Newport, N.C.

Mar. 3, 2020


In a recent letter to the editor, Mr. Cummings requested an answer to his questions about “the anger and outrage directed at the School Board” by MaST parents. I will gladly satisfy his request.

I would first start by asking Mr. Cummings what his response would be if he heard a rumor over the summer that the BOE was talking about closing his sons’ high school in a few short months. Not from the actual board, just a rumor, and upon closer inspection found it to be true.   Yet no communication had gone out to explain to parents what was happening – zero communication occurred without the parents first expressing concerns and pushing for answers. And then you find out that the actions being considered by the board are illegal and very specific statutes must be followed to close a school in N.C.

Should we have just sat back and let this all happen? Aren’t you focused on the law – as someone who has “argued for a living?” Seems very odd to me that you wouldn’t understand why parents pushed back.

And then there is your question as to why parents think MaST is a “radically better option for their child than West, East, or Croatan.” Many of our parents have one child that attends MaST and another child who attends one of our three other high schools. The reasons parents choose different schools for their children is because each child learns differently and thrives in different environments. Your implication that MaST parents don’t want their children to go to school with yours does not hold any weight. But I guess you’ve never moved your children to a different school for a few years because you felt it better served their needs?

And when it’s all said and done Mr. Cummings, you have never walked the halls of MaST High School. I invite you to see our school and see the students who spent their summer fighting hard to keep the doors open. I ask you to look past your misinformed opinion (be it intentional or not) and truly take time to learn about the school.


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Matt Bottoms managed to avoid the topic last year. He deferred his responsibility as superintendent and watched the BOE and County Commissioners take the heat for a critical topic involving 100 of "his" students. Bottoms needed to take a position on MaST and stand by it rather than be a very high paid spectator. A stronger leader would have managed the situation in a timely manner avoiding the very late decision and subsequent legal actions.


Makes sense.


Communication to MaST parents should have been sent by the superintendent’s office.

No...actions by the board were not illegal:


I had a son who went to Wayne School of Engineering. A similar setting like the Mast school. He was invited because he had the intelligence and was a great kid. Most kids are great, but alot of kids learn different than others. Where my son went there rules and codes that further accommodated and accompanied what we were trying to teach him at home.Alot of kids that he knew are now hopeless in prison or dead or dependents of modern chemistry. A parent wants the best for their kids. We have to teach them it is earned from Kindergarten and on up to College and in real life nothing is for free and not just handed to them. Then you have the ones who think it is a waste of time to fund these schools. If they taught the way the Mast schools and early college schools we would not have the issue with the BOE. If they go back to real discipline and teach real morals and integrity and not just do it because it feel right we w iui uld have better schools no need for the Law Enforcement to be on campus and less violence. I support the MAST schools and the teachers. BOE NEEDS TO WORRY ABOUT KEEPING THE MONEY IN SCHOOL NOT TRIPS OR ANYTHING ELSE THEY WANT... ITS WHAT THE KIDS NEED

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