Morehead City, N.C.

May 12, 2020


I am indeed thankful to God and the folks at Carteret News -Times, for the maintenance of this paper in print form, for those few thousand folks who still subscribe to print media. Folks like myself who enjoy the ritual of feeling the newsprint between the fingers and listening to the crackle of the paper as we shake, fold and bend it to our pleasure as we read for edification, amusement/entertainment and sheer enjoyment. Maybe some of us don’t have much else going on otherwise, especially in this time of COVID-19.

So, I read another letter to the editor recently and my mind harkened back to Desiderata; a well known poem by Max Ehrmann. It says in part, “Go placidly…even the dull and ignorant have their story.” But for the News-Times, I would not be able to read the somewhat wishful thinking or feverish meanderings or musings of another one’s mind. I for one, relish the idea of disparate ideas on almost any topic. Almost. However, if one seems to wish others, who do not share one’s own views, away, that to me is troubling.

So, here’s the thing. I don’t mind it at all, if all the children of the current president wish to be politicians or presidents themselves. What I cannot bring myself to think about with any seriousness is the notion of a dynasty, in these United States. For one to think that having a dynasty take over this republic is a good thing and at the imaginary demise of Democrats en masse is kind of … an unsound argument. I don’t think in this country’s history it has experienced a dynastic form of government, a king or queendom. Serfdom? Maybe. The slaves and their descendants could probably claim the existence of the serf form of governance here, at least in parts of the union. Otherwise, I think not.

What would the republic look like if we should morph into a dynasty or a czar type government? I am sure it would not make Democrats go away, just as it would not eliminate idiots from the face of the earth. What about the Founding Fathers ideas for this republic and our inalienable rights and freedoms? Where would one find oneself in the dynastic pecking order?

Make no mistake, an ideology, be it political, religious or otherwise, is difficult, near impossible to eradicate.

Let’s be humble before God. We should not wish others away, just because we disagree with their way of thinking. We should not want to trample on others’ freedoms, because we would not want our freedoms to be trampled on. We are all children “…of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, we have a right to be here…”

Let us hold fast to that which is good. Get out and vote our conscience when the time comes. Have good intentions towards others. Be very careful what we wish for.


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Special Forces War Veteran Losing His Job For Stating His Opinion [ ] <---------------


Sometimes looks like we all have a right to be here except the unborn, barely born and elderly who can't care for themselves.


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Hey!, they are running 'Darlington ' tomorrow! [ ] Hot Dang! [thumbup]


Kudos to the writer. We are all in this, black, white, Asian, what have you. All seeking security and happiness. All loving ours, and hopefully everyone else. Time to embrace that which is most important to us all. Family, friends, and those down the block who are just like us, seeking a way to be happy and serve mankind.


I say to the writer, just chill a bit. The letter he is referring to was with tongue firmly planted in cheek.




Speaking of dynasties, from 1981 - 2013, two families held upper offices in our country (President, Vice-President, or Secretary of State) - the Bush’s and the Clinton’s. In 2016 everyday Americans in both parties were just tired of the status quo. The D’s failed to realize this, thus the election of Trump. We didn’t have a good choice in 2016, and I’m afraid it’s gonna be the same for 2020.


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Thank you to the author. The nation is not in danger from conservatives or liberals. Instead we are assailed by those who wish to divide us. E Pluribus Unum.

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