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August 30, 2021


Monday, August 30, 2021, will long be remembered as the day the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan, officially ending its 20-year war and displaying to all the world its Defeat and Retreat: Afghanistan.

Unlike V-E Day or V-J Day, D-R-A Day will not find a place among those dates celebrated or observed each year by Americans, because the American withdrawal was carried out not with honor, but in disgrace.

The defeat and retreat leaves me with only unanswered questions. Why did America commit its military to this misadventure in the first place? How could the best trained and equipped army in the world lose to a bedraggled bunch who wear rags on their heads? Why was a seek-and-destroy mission turned into a nation-building effort? Why was there no comprehensive plan for withdrawal? Why were Americans abandoned?

Answers to these questions and more will probably emerge or be the subject of media speculation and congressional investigation for years.

This is the legacy of President Joe Biden.

I only hope and pray that during the coming elections the voting public will have had enough. They voted Biden into office after watching him do nothing during the dismal Obama years and his fifty years in public office. They should have known better, but were too focused on getting Trump out of office.

I hope American voters have learned their lesson; but—sadly—I doubt it.


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Keep voting for leftist garbage and the death of a nation.


Timex Joe said the buck stops with him for Afghanistan and then went on to blame everyone he could.

It’s time now for everyone that voted for Biden to take their share of the responsibility for his failures. But I’m sure, just like Biden, they will offer plenty of excuses for not doing so or maybe just go on vacation.

Every problem Biden has encountered, he has made worse. Every crisis his administration has faced has been of its own making. And as bad as things have been thus far, they are going to get worse.


The same folks say the same things, over and over. Dire predictions, invoking communism, socialism, and what-about-ism. Where did the taliban come from?

Where did isis come from. What political party is to blame? Who did not know attacking Afghanistan was a foolish idea, esp since it was our ally the Saudis who attacked us. " WE HAD TO,TO CATCH BIN LADAN"

Nope, sorry osb was killed in Pakistan, and we did not attack and occupy that country.

When an understanding of history, the use of logic and reason fail, what is left? The blame game tarted up with hyperbole and melodrama... but , but ,but BIDEN.

Here we go again!

It's like when we lost the war in Vietnam, only we took many more refugees with us this time.


Obama should have pulled out of Afghanistan. Trump should have pulled out of Afghanistan. Both made the easy and wrong decision to stay there. Biden made the difficult and right decision to pull out.

David Collins

Drew , you know full well that those are tribal countries with warring factions scattered about far and wide . They always adopt names to fit the cause they claim to be fighting for . They also claim to be soldiers of God as well .

Point is , names mean nothing . They will continue fighting amongst themselves forever and often the long term goal is to rule the world in the name of their God . Give them the opportunity they will use any modern weapon they can get their hands on to accomplish that goal . Well , we just did that to a degree . A big leap indeed . They now have everything we left the defunct Afghan security forces at their disposal and they will use it . Far more skillfully than we have been told . You will see . Crashing a commercial jet or two into the trade center was bad enough . Imagine what they could do with a C-130 filled with explosives and a motivated pilot or two . Ours were claimed to be disabled but anything can be fixed enough to get the job done . We trained mechanics as well and they are not stupid .

Drones should be turning what we left behind into dust as we speak and let the hair go with the hide .


I do know that, my point was we created both the taliban and ISIS. Arming the afghans with stinger missiles to counter the russians was one of many serious mistakes of our foreign policy. The wailing and gnashing of teeth over " unvetted " afghans flooding the streets and as one gop tool said " raping little girls in the street" is just more fear mongering nonsense. Does anyone sane not think that the open Canadian border could not/ has not been breached by well financed terrorists. Do we doubt there are terror cells here already, gathering intel ? Do we doubt there are far right americans plotting their attacks? trying to foment race wars internally? targeting jews?

I find using the afghan pullout as a cudgel to attack biden to be more disingenuous posturing by the far right. yes 13 soldiers were killed, guess what? something close to 3000 americans lost their lives in afghanistan over the course of the war.

Disingenuous posturing !


How dare anybody not a Leftist invoke the truth. Guess we know where they come from. According to one source they came from students in certain regions of their country and fought the Soviets. Proof the enemy of your enemy ain't necessarily your friend and may in fact be your worst enemy. OBL wasn't from there but didn't he use it to attack us? What about that? Is Pakistan or any Islamic country our true friend? Doesn't seem to much matter where radical Islamists come from does it? We seem to have a few in this country who have been elected by some fools who may be anti-American don't you think? What about that and what about what else? It's way past time this country stop catering to these fanatics whether in their home countries, another Islamic country or in this country. That's why being energy independent was and is so vitally important to our continued existence. What about that? Trump had a pro-American plan unlike his anti-Anerican enemies.


Yes radicals & true believers of any stripe are dangerous lunatics. You know those folks who think only their ideas/ leaders / religion has merit/ is the truth.

David Collins

Politicians and the news media , all of the news media , rely on fear of what could be to incite their base believers . Why , because it works . No one party has a lock on this . What is going on over there is real and could have been avoided or at least minimized if advice was followed but bungles knows best . Now the spin doctor’s are working overtime to put lipstick and perfume on this pig . Psaki contradicts herself every time she opens her mouth .


What I find sadly amusing is folks who just love to try to stake out the high moral ground. For instance the constant " Islamic terrorist" Islam is divided into 2 main factions, both of them find the other to be heretics, and not the true faith. Easy to point the finger at those backward savages right? Some how some folks seem unaware ( or to willfully forget)that less then 30 years ago there was constant assassinations and bombings, open warfare in the streets, of Northern Ireland. White folks, of the same Christian faith but different sects.Catholic and protestant militias killing each other off on the evening News. The dems are not the enemy, the gop is not the enemy. The enemy is the far fringe folks on both sides who neleive only they know best, and any path forward that is not in lockstep with EXACTLY what they want are not " true American patriots"

David Collins

What does that tell you about religion ? The very reason I shunned it many years ago .

Back to the Afghan invasion . Calls are going out for interpreters for these Afghan interpreters that apparently can not speak English . Old bungles has hoodwinked us again . He is really good at that . When will we wake up ?

By the way , playing the race/color game is getting rather old .


Talk about what aboutism. Think we're talking about today and recently not 30 years ago in Northern Ireland. Twenty years ago our homeland was attacked by a bunch of fanatic Islamists who had been hosted by the Taliban in the same country where some of our people have been abandoned by our so-called leadership. We've seen the beheading of a lot of people including journalists, genocide, taking of sex slaves and torture and murder of our own citizens by these savages. Many patriotic young folks and some not so young volunteered after 9/11 to go after them. After 20 years we know all about the killing and maiming of these heroes and so many others by these Islamic terrorists supported by entire Islamic countries and their leadership. Unlike Vietnam our country until now has been solidly behind our military and its warfighters. The latest and current callous disregard for the common sense protection and support for our heroes and citizens is unforgivable.


Great illustration of my point about true believers, thanks.

Are beheadings more gruesome then say electrocution? Is the end result any different? Child sex slaves, does the name warren jeffs mean anything to you?

Terrorist attacks. Timothy McVeigh?

Anything the other party does is " unforgivable " to some folks .


One story has it and it sounds logical that the military wanted to keep Bagram for debarkation point vice Kabul but State refused to move their operations there so Kabul and all the trappings it was. Pretty obvious State and its genius was running this fiasco as has been the case in the past. McCain said this idiot was dangerous and it's now clear just how so. What he didn't say it how dangerous his "friends" could be. So the buck stops where? Too bad for our heroes everybody in suits had to interrupt their vacations.


You can go on with the what about all you want. Doesn't matter what "brand" the fanatics are that commit the gruesome crimes they need to be eliminated post haste. Believe the ones you named have met some justice haven't they? That hairy one along with his brethren sitting in Gitmo should have been gone years ago. Just turned a bunch loose. That was brilliant wasn't it?


The problem with moral religious superiority is everything. Clouds the true problems, assigns blame aimlessly, and creates and empowers the heretics.

David Collins

We got um here too . Only now we have many more . You’ll see . Probably sooner than later . Can hear those calls to prayer now .


Guess all those older bearded wonders with those underage brides will set a new standard within our long since lost far left liberal culture. Think Americans citizens and working dogs deserve a better place in line? They're worried about optics? What a joke. Concerned U. S. citizens with the help of a few decent politicians putting their lives on the line HG having to do what this administration are totally inept unless it's all part oi f their plan.


I was referring to ALL religions. No exclusions. ......

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

That is fine . I get it .


Oh, good to see you meant ALL religions since Atheism is a religion. Some Atheists try hard to be intellectual "elitists" but it's only wishful thinking and arrogance. Was going to ask whether or not you meant a period after the word "everthing" as it may or may not change what you are trying to get others to believe. However, it doesn't matter because taken as separate sentences or as all one sentence it's about the same. Religions are belief systems and nothing more and nothing less. Atheists' belief system is they don't believe in monotheism, polytheism, etc. One defintion of heresy or heretic is: a belief or a person who holds a belief different from accepted belief of a church, school, profession, etc. Since we ALL hold beliefs different from "a" or a "given" church, school, profession, etc. aren't we ALL (including Atheists), in fact, heretics depending on one's belief system?


BTW, don't you think there are Atheists among and/or associated with the Islamic terrorists and ALL warring factions no matter what or who claims the given "cause" or the side they happen to be fighting for? Further, don't you think Atheists are willing to kill in hopes of not being killed whatever the circumstances? Like in so many other cases they are willing to kill when no danger to them is present. Atheists are in no position to claim any "high ground".


Glad to see my earlier comments are aging like a fine red wine in a dark cool cellar.


It seems not many recall that this deal was negotiated my Sec Of State Mike Pompeo about a year and a half ago. He made the agreement directly with the Talaban in Doha Qatar. That does change the story a bit. Look it up. It was considered a good deal at the time and significant praise was bestowed upon Mike and whoever his boss was.


"... a bedraggled bunch who wear rags on their heads?"

Seriously? That is the summation of your understanding of this convoluted mess that crosses four administrations over twenty years?

We lost to a collection of medieval savages who wear rags on their head (left out the 'have unnatural relationships with their camels), and blame it all on Biden?

I gotta tell you, that is some really shallow thinking there, which is more of a reason as to why 'we' took a whuppin' at the hands of the camel abusers.

This crosses over four administrations, over twenty years.

It is 'owned' by every red-blooded, flag-wavin' AllAmericanSuperPatriot™ who laughed, cheered, and applauded the generals and their 'shock and awe' back in 2003. Who was it that was 'shocked and awed?' Apparently not the 'ragheads.'

It is 'owned' by every red-blooded, flag-wavin' AllAmericanSuperPatriot™ who thinks 'patriotism' is interrupting the cheap beer swilling and weenie snuffling at the beginning of a ball game; who gets a patriotic stiffie at the half-time flyover; who thinks sneering at NFL kneelers is a act of selfless patriotism.

It is 'owned' by every red-blooded, flag-wavin' AllAmericanSuperPatriot™ who said 'Thank you for your service!' yet who was unable to find Kabul on a map, or understand the difference between a Marine and a soldier, who didn't even know 'we' were still over there, and who even today has no clue where we have people still deployed.

It is 'owned' by every red-blooded, flag-wavin' AllAmericanSuperPatriot™ who writes a shallow letter to the editor, marked with 'raghead' and other terms in reference to an implacable enemy, a skilled enemy, an enemy filled with boundless committment and courage, and who, for all the savagery their creed represents and presents, is worthy of more than cheap, tawdry insults hurled from the safety of one's keyboard.

This letter is an insult to every American servicemember who was sent by the American people to fight, suffer, die, and bleed, for no defined purpose, with no discernible strategy, and who came home to a people who still have no clue about any of it.

Biden's fault? Oh, c'mon. Why don't you throw Jane Fonda into it as well. That would make about as much sense.


Just like Vietnam it is owned by the so-called leaders wearing both suits and uniforms. The only difference is many who went to Nam had no choice in the matter and did not volunteer. After our homeland was attacked on 9/11 many if not most of those super patriots volunteered and the country seemed to be solidly behind the effort and the war fighters. Actually, they all volunteered since we have an all-volunteer service even if some decided that's not what they signed up for. Sadly, the upper echelon in both cases kept telling us "progress" is being made. Seems somebody forgot a previously established or at least stated policy after Vietnam that we would not go to war again unless we had the country behind it, the resources to win it, then win it, and then get out. Trump was the first "suit" to make a concrete effort to wind it completely down. Anyone who believes he and his admin would have anything near the mess Biden and his crew has had and will probably continue to have are missing something in considering the two men's records.

David Collins

Jane Fonda , nice touch . Same mindset as bungles and company .

Part of how you are judged and we are all judged , is not all about what you do but also how you go about doing it . The latter tells one far more than the former . Even sadder are the endless lies used for coverup and deflection . Move on to the economy or the progress with the Covid they are now saying . Well , might not want to go there as well for bungles is doing what he does best here as well too . Best for all if they would just shoehorn him back in his basement with warm milk and cookies for the next 3 1/4 years or till you see vultures on the roof .


Another brilliant statement by the brass: "We may see a resurgence of terrorism in Afghanistan in 1 to 3 years".


"Ex-FBI Agent : Alleged 9/11 Mastermind Could Have Been Stopped in the 1990s" by Sandy Fitzgerald. Evidently he will go to trial but it will take the system only 20 more years for the trial to wrap up. That's real justice.


Biden’s disastrous, chaotic, deadly, and disorganized withdrawal from Afghanistan was a complete disgrace for the United States. Period!

Mr. Tom Slick

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH..... Don't blame me I voted Republican…...


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