. If they do not do this, they have confirmed they are liars.

The county manager's favorite saying is "THERE'S A LOT OF MISINFORMATION OUT THERE." Mr. Burns you are paid $154,000 annually, and your job is not to pass the buck and blame the people for this while attempting to cover the butts of your bosses. Take my word my friend, they could care less about you just like they actually believe we the people are fools.

Commissioners you have screwed up big time as you have approximately 1,200 voters against you. People of Carteret County, you need to Grow Up, realize the truth and understand these commissioners do not give a damn about you or me. They want total control, the ability to operate in secrecy and not be questioned.

Carteret County needs to clean house and elect people with integrity, new ideas, morals and to eliminate commissioners that want to be on all major boards due to their egos. If they truly cared they would admit that being a Carteret County commissioner would be enough for one person.

Example: There is one individual in the "Good Ole Boy Club" that has been on most of the boards in Carteret County and within a year they have become chairman while holding another board position. MORE ON THIS TO COME.


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(Theme from the godfather plays quietly in background.... )the 5 families.. they run the county as they see fit, they control the commission, the board of education and all county depts. You know the names its all the same a cross the boards. They rule not by executive fiat, but by nepotism, cronyism,and long standing tradition. After all, the 5 families have ruled this way for generations. If you need something from the commission and are not kith or kin best to wait till the date of his daughter's wedding? (Godfather theme fades)


Yes, Mr. Hill, our commissioners do want total control, the ability to operate in secrecy and not be questioned.

Just think how much could be hidden if public notices are run totally on government websites instead of in the newspaper. It seems like an attempt to keep the public more in the dark than ever.

It’s estimated that 30 percent of folks in NC either live where there is no internet service, or they can’t afford it.

The fact is, legal notice advertising is a tiny fraction of the budget in every county and it’s no secret that newspaper reporting isn’t always favorable among local officials.


IMO, this entire 'form' of so called leadership, management, should be eliminated, and these basic tasks of managing, not manipulating , should reside with a county manager, who can be questioned , and fired for their actions. Personally, anyone claiming a political 'status' will self corrupt. IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN FOLKS, so remove the entire structure. (ps..... its the politics being used for cover over bad decisions , not the other way around) RIGHT AND WRONG ARE FACTS.

Jackie Gleason

Again...all politics is local. The Commissioners are in their place because people owe them. They get jobs for neighbors, family, friends and then, in turn, the people who feed from the trough vote them in. It will never go away until it is exposed and to what magnitude it exists. Aunts, Uncles, cousins on the payroll somewhere with a get the picture. These people do not care and if they did they would never be selling the #1 asset that people in the county, state, country for that mater world care about most. Water. Follow the money once again and see what relative or friend will benefit from the sale. Certainly the lay people won't benefit. We just pay.


Make it 1,201 against them. Do we have term limits? A Nepotism policy? Hmm.


Whether for the right or wrong reasons, being an elected official demands a large amount of your time and effort. George Washington did not even want to become our nation's first President. The only solution is for those concerned is to become more involved.

I very much appreciate the News-Times, there's two articles posted from this weekend that state there was no public comment at public meetings. We the people allow the government to run the way it is. We need to show up to public meetings, apply for boards, become participants in the political parties, and become more than Monday morning quarterbacks. If we do less of the problems Mr. Hill is stating will occur, and/or we'll become the families he refers to.




Well, folks , meaning all concerned, if you keep the current theme running, as in the SAME FORM OF RULING CLASS, your outcome is not going to DIFFER. GET IT? So, lets review class....... Ok, we have the same form of leadership, and, on every now and again the parts are being changed, but overall, its the SAME! (results do swing from one idea to the other, granted). HOWEVER, IT IS TWO BASIC IDEAS...............hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, See the pattern here yet? You folks are being set upon by a STATE gov, (which is proven corrupt), a County gov, which id good old boys , and so called CITY gov , which is the worst of all! That's 3 layers of ...

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