Morehead City, N.C.

April 8. 2021


In last Sunday’s News-Times article on the rezoning proposed at 301 Hwy 24 for a marine retailer and independent senior living community, an applicant claimed “blatant misinformation” by those who oppose this rezoning request. As part of the Spooners Creek neighbors, below are the facts and we welcome the additional facts that will address these issues.

Traffic & Safety

• Fact: Rezoning location on Hwy 24 is 5 lanes, on a curve between two heavily used Walmart entrances with 55 mph speed limit

• Fact: Proposed Boat Dealership entrance is nearer to Harbor Dr. and Hwy 24 intersection the 2nd most “Potentially Hazardous Intersection” in the County by NCDOT.

• Fact: Proposed Independent Senior Living entrance is nearer to west back entrance to Walmart which does not have a signal light and is already rated “F” in delays throughout day.

• Fact: There were 65 accidents on this section of Hwy 24 since January 2015.

Environmental Hazards

• Fact: The property’s wetlands feed the headwaters Spooners Creek -classified as an “Area of Environmental Concern”

• Fact: The proposed development includes a boat storage and maintenance business. Oil, gas, diesel-fuel, fiberglass, and oil-based products will be used in service on the property

• Fact: Tidal flooding and storm water runoff occurs frequently in the Spooners Creek area. Increases in the impermeable surface will create more runoff. State standards mitigate damage from 1.5” of rain in a 24-hour period. In 2020 there were 49 days where the rainfall reached or exceeded 2.5” of rain.

Importance of Land Use Plan -- Confidence in Property Investments and Values

• Fact: The proposed rezoning is in direct conflict with the Land Use Plan that clearly states the “primarily residential” status of Spooners Creek. This falls in the middle of miles of residentially zoned neighborhoods on the sound side of Hwy 24 west of Bryan St.

• Fact: There is ample commercial property without spot zoning: over 25 miles of Commercial/Industrial/Institutional/Office zoned property on both sides of Morehead City’s 3 major corridors

• Fact: Morehead City’s abandoned and undeveloped commercial plats should be revitalized before additional commercial rezoning.

• Fact: Residential property is limited and in high demand. Future plans must provide residential land to meet the increasing housing shortfalls in last 3 years: Active residential properties & inventory are down over 75% (Carteret County MLS)

As part of the coalition of four different Spooner’s Creek area homeowner associations, we believe this is an inappropriate location based on the facts above.

We would welcome the additional facts that will address these issues.


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The lady seems to have her facts in order. I like that....bravo![thumbup]


On the traffic and safety issues, are there any uses presenting LESS traffic than these proposals?

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