Beaufort, N.C.

Dec.26, 2020


My Fellow Americans - on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, I will be getting together with any who care to join me to publicly read the United States Constitution aloud. I hear that in Washington, D.C., there has been an invitation for some people to protest on the streets, where there have already been violent protests. We are told that, “It will be wild!”

Here in Carteret County I do not think we want to get “wild” about politics. What I see is that most of us are sick to death of the grandstanding, name-calling, manipulation, causticity, lying and general childishness in the country.

And I am not pointing at any “side” in particular – there is plenty of blame to go around. There have been toxic ideas and claims forced into the public discourse that will haunt us for a long time to come. I don’t think we are all EVER going to agree on exactly who is to blame and who is “right.” That’s why I say it is time to turn the page, not forward, necessarily, but in a way, backward, to remind ourselves of what we DO actually stand for, and I hope can agree on. I recommend we start with the United States Constitution. If we can’t agree on that, then we are in trouble, indeed.

The reading will begin at 12 noon, January 6th, on Front Street, in Beaufort. Congress will be meeting in Washington DC, starting at 1 pm, on the same day, to do its duty under the Constitution. Our event is not a “protest,” but a unity event. Please feel free to bring American flags or other symbols of American patriotism. If you are the kind of person who likes to carry a sign, consider putting your favorite language from the US Constitution on your sign. Or perhaps “Law and Order,” or “Peaceful Transition.” No divisive or political messages, please. No signs with the name of any particular politician, please, whether in or out of office.

Further, this is not an event for “democrats” or “republicans” or whatever. All are welcome – all that is required is peacefulness and respect for our nation and community. (Plus warm clothes and maybe rain gear, depending on the weather. Food and drink if you want!)

It’s time we work together, from the ground up, to create a civil discourse we can all be proud of. This is may be a beginning for a town and county that, in my observation, are aching to heal the body politic. Be forewarned that standing outside and reading the whole Constitution will take some time and will, yes, be boring at times. So be it. We can handle it.

When we were in school, we all pledged allegiance daily to the flag, and to the Republic for which it stands. Let us now, as adults (and with our children beside us by all means,) wrap ourselves in that flag and knowingly, joyfully, proudly pledge that faith again. Many of us have also taken legally and morally binding oaths to protect the Constitution. I know I have, and I intend to do so. Let’s all get together on that page.

I will be printing up the Constitution in “chunks” that each take a couple minutes to read. Feel free to hit me up if you want to have me reserve a particular section or amendment for you. I do intend to start us off, though. . . “We, the people . . . “


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Great idea, but don't forget your masks and to practice social distancing!


Good idea, Doug. My hats off to you for your efforts. But don’t forget…..

Our federal government is no longer BY or FOR “We the People”. Instead, it is the battleground for Power between the president and his party and the opposition party which holds one house of Congress.

"We the people", not "We the Democrats" or "We the Republicans”. We are supposed to be working together for the common cause of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our politicians are supposed to be working for the people, not their party.

Our country has experienced a great decline during 2020 in individual rights and freedoms as outlined in the Constitution. Instead of the principles of a republic governing the country, we have an elite class ruling over us.

The department of justice administers and enforces laws in a selective manner, with one set of rules for the elite class and another set of rules for “we the people”.

The elite ruling class is made up of career politicians, Wall Street, big business and the media. Congress sits on its hands, except to receive money from rich donors, and passes spending resolutions filled with pork.

The Supreme Court, and lower courts, do not work to defend the Constitution but would rather bow to political pressures and legislate from the bench. We do not have a system of checks and balances in our federal government.

Today we are showing the world a broken America, more divided than ever, thereby making America more vulnerable than ever before. We used to be a role model for the rest of the world.

We are living in a country where there is too much us vs. them and not nearly enough of “We the People”, all in the name of Political Power.

Doug Miron

Can't say I disagree with you, Jeep. The purpose of the event is to let us try to move past the current mood of the country, and remind us that the answers have been there all along - social contract, personal freedoms, seperation of powers, limited government - of laws, not men.

sick and tired

What does Washington want us to protest for now? They really should spend more time doing their jobs or maybe that is their jobs now. Hoping your event goes well. It sounds like you are trying to do something good. I also hope that when you wrote, "wrap ourselves in that flag" you meant it metaphorically since 4 U.S. Code § 8. Respect for flag section (d) says: "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel,....."

Doug Miron

Yes, S and T - I will actually be using a flag pole. Join us?


If anyone of you really want to demonstrate your concern for We The People and the survival of these United States of America go look for testimony today in Georgia of a very concerned citizen. Mr. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer holds numerous patents surrounding computer tabulation and related subject matter. I believe he has offered his services free of charge to determine and prove without a doubt if fraud was obvious while using voting machines in GA. If free and fair elections have been stamped out, our Republic is no more. Meet, read the Constitution, and talk all you want but it will be for naught unless and until the sanctity of free and fair elections is re-established for all. And, all means all.


As a staunch supporter of the United States Constitution, I commend you for your efforts to educate and remind fellow Americans about this treasure of our nation. What is concerning to me is the day you choose to read on. You are showing your partisan side by reading on a day that some will try to undermine the tradition and fortitude of the United States of America. There are 364 more days in the year. Make good on your statement, "It’s time we work together, from the ground up, to create a civil discourse we can all be proud of."

Doug Miron

I make no bones about the fact that the time and date are carefully chosen, to remind our leaders to fulfill their oaths and certify the national results that have been certified by each state. In this case, yes, that does support one party of another, but neither of them is my party.


Sadly, the only thing us little folks have is the Vote. How's that working for us?


Let's be real. There has never been and never will be anything close to nonpartisanship in the political realm. Let's be truthful about DJT whether you like him and/or just his ways or totally hate everything about him. It was uniquely ingenius the way he disposed of all those R primary candidates, and he has continued to expose the failings of our politics, govt, institutions especially media which includes the IT censors and somewhat phony characters occupying and backing same. Then, he goes on to navigate every mine field the Left could devise and he still hasn't bowed to their onslaught. Will his destiny be in a role other than leader of the free world? Whatever it will be he's made a difference like it or not. Now, appears on-scene an ingenius technology "expert" apparently exposing the corruption in politics and elections just as this president did the aforementioned. Is he and what he purports to expose real? We'll see but it's looking like he might also make a difference since others in "authority" charged with such duties seem to not have the stomach to do their jobs.

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"Trump opened the Overton Window on a host of issues". By Peter Skurkiss. And, that made all the difference. Without the dynamics this man has brought to the fore from his knowledge & experience of the world & its so-called leaders who have come & gone including the current ones including dictators we will only go backwards to ground we already plowed. What new ground is plowed is treacherous and full of anti-American mines.


Doug, as you start your conversations with the Constitution, I’d hope you would also look at the travesty of justice against “WE THE PEOPLE” from folks that are supposed to look out for us….Congress. We should be outraged about the $600 stimulus offered. And these crooks want us to be grateful?

Based on population, here is the money “per person” OUR Congress gave to citizens of other countries:

Israel $56,321

Sudan $16,746

Egypt $13,209

Ukraine $10,791

Cambodia $5,262

Nepal $4,638

Burma $2,513

USA $600

Pelois held up a stimulus package for months and then admitted she was waiting until after the election. Now McConnell has held up a larger payday for many, many folks that need it. During the time Congress spent arguing over the Cares Act (original $1,200) and whether or not we deserved $600 for Covid relief, members of Congress earned at least $100,000

I am fortunate enough to Not be in a position of needing these funds, but so many people do need help. I personally know quite a few people in bad financial shape due to Covid. The government has never missed a paycheck, but they want to spend billions on dung that has nothing to do with the pandemic.

This is one time I stand on the side of the Democrats, not for the pork, but for the pitiful amount of money the conservatives are sending to the people in need. And I’m outraged and ashamed everytime I see a Republican on TV say “No” to helping people truly affected by this virus. Yes, there are a few brave folks that do speak up for us, but not nearly enough.

Congress seems to have forgotten they should be ensuring the safety and security of “We the People”. Instead they are constantly fighting over their precious POWER.

The country is on a road to Hades and until we push back and say we are not going to take it anymore, we will continue this downhill slope.

Doug Miron

Agreed that across the board same payment to everyone, need it or not, is just wasteful poltical theater. If you want to actually support those most in need, I can get behind my taxes being used for that. Finding out who is in actual need, of what, and the best way to help, is difficult and tedious work. Just spraying money at everyone is attempt to buy Americans' loyalty. Congress can't make value by passing a law. Our children will pay for this, or all of us in the form of inflation. Pissants.


I agree, Doug,

Actually, stimulus checks are hardly fair compensation for the suffering the government lockdowns have inflicted on We the People.

Stimulus checks will not reopen closed small businesses, nor stop increases in domestic violence or substance abuse and will not restore education denied to children stuck at home.

The only real solution is to end the lockdowns and never again allow overblown fears to justify shutting down the economy.

Massive spending bills, put together in secret and rushed into law, puts power in the hands of a select few. This is exactly the opposite of what the Constitution has intended when it gave Congress power over government spending.


The Constitution places the power of the purse (We the People’s money) in Congress.

So our Congress, during the relief stimulus package, gave money to Pakistan, the same country that harbored Osama Bin Laden, the same country that is releasing the people that executed journalist Daniel Pearl by cutting off his head while broadcasting it on the internet.

These same politicians are still getting a paycheck and would rather play Power games, while crying about how if they give legal American citizens $2,000, it will destroy the budget and create a huge deficit.

Do they honestly think people can’t figure out that if you don’t give Our money away to foreign countries there would be enough to help legal American citizens? They are blatantly laughing in our face.

Maybe it's time for a Boston Tea Party moment?

morehood city res

if republicans and democrats are so much alike in the end, how about we have no political parties and citizens just run on their merits and ability to actually serve we the people with no d or r in front of their name except maybe an A for american?

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Doug Miron

Hey Morehead City Resident - I think you are on the right track. This was one of the big things that George Washingon warned the country about as he finished his time in courageous, honorable and restrained service to our country - that we should avoid the polarization of political parties. (He called it the "politics of faction.") Good call, and definitely time to look at the 2-party system, cuz THAT is not in the Constitution!!


I would like to heR how it went.


Open primaries would be a great start. And add none of the above to the choices. Per Wikipedia. - An open primary is a primary election that does not require voters to be affiliated with a political party in order to vote for partisan candidates. In a traditional open primary, voters may select one party's ballot and vote for that party's nomination Agood first step and the sooner the better.


Open primaries would be a great start. And add none of the above to the choices. Per Wikipedia. - An open primary is a primary election that does not require voters to be affiliated with a political party in order to vote for partisan candidates. In a traditional open primary, voters may select one party's ballot and vote for that party's nomination A good first step and the sooner the better.

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