Morehead City, N.C.

April 22, 2020


Allow me to emphasize three facts that our government and most of the people seem to be ignoring during this health scare:

1) When the federal government gives out money (and who doesn’t love to get a check?) it can only print inflationary paper, redistribute your own money, or borrow for us; the government has NO money. This huge tranquilizing payoff in trillions is a) printing paper and b) borrowing from our grandchildren.

2) There is NO “non-essential” business or job. In America – in a free market – every good and service produced is a node in a gargantuan, complicated system of trade. Every good or service people work for and pay for is both an answer to a need and a motivation to go to work to pay for it. We are headed to the poverty of a centralized economy (20th century USSR, Venezuela, etc.) where politicians decide what should or shouldn’t be produced.

3) Those of us who are Christians can NOT be motivated by the fear of death, the fear which is controlling all this freak-out and shut-down. Hebrews 2;14-15 says “[Jesus died to ] deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” Let’s not let the devil scare us back into that bondage; let’s break out of this funk and get busy!


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First, It is impossible to pay off our monetary debt. Just do the math.

So we can sacrifice those working in essential businesses and expose them to hundreds of people each day, who might be carrying the virus? How does one determine which life is more important? We act as if deemed essential businesses are virus free. A mask and gloves are going to protect us, right? And the virus knows the 6ft. rule. Darn smart virus. Seems most people though aren't that smart and have a hard time keeping that distance. "Essential" is very loosely defined these days. Obviously, it is not limited to food, air, and water.

And death is inevitable. Doesn't mean you should not fear it, just means it does not matter if you do.


Like China, which knew the facts but covered them up with WHO cooperation, & the rest of the world we shut down based on what we knew before any real data could be collected. So as has been admitted by the so-called experts flawed modeling was used. Even the current data is flawed but it beats anything else. Now that there's been some breathing time to assure the hysterical media & others that the world may not soon end from the Communist Chinese Flu it's probably best for the world to get back to work before it ends from lack of work.


Now, look here, you all know that when this 'virus' was made in China, it had all the bell's and whistle's you could buy! (of course it's a 'smart disease' , and seems to be ever changing) [innocent]


So your solution is to open everything up because Christians are not afraid ?

David Collins

Do we not have several dead preachers that believed God is all mighty and will protect the faithful ? Their congregations did not fair so well either . Can’t stay in lockdown forever and life has risks , even in the best of times . Live in fear or die free !


Democrats And Leftists Are EXPLOITING The Crisis For Political Power, Many PRAISE China Censorship [ ]


Uh OH Mr Mayor of NY... [ ] SOMEONE IS BEING A 'STINKER' . Oh, NM, its a dirty democrat , blathering about the 'SCAM-A-DEMIC'!


Um, EVERYONE in Law in EVERY county had better take note here, I think you were being watched and its about time to PAY THE BARR Bill! [ ] <----------If you were a part of these practices, YOU ARE ON RECORD. (watch your six) hahahahahahahahaha


High Alert (26/04/2020) - US Warships Enter to South China Sea as Tensions With China Escalate [ ] This is what you may want to report on.


Hey, WHAT ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE, this ugly scam-a-demic sure is getting in the way of the climate crowd, haven't heard a peep in the last month? [yawn]


Dr. Dan Erickson uncensored! [ ] Hmmmmmmmmm?

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