Western Carteret County, N.C.

Nov. 22, 2022


I have so much to be grateful for this holiday season, but I'd like to voice my sincere appreciation for our Carteret County Commissioners. In the midst of an era of distrust for government, we are lucky to have county leadership that is so transparent, helpful, and working so hard to build a future of prosperity.

I was thankful to see my ballot featuring County Commissioners running uncontested. You see, our commissioners are so transparent about everything they do, who would want to run against them? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Monthly Commissioner Meetings offer everything we need to know about the decision making process for our county's planning and future economic development.

If there is a decision to be made, I'm confident all evidence is considered and all stakeholders are brought to the table. (Except for the stupid public comments; nobody wants to listen to those rednecks anyway, right guys? Just keep moving forward and don't listen to those haters.)

I'm also very grateful for the help our county commissioners give their friends and business partners. Isn't it great to live in a county where if the law doesn't exist to protect someone's business, all the county commissioners have to do is make the law? Isn't it great that our county commissioners spend our tax money on things that improve all our lives, like that county airport? After all, isn't that what government is for? Protecting the wealthy and their toys? I'd hate for that tax money to go towards anything like education, social workers, or county parks.

Those entities get plenty of money from state and federal supplements- it's great to see we are pooling our resources to ensure everyone can get to their boat in time for the Big Rock Tournament.

Finally, I'm so thankful that my family gets to watch western Carteret County get developed in the image of Myrtle Beach. They are rezoning this sleepy corner of the county by the hundreds of acres to allow for trailers and RVs. I'm so thankful that they have taken this upon themselves to develop because the money is just waiting to be made- why not make it off the backs of the kind, hardworking people who make this area such a great place to live? (Besides, they won't notice- they're a bunch of ignorant rednecks that don't understand the zoning process anyway, right guys?)

My son and I will get into the car sometimes as the debris from land clearing on Highway 58 is burned. He asks me why it smells like thick smoke for the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th day in a row. I smile and say, "That's the smell of your county commissioners trying to ensure their children will never have to work."

Y'know, I'm glad to see this county operating like a well-oiled machine. The kind of machine that doesn't care if it's following the law. The kind of machine that does not consider the perspective of the "have-nots." The kind of machine that will leave its citizens holding the bag if development is built like sand castles on non-existent infrastructure.


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Lol what ever the kommisars do or don't do is on the voters. The mind set is " my daddy voted for his daddy, so why change anything" What changed the previous sheriff dynasty? An outside investigation. What changed the dui court system, an investigation by the Charlotte observer.

Humming theme to dukes of hazzard while I sip my coffee." jist a good Ole boy.."


Perception is reality, but nothing is as clear as the lack of opposition on the ballot we saw this November. Volunteerism is down (MHC Veteran's Day Parade) and the commissioners volunteer, albeit a stipend. Nothing will change until a few informed citizens of Carteret County start putting community service above self-interest by offering an alternative on the ballot.


What would be fun is to circulate a petition to enact a tax on rv Park owners of 25k a yr for the owners and say 50 a month on the lot renters. That money designated for civic projects, need based scholarships, infrastructure whatever the people want.

Rv parks are cheap to build in comparison to single family housing, they add massive density to the area constructed, and are a goldmine for the owners, that explains the exosionof them in last decade. The residents likely do not vote here. Nor pay taxes commesurent with the services they use. ITS WIN WIN.

Can you imagine the commissioners faced with a long scroll of signatures explaining in folksy down home terms why this is a bad idea? Those that don't recuse themselves that is.

Doc Epoch

I agree Drewski, a occupation tax would be beneficial for the residents of Western Carteret. RV resorts should get a special County tax but that will require a complete flush of the board. Everyone one of them “knows the business”. Then again, as we can see they may step down from their role as commissioner but you’ll see them just go into the shadows as another advisor or board member for say the airport in Beaufort. These people do not care about anything other than more money for them and their friends. It’s comical at this point.

Parks, walking trails, and waterfalls for tourist on 150+ acres while the tax payers children play on dilapidated baseball fields at Western Park.

It’s obvious these characters are beyond their time.

David Collins

Community service is a noble endeavor indeed but then the old “ hey there , I am a member of the community so why should I not be served as well ? “ the old give and take theory .


Finding a transparent politician is like find blood in a rock, it will never exist. It will do no good for anybody to put their names on a ballot because the good ol boy system will never fail. Money can definitely change things unless you don't have it.


I like this tongue-in-cheek writing and agree entirely with the author.


There are two types of folks in the country: those in government and the rest of us. The rest of us make no governmental decisions; therefore, we are not the government but the governed.

Let the chips fall where they may.


hit the nail on the head !!!! 100%

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