Davis, N.C.

Dec. 31, 2019


I am pleased you plan to continue the print version of the Carteret County News-Times in spite of challenges faced by you and other rural papers. Local newspapers have a critical role in building and maintaining a strong sense of community. That said, when I tell friends we need to buy the News-Times to help ensure its survival, I am often faced with a flat-out reluctance to support the paper.

Please consider a few changes I believe may increase your circulation and benefit our community:

• Limit the word length of the letters to the editor (350 words is a common limit) and edit for clarity. Do not publish anonymous letters.

• Encourage in-depth reporting. The front-page article Dec. 27 on the Wildlife Resources Commission left me questioning. What is the Coastal Federation position? How will these changes affect local fishermen and local waters? What is the historic relationship between the WRC and the Marine Fisheries Commission?

• Solicit guest columns on local issues rather than giving space to Ann Coulter’s bad attitude.

• Occasionally give editorial space to your reporters.

• Reprint articles from Coastal Review Online and North Carolina Policy Watch.

• Give more space to local education. Inform us about the successes and challenges of local administrators, teachers, and students.

• Publish a list of nonprofits with contact information as you do churches so they can attract support and volunteers.

• Acknowledge that people who have lived here their whole lives consider sea level rise a reality.  When a local man says he expects his lovely waterfront house to eventually become a high end duck blind, I believe him. Don’t naysay respected scientists in our area when they assert we are, here and now, dealing with climate change. Use them as a resource.

I write this with my very best wishes for a successful 2020 for the News-Times and with gratitude for the investment your paper has made over the years in this county.


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David Collins

At the same location on Queens Creek for 35+ years and no noticeable rise in average water level here. If anything , more mud due to runoff. Not going to head for the hills quite yet.

Core Sounder

Plenty of erosion in the downeast area which I have lived for over 50 years but have not noticed any rise in sea level. One would think the low marsh lands between Cedar Island and Atlantic would all be under water before now but it looks the same as it did back in 1963 when I first moved here. Not saying that it will not rise some day in the future but we have a heck of a lot more things to worry about in this area and Country as well than a potential rise in sea level that may or may not happen.


I have been working on a local waterfront for the past 40 years and the average mean high water has risen 10" in that time.


Is it really necessary for the News Times to acknowledge that historically sea level rises and falls and climate changes over time ?

The moon was at one time closer to the earth and is slowly moving away. Maybe some respected scientists can theorize our space travels have caused this. Kinda like wake of a spaceship or rocket affecting the lunar orbit like cars affecting the climate.

David Collins

Hummmm , a local waterfront . Could you be more specific so as to allow someone to observe this phenomenon ? It is 10 inches in height and not 10 inches further landward , is it not ?


David, 10" in height on a municipal bulkhead. There are oysters and barnacles where it used to be smooth.

Core Sounder

Some of you need to be reminded that bul heads will settle over the years especially on silt bottom.

David Collins

Ok , any particular location ? You know , city or town , perhaps a state or country . This is important because someone needs to be made aware of this . Obviously either the land is reclaimed and sinking or there is serious fault line action going on. Kind of like what is happening in Venice, Italy . Strange that the sea level rise alarmists have missed this one but out of the blue here you are . Right here in little old home town NC . Who da thunk .

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