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June 24, 2021


In his June 23, 2021, column in the News Times Ray Nothstine insisted a tax cut is in order and referred to "irresponsible spending" by the federal government.

Republicans love to do this when out of the White House, so let's look at that spending. 2020 was a pandemic year and 2019 was much more normal so this is where the big bucks went that year: Medicare and Medicaid, 26%; Social Security, 23%, defense and veterans affairs, 18%; interest on the debt, 8%. That adds up to 75% of the federal budget and took almost all of the federal revenue for that year.

All other federal programs like the FBI, courts, transportation, nuclear security, national parks--everything--had to be covered by borrowing. Why? Because the Republican party refuses to discuss a tax increase on the rich and big business, which largely run the country now. The top 1% now possess almost 30% of the wealth in this country but taxes for them are off the table, despite Joe Biden's attempts to have them pay a fair share.

So which is it Ray? Big cuts in Medicare, Social Security and defense or a modest tax increase on the rich? If you don't have the guts to push for cuts in those programs then have the guts to raise some revenue to pay for the programs most Americans love.


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The top 1% currently pay as much tax as the bottom 95%. It sounds like they are already paying more than their "fair" share.


How about we shut the people down, and take care of ourselves, as was intended.


Hear hear!!

David Collins

Taxation is controlled by Congress . Any and all rules are enacted by Congress . Any changes must be made by Congress . Seeing how we now are pretty much controlled by the Democrats , any changes must be pushed through by them .

This country does not have a wealth tax . Many other countries have tried to have such a tax but all have given up on it . Costs way more than any possible returns . Then there is the FACT that those in charge are amongst the wealthiest among us . Think about that for a few moments . By the way , that includes our dear leader and his family . More food for thought .

Most all social programs were brought and expanded on by Democrats . That is now on steroids . Once again , THINK .

sick and tired

When the millionaires that govern we the people start talking about taxing the rich any one with common sense knows it is all hot air. The rich are not going to jack up their tax bill.

David Collins

Of the 95% or so of would be taxpayers 45% , or so for it changes daily , pay no income taxes at all and some get tax free funding from our dear leader . That funding will only increase when the childcare bribery scheme comes into play . Also , with the introduction of all these illegals , can’t let them go hungry or without suitable shelter and healthcare can we , the price will only rise .

Getting back to just how do these billionaires avoid income taxes ? They get no paychecks , that is how . For a really eyeopening peek as to how this is done , read the June 19th edition of The Economist , page 59 . This tactic works world wide and is legal . For now ! You will not get any Uber-rich anyone to talk about it , especially political types . This subject is taboo and that includes our dear leader . Our last dear leader actually worked in business , this one has never opened a business door . Now just where did he and his family get all that money ?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

They got it all wrong. Wrong I say!

Taxing income is outdated. Taxing on what you spend makes the most sense.

Create a Federal sales tax and be done with income taxes.


I agree with the big fat dude... a consumption tax makes sense.... that would give us regular middle class types a choice... pay extra fed tax on the great big ole flat screen or just a little extra on the mid size tv.

David Collins

You really think that you do not already pay federal taxes on what you buy . Just because it is not on the receipt does not mean it is not built in . Don’t give the DC maggots any ideas , please .

The taxation industry employs mountains of folks and is not about to eliminate their cash cow . Income taxes . Ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime . More like a federal consumption tax in addition to income taxes . You can never have too much tax money for them to p**s away .


The federal debt is so huge - it cannot be paid off!!! So now what?? Scrap the dollar and invent a new currency. Works in the third world. Reality is we have been on a credit binge since WW2. No change in behavior in sight. Hang on to your seat. Gonna be a rough flight and a bad landing. AM I WRONG??? HOPE SO


You people are really convinced that ANY tax is 'good' for your cause? Really.........Citizens are supposed to REPEL TAXES! All of them, no matter the reason. Your enemy is the TAX MAN, not the other voter.

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Says the guy on welfare and medicaid

Big Fat Drunk Republican

I’m with Deadbolt,

I say we repel all taxes! That way we can satisfy those pesky liberals and defund the military. We will not have to worry about fossil fuels destroying our environment because the roads and other infrastructure will become to degraded to drive on.

We will not have to worry about defending Israel any longer.

No more worry about N Korea or China. They will not be our problem I’m sure.

It will be nice getting rid of Cherry Point and Camp Lejune. I’m sure there will not be any issues with the surrounding areas and no more bombing or flyovers to keep us awake and rattle our homes.

We can really make BLM happy when we defund the police.

And who needs stop lights, schools, hospitals or EMS services anyway.

No longer will there be any over reach from Gov telling us we have to pay people to work. I mean, I mean we can just give them some food, hand me down clothes and a shed to live in.

Who needs anything the Gov provides anyway. Society would be much better off with leadership. Leadership causes problems and creates order.

Another thing we can give the liberals. Liberals hate law and order. Getting rid of societal governance is key to any good revolution. And since we are ready to have another revolution and all!!!

Deadbolt is spot on, I mean, I mean we have been mad for several years now about not standing for the the National Anthem and flag. Once again we will give liberals what they want since there will be no need for a national anthem or flag.

Man, I rally get confused trying to stay in line with you conservatives. Am I supposed to love the country, or hate it?


Personally, i don't give a thought to what you think, but, hamstring the DIRTY DEMOCRATS is going to be fun. The party of Slavery, JIM CROW, and the KKK. The right ALWAYS OVER-CORRECTS .


Sart with a 25% minimum income tax on corporations. No deductions for political campaigning or anything for hat mater., If they pull the pin and leave. What have we lost?? Rebuild the middle class. Stop wasting money on stupid wars. Fight only after congress declares war - not some stupid police action.


But there is a way out - invade Venezuela for starters.

David Collins

Invade Venezuela for what reason or purpose ? They and others from down there are already invading us .


Oil Venezuela is rich with resources, Oil aluminum, three corn crops per year. cheap power and a chance to test our weapons


On second thought, how about this, " People Are Free to Pay Additional Taxes Anytime They Get a Spare dime!' Please remit to the IRS , your favorite family member! [wink]

David Collins

So we should just take it from them ?

David Collins

Ok ! This article should have been titled “ Extra taxes for the rich “ . That’s right . Targeted taxes to punish those that have a bit more and give it to those with “needs” . Let’s see , just where does that actually work in countries larger that Maine ?

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